Yamaha MT-09: a triple for Europe

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This is the much rumored, much teased new three-cylinder Yamaha. Dubbed the Yamaha MT-09, it’s just leaked in Europe courtesy of Omnimoto.it. The 847cc motor makes more power than a Street Triple.

With an engine that weighs 22lbs less than the Yamaha FZ8 and using a die-cast aluminum frame, Omnimoto.it reports that the MT-09 weighs just 376lbs (dry). The Yamaha is said to develop 113bhp. MCN reports that the engine makes 62lb-ft of torque.

The three-cylinder motor is also reported to be quite innovative, featuring both a balancer shaft and a crossplane crank, leading to a smooth 0º, 240º and 480º firing order. Different length intakes are used for each cylinder and the throttles are ride-by-wire, meaning the MT-09 features three switchable engine maps.

Suspension is reported to be by fully-adjustable, 41mm, USD forks at the front and a fully-adjustable, horizontal monoshock at the rear. Brakes are radial items that appear similar to those used on both the R1 and R6.

A digital dash rounds out the futuristic package.

We’ll bring you more details as they develop.

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    That is a not-bad looking bike.

  • bammerburn

    Minimalistic bikes ftw. The triple engine certainly doesn’t hurt.

    • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

      Something magical about inline threes.

  • ookla_the_mok

    Looks like a platform bike – similar to Aprilia’s Shiver (from which came the Dorsoduro, and Capo). I bet we see more based on this foundation in the future.

    • roma258

      Yeah, we might not get the naked version, but I’m sure some variant of this will make it our way. My predictions: we get a FZ1-ish half-fairing and a pseudo-ADV variant to slot beneath the Super Tenere.

      • Kurt Gøran Andersen

        An Adventure made bike with this engine would be a killer. 21″ rims in front, 17″ or 18″ rear, long suspension, minimum 25 litres gas tank etc etc. Excuse my drewling…. ;-)

  • BryonCLewis

    Nice bike, but I would be much happier if Yamaha would just let us have the MT-01 in the States

    • Davidabl2

      Yep.. Maybe. No MT-01 could also mean no MT-09 either..the “For Europe” part of the article title isn’t very promising.

  • Alexander
  • Davidabl2

    “A V-Max for the discriminating rider” (albeit down a cylinder)

  • Alex

    How is the motor innovative? Sounds like a typical 3 cyl… 120 degree crank and balance shaft are standard. Different length intakes are also nothing new, as with ride by wire and switchable maps.

    • TP

      I’m wondering if ‘cross-plane crank’ is just Yamaha’s new marketing buzzword.

      • adyhasch

        It’s not a crossplane if it hasn’t got 4 cylinders, but its firing sequence sounds too even- English sowing machine like 0-240-480º

        • TP

          I know, I’m saying I’m wondering whether or not they’re just butchering the term by calling anything that isn’t a flat-plane crank, a ‘cross-plane’.

          • adyhasch

            Well they probably patented the word crossplane and now marketing wants to make good use of it wherever possible. I preferred the “crossplane inspired” term they used at the cologne fair. Back then we reckoned that yamaha would have the shaft pins at uneven angles a bit like the new tenere, and add a counterweight. That would make the triple engine a tad more exciting

            • Jordan

              … All that time on ashonbikes.com speculating with some really intelligent people over what this new 3 cylinder engine could be quite radical and it turns out it might have been a wasted effort over something more conventional…


  • the antagonist

    Looks sexy to me. Better than most of the naked bikes we get over here.

  • Jordan

    I wish riding motorcycles was half as exciting as the promotional video makes it look like.


    Here’s more images of the new bike. The FZ8 was old hat before it even came out two years ago, this bike is way more interesting to me.

    • Davidabl2

      “I wish riding motorcycles was half as exciting as the promotional video makes it look like.”

      True of so many,many other things promoted by videos..things both legal and illegal. Or immoral, anyways

  • Richard Gozinya

    Yep, the Japanese still can’t make a good looking naked.

    • adyhasch

      The FZ1 -N is one of the best looking nakeds IMHO

      • Jordan

        Your avatar is one of the best naked avatars IMHO.

        • adyhasch

          Thanks Jordan ;)

  • Corey Cook

    More importantly, this means that this engine either a stroked version of the new supersport engine or a de-stroked version of the new superbike engine. This middleweight naked is kinda cool, but only a sign that much more interesting things are coming down the Tuning Fork pipeline!

    • TP

      I highly doubt its a de-stroked sbk engine, 78 x 59.1 is already comparatively undersquare. A shorter stroke with that same bore would put it really close to the Daytona triple’s 76.0 x 49.6.

  • にけやーんnikeyaan

    there is good sound ?
    that is important.

    • adyhasch

      Probably not with those angles. Anyway not better than Triumph

      • Jordan


        This link should take you to soundclip of the Yamaha…

        • にけやーんnikeyaan

          Thank you introduced me to youtube.
          I think, I think is very similar to the sound of triumph.
          I would say things three-cylinder engine will become the sound that was similar.

  • adyhasch

    I bought a brand new FZ1-S In January and don’t regret it. I’ll probably own it until i can afford a 2015 R1

  • Oliepeil