Adey Reviews Alpinestars Atem One-Piece

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This new Alpinestars Atem leather racing suit is the first offered by the company to achieve full CE-certification, not just for the armor, but literally across the entire suit. You might expect that to bring a huge price premium, but, at just $1,500, it actually sits in the middle of the range.

  • kentaro

    Now that is a great looking suit. Just need a sport bike to wear it on.

  • Davidabl2

    I can’t help thinking that it’d be a ticket magnet on the of those leather Aerostitch Transit Suits might be a lot less of a threat to a street rider’s “Driving Privilege” –as it’s called in CA.

    • Jesse

      Very likely. I chalk it up to different gear for different tasks. I’d prefer to be wearing this to a ‘Stitch on a track day.

      • Davidabl2

        FYI Transit is their 2-piece perforated leather suit. Made of some trick processed black leather that rejects UV heating. I made the comparo because it costs about what this Alpinestars does.

        • Jesse

          Whoops. Thanks for the kind education, I missed the part where we weren’t talking about the Roadcrafter. My bad. The Transit does look like a neat piece.

    • Wes Siler

      One pieces like these work great on the street. They don’t blow around in the wind like textile suits do, so they’re comfy on summer sport touring trips, they facilitate the body movements required by truly fast sport riding and they’re the absolute safest thing you can put on your body.

      Just get one in black if you don’t want to look like ricky racer.

      • Davidabl2

        Wes, see my reply above to Jesse “even in black a full-on race suit doesn’t make you look like a law-adiding citizen.” Probably also raises the checkered flag to any squids in the vicinity who want to find out if you’re as fast as you look?

        I think the Transit would be review worthy @ RideApart.
        Admittedly It’s designed to fill a somewhat different niche than the AStar Street oriented, not track, probably not CE rated for anything (?) It doesn’t come with sliders and like the Ford Model T you can get it in any color you want as long as that color is black. But it seems like
        another choice that would appeal to your demographic. At least the stealthier folks out there..

        For me the choice would come down to warm-weather wearability as much as anything else. It’s a major decision, because cost of helmet + full-body armored gear+ boots + gloves
        at this level approaches the amount of money I usually pay for the used motorcycles I buy.

        • Wes Siler

          I’ve got an Astars suit made from the same material as the Transit.

          Those perforations aren’t there to flow air, but to allow the Gore-Tex to breathe. As such, the suit is too hot for summer wear.

          It’s also a two-piece touring suit, so it doesn’t work with you for sport riding in the same way a one-piece, with all its stretch panels and sport cut will.

          I strongly prefer my Roadcrafter for both touring and bad weather.

          And again, nothing beats a one-piece race suit on a sportsbike. Two-pieces like the Transit are designed for touring and commuting, not hanging off and dragging knee.

          Ride fast enough and you don’t need to worry about squids. Keep the stock exhaust, stock numberplate placement and keep the highspeed hijinks for mountain roads and you don’t need to worry about cops.

          • Davidabl2

            “The suit is too hot for summer wear” Crap, I’ll scratch it off the list then.
            BTW, I seriously doubt that I’m gonna start dragging knee at this point.
            I’m probably about as old as your father…

            • Jesse

              No time like the present to learn new tricks.

              • Davidabl2

                Believe me, I’m trying to . Albeit, with the clear knowledge that I won’t bounce back from unfortunate “learning experiences” as quickly– or as completely– as I used to.
                ATTGAT fo’sho.

          • MotoEnthusiast

            Are you against changing exhausts? If so why?

          • ReligionOfPeace

            “keep the highspeed hijinks for mountain roads” …. Really?
            Keep the highspeed hijinks for the track. Where you dont have to worry about dirt and other foreign debris, people crossing the double yellows on the otherside of your turn, low siding and sliding into a guard rail or off a cliff, or into a moving car in the opposite lane.
            I’m all for a spirited ride in the canyons, but I leave the knee dragging for the track.

        • Jesse

          Ride old sportbikes, live forever!

          • Davidabl2

            Mine’s a 1999 SV650.. qualifies now as “old” even though it
            may be a sportbike “lite.” The part about “living forever is something” that I can relate to more and more as the years roll by.

            • Jesse

              My scruffy 98 Honda F3, and my 40ish year old carcass agree with you.

  • KnownByTrailOfDead

    I like a more street focused review perspective on the suit, and I respect the substance of the review here. If i weren’t shaped like your typical angry internet nerd I’d really like to switch (or at least alternate) with my roadcrafter. It sounds legit and it’d be nice to look the part on the speed triple. It’s one thing to be captain adventure on a vstrom, another entirely to have textile flopping around while on a sportier bike.

    With that said, yikes. Y’all gotta bump the production value a bit. Adey is great, and i can do the written stuff but this is coming across at a Tim and Eric level of choppy and awkward. I used to question bringing Jamie in as a ringer on RideApart, but you have to be a bit more comfortable with the format I guess.

  • Sam Malapas

    Adey how do you like the Atem compared to the Race Replica? Money no object would you still go for the Race Replica? Also curious what you think of the Astars suits in general compared to Dainese.