ICON Presents: Drift 3

Hell For Leather, HFL -



ICON recently released their third installment of the car vs motorcycle drift battles called Drift 3. Most people who make videos like this tend to lose my attention, but this was well worth 10 minutes of my life.

Some people get to have all the fun.

  • alex

    drift 2 was much better

    • Brian


  • Dan

    The fruit flies have entered the meatloaf. I’m out.

  • Tommy Erst

    Personally I am stoked bros on gixxers and busa’s have purchased enough vests to allow Icon to shut down streets and make this stuff happen.

    • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_SgRlM0sDWJI/R4Zrki-3osI/AAAAAAAAAW8/WOaLxbOOLws/s400/zoolander.jpg Sean MacDonald


  • HellomynameisAG

    Well that was fun.

  • Honyock Undersquare

    An entertaining hoon-fantasy. The sample from the Carmina Burana lent it some class.

  • Scottie Ray Smith

    So….why isn’t Triumph releasing a turbo 675?

    • Mykola

      Perhaps it is time again for production turbo motorcycles

      • Emmet

        insurance companies killed them off

  • runnermatt

    Sure it is fake, but it makes my day a lot better!