Is The Fastest Ambulance A Motorcycle?

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When saving lives, time matters. Getting trained responders and life saving equipment to a victim is often more critical than transporting a victim to a hospital; something Eli Beer learned as a volunteer ambulance driver in Israel. His solution? Bust traffic using a motorcycle. To-date, his fleet of “Ambucycles” have treated 207,000 people. Here’s his TED Talk.

  • Jai S.

    I love how practical V-Stroms are. They are the perfect platform for this.

  • Generic42

    A few weeks ago I saw a ambulance going through rush-hour traffic and was struck with the thought “Why not a motorcycle as a first responder vehicle” Clearly not a unique idea, but nice to see it executed.

  • Andrew Kinsler

    you could get there faster on a ktm, just sayn

  • di0genes
  • justthefactsmam

    They have been running motorcycle ambulances as a trial for a few years now in OZ. They hated the three wheel piaggio scooters, but loved the beefy beemers.

  • James

    A good video, here in sydney australia we use FJR1300′s as paramedic motorcycles, mostly in the city for responding to cardiac arrests and such, they are very effective and successful and the bikes are big enough to carry just about everything with two side panniers and a top box. The idea of a distributed EFR network is a great one however, i doubt any of our paramedic vehicles have a 3min response time.