New: 2014 Kawasaki Versys ABS – Photos and Specs

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The affordable, awesome and practical 2014 Kawasaki Versys is gaining standard ABS brakes, further enhancing its commuting and touring appeal.

The 2014 Kawasaki Versys is otherwise unchanged for 2014, and that’s no bad thing. Fitted with the long travels suspension of an ADV bike, but the 17-inch wheels of a sportbike, the Versys is uniquely nimble. That suspension soaks up bumps and ruts, keeping the tires in contact with the road in a way more sharply-suspended sport bikes simply can’t manage. But, with 17-inch wheels, steering and handling remain quick and precise, while tire choice remains excellent. The tall seat and upright riding position combine with the adjustable screen to provide excellent vision, control and comfort.

2014 Kawasaki Versys ABS

All the above are characteristics which will be made stronger by the addition of ABS and its no-nonsense, commanding stopping power in all weather conditions.

No price has yet been announced.

Are you impressed with the new Kawasaki Versys Gains ABS? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Mark D

    Poor man’s Multistrada. That’s a good thing!
    Is that a new headlight?

    • sean macdonald

      looks like it was new for the 2013′s, looks awesome though.

  • John

    The only point to the Versys I can see is that it’s a Ninja 650R for taller people.

    • Wes Siler

      Longer travel suspension does a better job of keeping the tires in contact with the road, making you real world faster and more confident.

      • John

        But it also makes for a bike that is harder and slower to throw over. Cg is higher, and so it requires more force to move, you get more dive, more float while riding. It has its place, especially with poorer roads. But the whole fake ADV thing is pretty boring. I just found it uncomfortably tall, with a ridiculously wide seat and not at all inviting to ride.

        • runnermatt

          Maybe the fake ADV thing could be considered the new “standard” class of motorcycles. I know the naked class is normally considered with as the “standard” motorcycle, but generally the naked bikes are sport bikes with less body work and different engine tuning for more low to mid range power. I would think a standard is more of a motorcycle that is good for all roads, because well, back when there was only one class of motorcycles they had too be able to handle all types of roads.

          • John

            I agree that it has become the new “standard”, but I don’t see the need to make it look like it’s for offroad if it isn’t. It’s like when they made SUVs for people who refused to buy a stationwagon.

            • runnermatt

              Agreed. Honda CB500X is to Honda CRV as KTM 990 Adventure Baja is to Ford F-150 Raptor.

              • John

                The only thing I see is that you could take a CB500X, replace the suspension, wheels, exhaust and make a bike that is potentially lighter and better than the KTM, except for less power and still have money in your pocket.

    • Chris

      Or those with bad backs. I’m much more comfortable on my Versys than what I think I’d be after sitting on Ninja 650Rs at the local dealership. Sitting upright with a lot of travel in the suspension makes for a comfortable yet sporty ride. As a relatively new rider, any discussions about ultimate handling are moot: I’m not going to a track, and I’m not going to ride on the roads as if I’m on the track.

  • HoldenL

    ABS is the main thing that the Versys lacked. Well, it also could use mirrors that don’t vibrate so much.

  • mansgottado

    Someone should buy my buddy Johnny’s Versys. He’s in Echo Park. No one keeps a bike clean like Johnny. No one. It’s in his Polish heritage.

  • Robert Horn

    If there’s a “I had absolutely no intention of buying one, but I was offered a test ride and ended up buying one that day” list of bikes, I get the impression that the Versys is very high on that list.

  • VagrantCoyote

    My dad has one and I’ve gotten a chance to ride it quite a bit and it really is an excellent all around bike. Nice, flexible motor, great on the highway and a great price.

  • Eric

    I recently bought a second hand 2008 Versys and I would love to have a brand new one. Got it for $3,000 and I absolutely love it. Tho I dunno how you’re supposed to achieve the break-in period keeping it under 4K, it likes to be rev’ed too much. I agree, it’s a sports bike for someone my height (6’5″), but for commuting it gives such a commanding view over traffic and feels peppy. Especially since I’ve graduated from a history of middle weight cruisers with no power, it’s been a huge perk to be able to confidently make a pass around any slower traffic. It sits up so tall that the handlebars clear my wife’s side mirrors on her car. That’s a feature alone made my purchase worth it, she can’t park that car in the same spot twice!

  • runnermatt

    Went to the Kawasaki website. 2013 Versys non-ABS listed as $7999. The 2014 Versys ABS is listed also at $7999. Could be an oversite/error from their website person(s) or could be the actual price.

  • Chris

    As an owner of a 2012 Versys, all I have to say is “Damn! Damn! Damn!” Given that nothing else has changed between 2012 and 2014 on the bikes, I wonder if I’d be able to retrofit.

  • Scott Otte

    This changes this bike from something I was sort of looking at, to a definite contender. I’m a huge believer in ABS. It’s about time they did this.

  • HollywoodRider

    have the 2012, absolutely love it. For a commuter with decent touring chops you cannot beat the price.

  • Erica Mathis

    Finally the Versys has ABS here in the states. Too bad I only buy used bikes. Got my 09 Versys with 3100 on it in mint condition for $2,800. Just cannot rationalize paying new bike prices when you can find nearly new bikes for half the price or less.