KTM Freeride 250 R: 204lbs Of Accessible Dirt Bike

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Following the theme set by the four-stroke Freeride 350, this new two-stroke KTM Freeride 250 R aims to make dirt riding extremely accessible, even for new riders. Something it does by shedding a further 16lbs for an all-up weight of just 204lbs.

Rather than dedicated endurance racers, KTM’s Freeride range aims to expand the appeal of dedicated dirt bikes to a non-competition audience. “In its first year on the market, it got a lot of people very excited who always fancied doing a little off-road riding without any pressure,” explains the Austrian company. None of the Freeride range — 350, this new 250 or even the electric E — have yet to go on-sale in the United States.

Like the 350, this new 250 R uses a forged aluminum swingarm pivot bolted to a steel tube frame and plastic rear subframe. Over the 350, the 250 R raises its ground clearance by 60mm thanks to a new, side-route exhaust. Both the fuel tank and air filter are then located under the seat; the former taking a nod from street bikes to lower the center of gravity while the latter benefits from increased protection from dirt and submersion.

Rather than the de-contented dirt bike you’d maybe expect from this description, the Freeride 250R instead retains an impressively high spec level — fully-adjustable WP USD forks, a dinky, two-pot radial brake caliper, wavy discs and a linkage, adjustable WP shock. Great care has been taken to make the bike as slim as possible, something that also helps it achieve an enormous amount of bar lock and a tiny turning radius.

The engine is based on that of the competition 250 EXC, but detuned for lower maintenance requirements and a torquier power delivery. No power or torque figures have been released. Also in pursuit of ease-of-use, the 250 R is fitted with electric start. Compared to that competition model, the 250 R’s seat is 1.8 inches lower, at 36-inches flat.

This is going to be a light, easy-to-ride, but still very capable dirt bike.

  • Zachary Church

    It would be awesome if KTM made a street legal version in competition with the WR250 and CRF250L.

    • Chris Zubak

      That’s just as reliable and maintenance free…..yeah not happening sorry.

      • Zachary Church

        We thank you for your negative attitude.

        • Chris Zubak

          Not negative at all. Apples to oranges (pun intended). I too would love a WRR competitor

    • DaveDawsonAlaska

      I’d drop my WR250R in a hearbeat for a street legal 2stroke featherweight dirt bike, especially since its (hopefully) going to be as or more reliable than the standard KTM’s.

  • TP

    Any word on price? If this knocks a k or two off the price of the competition grade two strokes this is a pretty sweet deal.

  • John

    Yeah, yeah, the KTM is great, but it’s stupidly overpriced. It doesn’t need a diet, it needs a price cut.

    What’s the point of a “beginners bike” that’s priced like a car?

    • Honyock Undersquare

      KTM = Kosts Too Much

    • Stuki

      204lbs is the point.

      • John

        Then they’re marketing it the wrong way and detuning it for no reason. All they’re doing is applying trials design to a DP bike, which is cool, until you get cold cocked by the cost. If they’re bragging about the magnesium alloys they had to use to get the weight that low, it would be one thing, but it seems to me, they’re just cutting the amount of material in use, not doing anything exotic.

  • grb

    I wonder how this looks next to the exc, is it smaller or just slimmer…

    • Scott

      Wow, a lot of chatter about this new unavailable KTM which also caught my interest. What I have to add is that I have had Yamaha’s and Honda’s, ridden all kinds of dirt bikes. I feel like I have finally arrive after buying my 2008 250/340 KTM xcf-W. Love the bike. Bout it for 5K with a 340 kit, Rekluse, all the extras, 2500 miles and 160 hours. Two and a half years later it now has 508 hours, 8047 miles and I have done zero motor work. Valves checked twice, no change. It is well beat up every where because of where and how I ride but the motor is solid and strong as the day I bought it. The bike is a dream. I may just do that all again when this one is done.

  • Clearfusion

    Why KTM USA refuses to import these models, baffles me. They’ve even gone as far as certifying the 350 with the California Air Resources Board back in April of this year, yet no word of U.S. sales availability

    • John

      It may be too expensive for the American market.

      For me, it it were 25lbs,even 50lbs heavier, and $3000-$4000 less, it would somewhat less desirable, but far more sellable. I don’t understand the point of a light, high tech, expensive off road bike, minus the power. The engine is perfect for a good, modest, affordable trail bike that fits between a CRF230 and a WR250x.

      They are quoted at nearly $10,000 US in Mexico and not sure that includes their taxes. The Duke 200 is about $5000. The fact that it is quoted in dollars makes me think they are sourcing it through the US, ironically.

      • Pedro Fernández

        Hello, I`m selling a 2013 freeride 350 in $8000 dollars, it`s almost new, just 20 hours of use! The best moto I`d ever try…unfortunately I need the money ;(.
        I`m from Chile but the shipping to the US issn`t expensive at the most 300bucks.

        contact me at: peyofv@icloud.com

  • Versys Jake

    Just buy an 05 or newer yz125 and gear it down. They are a 207lbs wet.

    • geezus

      And not road legal.

  • TraderJoesSecrets

    I love the concept, but agree with the comments about the price. For $10k, I’d buy a used trials bike and a used pickup truck, I guess. What worries me, KTM, is that we don’t need another motorcycle company spec-ing and pricing for the 1%.

    • Pedro Fernández

      Hello, I`m selling a 2013 freeride 350 in $8000 dollars, it`s almost new, just 20 hours of use! The best moto I`d ever try…unfortunately I need the money.
      I`m from Chile but the shipping to the US isn`t expensive at the most 300bucks.

      contact me at: peyofv@icloud.com

  • waz00

    what is the price on this lil guy?

    • John

      Probably pretty close to $10K.

  • Chris

    KTM please make a direct fuel injection version that’s CA green sticker legal. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. The heavy high maintenance 4 strokes you’ve been selling us suck for the tight trails out here. This would be the rebirth of the Yamaha IT 200 or Kawi KDX 200, mellow, light, easy to ride, and no maintenance.

  • John

    I would understand the pricing of these if they were pure competition bikes. If the cost is due to expensive waste cutting, I would say it’s time to gain a little weight if they want to attract life long KTM adherents.

    Because if you can afford $10K for a 350cc dirt bike, you probably already have a KTM.

  • Green Mountain Flight

    Oh man, this is the bike for me! I ride recreational enduro and I like my 200XC-W, but I wish it had more torque and less peaky power. I am only 5’6″ and have lowered my bike… in sum, this bike was built for me.

    I don’t think I would buy one new at $10K, but I look forward to owning one of these someday!

  • Lindsay Seidel

    They’re available in Australia, this guy had one and rode over everything! I had a new Berg TE300 and his 4st freeride impressed me.