Onboard With Jonny Walker At The Romaniacs Prologue

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The qualifier for the Romaniacs hard enduro is one of the most unique events in motorcycling, pitting enduro racers head-to-head on an urban trials course. Here, we ride onboard with this year’s 2nd place finisher, Jonny Walker.

  • David Kent

    I watched the video, picked myself off the floor, then scrolled down to comments. I read “no one has commented yet”. That’s because none of us feel worthy to!

  • Mark Vizcarra

    That ish is bonkers. I would have taken an ice bath after going through that

    • atgatthd

      I second that, except I would have taken a trip to the hospital.

  • Justin McClintock

    Looks like it would be a lot easier on a trials bike than a dirtbike.

    • David Kent

      You’re right, but a trials bike designed for ultra low speed technical riding would be geared too low to be competitive in a race.

  • Brian

    I think the quote from Wayne’s World comes to mind from when they met Alice Cooper….

    “We’re not worthy !!! ” ( while bowing)

  • Modest Husqvarna

    That is inspiring! My husky suMo will do fiiiiiine on that urban track

  • RT Moto

    Two words… BA NANAS!!!