This Is Moped Life

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Mopeds are like motorcycles, free of the consequences, image problems and barriers to entry. Here, 1977 Mopeds has captured that care-free lifestyle in a neat little video.

  • Sohl

    Guys… guys I think I’m having a stroke.

    • C.Stevens

      Two or four?

      • Tom Hinds

        *ba dum tshhhh*

        Very good! lol.

  • Cameron Evans

    I need that Puch.

  • CosmicQuandaries

    Nice to see my other taste in bikes getting some love. Ride slow, die young.

  • di0genes

    Hey sweetheart lose mr. Taliban and come ride my Harley! :-)

    • lysdexia

      She already has to haul one loser around when his POS breaks down on a 5 mile ride to the lake. How is she trading up?

      • di0genes

        You got me there liz, my only harley is a Tee shirt

  • CHansen

    I think people get hung up on the engine size. Those people are fools. 50cc can be just as fun.

  • Modest Husqvarna

    So the message about mopeds is: you better ride in packs because they have about a 50%survival rate.

    • stever

      also, when the headlight’s going out, just jostle the wire.

      • lysdexia

        … and don’t forget your plug wrench.

        • stever

          Mopeds always broke, but the repairs are simple.

          • alex

            pour gas on the ground and screw lower extremity protection, spaceballs helmets are all you need for when that curb grinds off your face at 6mph when the suspension fails on your overpowered bicycle.

            • stever

              I feel sorry for you.

              • alex

                don’t – I’ve finally figured out how to ride with my giant penis and not be in pain. It’s complicated and involved some fabrication of the main seat assembly and a specially designed tank pad but your mom will be stoked I’m back in action.

                • Jonathan Berndt

                  fantastic reply!

  • Renato Valenzuela

    makes me wanna track down an old Honda MB5… almost.

    • electrohacker

      that’s not a moped

      • Renato Valenzuela

        you’re right. it’s 50 cc’s of 2 stroke smokey awesomely awesomeness.

  • Justin McClintock

    Free of the consequences! So feel free to ride around in shorts and a T-shirt! Road rash only hurts if it’s from a motorcycle, and mopeds have stellar brakes anyway!

    • Mark Vizcarra

      You’re not hipster enough to appreciate the hotness of this video.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        … and proud of it!

      • Justin McClintock

        Hey, I road a 1978 DT175 to work today. Clearly that’s gotta give me some credit with the ironic crowd, right?

  • Gurupurkha Khalsa

    I can’t say I see the allure in riding what is essentially worse than a bicycle and motorcycle combined.

  • Tuscan Foodie

    The music made this video unbearable.

  • Jonathan

    I would pretend my moped was broken down too to saddle up behind her on a gravel road. Best date evar you guys.

  • Andrew Kinsler

    do whatever you think is fun & bums other people out.

  • Macon B. Norris

    I can honestly say that as a moped owner…yes it will break down constantly. Yes you need a backpack full of tools for when it does. Yes it is slow and uncomfortable. Yes you will get asked more questions about it than any other vehicle you have ever owned, especially if, like mine, it looks exactly like a bicycle that just happens to have a motor. Yes it is amazing fun.