The Only Helmet You’ll Ever Need, Now $150

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Today, Icon is announcing the Alliance Dark, an asthetic re-release to a helmet Wes raved about a year ago and which has become their best selling helmet to date.

The Alliance Dark is actually just the Alliance helmet in the Rubatone finish and it includes both a dark and clear shield. At $150, this is $10 bucks less than the helmet was previously being sold for, A $45 saving if you figure in that dark visor.

For $195, a Rubatone Alliance and dark visor was the best entry level helmet you could buy. At $150, it’s an incredible deal.

Why are we such big fans of the Alliance? Well, not only is it made to the light-and-safe ECE 22.05 safety standard (like all other Icon lids), but it manages to package all-day comfort, good ventilation and excellent aerodynamic stability into something that, all-up, weighs the same as much, much more expensive helmets like the $770 Bell Star Matte Carbon. All that and it utterly refuses to fog; a feature which makes the products of more illustrious helmet makers look positively silly.

You can order it on Revzilla starting today.

  • Eric Rall

    I’ve got a Rubatone with 2 visors and neither seal properly so I get a whistle at speed that’s pretty annoying. Whistling notwithstanding, it’s a good helmet.

    • Wes Siler

      So return those visors for ones that fit?

      • karlInSanDiego

        Thinking it’s the helmet’s seal and not the visors?

        • Tuscan Foodie

          then return the helmet?

          • Mr.Paynter

            Or, depending on the mechanism, get out your tools and tighten/adjust the hinges.

            I have done this on a shark RSI Carbon I had a while back, the guy in the local store explained how, and it took a niggly whistle in the helmet to the quietest helmet I have had before or since.

            • alex

              it also helps to maintain the seals properly too when cleaning

              • Joe

                I have been wearing this helmet for about a year and I absolutely love it. It’s more comfortable than others that I spent twice as much on. NEVER fogs (assuming you keep the visor clean and brush your teeth occasionally). The visor lock is a nice touch for highway riding, but takes a minute to get used to. It can be a bit difficult to unlock on the move with a gloved hand. I decided to spend a bit extra and opted for the HI-VIS version. I do mostly inner city commuting and feel a bit more comfortable that drivers may see my big orange head if they look away from there cell phones long enough to notice their mirrors. Highly recommended. When the time comes, I will replace with (hopefully) the same Icon helmet.

  • Modest Husqvarna

    It’s products like this that have moved Icon from a garish Monster Energy drinking flat billed “braaaaaa” audience and into the mainstream. I only wish they made smaller jacket/pant sizes for non-beer bellied, non-bicep heavy dudes like myself. That being said, I’ve been rocking a Variant since it first came out and I wouldn’t hesitate to grab this, or an Airmada as my next helmet. Props to Icon for popularizing classy, understated gear at entry level prices.

    • Tuscan Foodie

      I second this. Some of the latest Icon jackets are quite nice on paper, but physically speaking I am obviously not their type, even if I am far from being thin.

  • Jeremy Alvarado

    Just picked up the alliance rubatone 2 days ago. I’m returning it and getting this off revzilla ASAP.

  • Theodore P Smart

    I am at a loss to find a retailer with this price or the inventory.

    • Wes Siler


      • Versys Jake

        Very cool helmet. I found it at for $136 with free shipping!

        • Randy Singer

          BikeBandit doesn’t list the “Dark” model at all. For $136 they are offering what appears to be the older version of the Alliance in black rubatone, but it doesn’t come with the extra faceshield that the “Dark” version does.

    • tbowdre

      went shopping at and the 150.00 price is front page news

  • grb

    hmmm, yes its ECE certified, but it only has 3 stars in the Sharp rating and it has veeery poor side impact results…

    • Wes Siler

      Sharp’s methodology is pretty questionable. Things like speaker ports and whatnot can really impact (har) their side tests in ways I think are unrealistic to actual head safety.

  • Trevor Stepan

    I’ve worn this helmet for over a year and I love it. Back then, it was $180 and I still thought I was getting a great deal. Since I bought it I’ve changed the cheek pads once. The shields are also super easy to replace. I went from clear, to light smoke, to gold mirror (just like everyone else who’s ever watched Adeysworld, ha). It’s not Schuberth quiet, but for the price this is an awesome helmet. I wear a 7 1/2 new era and the Icon Alliance Large fit perfectly.

  • Gamble

    The fog-resistance of Icon helmets is amazing. Certain high-end manufacturers asking >$500 per helmet rely entirely on airflow to combat fog. I’m sure their racers appreciate it, but on the street these helmets are a nightmare. I can keep my Variant closed at streetlights on a cold day with driving rain, and it won’t fog. My Shoei fogs at anything less than highway speeds, at high noon… on a summer day. In the desert. But only if all the vents are open.

    • Chris Hunter

      I’ll second that. I don’t think my Airframe has ever fogged up, whether in the humidity of Sydney or the freezing cold of a New Zealand winter.

    • grindz145

      Anyone ever used this and the pinlock system? I’m very loyal to the pinlock system, because it’s always served me well. I’m curious to hear a comparison if anyone has one.

      • Gamble

        I have Pinlock on another helmet. They’re both equally effective in the sense that when treated properly they completely stop fogging. All things being equal, I prefer an effective anti-fog coating on the included shield rather than a Pinlock shield I have to buy separately. (Also because few dual-sport helmets support Pinlock due to the complex curves on their shields) It’s easy to damage the antifog coatings by over-enthusiastic cleaning, but then I’ve also managed to destroy a pinlock insert the same way…

    • Campisi

      Be forewarned, the coating used on the inside of Icon’s face shields to ward off fogging is VERY delicate. Cleaning it with anything other than a microfibre cloth will destroy the coating and greatly diminish the helmet’s anti-fogging capabilities. I had to buy a replacement shield for my Airmada only a couple weeks after buying it because I figured a cleaning cloth at my workplace would be fine for mopping up condensation.

  • Thad Lucken

    dark helms look neato on the race course but in traffic that hidden head might cost you your life. i like my white bell with a red stripe i got at a garage sale in durburn better..

  • Dustin

    How does the Alliance compare to the Airmada?

    • Daniel

      I’d also like to know this. The price difference between them isn’t all that much.

  • Devin Byrnes

    I bought one for wife two years ago. Last year the “five year switch out came” and I bought one for myself.

    My only niggle is that the down curve of the snout catches on the bulky shoulder armor of one of my riding jackets if I lift up my shoulder while checking my blind spot.

    The anti fogging claim is real. I rarely need to lift my lid to clear fog.

    The plastic coating is also a little fragile, I’ve followed Icon’s directions on how to clean it and have been issue free.

    At my local shop, a plain color helm was about $40 than one full of stupid graphics if someone doesn’t want to go the Darth Vader route but still likes the bucket.

  • theroadnarrows

    For the price these helmets do well.
    Many rave about the antifog but don’t say anything about the blur instead of fog in the wet. And that blur creates annoying light rings at night.
    Next up is the shield to helmet gasket which has a join on each side at the top and in heavy rain leaks streams.
    3rd, the shield lock-in/rotating plates are very delicate. The clasping teeth are thin and brittle. Make sure to carry spares because if one breaks, the shield needs to come off.
    4th, the liner is efficient but thin and cheap feeling. If you have oily skin, so will your liner. It also loses a lot of density and spring after a couple of washes.
    On the plus side, it is light and fairly aero.

  • akaaccount

    I was rear ended on the interstate sitting in traffic Monday, May 19th 2014 on the way home from work. The car hit my bike so hard IT WAS TOTALED and rammed the bike into the back of the Buick in front of me. In an unbelievable stroke of luck, I was thrown over the car, onto the pavement without serious injury. My face slid across the concrete and trashed the front of my Icon Alliance dark with dark tinted visor. I walked away and didn’t realize my head had contacted the ground until I pulled the helmet off and saw the abrasion damage to it. HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT. Will be buying another one today.