Watch MotoCzysz And Mugen Race TT Zero

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This week, MotoCzysz captured its 4th consecutive victory at the Isle of Man’s TT Zero, narrowly beating the $4.5 million Mugen Shinden Ni. Here, go on board with John McGuinness on the Mugen and Michael Rutter as he wins aboard the E1pc.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Neat-o. Faster and faster every year. No way to know if they’ll keep improving at this rate, but if so before long these things will be able to run in the Senior TT no problem.

  • DevonSowell

    wow, that’s nuts! awesome!

  • Benji

    Did Mission Motors race TTZero? They sure trounced the E1PC at Laguna.

    • protomech

      Mission Motors has only competed in one race, at TTXGP 2011 Laguna Seca. In 2012 both Brammo and Lightning got very close to Mission’s lap record but did not surpass it. MotoCzysz did not compete at LS in 2012. Expect it to see Mission’s record fall this year.

      MotoCzysz has improved almost 10 mph @ IOM since 2011. I’m curious to see whether Mission Motors (or the spinoff Mission Motorcycles, which hopes to sell $30k bikes) will be doing any racing this year, and if so how much they’ve improved since 2011.

  • Thomas

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