The Arai Story

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That most illustrious of helmet makers, Arai, is telling its story in video, from company origins and philosophy to construction techniques and corporate culture. It’s a fascinating insight into one of the most storied brands in motorcycling.

  • Gonfern

    My Arai is my prized possession. I love it more than my bike. You can see the hand built quality in them. Sure there are less expensive and lighter and quiter helmets, but at least with an Arai I know what I am buying, where it was made and who made it. Not some faceless company that slaps whoever’s logo and a “made in Pakistan” sticker on it.

  • msay

    Watching that helmet drop over and over made me cringe, but then really, seeing an unprotected skull do that would probably be worse.

    • Guest

      Great videos, thanks

  • socalutilityrider

    I wanted a modular so I had to go Shoei, but besides that, really what is the difference between Arai and Shoei?

  • motoenthusiast

    Great little documentary, now I know why their helmets are so expensive….