2015 Energica Ego Video Review

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Two weeks ago, I became the first outsider to ride the 2015 Energica Ego electric superbike. Now, here’s video of that ride, along with a candid conversation immediately following with the company’s American distributer, Chris Nugent.

2015 Energica Ego Video Review:

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  • Sid Widmer

    I think that electric whine would make me insane. Is it that loud on the bike?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      These things are loud, as you’d expect from anything putting out 120lb-ft of torque.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        oh man the sound is awful! how much of that filters through your helmet?

        • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

          Riding a Tie Fighter is awful? It’s loud man, you definitely hear it.

          • AlexKnolly

            Agreed, this thing sounds sweet and I want one. I saw that it’s 18K euro, is there a US price floating around for it yet?

            • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

              They’re talking $25k-ish.

              • AlexKnolly

                Hmm, this or a Vyrus?

                Tough call, haha.

      • Sid Widmer

        I guess a better question is, if you thought ever it was obnoxious while riding the bike.

  • NathanLA

    The camera is mounted right next to the drive train but it sounds pretty amazing once it gets into the upper reaches. No doubt earplugs will help filter the ultra-high frequencies but I can’t wait to have one rip by me.

    • Mugget

      I’d much rather one of these than a Harley with open pipes blast by me!

  • Justin Turner

    This video looks like it was shot somewhere around barstow, on the edge of the desert.

    • drivin98

      Volterra, Italy.

  • grindz145

    Great spot. Awesome footage.

  • james

    The first part where wes is being interviewed, the camera is tripping me out hard man! its like a hall of mirrors trip out rave in there.

    Bike is electric so i wont comment because it will be unconstructively negative.

  • Gerardo Astroball

    I hate electric or hybrid cars because they seem to miss a point.. is not really better for the enviroment, nor better performing..

    Bikes though, have an awesome potential they improve on power delivery, handling, and feeling…

    I´m exited to see the new generation of bikes ICE with pneumatic valves vs electric.. hopefully soon enough

    • Richard Gozinya

      You really haven’t paid much attention to electrics and hybrids if you think they’re not better performing. The ones built primarily for efficiency are of course rather bland. On the other hand, the Model S, the new Panamera hybrid, and others out there are built specifically for performance. I’ve even seen video of the Model S beating a Viper.

      As for environmental impact, the inherent efficiency of an electric motor vs an ICE would suggest you don’t know what you’re talking about. For an example, the Brammo Empulse can go around 75 miles on a charge. Its battery holds 10kwh of energy, which is less than 1/3 of a gallon of gas. Not even 250s can pull that off. So yeah, using more energy to go the same distance has a bigger negative environmental impact than using less energy.

      • Lee Scuppers

        That electricity was generated and transmitted somehow, with considerable inefficiencies. I don’t know how you compare the losses there with what it costs in energy terms to produce gasoline, but neither comes from the tooth fairy.

        I couldn’t care less how efficient they are, myself. They just look fun.

        • Mugget

          The main point in the whole electric Vs. gasoline debate is that electricity can be generated from renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.) while gasoline absolutely cannot.

          I’m with you – I don’t really care about how environmentally friendly they are, only that they have very low maintenance, are super-cheap to run and are a blast to ride!

  • John Sheldahl

    @ the people that made comments about the noise, I think the sound is from the chase bikes (which were regular gas motorcycles), not the ego. There probably is some Chain drive noise and maybe some hum from the Motor, but it shouldn’t be anywhere near as loud.
    I love the numbers posted, the handling reviews and even the looks of the bike, but it still has one massive short fall compared to all my motorcycles (2 VFR800′s, an RC51, heck even my sons ’85 Suzuki GS700e) – AND that is very limited range between charges.
    This bike neither has the highway range to commute to work on or the touring range for me to take it on sport-touring rides. I mean I get 250,miles from a tank on my VFR cruising at highway speeds, loaded with a weeks worth of clothes and gear pushing it over 600lbs. A stop of 15-20 minutes at any one of millions of gas stations here in the US and my machine is fueled up, ready to go another 250.
    I’ve ridden 800-50 miles in one day to meet up with friends for group Sport-touring rides and would love to attend one of the next rides on a bike like this.
    I’d love to just be able to commute to my job and back on one, without having to plug in at the office.
    But the Ego’s current range and very very few fast charging stations away from major metropolitan areas mean that it would take me extra days to reach the group rides, and I’d have to work extra hours at the office, while the Ego charged on Company electricity.
    I hope that the next goal for Energica is a bike with even more range (or maybe a fast-charging mobile genset for the ego).

    I still want a test ride on one very much.