Custom: See See x Gerber Badger

Hell For Leather, HFL -



“I wanted to make a bike that was already fun to ride more fun by making it dangerous,” says See See Motorcycles‘ Thor Drake. And he did that buy adding knives, machetes and multitools to a Honda CL90.

“The CL90 was this strange bike caught in between classifications,” Thor continues. “Honda created this bike as a ‘Sport Bike’ in-fact, the very first ‘Sport Bike;’ its main focus was its power-to-weight ratio. At just under 190lbs, the CL made around 8bhp.”

“So, here we have this dinky little Cl90 that is just about as fun as a bike can be to ride, with no real purpose other than to be fun, and the question is: what to do with it? Teaming up with Gerber, I had access to knives, multitools, lights, even swords.”

“There’s a mini machete on the back of the fork leg, a multi tool/camera holder with easy access on the handlebars, some night vision flashlights for tail lights, a fold out shovel sporting a ’39,’ the year gerber started, a rack for a lunch box. What else? Headlight grill, Newchurch seat, oh and some awesome black badger graphic on the tank by Garage 31.”

“It’s made to build a fire, do some cookies, or a wheelie.”

  • Scott Pargett


  • Sohl

    Lost it when I saw the tank.

    • Scottie Ray Smith

      I am just glad they moved on to another beer…I actually LIKE drinking PBR.

  • DoctorNine

    Why ask why? It has a badger on it. In a superhero cloak. ‘Nuff said.

    • Brian

      that bike is so sweet, it is a Super Honey Badger, and we know what Honey Badger thinks !!!

  • Gerardo Astroball

    lack of creativity…

  • Zachary Church

    That is an awesome bike!

  • Guest

    The Giant Redwood! The Larch! The Fir! The Mighty Scots Pine!

    • Piglet2010

      He’s a lumberjack, and he’s OK!

      • Brian

        He sleeps all night and he works all day!

  • kentaro

    This is the marketing material I love to consume and share. Props to See See and Gerber.

  • Rowan

    Was going to get a Panigale. I think I might get the Black Badger instead. Ducati OEM Machetes are overpriced anyway.

    • Brian

      but the Ducati OEM machetes are made of Carbon Fiber, which of course makes it better/stronger/faster !!!

  • Kr Tong

    “Officer I should Inform you everything is concealing a weapon.”

  • Lee Scuppers

    Can’t light a fire, huh? So much for the beard.

    I thought he was digging a cat hole with that shovel.

    Or maybe the cameraman had gotten fed up with the dude’s self-admiration and was making him dig his own grave at gunpoint. That would be a cool plot twist. They’d find him with the ethically sourced vintage lunchbox shoved down his throat, and the cops would be like “nahhh, we’re investigating this other crime now, you probably haven’t heard of it…”

    • Joe Bielski

      LOL!!!! Ugh, I gotta shave and get rid of my plaid shirts :/

  • 200 Fathoms

    Ironic trucker hat—check. Skinny jeans—check. Beard—check. Flannel—check. Keys attached to belt—check.

    Ride without a helmet. Ride with one hand on a dirt road while wielding a knife. Light fire with gasoline. Ride motorcycle over fire.

    Darwin for hipsters.

  • TFR

    Q: How many Portland hipster bike noobs does it take to change a headlight bulb?
    A: Its a really obscure number- you probably haven’t heard of it.
    Welcome to motorcycles, kids- Don’t make a nuisance of yourselves

  • appliance5000

    context is important. Very cold on a hot day = very nice indeed.
    Your refinement is noted.

    • Damo Von Vinland

      I guess it all depends where you hail from. Up here in the Northeast Sam Adams and several other local brews don’t cost much more than Pabst. Pabst actually costs MORE than some of the cheaper craft brews, believe it or not.

      The only people that drink Pabst up here are the hardcore twirly mustachioed hipster click.

      Plus why drink Pabst when you get have some Narragansett (aka Nasty-gansette)?

      • appliance5000

        Ah Narragansett – when you want a beer real bad we’ve got a real bad beer. Memories of misspent youth.

    • thisbeingchris

      they don’t just give that blue ribbon to anyone.

  • Jordan

    Can I get some kind of gas tank vinyl wrap with that badger for my bike? The oems should take note of this instead of the usual BNG package that is either retro team racing colors or tribal designs.

  • David Kent

    Get. A. Job.