Ernie Vigil Rides Albuquerque

Hell For Leather, HFL -



Albuquerque? Why not? It’s night time streets seem to make a suitably scenic backdrop for Ernie Vigil’s latest stuntcapade. Its neon lights and down-to-earth streets contrasting the tire smoke kicked off by the Triumph Street Triple.

  • Brammofan

    *Its night time streets . . .

  • Gonfern

    Love the sound of that Street Triple. Wish mine sounded like that.

    • Hooligan

      Could not see the exhausts on this. So no idea which ones. On my STR I
      got the Arrow slip ons with no baffles and they howl like a banshee and
      have a evil sounding popping overun.

  • HellomynameisAG

    Dude can ride, damn.

  • Adam Waheed


  • Sjef

    Normally not into ”stunt video’s” at all, but this was quality! Really enjoyable.
    Makes me want a Street triple even more.
    Some day… *sighs*

  • Hercules Bagadonuts

    That’s pretty much just the MSF class, the way it was when I took it. I mean, fine, but there’s nothing here that ought to challenge your skills if you have any business being anywhere near a motorcycle in the first place. I’ll admit the Street Triple is a good enough choice for a relatively timid and clumsy beginner, at least the girls, anyway. But if you’re that timid, you might as well be one of the RideApart comment pansies who want everybody to start on some boring pedestrian Honda 500, and if so, you’re probably better off choosing another lifestyle. Textile design, maybe, or grooming dogs. I’m not saying poodles, necessarily, but something along those lines.

    • Mugget

      LOL WUT? I don’t know what even…

  • Raph

    interesting how well this video synchs up with the Absolute 70′s Pop stream.