MCN Reviews The Yamaha FZ-09

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The most anticipated new bike for 2014? The Brits at MCN just snagged the first video review of the Yamaha FZ-09 or, as it’s being called in Europe, the MT-09. “As fun on the road as the R6 is on a track.”

  • Daniel


  • motorock

    I hope you guys get your review in soon- and compare it to the FZ8 on engine, comfort, touring capabilities (including hard luggage options) and perhaps tips on how to make it better! That could help me make up my mind at least!

    • TP

      There are a few luggage options in the OEM accesories.

      • Mark D

        That makes me so happy. It doesn’t need to be a Goldwing, but it might be a good competitor with the Hyperstrada.

      • motorock

        Those look great but I wonder if the Givi cases will fit this like they fit the FZ8…that would definitely make it a more versatile bike than the Striple which cannot seem to carry any hard cases for long distance purposes (I know, different categories but the FZ8 did it, so why not this one!?)

    • Piglet2010

      Isn’t Yamaha dropping the FZ-8?

      • Wes Siler

        Yep, and good riddance.

        • Herzenstube

          Why good riddance?

          • Wes Siler

            Heavy, boring, over priced.

            • MichaelEhrgott

              I owned a FZ8 for a grand total of 4 months and I can attest to every word in that statement.

    • Guest

      For hard luggage options, consider SW-Motech (I’ve linked their FZ-8 products on for reference). I’ve got their top-rack with the Givi Adapter on my Z750, and I’ll go through them again if I get the FZ-09. To be clear, this is just mounting hardware, not the luggage itself

    • sean macdonald

      US press launch is in a few weeks :)

  • Corey Cook

    Well it definitely looks like it goes around a corner very slowly…

  • Brett Lewis

    I like this bike/concept. I have a Tiger 800 in the garage, thinking what if it were lighter/lower. Visordown reported similar issues that this video did, so presently I’m leaning towards the Street Triple as a Tiger replacement.

  • VagrantCoyote

    Can’t wait for this bike, great value, light, powerful and a triple. Awesome.

  • Paolo

    What’s the black helmet?! Looks killer!

  • Chris Cope

    I feel I’m really missing something here. I live in the UK, and local sites are creaming their jeans over the MT-09. To me, it looks like an uninspired, uncomfortable, too-small child’s-toy piece of plastic. No, no, and no.

    • Jonathan Berndt

      gee, thats a surprise, little too close to Triumph for ya there?…

      • Chris Cope

        If you’re referring to the Speed Triple, I hate the look of that bike, too. This is what I mean by saying that I feel I’m missing something. UK journos go f***ing crazy for these bikes and I just do not see it.

        • Damo Von Vinland

          They had to pull the cost out some where. It does look cheap and IS cheap to buy.

          So far the reviews say it doesn’t “ride cheap” so I guess that is the allure.

          I think with a quick headlight mod and tail clean up, it would look proper nice and unique. Only problem I have with it is the tiny gas tank.

          • jonoabq

            Agree, the big cosmetic fails for me are the goofy tail light section and the v-max looking intakes. That said it looks like a great basic platform for everyday riding and customizing while still staying in the range of affordability. Big thumbs up.
            The big functional miss for me is the lack of range. For many people this may not be a deal breaker but its the same fail as the top spec Tuono, inducing range anxiety for almost every out of town ride…urk.

            • Damo Von Vinland

              I am in full agreement with you there.

              I finally broke down and sold my mint condition RC51 SP2 recently and decided to go back to a sport standard. The Tuono (despite its awesomeness) got taken off the short list immediately because of lake of range and pillion comfort.

              I finally narrowed my search down to the 2013 Hypermotard, Street Triple and even looked at a new Z1000. I ended up buying the Ducati.

          • motorock

            Yeah, the tiny gas tank bothers me too. Hopefully, a good tank range will negate the cons of a small tank! A bike that is supposedly a “all-rounder” should have range, full range luggage and other touring options- which I feel the Street Triple isn’t, even if it is a fantastic machine in the city.

        • jonoabq

          You should ride one, I mean really go out and flog one…then ride it for a cross town commute in morning rush hour traffic. You’ll likely care far less about how it looks.

  • John

    Being lighter than a CB500 is pretty interesting, if that’s actually true. Could make for a helluva a Tenere.

    • Wes Siler

      The Honda 500′s aren’t particularly light.

      • John

        True, though I don’t know why 500s twins have to weigh as much as 800s triples or I4s. I know the MT-09 uses more aluminum, but even then, it shouldn’t add up to such a massive difference, given that the MT-09s engine must weigh close to 50% more. It’s like they add lead shot to the frame or something.

        • Wes Siler


          • John

            It would make for a good article. Like, WTF are they saving all this weight, and how much it costs to do that. Supposedly Yamaha had invented and patented some way of making engines lighter, but it was never touted on a real bike AFAIK. For instance, the CB500x engine weighs 12lbs less than the KTM950 engine and 16lbs less than the MT-09 engine. Not a huge deal, but an advantage. So that means, even with a 16lb head start, it loses by 16lbs. It does carry about 1 gallon more fuel, so, that’s, what, 6lbs or so, making it about 10lbs heavier with equal gas. . So, it’s maybe 25lbs heavier in other areas. Fairing must be 10lbs or so. Wheels, frame, swingarm, I suppose. Muffler. It’d be easy to cut 5-10lbs there. The CB500x weighs about 7lbs more than the F, gas adjusted, and about 2 more lbs than the R, even with its big fairing.

          • Piglet2010

            If the Honda 500′s weighed much less, they would need to reduce power to meet the EU A2 licensing category (0.2kW/kg or less) – so with 35kW (47 HP), the Honda CB500′s must weigh at least 175 kg (385 pounds) dry.

  • Alberto Morgado

    I want this bike on BR… please yamaha… give us a choice, and let’s kill that horrible street triple…

    • Damo Von Vinland

      ” horrible street triple”

      Really? I honestly have never read one bad review of the bike and everyone I know that owns or has ridden one loves the Street Triple.

      No idea where you are coming from.

      • Piglet2010

        My dealer has found a fix for the “horrible Street Triple” – the twin round lights used on the Thunderbirds are an easy swap onto the Street Triple.

      • Alberto Morgado

        Wear this to combine with yout beautifull street triple… I just never see anything more horrible than that… I really dont like this fronts lights… did i say that is a bad motorcicle??? no… i just say that I think is a ugly bike…

  • roma258

    It seems like a lot of these ride-by-wire bikes have serious throttle response issues. Is it even worth it for a bike like the FZ-09 (does it really need three ride modes)? Have aftermarket companies like Bazzaz and Power Commander taken this on yet? Just curious, as this and the MV triples seem to be fantastic bikes, with this one major problem.

    • Wes Siler

      Ride-by-wire is necessary on modern engines, facilitating the inclusion of traction control and other stuff. The problem with fueling, just like with carb’d bikes and regular FI bikes is the tuning required to make them pass emissions. It can certainly be done, the RSV4′s ride-by-wire is as smooth and feelful as you could ever want.

  • appliance5000

    No ABS? Absurd and a shame – apart from the gold forks that looks like an interesting bike but I’m not willing to time travel back to the 20th century.

  • MichaelEhrgott

    When’s the RideApart review coming? I have a Rapid Red pre-ordered and I can’t freakin wait to see it in person.