20/20 On The Country’s Most Dangerous Roads

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Right in time for car travel season, 20/20‘s put together a segment on the nation’s most dangerous roads. You’ll recognize popular riding destination in most of the list, including SoCal’s The Snake and Tennessee’s Tail of the Dragon.

Can’t see the video on your device? Click this link.

  • msay

    Is that rnickeymouse?

  • Brian

    I can’t view the video, but I am guessing this is more sensationalized “journalism” from the TV media trying to sell ad time for attention of the A.D.D. crowd for whom regurgitation of almost anything they are fed is very likely?!?!?!?

    • Christopher Murdock

      Pretty much, no real data or facts, just the nicknames locals have given a bunch of roads and some associated traffic deaths.

  • Jeremy

    Yes, I watched the episode and found it to be largely useless.

  • luxlamf

    I saw a rather good report on the Tail of The Dragon (I have never been but I do ride the Snake often and it is a deathtrap on the weekends now due to bad riders and of course the photographer there that attracts these types and makes some ride beyond their means to get a good “Shot”) and it was quite informative about the problems on the Dragon, mostly is that its 1 road and that’s it, Mullholland is made up of many MANY off shoot roads that make the Snake avoidable, which I do now on weekends, and they showed the real problem was inexperienced riders come from all over the mid west to ride it, on their big useless baggers etc…( because I know what I would want to ride on a curvy road is a big slow heavy bagger?) and they allow semi trucks to use the road also, blind corners, useless riders on baggers riding under speed limit and Semis? disastrous.

  • shaun

    The Dragon is great during the week. Forget about it on holiday weekends. Just one cop wrote 70 tickets in one day this past weekend. It gets so busy it attracts bad riders and drivers from all walks of life and throws them into 11 miles of (mostly) blind corners.

    It’s fun, but screw weekend trips.

    • Brett Lewis

      I agree! Actually my pic to the left was on the Dragon, last year, during a downpour. Anyway, I don’t mind doing the posted speed(ish) because of the blind curves. It’s fun just to ride smooth, and it’s just plain beautiful there.

  • Davidabl2

    Makes me want to drive the top six..beyond that not so much.

  • Joel Sparks

    “Would you drive on these roads if you knew their nicknames in advance: Highway to Heaven, Blood Alley, Massacre Mountain?” Yes, definitely! I’d probably make a point of traveling TO ride them during my vacation. Motorcycles are awesome.

  • Dan Sciannameo

    I ride NYC roads everyday splitting lanes. Rural and suburban roads with four legged animals scare the crap out of me.