Why the Range Rover-Chasing New York Bikers Look Like Idiots

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You’ve probably seen the video of the biker gang in New York fighting with a Range Rover already, it’s the most popular thing on the Internet this morning. The thing is, despite running over multiple bikes, it’s not the Range Rover driver that’s at fault, it’s the riders. They’re idiots. Here’s why.

Evidence of Idiocy #1: The near complete lack of safety gear, aside from vests.

Let’s start from the beginning. One of those huge packs of unskilled sport bike riders that ride around in huge groups, blocking traffic, revving engines and otherwise flaunting their physical inadequacy issues is doing their thing on a highway in New York. Caught up in the midst of it is a family in a Range Rover Sport.

Whichever guy has the camera stuck to his helmet rides alongside the car as one of his fellow shoal members appears to begin castigating the driver for something. Failing to give way to the massive group of jerks on sport bikes? Minding his own business? Having an actual job?

Evidence of Idiocy #2: Pointless road rage.

In the midst of his road rage, said rider pulls in front of the Range Rover, in dangerously close proximity, and slows down a little bit. As he’s doing so, the driver fails to hit the brakes in time and gives the rider a little tap from behind, causing him to lose control of his bike and crash.

Evidence of Idiocy #3: Losing control of your motorcycle.

Now, this is all obviously the fault of the no-gear-wearing, poorly-skilled, testosterone-fueled guy who caused himself to get hit, then fell over, right? Well, that’s not shoal mentality, is it? The bikers angrily surround the SUV, intent on some skewed sort of squid justice.

We can’t really see it in the video, but apparently the bikers began to punch, kick and otherwise attack the vehicle at this point.

The driver, who has his wife and small child in the car, has enough, stomps on the gas and runs over some bikes before taking off.

“He feared for his life and the lives of his wife and daughter,” the NYPD told The New York Post.

The riders give chase. Much bad riding, pointless engine revving and group beeping ensues. At one point, one of them appears to pull over in order to type something on his iPad.

Evidence of Idiocy #4: Mass beeping. I mean, have you ever heard a motorcycle horn? It’s hardly intimidating.

On an off-ramp, the Range Rover comes to a halt and one of the squids runs up and tries to open the driver’s door. Again, the driver takes off, knocking down a bike.

More unskilled riding ensues and, predictably, the Range Rover eventually gets caught in traffic. We see a squid remove his helmet and use it smash the driver’s window. At this point the video cuts out and all we have remaining is the Post’s report that the driver was treated for a “slash” on his face, his wife and daughter were unharmed and no arrests have yet been made. No injuries have been reported for any of the riders, despite their complete lack of safety gear.

What exactly were these guys so mad about? Their buddy fell off his bike because he was riding like an idiot, and all of them were acting like jerks. The driver ran over their bikes because they were threatening his wife and kids. Did they think they were entitled to sole use of a major highway? Do they not recognize the right of an individual to defend his family from physical violence?

The thing is, despite their intimidating group presence, each and every one of the individuals involved would likely have responded similarly had they found their family threatened in a similar fashion. I know people who ride in these groups and, aside from being a little below average in terms of their ability to make smart decisions, none of them are violent criminals, they’re just guys looking to belong to something.

At what point does membership in group include threatening a little girl? It’s not tough, it’s not manly and it’s not what motorcycles should be about to these guys or anyone else. But it’s now what bikes represent to this family, and hundreds of thousands of other non-riders who will read about this in the news or watch the video online. It’ll change the way some people react to riders and may even result in some other car driver potentially putting one of these riders’ or one of our lives at risk. And that’s just stupid.

Do you agree, disagree or have another take? We want to hear about it in the comments below.

Update: Jalopnik has several videos recorded by the gang on the same ride, prior to this incident. The uploaders have since attempted to remove said videos from the Internet, with no luck. They do not make the bikers look good.

Update 2: MYFOXNY reports that two arrests have been made, while one rider reportedly remains in hospital with serious injuries.

  • Guzzto

    I realised long ago just because someone rides a motorcycle does not mean you have anything in common with them.

    • Dale A. Brown

      Best comment. Really gets to the heart of the matter. Never thought I would see shameful behaviour like this from fellow motorcyclists.

      • Kr Tong

        There’s a new one every week on youtube. For some reason youtube suggests this crap to me.


        If you are mad at the car for something like this all I can say is, Do you want a little cheese with your WHINE?

      • millermp1

        really? were you born yesterday? I’ve been riding 20+ years and it’s no accident I have no motorcyclist friends. Too many immature dbags.

        • Relayer13

          Usually the Hell’s Accountant types.

          • rangerider

            One thing is sure no respectful biker rides those itty bitty of roaders :-0

        • djw0510

          Sad but oh so true.

    • Damo Von Vinland


      This is also why I NEVER go on massive group rides.

      • Andrew

        I only go on one mass run – http://www.mrasa.asn.au/toyrun.shtml
        It’s to donate toys to kids.

        • Piglet2010

          I only go on charity mass rides sponsored by LEO clubs – helps with traffic to have a police cruiser with flashing lights at each end of the group, plus some moto cops stopping cross-traffic. Also figure no one is going to start stupid $hit with a bunch of off-duty cops around.

  • Ryan

    Agree 100% percent

  • biekiscool

    I think the fault, in this instance, should be apportioned rather than assigned to one party or the other.

    Hopefully, being run over will impress upon the bikers that there is a benefit to polite behavior, and hopefully the Range Rover driver drowning in an ocean of his own uncontrollable fear will learn to get a *grip* because sometimes people chase after you when you ram them in a panic.

    • RoCr

      They attacked his car and attempted to pull him out of it several times before finally succeeding, at which point they beat him and cut him with a knife. His fear was legitimate, especially since he had absolutely no way of knowing their intentions.

  • Curtis Caulfield

    This is why I stopped riding with a group. It was always a race to the bottom in terms of behavior and how others get treated.

    • brittonx

      There are good groups out there that do not allow behavior like these riders exhibited. You just have to look for them.

      • http://www.racetrackstyle.com/ Racetrack Style

        No group should be riding in these many numbers. It’s a nuisance on its own with no violence involved.

        Helmet-cam rider Publishes this video?

        • DrRideOrDie

          Michelinman900 he also had a private video up where he and his buddies attack a Prius last year

        • the antagonist

          We just had the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in downtown Atlanta with over a hundred riders. It was awesome. Cars pulled over and waved us through. Pedestrians waved and videoed us. No one tried to crowd anyone out or takeover the road. The occasional group ride can be a lot of fun when you don’t ride with douchebags.


          • Piglet2010

            I was on a ride with more than 300 other people in Chicago – but we had two cruisers and four motorcycles from the State Police as an escort. No issues other than the kid on the Gixxer Thou who did not understand the meaning of staggered formation and kept pulling up beside me (so I waved him ahead of me – problem solved).

          • http://www.racetrackstyle.com/ Racetrack Style

            Scheduled group rides that are escorted are still arguably a nuisance to the people that need the most enlightenment about the great sport/hobby that is motorcycling.

            Raising awareness via group rides of this magnitude fails to be effective b/c their frustration only sees a pointless parade.

            And, it is not the real world…once this “gentleman’s ride” is over, the worst offenders go right back to distracted driving and not looking twice for bikes.

            Comparatively, how effective would 100+ riders broken down into groups of 4 with assigned routes all over a city be in raising better driving habits & motorcycle visibility?

        • Piglet2010

          Larger groups should be broken up into no more that six riders in a bunch, unless they have police escort to handle other traffic.

  • Travis

    Check out what happens at the 0:26 mark – while I agree that these idiots are idiots, the range rover does rear-end one of the bikes. He should’ve stopped, called the cops and waited for them to arrive.

    • Mary

      I kind of read that differently. The riders have all this space on the road and it looked like that particular rider cut off the SUV and let off his throttle. Of course the SUV couldn’t slow down as quickly as the bike. It was as if they were baiting the driver.

      • Devin Byrnes

        It looks like more than one guy was trying to slow down this SUV before the guy got hit. He had plenty of time to back off once the squid cut in front of him.

        If you have squids in front of your trying to hold you up, to me the logical reaction is to slow down, not maintain pace.

        Biker’s behaving badly for certain, but it’s not like the SUV did not have options to get out of this mess before it escalated.

        • Pam Dunn

          You’re an idiot if you “think” (word used loosely in YOUR regard) he had time to slow down; the idiot turd on the bile was wrong and trying to intimidate the driver of the SUV and harass him; He asked for and GOT what he deserved. What were these turds trying to “slow him down” he was driving legally and peacefully UNTIL they harassed him.
          Now in your limited intelligence, just what “options” did he have to get out of this mess and how much did they Threaten him BEFORE he took off and hit more bikes?

          Sorry, BUT if had been ME driving the SUV, there would have been a lot of scrap yard material left on the roadway.

        • GregQ

          If you cut off a car and then slow down, you deserve to get run over.

    • acornwebworks

      Can we assume you now know that he *did* stop? And that was when the *first* attack on his SUV occurred…which is why he gunned his car and got out of there, hitting the other 3 people.

  • bossross

    agree 100%, and as the driver of the SUV, some bikers would have been shot the moment they smashed my window.

    • Lee Scuppers

      I keep bear spray in the console. But the one time some angry entitled little spraytanned creep from NY lost his s#!t and started screaming and banging on my window at a light, I was laughing too hard to even remember I had it.

      Dear NYC,

      Stay home. You deserve each other. It’s better that way.

      Love, the Human Race

    • madmusk

      You really think none of those thugs were armed? Pretty sure an all out gun battle would have ended in more than the 0 deaths that occurred in reality. At least when you’re lying in the gutter bleeding out you could say you retained your tough guy card.

      • bossross

        tough guy card? really? Lemme guess, you’ve never been in an actual gun fight have you? Of course not.
        My point is that if someone attacked me like that, he’d be shot or at least shot at. And perhaps one of the thugs in the crowd could be armed too but the likley hood of him actually hitting a target or even coming to the aid of his dipshit riding buddy is slim, after the first shot fired most of those guys would scurry like roaches when the light turned on.

        • Piglet2010

          The Range Rover is a more deadly weapon in this case than any firearm that the driver or passenger could reasonably carry – we are not talking about a pop-up machine gun here (which are used by political bodyguards and such in some countries).

          • bossross

            deadly up till stopped traffic apparently :)

          • mesocyclone

            You might be surprised the firepower folks carry in their vehicles. Besides, one combat shotgun would have done the job. Or a commando AK-47. Both legal. Both small enough to use in those circumstances.

  • Chester Nodier

    What in the world was that rider thinking? The mind boggles. Who would pass (cut off) an SUV and immediately slow while looking back with one hand on the controls. I put all of the blame for the initial crash on the “rider.” It’s hard to fault the driver of the SUV for reacting badly when surrounded by an angry mob, but it’s regrettable.

    • millermp1

      that’s the thing. Thinking is not their forte. It’s an error to assume they are like us. The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learning from the crow.

    • captainobvious

      he’s thinking that we do this on a frequent basis

  • LeeB

    Sadly that group of “riders” have given the motorcycle industry a bad name. They all should have been given tickets for reckless driving. Blocking the road, many bikes have no signal lights, no mirrors on some, I see a bunch of sneakers, t-shirts…girl passenger in a cute little skirt, and more just plain stupid stuff. The dude that got rear ended…dumb ass. Can’t blame the RR driver for fearing the safety of his family. If any doubt a Range Rover can climb over a few motorcycles, this is proof. Funny that dude drops his helmet before smashing the window. No doubt he thinks his helmet is fine and will keep wearing it.

    Bottom line. If you and your group of “motorcyclists” ride like idiots, sooner or later you’re going to meet the wrong guy.

    • markbuehner

      They should be charged with felony mob action and chucked in prison for a couple years. There was a baby in that car, it could have ended much worse. Get these animals off the street.

      • Piglet2010

        The federal prosecutors should look into filing charges under RICO against Hollywood Stuntz members.

        • Jonathan Keller

          You know that just because RICO is a thing on Sons of Anarchy does not mean it applies to anything involving motorcycles, right?

          • Piglet2010

            You know that have watched a total of 0:00:00 of that television show in my lifetime (my television is so old it has 300-ohm spade lug connectors and has been in a box in the basement for the last 5 years)?

            When I read “SOA”, I think “School of the Americas”.

  • David

    Fantastic write-up Wes. Really good coverage of this.

    The only correct decision/action in a road-rage incident is one that moves toward ending/diffusing it. This is even more true when riding. Fault or no fault there are a lot of lucky riders here.

    Thats all before the “threatening someone’s family” side of the argument. Pretty simple one there, eh?
    You nailed it -> “At what point does membership in group include threatening a little girl? It’s not tough, it’s not manly and it’s not what motorcycles should be about to these guys or anyone else.”

    • chupa

      Good coverage? Sorry, I love RideApart but this article is not “coverage.” There is no journalism here. It’s all opinions and conjectures. It’s an op-ed piece, not reporting.

      • DrRideOrDie

        I think they offered 4 salient points to the level of idiocy of this ‘group ride’ as well as there is video documentation to back it. I think video puts it past opinion and conjecture. If you really think about it, the riders if they truly wanted to do the right thing and involve the police to stop a “hit n run” then all they would have to do is follow the RR and wait for the police to arrive.

        • Piglet2010

          Hard to get the police involved when half your group is on ATV’s, dirt bikes, and bikes without proper license plates.

          • DrRideOrDie

            So, during any type of potential criminal event such the fiasco that was the motorcyclist vs Range Rover melee, there are these things called mitigating factors. As such a mitigating factor can sway how an event is perceived by the authorities/courts, such as if the person stops a dangerous criminal, yet has a suspended license at the time, the suspended license may be overlooked. However, in this scenario in NYC, odds are that the multiple civil and criminal offenses committed by these riders led them to realize in no way shape or form would they be perceived as law abiding citizens doing the right thing because in fact they were not.

  • shaun

    Every time I see large groups of people (in this case squids) riding and purposely clogging the roads, I cringe uncontrollably.

  • grb

    I agree… I usually stand by fellow riders and Im always ready to stop and help any rider in need, but I just DONT stand by cowards and bullies acting like a gang, disrespecting, intimidating and threatening other motorists, this are not real riders, this fools are a shame to all of us real motorcyclists who are actually interested in riding and enjoying our bikes

    • TheBoatDude

      I think you nailed the crux of the matter with the phrase “fellow riders.” I don’t think a lot of riders would be out with guys like this…some would (and are), but not most.

  • V Twin

    It appears Jets & Sharks have discovered Biking. But (as a biker for 35yrs) not in my name!
    The Range-Rover driver must have been terrified to have driven over the bikes. They are no better than gangland thugs and have no association with the Biking Community.

  • Andrew

    This is NY. I think it was a group of trust fund artists staging a flash mob, not real motorcyclists.

  • Devin Byrnes

    While this whole situation is initiated by the bikers (idiots), the Range Rover caused some of this himself. It seems to me they resented him being in the middle of their pack and wanted him to slow down / back-off (which they had no right to do). All he had to do was back off the throttle and this problem was avoided.

    I get out of the way of four squids being yahoo’s behind me, I would definitely let 100 of these winner’s go on ahead.

    • RexG

      There’s now way the Range Rover driver had any cause in this, other than forced. The rider he hit pulled in front of him less than a bike length ahead and came off the throttle. Hardly any time to react. Who expects someone to be that stupid? And as for the range Rover being in their midst, did you not see they swarmed around him? He certainly had no control over their idiocy. They overtook him and placed themselves in jeopardy.

    • devillock

      No way is this guy at fault. He was targeted and victimized. The only bad thing he did was not run a couple of them off the road.

      • Patiperro

        I don’t think the group simply chose this SUV randomly for harassment; like greasers in some exploitation movie. It’s possible that the SUV did something that put a biker in danger and instead of acknowledging it, apologizing, just drove off and started a chain of escalation. You can’t assume these riders are criminals/thugs. People are people, you don’t have to be so afraid of people that look different. I don’t know this happened, of course; just a thought.

        • devillock

          I’m not assuming these riders are criminals or thugs, however, their behaviour may suggest it. Never do I mention how they look so I don’t know why this was brought up. My comments are solely based on their actions as recorded in the video. Whatever was done prior to the filming is irrelevant as their actions are still not justifiable.

          • Patiperro

            Sorry, I should have posted mine as a standalone comment. I wasn’t really addressing your comment directly. In any case, I learned that these guys were blocking on-ramps to take over a section of the highway so that they could do their asinine stunts. Either this guy ignored the blockade or, more likely, he was just caught in the middle of it. In either case, F these guys.

    • Michael Howard

      “…They resented him being in the middle of their pack”? And how did he get there? No, THEY surrounded HIM. THEY crowded HIM. And, no doubt, when they did, one of the riders took offense because he inadvertently “crowded” one of them and this whole insane mess began. Stopping while surrounded by a shitload of people angry at you is not a wise survival move and I don’t blame the SUV driver one bit for not wanting to stop.

    • Pam Dunn

      JERK !! and that’s being polite.

  • Aaron Warner

    wow… i’m glad that the bloodshed was limited – would things have gone so cleanly in a less regulated state? the range rover folks were clearly in a stand your ground situation when the window was broken.

    • UrbanMoto

      Don’t think the punks aren’t counting on that. These assholes know law-abiders in NYC aren’t carrying and act accordingly. Punks, thugs and bullies, on the sidewalks and in the street, constantly, everywhere, acting up because they know the won’t get plugged.

  • HollywoodRider

    I can only assume most of you don’t ride in a crazy congested city, or have ever been chased down by a crazy cager– I have one word for you– silence. This Range Rover driver (of asian descent, cough) is an idiot and using his giant SUV as a weapon. To drive over those bikes, and into those human beings, was sooo ridiculously wrong and dangerous. If you endanger my life, don’t be surprised if I endanger yours. Ride a little in a city with a-holes who swerve at you, brake check you, and maybe you’ll understand why this rage against the cage happens. So glad that guy got what he deserved. As a motorcyclist, as a bicyclist, people in cars need to realized they don’t own the road.

    • Doug

      “If you endanger my life, don’t be surprised if I endanger yours.” I think the driver could argue the same thing.

    • UrbanMoto

      I do. Every day I deal with dickhead cagers. Every single one of my rides begins and ends in Central Harlem.
      But I don’t ride like these dicks, I don’t ‘stunt’ and disrupt traffic. I ride like a responsible normal human being, not a thug. I don’t ride in a pack into Times Square and harass people. I have a plate on my bike. When assholes in cars mess with me I remove myself from the situation.
      Fuck every single one of these jerks. I hope more are run over. Sincerely and with great anticipation.
      BTW who is brake-checking who in this video?

    • Pam Dunn

      And you are (COUGH) a total MORON and brainless idiot.
      The BIKERS caused the accident and were TOTALLY out of line chasing him down. A license plate number would have been enough; OH WAIT; THE BIKERS WERE IN THE WRONG and would have been arrested and charged.

  • brittonx

    The riders in this group were totally irresponsible. Sure, I bet the SUV driver may have either inadvertently or deliberately annoyed or put one or more riders at risk in the time before the video started. That does not give the guy the right to pull in front of the SUV and slow down so much. What happened is that rider’s fault.
    I hate that these riders did this. It is this kind of reckless behavior that makes the vast majority of responsible riders look bad. I sure hope that “knee-jerk NY” doesn’t overreact and try to ban group riding…

    • Piglet2010

      There is no room for vigilantism in civilization. If the Range Rover driver did something wrong, call 911 and let the cops deal with it.

      • David Kent

        You are correct. However, in this case, there was no “civilization” within 200 feet. I would have been shooting and tossing empty mags to my bride for reloading.

  • dabneyr

    I see this one completely different. The guy on the bike who got hit initially was obviously looking right at the Range Rover driver because of something that had already happened. The Driver of the SUV must have already done something stupid off camera. It appears to me the Range Rover hit him intentionally. He did not “Fail to hit his breaks in time.” I didn’t see any abrupt braking by the bike. He was just slowing down slowly.

    I can see how everyone of those bikers would have been pissed off when a 3 ton vehicle intentionally rams their friend, then the driver runs over several bikes. Who knows if he injured, maimed or killed additional riders with his escape.

    For these guys to be dropping their bikes on the ground and ruining their $500 helmets smashing windows, they must have looked at this as a hit and run situation where some of their friends may have been seriously injured or killed. If the guy had waived sorry in the beginning for whatever stupid thing he had done in the SUV, the entire incident might have been avoided. If someone assaults your car, get their license plate and make a police report. Resorting to ramming a bike is what started the whole thing. At that point these guys were intent on stopping the car and doing real damage.

    Obviously, things got out of control and I don’t find these bikers blameless. I’m also not a fan of these huge groups of bikes that seem to invite trouble and give motorcyclists a bad image. But whenever someone rams a motorcyclist with a car, especially an SUV, that’s attempted murder. The driver of the Range Rover is the one in this case that is threatening the lives of motorcyclists. He should be charged for attempted murder!

    To me this pretty obvious who’s at fault here. I wonder if the demographic makeup of this group of riders is causing people to look at this incident differently.

    • AEH_Toronto

      Strongly disagree.. Someone’s financial status and vehicle choice has nothing to do with the biker’s poor decision making. I drive a Range Sport, and ride, and from all the video footage of this I’ve seen the driver did what most would have done. What kind of idiot do you have to be to intentionally slow down in front of a car / SUV as an act of aggression. The riders should have been riding with common sense to begin with. The only action that the driver should have taken (and may have, we won’t know) would be to call the police while driving for assistance, or to drive to the nearest police station for support.

      The point where the one rider uses his helmet to smash the window only suggests further that this group is careless and far from intelligent. Had they been so concerned the Range driver was in the wrong they to could have called the police while safely following the range driver or calling in his plate.

      These riders are an embarrassment and should absolutely be charged and if we’re lucky made an example of in the media and in the courtroom. (which seems to be happening thankfully) Most riders who just enjoy riding in it’s purest form would find the actions of this gang reprehensible.

      • HollywoodRider

        Do a tiny bit of research before posting next time. Financial status and vehicle choice has absolutely everything to do with it. And guess what, it’s proven– google the new york times and “The Rich Drive Differently, a study suggests’ or the daily mail and “Beware of blue BMW drivers who really are the most aggressive and more prone to road rage when they get behind the wheel” In the second study, guess what was discovered, Range Rover owners were the second worst for losing their temper. So you’re just plain wrong.

        • Martin

          A tiny bit of research? The Daily Mail article references a poll that it had conducted for the article. The poll was conducted by a company called Voucher Codes Pro. I’d call that a tiny bit of research.

        • Pam Dunn

          What a load of BULL Deposits in the barnyard. You must have a head full of it.

      • sez-who

        ‘What kind of idiot do you have to be to intentionally slow down in front of a car / SUV as an act of aggression.” I suppose you would have to be someone who relies on other people to behave in a much more civilized manner than you do.. not you personally . .

    • devillock

      If there was a prior incident all the biker had to do was take down plate and vehicle description and report it. Cutting in front of a moving vehicle and baking usually ends bad. The group mentality takes over and it drops to sub moron level. These bikers are not bikers, they’re terrorists, and should be treaded as such.

    • Wayne Johnson

      The SUV “must” have done something.? So you pull in front of him and slow down fast provoking a further something. If I have been the SUV guy and they came after me there would have been some bikers down. I would not not waited to for the mob to pull me out of my car. One fast stop and hit it in reverse and then some lane weaving and these guy all back off. They got away with it because the SUV was scared as hell and running for his life. SUV attempted murder…. please. Look at the idiot pull in front and slow down one handed looking backwards.

      • Davidabl2

        Driving thru and over his crowd of friends after the initial incident could look either like attempted vehicular manslaughter to a judge and jury ..or like self defense. Everything that happened after that is
        clearly assault by members of the the squid pack .

    • Michael Howard

      How does “… looking right at the Range Rover driver because of something that had already happened” involve pulling directly in front of the other vehicle, looking back over your shoulder and slowing down? No, what is obvious is that he was trying to force the SUV to stop.

    • Dustin

      Police report states the RR called the cops on the motorcyclist and was reporting their erratic driving and the motorcycle riders knew he was on the phone with the cops. They used a scare tactic to get him off the phone and “regulate” the situation in a mob manner. How would you feel being surrounded by 50 motorcycles knowing they are angry at you. I’d get the hell out of there. They slashed the guys chest and face. Even if you had a gun you’d have no chance.. ever hear about he battle of the Alamo? How did that work out?

    • Piglet2010

      Any jury in the country will find that the driver had the right to escape from the mob, and if they parked their bikes to block him in on purpose, they were at fault. Every person in this motorcycle gang involved should be charged with assault.

      And I can tell you what their demographic is – scum.

    • Davidabl2

      Looks like a round of assaults all around. And a SUV is a deadlier weapon than a helmet…

  • Aaron Warner

    why does the video end there? limiting further incriminating evidence?

    • GoDogGo

      Yep. There’s no reason to end it other than to hide the felonies and perps.

  • HollywoodRider

    Sorry, Wes your point that they were threatening the kid is unfounded in any truth and is obviously wrong because we know what happened. They wanted to teach the man a lesson. A lesson he deserved. everybody wants to paint these guys as animals, but they are not because they didn’t touch the woman or the child. they beat the hell out of some entitled prick- amen.

    • dabneyr

      I bet anyone on this thread would have reacted in a similar way if some guy just ran over your friends. He’s lucky he just ended up with a slash on his face.

      • Strafer

        i didn’t see anywhere that he received any kind of beating
        from what i’ve read the lacerations on his face were from the smashed window

      • Jonathan Berndt

        ah no, because the guy i ride with knows how to ride, we respect traffic around us and wouldnt be in this situation to begin with. we are responsible citizens. look up the definition of ‘responsible’, and while you are at it ‘law abiding’.

      • Pam Dunn

        Total moron and don’t try that BS on me EVER.

    • VTR1

      How high on crack where you when you wrote this?

    • Pam Dunn

      You keep diplaying that you ARE a total moron. He DID NOT “deserve” any lesson; They were anilals and if anybody deserved a lesson it was the idiotic bikers acting as a gang. They had NO RIGHT and in a state like Florida, the guy breaing the SUV window would have deserved what he got with the “Stand your ground laws”; He was clearly and absolutely in the wrong as was the originator of the trouble.

  • Daniel Silverman

    He couldn’t break the window in one hit? Maybe he should had worn more gear…

  • msay

    I am so glad I don’t have to deal with large group rides around where I live. The cruiser group rides are better, they’re just loud at worst, but what is it with large groups of sport bikes that seems to guarantee this type of asshole behavior? Seriously, fuck everything about this, the Ride of the Century bullshit, all of it. We all get associated with these idiots and just as Wes points out, someone in a car will think of these people when they see us and suddenly we’re even less important to them than we were before we were all label as assholes.

    I love motorcycles but all too often I feel like an ambassador to non-riders and have to explain how the culture associated with the lowest common denominator riders is just for those more interested in dick-measuring than bikes.

    • Piglet2010

      The 1% MC people will leave you alone if you do not mess with them first. The squid packs on the other hand…

      My gut reaction to this was wishing a semi-truck would run the whole group over, or the SWAT team would show up and gun them all down.

      • VTR1

        Harsh but I’d take it. It’s better than spending $150,000 PER YEAR of taxpayer dollars to lock these non-contributors up over at Rikers.

  • FrVentura

    Totally agreed.

  • antimeria

    Pretty clear the riders are in the wrong here. If you play the video in 720p at full-screen, you can see the rider’s brake light come on and then go off right before the crash.

    Also, I’m not a GoPro user, but I don’t usually see people turning them on mid-ride. If there were incriminating evidence against the cager, it would have been shown. After all, the uploader didn’t bother to cut the six minutes of “let’s chase a truck while riding like morons” footage.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Schmitt/100001798884431 Michael Schmitt

      Perhaps the GoPro user was undercover LE.

      • DrRideOrDie

        doubt it, the youtube user Michelinman900 who posted this video has footage of him and his douche friends last year attacking a Prius and knocking off a side mirror

  • Mark D

    Good lord, I ride a motorcycle to get AWAY from other people. I don’t see the appeal of finding 30 buddies to ride in close proximity through congested city streets. Even without this rampant douchebaggery and impotent dick-wagging, that sounds like a horrible time.

  • Bram

    Christ! Why couldn’t they have been in golf carts or on rocking horses?
    The neighbours are going to be adding scumbag biker gang member to my ever growing list of attributes.

  • Davidabl2

    At least in CA this looks like a clear case of “leaving the location of an accident”… as well as some “reckless operation of a motor vehicle” vandalism and possibly assault. Note, however, that there wasn’t any stunting going on before the initial incident. I don’t know if riding in a group in multiple lanes is illegal per se in either Ca or NY

    • Stuki

      Going by wes’ description of the riders’ skills, I suspect stunting was off the table fr obvious reasons……

      • Michael Howard

        According to the NYDailyNews article linked to above, this was part of a “loosely organized” annual ride by the group “Hollywood Stuntz”. The police commissioner reported they’d also disrupted traffic in Times Square.

  • Clint Keener

    What the SUV driver should have done was stop. Drop. Set ‘em down, open up shop.

    • Johnny Thunder

      LMFAO!!!!! I was waiting for someone to make that reference but I couldn’t help but hum the song in my head as I watched the video.

      • SomeBraveApollo

        Glad it’s not just me. I heard the opening horns.

    • Bobby B.

      Now it’s stuck in my head you clever SOB.

    • http://www.themotolady.com/ MotoLady

      Wow alright, I snorted. That was hilarious.

    • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

      *golf clap*

  • TheUst

    I don’t think there was much else the SUV driver could have done to avoid hitting the rider in front. At around 21 seconds in, you clearly see the idiots behind the SUV riding way too close, so its not like the SUV driver could have slammed on his breaks to avoid this. One of the most important rules of riding is to stay as far away from the danger as you can. These fools put themselves into a bad situation and got burnt.

    • Ryan

      That’s a good point, if the driver hit the breaks to avoid him, someone probably would have rear ended him and it all would have happened anyways.

  • GoonerYoda

    From their website:
    The purpose of this M.C. is to bring together a group of people who have the same deep passion for riding motorcycles. This M.C. will promote fellowship among motorcycle riders/clubs and improve relationships between the general public and motorcycle riders. This M.C will focus on giving to those in need through charity events and community service activities. This M.C. will not discriminate against any race, religion, ethnicity or motorcycle type.

    • Nord

      They all post that b.s. on their official websites.

      • GoonerYoda

        Thanks for the profound reply.

        • Jonathan Keller

          But really, so many “Clubs” post that crap. They’re not clubs, and they think it’s a disclaimer.

    • Piglet2010

      Link please.

      • GoonerYoda

        Their website has been shutdown. LOL

        • Piglet2010

          What is the name of the club?

          I would not want to be in their shoes if they call themselves a MC – the “dominant” 1% MC will come down hard on any club that brings this much negative public/police attention to motorcycle riders. But it will serve them right.

          • GoonerYoda

            “Hollywood Stuntz”

          • Robert Horn

            Yeah, I really can’t see 81 hitting a Range Rover with a helmet, then shutting down the big red machine.

  • Dan.

    for the 3 or so people who seem to be on the bikers’ side.. another video from the ride. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZirxXhz3aA

    • Mary

      That idiot riding against traffic made me cringe! If this is the caliber of a typical rider in their group they’re giving the rest of us a bad name!

    • Dan Sciannameo

      says the video is private, guess they got smart because it will be used againt them in court now.

      • Dan.

        let me give you some highlights. 11 minutes of riding in oncoming traffic on two lane roads, lanesplitting at high speeds, wheelies while lanesplitting, multiple unplated, non-street legal bikes, multiple blown red lights, blown stop signs, sidewalk riding..
        All during rush hour Brooklyn traffic.

    • Peter Stern

      The asshole who made that video has now made it private. Lots of negative comments on youtube. I wouldn’t be surprised if that person gets arrested. Youtube logs IP addresses. So whereever that video was uploaded from, it can be traced to the computer used for uploading.

    • SlaveToTruth

      The coward Michelinman900 on youtube has made the asshole videos private now.

    • DrRideOrDie

      video set to private

  • Toly

    Oh god. Two wheels bad, Range Rover good. A very brave, very skilled hero in a tank beating the squid gangsta crowd, who are all a bunch of unskilled cowards, theatening his little girl. Then I must have been watching the wrong video.

    Because this video shows an imbecile driver failing to maintain distance and then arrogantly & aggressively running over bikes, several times, with full knowledge that he might kill or cripple human beings. Period. End of story.
    PS. They have his license plate. I would think this Rover is toast.

    • Tiberiuswise

      According to someone who claims to be a non-involved biker witness over on Jalopnik:

      “I saw these guys yesterday, the bikers, and what a pack of
      assholes they were. Splitting lanes on the highway at speed (70mph
      between 2 cars), cutting people off. They had me boxed in so I couldn’t
      get out of an exit only lane so they could get off. Not saying they
      deserve to be hit, but they had it coming.

      I had my blinker on and was handsignalling I needed to get out of
      the exit only lane. everyone kept passing on the left to cut me off in
      front of the exit, 4-5 of them flipped me off. I tried rolling slow but
      they had no inkling of how to ride well. I ride myself, and this was
      just heinous.”

    • Dan.

      you’re an ass clown. watch every video of these riders. they ride into opposing traffic. cut off every vehicle around them. many are on unlicensed, not-street legal bikes, or quads. they harassed the Range Rover repeatedly. somebody brake checked him for no reason.

    • sez-who

      Listen, if 30 Range Rovers had surrounded a lone biker, cut-off and braked in front of the biker, and then proceed to vandalize the bike with the intention of pulling the biker off his bike, I would be on the biker’s side. Heck, even if only 5 RR had done the above, I’d be on the biker’s side.

  • Johnny Thunder

    I hope Range Rover fixes his SUV and throws some Bullet Proof paneling/Glass just in case this guy wants to go back out and get a little Culdesac Justice!

  • Garret C

    Now there’s a social media dream/ nightmare.
    Handle this well Community Manager!

  • Brad Snyder

    90 percent of the squids probably unlicensed and uninsured…..impound all the bikes amd ticket all…

  • A C

    Dinosaurs died for this?

  • Jonathan Berndt

    yeah im sure that what the RR driver was thinking… “Look at me, im a rich guy, watch me run these dudes over – im gonna get away with it too”… if you can watch this and side with the bikers you are deranged!

    • HollywoodRider

      No, I ride in a city with dangerous cagers– people with no regard for my life. That’s why I side with bikers, because I’ve almost been killed by these yuppies in their Ranges and BMWS.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        gee you think maybe they have a bad taste for motorcycles because of groups like these losers here?…

    • HollywoodRider

      Jonathan are you familiar with the New York Times– google ‘The rich drive differently’. To answer your question, yes, according to the data from the Personality and Social Research institute at UC Berkeley, that’s exactly what he was thinking. So bam! Not deranged just founded in science of wealthy di–heads.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        its always wise to give cars, SUVs, a wide birth, a
        motorcycle is small and hard enough to see. but if you are at all trying
        to justify these losers as being in the wrong you are just as idiotic
        as they. we have traffic laws in this society that are there for everyone’s welfare
        and safety, ie traffic lights, lanes to travel in. how on earth do you
        justify blowing though red lights, riding on the sidewalk, riding in the opposing
        lane, with oncoming traffic mind you??? i wish i could feel for these guys
        but i cannot, whatever happened to them they had coming to them by
        their own brazen stupidity.

      • Pam Dunn

        What a load of twaddle and excuse making-
        The bikers were clearly in the wrong.

      • sez-who

        stereotype much?

  • HoldenL

    I get what you’re saying, Wes. Really, I do. But one thing nags at me:

    Every Range Rover driver in the United States is a narcissistic, Grade-A jerk. So it’s hard to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. When people are angry at a confirmed jerk, it makes you think that he pulled a jerk move, no?

    Yeah, yeah overreactions from both sides, OK, got it. It’s just that, with a Range Rover driver, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to assume that he felt fear and that he was protecting his family. Instead, a Range Rover driver is more likely feeling entitled rage. He was protecting his family the way Walter White protects his family: Not really protecting them at all. He was lying to himself if he didn’t ackowledge that it was about his ego.

    When thugs are around, the correct course of action is to get away and de-escalate, even if you think doing so makes you look unmanly in front of your wife. When Mr. Range Rover found himself amidst a swarm of squids, he should have gradually slowed down and let them move ahead. Instead, he felt entitled to a patch of road and angrily tried to claim it by riding inside a pack of motorcyclists where he didn’t belong.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      The big difference is that the family in the Range Rover set out simply to drive somewhere. The Squids set out with the intention of harassing people, scaring people, breaking laws and just acting like dicks. The driver may not have acted as well as he could have, but he didn’t ask to be put in that situation. The squids did.

      • uberbox

        I mostly agree with Wes here. Groups of motorcycling idiots like this one set out with the intent to be a public nuisance and to feel powerful by being a part of a huge group like-minded punks. This isn’t exclusive to motorcycling, but it happens to be the medium this group has in common to explore their arrogance. On the other hand, the guy in the Rover likely trying to prove a point here instead of avoiding them like 99% of motorists would have done in this situation.

      • HollywoodRider

        Wes, have you ever been hit by car? I have a feeling you’re 99 parts journalist, 1 part motorcyclist. And anyone who condemns these guys doesn’t ride in a city. Spend a few years in the thick of it, watching entitled yuppies wield their weapons like maniacs and you’ll probably watch this video with glee like I did. Too many times have I been f-ed with by angry psychopathic cages for literally no reason (but I’m sure you think every accident by bike is caused by hooliganism or lack of skills). It’s about time we took back the street for ourselves and our bicyclist brethren, f these cagers.

        • Dan.

          are you by chance the same hollywoodrider that posted the video I had linked above, that has since been made private?

        • Guzzto

          LOL I just know you own a copy of Torque on DVD.

          • HollywoodRider

            LOL. Guzzto, I like your style. No Torgue just plenty of RAGE after commuting and cycling in LA for 6 years. I don’t wheelie, I don’t split over 30 and I don’t crash side views like plenty of rude motorcyclists– my opinions defy your preconceived notions. But that was funny.

        • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

          I’ve never actually ridden a bike.

          • Piglet2010


          • Michael Howard

            I KNEW you were hiding something! ;)

    • Goobys

      hold: “Instead, he felt entitled to a patch of road and angrily tried to claim it by riding inside a pack of motorcyclists where he didn’t belong.”

      Ah, yes. Victim blaming.

      Do you fault women for rape as well?

      • HoldenL

        Goodbys, I see a distinction between road rage and rape.

        Generally, road rage incidents don’t have a victim and a villain. They’re usually an encounter between two or more villains.

        • Goobys

          hold: “Goodbys, I see a distinction between road rage and rape.”

          And, of course, the analogy went over your head.

          The question wasn’t whether there was a victim and a villain (though clearly that can exist in road rage), the question was whether you were victim blaming.

    • beefstuinit

      Stereotype much? By that token every motorcyclist is an irresponsible, violent, anti-social criminal. If those stereotypes are accepted by society, which do you think people are going to side with more?

    • Dan Sciannameo

      gee, I’ve had four Ranger Rovers until now (Ford F-150) but I commute every day in Manhattan shuffling among three motorcycles and four scooters. You don’t want to be labeled as a biker, don’t label anyone else.

  • beefstuinit

    Motorcycles are cheap fun. That’s about the only thing that ties together motorcyclists. Fuck these guys. If I was in that truck I might have showed as much restraint.

    • nick2ny

      Dude, best way I’ve every heard it put. Every time I ride, I think “wow, that was fun!” and shortly thereafter “wow, that was cheap!”

  • Joe

    I live in NYC. There should not even be a debate here…. these people are animals. They are not fellow motorcyclists. They give everyone on a bike a bad name, and make each of us who go about our business like civilized adults a target of some enraged motorist who just had a run in with these aholes.
    They get what they deserve. And half of those bikes are unregistered, uninsured and or stolen.

    • the antagonist

      This same club that attacked another driver and posted it in 2011. You’re right; they are animals.


    • grb

      it must be pretty bad and uncomfortable to own a motorcycle in NY and go out and ride in the mist of all this happening, I can imagine every body looking at you and and wondering if your part of this, many just assuming you’re a douche. The stupidity of this criminals affects most of all motorcyclist, specially in the eyes of other motorists and the law which is how it affects us all the most. It would be very good if other motorcyclists could help bring this scum to justice and it would help show this is just a group and not all bikers are the same.. its bad for all but must be terrible in NY

      • Joe

        I grew in NYC. I have been riding here for the past 15 years, and it constantly seems to get worse. This city is way too crowded. People are distracted by everything but the road in front of them. I’m sure it is similar in any major city, except for the fact that just about everyone here is an asshole. People are of the mentality that they are always in the right, and everyone around them is in their way. Courtesy is not in the vocabulary here. I do my best to be courteous to other drivers and keep my head on a swivel. I get on my bike each morning with the mindset that everyone on the road is trying to kill me. It certainly sharpens your skills. But the bottom line is that this city is a cesspool. Can’t wait to retire and leave.

        • Telemachus_1

          I just moved to Virginia at 35, after spending almost my whole life in the city. The best decision I ever made. I wish I had left years ago.

        • filipecpb

          hear, hear

        • ajwpip

          It is just too densely populated to be anything else. You can’t put that many people on top of each other and have them use a road system lots of which was laid out in the 1800s and expect it to be anything other than messed up.

        • Jonathan Keller

          Which is why everytime I get on my bike for a long ride, I get out of the city as quickly as possible!

    • the antagonist

      One more thing and I’m done. Mieses, the guy who got run over and fucked up the worts didn’t even have a motorcycle license, ever. And his driver’s license was revoked for habitual traffic offenses. Fuck this guy.


    • captainobvious

      I really don’t care that you live in NYC.

  • Dan Sciannameo

    arrests made – good. driver may not be so innocent if bump was intentional. they were trying to stop traffic to do stunts in front, bad, very bad. I have no sympathy and it appears their bikes have been impounded. We dont know how threatening they were right before he ran over motos. So we dont know a lot except these bikers are assholes to do what they were doing in the first place. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Motorcycle-Gang-Attack-Dad-Toddler-Range-Rover-Manhattan-225817761.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_NYBrand

    • dabneyr

      That is also another possibility… The riders were trying to slow down the guy in the SUV initially so they could have an open road to do stunts. That is why the helmet cam was already on. It looked like the rider was slowing down in front of the SUV at a slow pace. Nothing abrupt. The SUV driver seemed to “choose” not to stop for the bike. If you hit someone you are at fault whether they are stopping in the middle of the road or not. The guy on the bike was not expecting that he’d get rammed I’m sure. Obviously, trying to stop cars for stunts is stupid and dangerous. But if that’s the reason he hit the guy (because he didn’t want to stop), it’s even worse than if there was some previous altercation off camera that triggered the event. While I think these riders were doing plenty of stupid illegal things, I can only see one person in this video that was wielding a deadly weapon in a way that could have killed someone. I’m sure in a court of law, the SUV driver won’t be held responsible and all those riders in the gang will be charged with something, but that doesn’t make it right. Just because you are scared doesn’t make it right to try to run several people over. Just because someone is guilty of traffic violations and rude conduct doesn’t mean they should die. These guys on the bikes are a menace, but if this SUV driver gets off without any penalty, it’s basically going to increase the chances that other car drivers will think it’s ok to ram a motorcycle. Potentially you could be riding in a group of bikes and some idiot thinks he can ram you because he wants to get off the freeway and you are in his way. We need to make people in cars more aware of how easily they can kill, maim or injure motorcyclists. They need to know there are penalties for this sort of thing. We as motorcyclists need to stand together against the stupid things these riders did, but also even more so, against the life threatening decision the SUV driver made when he decided to ram that bike.

      • http://www.cix.co.uk/~kwh kwh

        I think the fact that after the guy cut him off and got bumped for his trouble, the Range Rover driver did stop, and then had his tyres slashed with knives and his car attacked by a mob, with his wife and two year old child in the car, probably absolves the driver of any responsibility whatsoever for what happened next. And if there was any doubt about exactly what the guy had to be afraid of, the fact that he got his face slashed with a knife at the end of the chase pretty much demonstrated it.

  • uberbox

    So how doe’s the difficulty of legally carrying a concealed firearm in NYC have any influence over this situation?

    • Jake Isbill

      The odds of the driver carrying a firearm for defensive purposes are very low. In the south, we are more likely to have a firearm in the vehicle.

      • Patiperro

        And how many of those riders would’ve had guns, too? You can keep your guns down south (and try to stop selling them to our criminals).

        • Jake Isbill

          Ohhhh. I had better get some aloe. Because I just got burned.

        • Lewis Bishop

          Patiperro, when that angry group of thugs beats on you while your loved ones look on helplessly because they too are in danger… just remember to tell them to “call 911″… and wait 10-15 minutes… and when it’s all over forget that “Patiperro” was completely useless for keeping them safe.

          • Patiperro

            Agree to disagree on the gun issue but don’t worry about my loved ones. I manage to protect them just fine.

            • DrRideOrDie

              statistically there are fewer violent crimes in higher gun ownership areas. It’s the logic that if someone may have a gun, even if you have a gun as well, may end badly for both. Criminals are stupid but not all the way stupid.

          • runnermatt

            A buddy of mine has cops that stop in his business from time to time (on friendly terms). He asked them what the response time would be if his wife was home and someone was breaking into their house… 45 minutes. A LOT can happen in 45 minutes.

          • McNulty

            Yeah, you’re right. This situation would have turned out so much better if he pulled out a gun while he was getting beat on.. No possible way that would have escalated the situation.

        • Lee Scuppers

          I feel a lot safer around Maine gun owners than New York drivers, for obvious reasons: http://bangordailynews.com/2013/10/01/news/midcoast/police-received-911-call-about-a-speeding-infiniti-prior-to-fatal-port-clyde-crash/

        • Jan Andersen

          You miss the point. These bikers would never have acted this way if there had been a significant likelihood of the driver being armed.

          Case in point, carjackings dropped dramatically after Florida passed CCW, with one exception, rental cars. I will let you figure that one out.

    • Happycrow

      It abruptly changes the economic decision of “what will happen to me if I smash in the window of a man with a child in a car seat.”

      Sorry, Texan speaking, and I know that’s synonymous with announcing myself “hi, I’m a troglodyte,” but pull that **** down here, and you will die.

  • Dan Sciannameo

    we don’t have enough facts, bad actors on both sides. We are better off with these bikers off the road. But like most things, a small decision spirals out of control.

  • Mike Rinn

    I feel the same way – it’s the the motorcyclists at fault here.

  • BMW_rider

    Well said, Wes. Thank you. It’s this behavior that sours would-be riders from bikes altogether. They make it too easy to lump all bikers into the same catch-all as hooligans and criminals. It’s unfortunate that this had to hit the media, and go viral, instead of yesterday’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

  • HollywoodRider

    While I obviously don’t agree with Wes, or most of the posters here, thanks Rideapart for covering this story (haven’t seen the story on other moto sites) and giving actual motorcyclist a chance to discuss this. All the news site’s comment sections are flooded with Drudge Reports idiots talking about guns and Obama or cagers who have no idea what it’s like to be out there. Thanks guys!

    • John

      These were criminals, not motorcyclists. I’ll repeat, CRIMINALS, not motorcyclists. If you can manage to even remotely put up any kind of defense for these mindless thugs, then you’re no better than them.

      • Piglet2010

        “The New York State legal standard for the self-defense justification use
        of deadly force shifted after rulings in the case. New York jurors are
        now told to consider a defendant’s background and to consider whether a
        hypothetical reasonable person
        would feel imperiled if that reasonable person were the defendant.
        (Opinion by Chief Judge Sol Wachtler, People v. Goetz 68 NY2d 96 .)”

        from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernhard_Goetz#Legacy

        This is one reason why the Range Rover driver is not being charged. I believe most jurors would feel imperiled if forced to stop on the highway by a mob, and then approached by several of them at once.

  • devillock

    Those bikers were not “commuting”.

  • ryd

    The driver clearly had some space in front of him before ****face decided to cut in front of him and hit his brakes. Most of these idiots didn’t have any license plates as you can see on the video so that’s a bust. **** if I were this guy right here, and I accidentally hit a rider and were threatened instead of being allowed to get out and pursue the situation, with a daughter in the car and a wife that looks like that (she is pretty hot) I would ram those guys too. More so than he already did.

  • HollywoodRider

    “Range Rover owners were the second worst for losing their temper on the road.” Just google that sentence. Or “The rich drive differently.” Just look at the data folks, it points to your victim not being a victim after all.

    • Nord

      Which one of the riders in the video was you?

  • Wayne Johnson

    Agree. The guy who gets hit is slowing down and looking back. The bikers go mob rule. I’ve been riding 45 years and have nothing in common with these slugs. They are lucky the SUV guy was so passive. I would have been not so kind to them. That SUV could have taken out quite a few of them if he wanted. Totally out of control and there were enough license plates exposed they will be caught. I noticed how many did not have plates visible.

  • wh3546q346

    get their license plates and execute them all

    • Piglet2010

      Except most of them do not have visible license plates.

      Hopefully, this will lead to a police crackdown on these bozos – anyone not displaying a license plate properly gets his/her bike confiscated.

  • akaaccount

    Thank goodness you wrote a piece on this. What a bunch of mouth breathers those guys are.

  • UrbanMoto

    I live and ride in Harlem and these fucks, or assholes just like them, roll through every weekend. They’re a true menace and I say run more of them down. Cops should be able to persue and bump them off, and I wish more cagers would roll right over them. They deserve every single knock down anyone can deliver to them.

    If I’m in my Volvo and not my Kawi, I am NOT braking for a single goddamn one of them. AND I’m backing the fuck up for the ones I missed the first time.

    • chupa

      Except, cagers and bike haters don’t see the difference between them and sweet, gentle, bambi bikers like you.

      • tdperk

        They way you’re writing, I don’t read a difference.

  • chupa

    A knife, angry words, and a slashed tire outside my car does not give me a justified reason to run over not just one person, but a small group of people over. For all the people saying “Yeah, I’d would’ve ran them over too!” Good luck at your trial.

    If this happens to you, take out your phone and call the cops. What you don’t do, is run over people with your SUV. Unless they all pull out guns on you, then you can run them over.

    • Michael Howard

      “A knife, angry words, and a slashed tire” doesn’t indicate to you an intent to do you and/or your loved ones harm? Good luck at your funeral(s).

      • chupa

        Right, because a knife is going to kill me inside my tank of a range rover.

    • Nord

      Knife, angry words, and a slashed tire. I’d take my chances at trial.

    • Piglet2010

      No jury is going to find someone confronted by a mob of low-life punks guilty of defending themselves or trying to escape. More likely the jury members would be disappointed at the guy for not running over more of these wastes of oxygen.

      • ajwpip

        You think the Chupa’s of the world aren’t on juries? You think a prosecutor with ambition won’t exploit the chupa’s to get into a higher office?

        • Piglet2010

          A good defense attorney would not let them get on the jury.

    • wh3546q346

      yeah, after the knives came out who would ever think that one of these thugs might also have a gun…

    • Dartheon

      “Good luck at your trial.”

      Thanks, but I don’t think I’d need any luck. The police have already absolved the driver of any wrongdoing and are currently looking for the riders involved.

      The driver was acting in self defense. The riders surrounded his vehicle and started pounding on it with their helmets while other riders blocked the road so he couldn’t escape. That’s why he took off and ran the bikes down. He did not injure any of the riders whose bikes he ran-down while escaping. The only people injured were the first rider who, like an idiot, attempted to brake-check the range rover and the driver whom the group assaulted.

      • ajwpip

        No. You will need some luck. The Chupa’s of the world are serving on Juries. Politicians love them a Chupa. He is easy to exploit for votes.

  • kcavaliere

    I live in New York City and these “packs” are out of control. I was out riding and I ran across a few of them “stunting” on a back road the other day. Most of the motorcycles weren’t street legal, like a quad racer and a dirt bike. When they’re on the move, it’s dangerous for everyone.

    • UrbanMoto

      They storm my hood all the time. Screw these bastards. Nail them to the wall in court and knock them off their rides in the street. No sympathy.

      • kcavaliere

        I’m on the Astoria side of the river. I can see them and hear them from the waterfront. There’s a “pack” on this side. I haven’t spotted them on the highway, but on the local streets and backroads. It’s dangerous. There’s a lot of old people and children in the area. I’ve spotted three “roadside” chapels in my area where “riders” went down this summer. That’s bad.

        The driver in the Range River was protecting his/her family. Bravo. It didn’t have to go down this way. It could have gone down worse, and one day it will, for those “riders”.

    • subframer

      where are the f’ing cops, i wonder?…..

  • GoDogGo

    If I could agree more than 100% I would. I hate admitting it but if that was me and my family, I would have done at least the same thing, if not more. Regardless of legal consequence, to escape and (gulp – deep breath) end the threat to my family, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t drop the assaulters deliberately. When a child’s safety is at stake, deadly force is on the table.

    • Piglet2010

      If I had been driving, after the first assault, I would have braked as hard as possible with the group behind me, then swerved into as many as possible – at that point it would be self-defense.

  • Maymar

    Without taking sides, you’d think the Rover’s doors would’ve been locked well beyond the five-minute mark when the one guy yanks it open.

  • Dustin

    This could actually be a Range Rover commercial for how to keep your family safe.. Do you think a Hyundai Santa Fe could have gotten out of that situation that easy… nope. Range Rover for the win.

  • Deceptive Taco

    You all who think either side is right for their actions are clearly retarded. Both parties are at fault. Notice the rover’s left mirror is smashed out from the very beginning of the video. Go ahead and watch it again, I’ll wait. Hit pause and have another look at 0:23s. The bikers were mad for a reason, one of them probably got hit, and the guy took off causing a hit and run.

    Seriously, most people would have stopped and handled this from the very beginning like adults.

    • Dartheon

      So if someone hits my car or my bike while I’m on the road, I should chase them down, block them in and beat them up? Bullshit. If he hit someone, they should have recorded his details and reported it to the police. This kind of vigilante mob justice is never acceptable.

      As it currently stands, the police have absolved the driver of *any* wrongdoing so regardless of whether he hit someone or not, the riders fucked themselves by breaking the law instead of behaving like adults.

      • chupa

        Vigilante justice is exactly what 90% of these comments are in agreement with. How many comments here are “I would’ve ran over more of them!”

        • the antagonist

          No. It’s about self defense. If a group of bikers, or anyone else, starts attacking my vehicle with my wife and small child inside, yeah I’m going to run some scumbags over! Not for “justice”,”revenge”, or anything like that, but to get my family out of harm’s way. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but you don’t mess with someone’s family. And the moment someone smashed a window and entered the vehicle, that’s justification for deadly force. It would not have ended so well for the squidiots. These guys were very lucky.

  • RKW50

    It looked like thousands of bikes. Within thousands of bikes, there are a percentage of dickheads. Dickhead #1 cut very close to the RR, then immediatly cut in front, and slowed dramatically. Dickhead royale. With the threatening language being spewed about, if I would have been the man, I would be looking for the quickest way outta there. Bikers, chicks, bikes, no matter. OUTTA there. Then, they catch him and bash in windows with headgear. Dickheads 234&5. Did you noticed they completely closed the interstate there by just stopping all their bides? Glad he was in a range rover, not a Fix it Again TOny.

  • Paolo

    Did anybody notice the broken mirror on the Range Rover? He may have hit someone before the beginning of the video…


    • the antagonist

      Maybe. Without more evidence we can only speculate. But why did they only post what happened right before the bump? No one starts a go pro mid ride. There was obviously footage before that incident. If they’re intentionally not showing what led up to the incident, it leads me to believe it did not look good for them.

  • Pam Dunn

    Morons on bikes multiply; hollywood and dabney are both idiots that should be confined to BUS riding.

  • qkshift

    So now it is okay to run over idiots !!!
    If so who decides who is who? Riding like an idiot might get you run over unintentionally, but the last time I checked “hit and run” is still a crime. The riders were not the best representation of the motorcycling community, infact they were far from it, but it still doesn’t give the Range Rover driver a free pass either….

    • Piglet2010

      The gang was blocking the vehicle in with a probable intent to assault the driver – no cop, prosecutor, or jury would ever consider this “hit and run”.

      Everyone criticizing the driver would have run over the bikes to get away if they had been in the same situation, unless they froze with fear and did nothing.

    • Dartheon

      If you and 60 of your friends surround my car and threaten my family, prepare to be run the fuck over. They had no right to attempt to block him in and they got better than what they deserved.

    • wh3546q346

      if they don’t want to get run over they shouldn’t stand in front of a vehicle while hitting it and attempting to force their way in.

  • Davidabl2

    I understand that LA is now in the process of passing an ordinance to raise the penalties on hit&run…

  • Jack

    “We can’t really see it in the video, but apparently the bikers began to punch, kick and otherwise attack the vehicle at this point.”

  • Mike Joseph

    this video doesn’t represent every motorcycle rider in the world
    being said, i don’t care how ‘scared’ the guy was it’s hard to believe
    he nor his wife would not have a phone to dial 911 and in that six and a
    half minutes this video was filmed, the cops would have ended the
    situation long before he even ran anybody over in the first place
    people over gets them more pissed off and hes the one putting his wife
    and child in danger by reacting like a fucking dumbass, if he was

    • Dartheon

      They did have a phone and they did call the police. Unfortunately, this is not GTA and police don’t just spawn from the sky. They were attempting to get to a nearby police station which they had been advised to do by a dispatcher.

      Blaming the driver for the complete and utter idiocy of these riders is beyond stupid.

      • Mike Joseph

        I don’t know man, six and a half minutes, (how long was it going on before the filming started?) And it’s NYC, which has just short of 35,000 cops yet all that time not ONE SINGLE one managed to make an appearance?
        I’m sure the dispatcher told him to run them over too, right?

        • Dartheon

          Why would he have called the police prior to them blocking him in and bashing on his car? Do you see a cop every 6 minutes? He wasn’t in the middle of Times Square.

          Is that really how you’re going to justify their behaviour? The driver should have just sat there while they attacked his car in the hope that the cops showed up before they smashed a window and dragged him out? Really?

          What about this question: Why were they chasing him for 6 and a half minutes? In that amount of time, could none of them remember his license plate # and call the police themselves if they thought he was in the wrong? Jesus they had camera footage and dozens of eye witnesses to anything he’d done so it’s not like they wouldn’t have had a case.

          They had absolutely no right to chase him down, block him off and threaten him and his family. He didn’t run them over for fun, he did it because he was terrified of the 60+ people who had trapped him and were beating on his car.

          “I’m sure the dispatcher told him to run them over too, right?”

          No idea. What I do know is that the police have seen the footage and cleared the driver of any wrongdoing so it would seem that they felt his actions were warranted. I happen to agree with them.

          • Mike Joseph

            damn what crawled up your butt
            ill just reiterate that for new york city there’s 34.5k cops; and 2 what good is remembering a license plate number and saying ‘damn i have a case now” while the guy is currently running people down.
            you have no idea what the dispatcher said but you know the dispatcher told him to go to the police station. where did you read/hear that? i actually wanna see what they said

    • LS650

      The one time I called 911 with a serious emergency, it took them 45 minutes to show up.

      • Mike Joseph

        i find that incredibly hard to believe. ambulances typically take the longest, the first responders to show up are the police and for whatever reason the fire department (at least around here they do)

        • LS650

          Around here, the only thing the police show up for in 6 minutes is a half-price sale at the doughnut shop.

          • Mike Joseph

            damn around here you get a minor noise complaint and half the police department shows up

    • ajwpip

      When seconds count the cops are only 30 minutes away.

    • sez-who

      I’d understood that he had called the police, and also that other people had called the police on the same group. Can’t remember where I read it though.

      • Mike Joseph

        huh… but how would they be able to riding a motorcycle at high speeds with helmets on

        • sez-who

          PRONOUN TROUBLE!! The SUV guy called the police. Given that there were multiple motorcycle guys, any one of them could have pulled over to make a call to the cops, if they’d wanted to.

  • Davidabl2

    After watching the whole thing I got to wondering about the helmet-wielding dude
    tossing his bike down like it was a kids bicycle before he went after the driver
    It seems like something somebody’d do to a bike that wasn’t actually their bike


    Saw this on web, The guy got hit by RR

  • Sandy Ferguson

    well said. 100% agree.

  • SayWhat

    They are deleting videos off their Youtube and Facebook,probably because they had a ton of videos proving that their dicks. But here’s a video of them breaking traffic laws by driving on the sidewalk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faWEuNcfVB8

    • Michael Howard

      What fun. That has got to be one of the most boring motorcycle-related videos I’ve ever seen. I kept thinking how much I’d want to find some streets that weren’t clogged by dufi dragging their sneakers at 5mph.

  • Frol

    we are told: “When one of the motorcycles apparently slowed to a near-stop in the center lane, it was struck by the vehicle and its rider knocked to the ground. The vehicle and its occupants stayed put at first.” quote from NY times. However: here is a screen grab from a second immediately after initial impact. No one is down, no one is hurt. The brake-check is obviously a control tactic on the “biker’s” part. Notice how all the homies are watching him do it! This is NO ACCIDENT! It might be possible that something else went on before the video started rolling, but for a major news outlet to so blatantly lie, discredits their whole perspective, idiot riders or not.

  • Guest

    Squidiot is too cute a term. These people are the AIDS of motorcycling.

  • lupin

    from another perspective to look at the whole thing, where is the enforcer of the law in this situation. Huge group ride with every potential conflict brewing, driver to rider, rider to rider, squid to bystanders. To me the whole thing seems there is lack of confidence of the authority. Cager scared sh*tless of the mod, the mod just being the mod that has no respect of other motorist. Bashing either the cager or the squid will just reinforce the stereotype. A poor rider and rich driver were served as a cause to raise the awareness.

    • LS650

      What? That was so poorly written that I can not understand what you are trying to say.

      • aircraftmech

        ? What’s not to understand about that guys post?

        • LS650

          Can you please translate that paragraph into English? Seriously, it’s so incoherently written that I have no idea what point he is trying to make. “Lack of confidence of the authority”? Eh? It sounds like it was originally written in Russian or Chinese and then passed through Google Translate.

      • Piglet2010

        The Squidiots seem more like Rockers than Mods to me.

  • DrRideOrDie

    The riders are at fault here. The biker, well really I like your term squidiot because this guy doesn’t deserve the title of biker, starts off by lane sharing (illegal in NY), attempts to intimidate the SUV driver, then fails to use his indicator to change lanes, makes an unsafe lane change without leaving a safe distance or maintaining a safe speed, then proceeds to brake check the SUV and earned a love tap that makes him crash where his pro-squidiot Icon vest saved his pecs from any damage. Then the douche proceeds to incite a riot, I hope all the motorcyclist involved get charged with at least that, as well as aggravated assault. The man has a right to defend his family and the squidiots have no right to threaten them. I really think it would be cool if the police seize all their bikes because they engaged in a criminal act endangering themselves and the public to put the bikes on auction so that people who respect the two wheels and #lifeon2wheels can get a smoking deal. Another great penalty will be to suspend all the riders licenses from May till the end of September, effectively taking away their entire riding season next year. The original Youtube poster Michelinman900 has another video from a year ago where he and his crew attack a Prius ripping off it’s side mirror. This whole crew are a bunch of squidiot wannabe thugs and get no respect nor should they have a place on two wheels.

  • simon shawn andrews

    You don’t run over bikers….no matter how annoying they are. Do that and you get what’s coming to you.

    • Piglet2010

      These people do not deserve to be called bikers. While the biker culture has no appeal to me, at least I can respect it.

    • sez-who

      But the creatures riding these bikes have immunity? Bleep you, buddy. Smashing in a window when there’s a child inside is ‘annoying’? Double bleep you with a pineapple.

      I’m sorry to be crude, but really – get yourself surrounded by 30 lunatics, and let’s see how calm and sweet you are then.

  • Sérgio Oliveira

    One word: Hyenas.

  • Chris Cope

    Hey-hey, it’s 1947 all over again. These darn kids with their vroom-vroom machines threatening the good citizens of Holister. Time for the AMA to meet these boys at rallies with 2x4s and for some interprising young journalist to make his name by painting them as the last true cowboys.

    Dickheads were being dickheads here and that’s really frustrating to me as a motorcyclist because car drivers can’t tell the difference between myself and others. I know they can’t tell the difference because I have had a driver swerve within inches of me as some sort of punishment for a crime I wasn’t aware I had committed. He immediately got caught at a light and when I pulled up next to him (legally and, genuinely not aggressively) he was already screaming at me and complaining about “my kind” (white guys in their late 30s wearing full gear and high-vis?). He was so wound up that he started crying.

    And that latter point is what concerns me about letting the driver of the SUV off 100-percent scot-free. I worry that it could set a precedent so that drivers think its OK to run over a motorcyclist when they feel threatened. And from my personal experience it would appear that at least some people feel threatened by a solitary motorcycle. I don’t want those people deciding it’s their responsibility to to teach “my kind” a lesson.

    I think the driver in this video was drawn into a trap, which he fell for. I think he should have responded to it as the white van did: slowly get away. Flooring it and seemingly making no effort to avoid bikes and riders was a bad call. Sure, it was a decision made in panic and not fully intentional, but I really don’t think it’s correct to say he was totally all the way innocent.

    • chupa

      Yes, this sets a dangerous precedent. Anytime someone feels threatened by you on your bike, they’ll be justified in running you over. Maybe you give them a WTF wave, or even a finger, or show some sort of dissatisfaction with them, they’ll say you threatened them and plow you over.

      • Michael Howard

        Yeah, ‘cuz getting flipped off is the same thing as being surrounded by and forced to stop by a bunch of angry bikers.

        • chupa

          That’s the whole point. It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 or one biker. You think it’s a small gesture. But if a drivers feels threatened by even one biker, now they will feel justified to run you over from this incident.

          • ajwpip

            It is a question of what is reasonable. We may have gone so far into cuckoo land that we cannot trust a Jury of our peers to know what is reasonable. If so, this is just one instance of many that spell doom for society.

            One person not threatening you or acting irresponsibly cannot be reasonably seen as a threat just because they are on a motorcycle. Anyone who does would be wrong. We have to hope that our legal system is not so messed up that it cannot sort out one case for the other or we are in for much worse than this.

            • chupa

              Yes, overall, I agree with your sentiments. But what’s debatable is “threatening.” Someone can feel threatened by a variety of actions. A helmeted person with a dark shield shaking their fist may be threatening to you because of your personal past history. For others, it means nothing and they blow it off. But if after this situation, the masses feel it’s justified to run over a biker if they feel “threatened,” however it may occur, then it’s a dangerous path ahead.

              If we have to wait until a jury to decide, then that already means someone has been harmed or killed.

            • Jonathan Keller

              But we still set a precedent. If I get knocked down and run over, it’s too late for me for a jury to punish the cager that hit me. And I have been harassed numerous times, the worst being a guy who was aggravated that I was doing 30 in a 30, with a passenger, and therefore tried to run me off the road. At the next red light, he told me it was fun.

  • ac

    The RR driver was obviously scare and trying to protect the family onboards. These motor cyclists are ridiculous and dumbass.

  • http://www.cix.co.uk/~kwh kwh

    Works for me!

  • Piglet2010

    Here are the videos these idiots thought they could hide by pulling them from YouTube.


  • Ricardo Terleira

    I agree. And that is why i dont feel the need to wear a badge ou to belong to any kind of group or brand. I ride what i like, always wear my safety gear and just try to enjoy the bike. Group riding always goes wrong, one way or the other.

  • T.Rex63

    You find the most courteous drivers/riders in crowded parking lots at gun shows … just sayin’ …

  • Ocean_going_chicken

    Junior brakes (check the video closely) in front of the Range Rover and gets his just deserts and I’m not anti-biker having ridden for over twenty years.

  • LJ Wilson

    Totally agree. The bikers would have been greeted with deadly violence if they had tried to smash my car window when my family were inside. I would have left a trail of carnage to get away.

  • Alpha 50327

    The intelligence of a group of riders = the intelligence of the dumbest member of said group divided by the number in said group. There was no way this was going to end well.

    • ajwpip

      Why is everyone so willing to lay this off on the mob. Every individual in that group got together to do stuff like this. They had all done stuff like this before. They chose it as individuals.

  • Ded

    The worst part is the NYPD knew about the ride. It’s not like they weren’t informed about what was going on. They even had the Manhatten bridge blocked off for a checkpoint but they only stopped law abiding motorcyclists. When these squids came through they didn’t stop, and the cops just let them all pass without even bothering to try and arrest anyone. This whole story will just be fuel for the city to continue harassing legal riders while never actually doing anything about these squids because that would involve actual work.

    • Piglet2010

      If the police do not get things under control, we will be going back to the days of Bernie Goetz.

    • ajwpip

      It is easier and makes more money to harass responsible citizens. Arresting these thugs is dangerous for the cops and costs the city more than it gains.

    • Jonathan Keller

      a ton of tickets and 55 bikes confiscated is hardly stopping no one.

  • Brian

    I would like to simply point out how different this would have been if the Range Rover driver felt threatened and happened to have been a CCW holder with some sort of firearm. I know that it is not that common in NYC, but it can and does happen. The driver would still have been justified to take action in this matter.

  • Joe Bielski

    Here’s another video from the same group before the land rover incident.


  • 962c

    I tend to stay away from riding groups bigger than 3 and we ride away from the cities. I’ve also read about these jackass biker gangs brake testing semi trucks. These guys (bikers) should have their licenses revoked and never be allowed to drive or ride again. One of the biggest drawbacks to our “modern society” is that we refuse to let natural selection occur. It would have been cool to see someone pop out of the Range Rover’s sunroof with a mini-gun and solve the problem for good.

    • Piglet2010

      When I have a semi-truck get too close behind, I just get the h3ll away from it, even if it means crossing a double yellow line, passing on the right, or riding on the shoulder. Brake checking a Class 8 truck is a death wish.

  • Niclas Pettersson

    The US is just so weird, so weird that I guess the SUV driver will get prison meanwhile the MC gang will be walking free even though there is videoevidence of a American idiot who can’t drive properly, and who did this just to provoke problems for himself. The typical American jerk.

    • Piglet2010

      No way any jury would ever convict the SUV driver. And the district attorney would not charge him, since the voters would turn him/her out at the next election.

      • Niclas Pettersson

        So that’s how the American politics work.. The Court should have nothing to do with the state, or with Politics. Only the laws should be written by those who control the state, and the country. I don’t know how American politics work, but a Court that have a Political view behind their way of doing right, and wrong is just weird.

      • ajwpip

        It will be a New York Jury. Don’t be so sure what they will do.

  • Ian M. Graham

    There’s another set of innocent people in play here- some of these morons actually had passengers on their bikes.

    • ajwpip

      The kind of person who rides behind a bunch thugs is rarely some innocent who was just catching a ride to the library.

  • CluDmoto

    Wow, they do not know how to ride. While trying to intimidate the driver they are endangering themselves. If they were smart they would take care of those guys who’s bikes were run over and called the cops. This just shows how they did not learn anything from MSF – provided they took it. I agree with people here, “Just because someone rides a motorcycle does not mean you have anything in common with them”, well said Guzzto.

    • Piglet2010

      They could not call the cops, since most of them were riding in some way that was illegal (no or obscured license plate, on a non street legal ATV or dirt bike, and probably no motorcycle license or even a driver’s license).

      • Jay

        Probably? It was recently documented that the paralyzed rider had no license and most likely no insurance or even proper regs. How the heck do they get away with non street legal dirtbikes and ATVs in the middle of NYC all while pulling stunts at high speeds in highly crowded areas?

        I’ve encountered these jerks before while on my Ninja. They don’t discriminate on who they harass, they even mess with pedestrians. Somehow these projects dwelling scum can afford nice race replicas and stunt mods but not insurance, registration or apparel.

        • Piglet2010

          Maybe they do not have registration and insurance because the bikes are stolen?

          • Jay

            Yet they can still operate these vehicles on public roads with little or no punishment.

  • RoughneckNJ

    And NY state swears no one will ever need more than 7 rounds to defend themselves.

  • madmusk

    Yeah, in other parts of the US he would have pulled his gun and shot a few of them (emptying his magazine in the process) before one of the bikers managed to get his out and start shooting back, killing the driver, a member of his family, or maybe all of them. There are like 50 thug bikers in that video. You really think none of them are armed?

    How do you not see that when everyone has a gun every violent conflict ends in more death?

    • Jake Isbill

      1) You are an idiot.
      2) I used the word “Could” not “Would”.
      3) Your still an idiot.
      4) Even if Everyone in the video is armed, counting the chick on the back of the R6, Do you think they would have a shoot out in Manhatten like Denzel in “Training Day”?
      5) If I had posted “If there was an meteor coming to hit NYC that day.” Would you assholes still try to argue with a complete stranger’s comment on the internet about the lunar gravitational effect on a group of squids???
      6) idiot!

      • madmusk

        Dude, if you’re gonna come out swinging with ad hominem you might as well choose some good ones you lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food!

        Yes, I do think that if all of them were armed some would have shot back.

        • eric

          Damn straight madmusk.

        • Jonathan Keller

          Some of them probably were armed, and had the guy in the SUV shot someone, it would have been really bad, with people not even involved getting hit randomly.

    • markbuehner

      He ‘could’ have yanked the wheel and run down every one of them, backed over them, and run them over again. On the other hand, things like this dont happen in states where people frequently carry- it doesnt get to that level because the cowards KNOW they might get shot. NYC, guy in a RR, virtually zero chance, so they act like the bullies they are.

      • madmusk

        Yeah things like this don’t happen in states where people carry? WTF? Ever follow the news coming out of Florida? This is mild in comparison.

        • tdperk

          so are you claiming the bad guys don’t get shot in Florida. that’s the news I hear from Florida. what I hear from New York and Chicago is the bad guys show up at sure whoever they want to, when the cops show up and then let everyone in sight.

          • Jonathan Keller

            Then you clearly don’t live in New York, as there is very little gun violence here, especially when you consider we have more than 8 million people in the city.

        • markbuehner

          I live in Chicago, that for years has had the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. I assure you you are MUCH safer in Phoenix or Oklahoma City. The facts are that every state that has introduced concealed carry has seen reduction in gun crime, and greater reduction than other states. Yes, there are still shootings, but people arent engaging in running gun fights over fender benders like gun grabber keep predicting.

    • Mack Bonham

      How do you not see that with widespread concealed carry now legal in 40 states the scenario you describe doesn’t happen? Not “rarely happens” or “happens once in a blue moon”… it NEVER happens. People like you are constantly predicting that wild west style shootouts are going to break out the moment people have access to guns, completely undeterred by 30 years of the exact opposite thing happening.
      Bad guys aren’t generally interested in getting involved in shootouts, they like knowing they’re the only ones that are armed. Where there’s a significant chance that the victim might shoot back they’re a bit more cautious about doing crap like this. That’s why your town (with no CCW) has so many more shootings than mine (where 10-15% of the population is legally armed).

    • tdperk

      you are describing how police officers tend to act. they are big fans of emptying the magazine.

      a properly-trained person such as George Zimmerman however, observes a single shot has stopped the felony threat, and fires no more.

  • Stephen Bannworth

    I have to disagree! Everyone is bashing on the bikers when it was the Land Rovers fault. If you watch carefully you will see the rider who was first hit, was riding too close to the front of the Rover, but the Rover driver was so pre-occupied with the riders around him/her that they didn’t even care to look forward and accidentally ran over the rider. Then instead of stopping and calling for help, they decide to run down more riders???? Come on RideApart you can not take the side of the Rover driver because a bunch of riders wanted to have a good time in a group. Also, anyone would be angry to see that happen and tempers will rise and some would try to deal with justice their own way. In this case, that did happen because the rover driver just did not care in the least for anyone’s safety.

  • Stephen Bannworth

    “He feared for his life and the lives of his wife and daughter,” Give me a break! Man up and face the music. They were angry with him not his family. Just some rich snob who thought they were better off alive then some punk riders. So he goes on a killing spree and runs over some bikers. Yeah, that’s justified. NOT!!!!

  • Stephen Bannworth

    You know, I started to like RideApart because of Jamie, but when I see Wes on the channel I just lose interest. Now I see why.

  • bluemoco

    Here’s the latest from the NY TImes: “The police charged the motorcyclist, Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, N.J., with reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and menacing and endangering the welfare of a child as he rode in a large group that surrounded a Manhattan family’s Range Rover on Sunday afternoon.” It continues, “…several motorcyclists pulled the driver from his car and beat him. [the RR driver] suffered facial lacerations and bruising and has been released from the hospital.

    Detectives are still searching for the men who attacked him, the police said.”


  • Kemal Kautsar

    i’d like to quote a great man Agent Kay on this one

    “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

    that is bad crowd mentality which is caused by the lack of leader figure and the Range Rover driver might aware of that. he chose to run away and crashed a few bikes because he knows if he stopped and try to resolve the problem, there might be someone on the pack that could provoke other pack member to hurt him.

    i’d say that’s purely self-defense situation

    • ajwpip

      This avoids placing responsibility on these individuals. There is no way this is the first time this has happened even if this is the first time they were caught and identified. People may get caught up in a mob hysteria but if you repeatedly get together to create a mob just to experience the high of mob violence then that is on you as an individual. It isn’t some odd psychological effect that you unfortunately got caught up in.

  • McMike
  • Mark D

    Looks like NYC needs The Goose to clean up the streets of these scum.

  • John

    I F’ing hate other motorcyclists.

  • appliance5000

    I agree 100%. And after the vid stopped they dragged him out of his car and beat him in front of his wife and terrified child. There is no excuse for this group think brutality.

    The only good I can see is that this is the only man in NYC that used his Range Rover suspension to its full capabilities. Not much solace but it’s something..

    • Attila Borborygmi

      Damn that second paragraph made me spit out my coffee.

  • Lee

    they wear old navy and sleep in their mom’s basements. show me one “cool” guy on a sports bike and i’ll fuck his wife right in front of him.

    • LS650

      He, what’s wrong with Old Navy? I’m wearing an Old Navy sweatshirt right now, and it’s keeping me nice and cozy in Mom’s downstairs.

  • Piglet2010

    Many of them likely do not have a motorcycle endorsement, a driver’s license, or even legal licensing for their bikes, and it would not surprise me if some of the bikes were stolen – typical for the ‘hood in a large US city. They will always run from the police, often ditching the bike and trying to escape on foot, and many will have outstanding arrest warrants and/or criminal records.

    • Jonathan Keller

      And many of these guys are not from NewYork city. The paralyzed kid is from Massechusetts and the one being charged is from New Jersey.

  • LS650

    Posting in all CAPS doesn’t help your argument. Please stop SHOUTING at us.

    • Steven Walker

      Ok captin obvious

      • LS650

        That’s ‘Captain Obvious’ to the likes of you!

  • LS650

    Pretty much ‘yes’.

  • aircraftmech

    Oh look-some appear appear to be minorities. Where’s the outrage from Sharpton, Jackson and the black community? That’s right-you won’t see them! And everyone wonders why there’s hostility between white and black America.

  • aircraftmech

    Are you one of the bikers in the video? And a Range Rover doesn’t weigh 10,000 lbs either, more like 5,000 lbs.
    Nice comment about the mans wife and children. And you wonder why the rest of the country doesn’t want anything to do with assclowns like you.

    • Piglet2010

      One comment* indicates Mr. Walker signed up just to comment on this article.

      *As of 22:14 central time. Hover your mouse pointer over the avatar to see the count.

    • Steven Walker

      No im not, but I do ride.. (not in a group like this though).. and who cares on how much a land rover excatly weighs. Point is iy weighs way more than a motorcycle. If he cared anything about his wife and daughters he would have avoided the entire situation from the start. But no he fed into it. I will give u one thing these guys are assholes on bikes and u wouldnt catch me riding with them..but that doesn’t excuse the driver and his actions

      • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

        Here’s the real issue: The squids asked for this. They specifically set out to create or find trouble and, well, they found it. If they can’t handle the consequences, they shouldn’t have been out trying to terrorize New York on their motorcycles.

        The driver was only trying to safely transport his family when he was surrounded by a group of crazy people, through no fault of his own nor through any of his own actions, and was attacked. He responded in an extreme manner, but did so in order to protect his wife and two-year old daughter. You, I and anyone else would likely have done something similar had we found ourselves set upon by a gang of criminals.

        That these criminals are riding motorcycles in no way removes the fact that they’re a gang of criminals attacking an innocent family without cause.

        I feel sorry for the guy that got paralyzed. But honestly, what did he expect? No riding gear, no skill and setting out to cause others harm? I hate to say it, but even if this isn’t a case of getting what he deserved, it’s a case of getting what he asked for.

        And yes, safety gear will protect you from injury. It’s why I’m alive today.

        • Odin

          Why did your article report no injury when all the major news outlets reported hours earlier that one rider is in critical condition and will likely never walk again?

          Why does the update mention only “serious” injuries and not specifically mention a medically-induced coma and likely permanent paralysis?

          Does it bother no one that the driver of the Range Rover crushed a human being with his vehicle?

          And what is the basis–let alone the purpose–for your comment about the bikers not having “actual jobs?”

          This is an upsetting piece of reporting. Please consider all the facts. If the facts do not bear out that the bikers put the driver in reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm or death following the rear-ending of the first bike, then what the driver did was attempted murder–not protecting his family. This is true regardless of whether the bikers are good or law-abiding people.

          • LS650

            The media reports I’ve read say that the idiot who brake stomped in front of the Range Rover ended up with two broken legs and was _never_ in a coma.

        • Piglet2010

          The guy who got paralyzed never even had a driver’s license, much less a motorcycle license.

          And modern gear is pretty amazing – I lowsided at speed on the track and did not get a bruise or scratch, or even feel pain at any time. :)

  • Mike Joseph

    define rampage cause i could consider that a rampage
    regardless, so what you’re telling me is you don’t actually know what the dispatcher told him to do, but you previously said you did……… huh..
    and i mean, okay so if one or two or four of the bikers tried to assault him, lets see how many bikers, lets pretend there were 60. so you’re one of the 50 behind the rest of them, didnt know what happened, all you see is a big SUV run over your friends, yeah I’d go after him too

    • sez-who

      Well then. You’d best drive carefully, because had I been the suv driver, I wouldn’t have been interested in any dispatcher advice to endanger myself, which is what pulling over all nicey-nice would have been. I would get away if I could, and go batshit crazy if I couldn’t. I cannot believe you are justifying the harrassment of an innocent family. Do you really think other people are here to be kicked around for your amusement? Get help.

  • TestSalad

    Worthless dredges of society. I just wish more were run over or knocked off their bikes.

  • LS650

    Some of the videos that were pulled down by these ‘bikers’.

    • aryyis

      scum bags. i wish more of them got run over and killed, it would make for safer roads for the rest of us. funny how they posted the video as a way to condemn the Range Rover and now everyone hates them instead as they should.

  • aryyis

    They don’t look like idiots, they look and ACT like dangerous criminals. i wish more of them ended up paralyzed or dead.

  • Chris Hug

    You’re a moron.

    1) No one owns the road. Fuck their formation.

    2) No it wasn’t right for them to trash his car. Even if the range rover deliberately hit the bike, you call the cops and follow him if it’s a hit and run. This isn’t the wild wild west.

    3) Safety gear has everything to do with it. Maybe it wouldn’t have helped but it definitely has the potential to save lives.

    4) Your way of thinking as outlined in this post is really ignorant and childish.

    5) You say fuck him, his wife and his daughter. All I have to say to that is I hope no one ever puts you, your wife or children in that situation one day.

    You’re probably one of the faggots in the video. I love how lately I’m hearing a bunch of biker safety commercials on the radio “pay attention, save a bikers life”. In reality, they’re the ones that need to be safe. 90% of these morons drive like absolute psychos on the highways/streets between their dangerously high speeds, white lining and crossing multiple lanes. I hope all you unsafe assholes pop a tire while doing 100 mph and end up wrapped around a tree.

    • Steven Walker

      I never said they owned the road.. but if ur drivivng ur car and crowd of pedestrians surrounded ur car.. does that make it ok to run them over? And u saying the bikers coulda called the cops so could he. And I would new be in that situation cause me personally i woulda have handled it a different way..but ive seen cars run bikes off the road and the biker wasnt doing anything wrong.. ive lost alot of friends to dumbass car drivers..And believe or not alot of bikers rider so fast and as u say rectless because when u do the speed limit and ride with the cars they dont respect u. they driftover into ur lanes, they jump infront of u.. so ur best bet is say ahead of traffic..react before traffic
      Reacts… and im only vouching for motorcycles not dirtbike….. alot of people seem to put us in the same category

      • sez-who

        I disagree. If one is in a car, and surrounded by threatening people, one does not stop. To stop is to make it very easy for the threatening people to pull your out of your car and beat you to death. One continues on their way and if one cannot continue on their way without running over the threatening people, one runs over the threatening people. If it had been trapped and surrounded, I would have started doing doughnuts.

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      loved your rational and your comment, I was really on board… until the last paragraph. still on the fence about deleting. you call him out for thinking like a child, and then go on to follow suit.

      let’s be better than that.

  • cuc

    i am glad you not one of the biker and i am not the suv driver bc if i was, i would put it in reverse and run over you too

  • Guilherme Bernard de Paula

    Couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote here. This is what sociologists call “group behavior”. Meaning that, if any of those guys were alone or even in small groups, they wouldn’t even have followed the car. This is pure stupidity and I hope NYPD find the attackers.

    • ajwpip

      Nope. I expect at least a couple of these guys are sociopaths. I expect at least a few of them have assaulted people without 35 of their friends there. One thing that has proven pretty true in life – when someone finally gets caught for doing something it is rarely the first time it has happened. This goes for adulterous politcians and thugs who attack people without provocation.

  • subframer

    i realize there are many riders under the motorcycle tent. but these j-offs are nothing but thugs, scum, criminals. they attempt to illegally take over times square, then they drag a man out of his car and beat him in front of his wife and child. it doesn’t matter who “started” what. you don’t do that crap. and if you do, i don’t care what happens to you. period, end.

  • ted

    I can see why Wes moved from NY. Also people who are against the second amendment and personal weapons carry should take a hard look at this video.

  • jenniferbriffa

    You know, I have nothing against people who ride motorcycles. I see many middle-aged men on Harleys in the warmer months and can’t recall them doing much more than not using a signal to change lanes which, in the grand scheme of things, is a fairly small thing. I just hate it when I see these young douchebags on crotch rockets who think that they can do whatever they want because they’re on a bike. Just today, I was walking on the sidewalk on a major main road and some young idiot came coasting up the sidewalk at me because he was trying to get around traffic congestion caused by construction. He even had the nerve to smile at me as he passed me so I yelled at him, “You know that’s illegal!”. Idiot.

    • LS650

      “Crotch rockets”? Really?

      • Sherri De

        Would your sensibilities prefer rice rockets?

        • LS650

          How about calling them ‘sportbikes’ like everyone else on rideapart.com?

          • Sherri De

            Because they’re silly little bikes?

            • LS650

              There in nothing silly or little about a bike like a GSXR1100 or a ZX-11. Do you even ride a motorcycle, Sherry? I suspect not.

              • Sherri De

                Lighten up.

          • Piglet2010

            I usually use the terms “race replica”, “road sport”, and “sport tourer” as they are less general – do a R6 and a K1300S really have much more in common than a Wee-Strom and a Gold Wing do?

      • jenniferbriffa

        That is what they are commonly referred to, is it not?

        • jenniferbriffa

          It’s my understanding that the cheap little sport bikes these jerks were riding are commonly called “crotch rockets”.

          • LS650

            I don’t know much about SUVs, but I think if I went around calling them ‘Yuppie-boxes’, some owners might take exception to that.

            • jenniferbriffa

              Well, whether you like it or not, that is the slang term for them. I didn’t come up with it, I first heard it in “Fast and the Furious” and I do think it’s rather fitting. Those bikes are primarily ridden by young guys who can’t afford the “real thing” (ie. a Harley) and like to show off how cool they are by displaying idiotic, dangerous driving habits such as those evidenced in the video. I’m sorry if you take offense to that but that is the truth. Maybe you’re one of the few exceptions to the rule, but that doesn’t make my observation less accurate.

        • LS650

          Only by people who know nothing about motorcycles.

  • John

    Getting rid of all helmet laws would create a self-licking ice cream cone.

  • PoodleSheep

    Thinking is clearly not your strong suit.

    • Steven Walker

      Anyways. The point im tryna to make is dont put all the blame on the bikers..thats all this post is doing.. and in reality both sides are to blame.. 2 wrongs dont make a right

      • bcostin

        Escaping an attempted assault by a group of violent biker thugs is not a “wrong”.

  • Jay Shalaty

    I hesitate to comment before facts are all available, but…
    It has been reported that the RR when stopped was surrounded and struck. Part of this included the use of one or more knives.

    I don’t care how tough you think you are but when someone threatens you with a knife they are threatening your life.

    All I saw was someone choosing his own life over the lives of those threatening to take it away.

    I don’t know what led up to the initial confrontation; but It would have to be something extreme to warrant the brandishing and use of a deadly weapon.

    I am actually surprised that the driver was not killed after he was wrestled from the car.

    Oh yeah, 20 years of riding… been hit by cars twice… close calls, to many to count.
    So I have very little sympathy to those who put my life at risk because of laziness, distraction, or the other hundred excuses drives give for not seeing a bike.

    • Piglet2010

      Most likely the driver was not beaten to death because the police finally arrived.

  • http://blog.duder.net Stephen Wuebker
  • Bradley

    I am not a biker and I live in downtown Milwaukee. When the 110th happened I did not personally hear or see any problems. Harley is a big part of this town and that event had a great impact on this community. Hundreds of thousands of bikers descended on this community and it was great for everyone. Its always one group that gives a bad name for everyone.

  • LazyLemming

    Did Cruz even go down? We see contact between the bike and RR and 2 seconds later the cameraman looks back and we see a white bike with a white helmet, white shirt, dark vest and jeans riding in front of the RR.

  • 80sDweeb

    The videos taken before this one show a bunch of quads and off-road bikes with the group, they cut through stopped traffic and cut into the oncoming lanes whenever they feel like it, basically act like they own the road. Anyone who rides with this group should know they’re taking their life into their hands when they do it, so while it’s sad someone got so badly hurt, I still feel worse for the SUV driver than I do for any of the thug bikers.

  • Zach Livingston

    Excellent post Wes. Great journalism and a real public service. Seriously. Thank you.

  • Telemachus_1

    Umm, this is how these particular kinds of people always behave in packs. Motorcycles have nothing to do with it really. They misuse all forms of modern technology.

  • TheBoatDude

    Thanks for pointing out the pointless revving. I remember hearing that in the video and wondering what that was about (maybe his horn was broken?).

    Good piece, Wes.

    • ajwpip

      What do you mean the revving was pointless? It was all about scaring a young family. The big question is where would there behavior have stopped? if you threaten a mans family with absolutely no provocation you deserve everything that follows.

      • TheBoatDude

        Well, the revving I was referring to occurred while they were trolling through the streets before they got to the Range Rover, so, yeah – it was pointless.

  • http://sulayman.hadithuna.com Sulayman

    Thank you for this explanation. It’s good people like you that help break the stereotype about bikers.

  • Zachary Laughrey

    While I believe the motorcyclists behaved in an irresponsible manner before and after the incident, here is an interesting op-ed which discusses the legality of their actions after the rear ending


    • Piglet2010

      Typical lawyer BS. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that the Hollywood Stuntz were acting with a lynch mob mentality, and not attempting to make a citizen’s arrest (as the subsequent beating of Lien proves beyond a reasonable doubt).

      Methinks Mr. Cevallos is trying to drum up business for himself.

  • pabarge

    Gness the race / national origin of the sport bikers.

    • LS650

      Instead of asking us to guess, why don’t you spit it out and say what’s on your mind?

  • curmudgeoninchief

    A good start might be to outlaw closed-visor helmets and permit only open face helmets, half-helmets (beanies), and motocross helmets. Thus would eliminate the feeling of anonymity that these thugs experience when performing their amusing little stunts. Like beating the crap out of somebody’s daddy and threatening 5-month-old girls.

    • Piglet2010

      Except that full-face lids offer real advantages in crash protection, weather protection, and flying debris protection – why penalize everyone for the actions of a few idiots?

      Would you ban balaclavas for cold weather riding too?

  • Tasmaniac

    I’m sure you would have fought back with your purse, Chris. You would have whacked ‘em good!

  • ajwpip

    It isn’t stand your ground. If a mob of motorcyclists threaten my wife and kid they deserve everything they get. This isn’t about property damage. They mobbed a family with a young kid in the back. Anything that happens – up to and including getting run over or shot in the face is on them. One can pity them for being immoral a**hats. But the proper response is treat the threat as deadly. Or are we supposed to assume that these folks know how to administer a beating and do a crime without “accidentaly” killing your kid or wife? They have shown such skill and sense of restraint – it is only reasonable to assume that they will mess up your car and leave your family alone. God forbid this happens to me but I’d assume these guys were a deadly threat and react accordingly.

    • ChrisIowa

      Not stand you ground. Traditional self defense.

  • ajwpip

    An armed society is a polite society. Perhaps these idiots would have felt less impunity in threatening people for no reason if the cost/benefit analysis was better.

  • ThomasD

    I only fault the car driver, rightly in fear for his life, for coming to a full stop. His forward progress blocked he should have gone into reverse, lurched back a car length, dropped it into drive, lurched forward, and turned a bit.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    Until they back off, or law enforcement appears on scene.

  • millermp1

    i’ve been commuting on my touring bike daily in a major urban center for 20+ years. I intentionally avoid motorcyclists and keep attempts at conversations with them short. It’s a simple fact that those with arrested mental development are over-represented. I accept that reality and do not seek to make political points proving otherwise.

  • JoeBar79

    This has been coming for a while, now. Riders like these guys are in many cities, and people HATE them. Luckily, only one guy was injured.
    Think NYC will ease up on their motorcycle-only checkpoints, now? Ha Ha.

  • Jimr

    I would expect that the known presence of a firearm would have stopped the behavior before it began. I know, personally, of several instances where mob violence was diffused just by the display of a gun, even though the other side was also likely to be armed. If everyone knows that the first person to do something stupid is going to end up dead, it doesn’t matter if they also know the second, third, and fourth person will get away with it.

  • Mike Morgan

    People like those bikers get shot in Texas…

  • mnemonicmike

    I’ve ridden motorcycles for more years than I want to admit, but I’ve never liked biker groups. They too often attempt to control traffic and often stymie cars from passing… for the simple reason they don’t want their pack broken up. The engine revvers just make me ill … why is an adult proud of a loud motorcycle’s noise? It’s like a little child making noise for attention: “Look at ME!”. And then there is the boutique aspect of biker paraphernalia. Don’t get me started….

  • curmudgeoninchief

    And now we know ….

    NEW YORK (AP) – A motorcycle rider seriously injured when an SUV ran him
    over after a New York City highway altercation was recently arrested in
    Massachusetts for driving with a revoked license.

    Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/23603536/biker-injured-in-ny-recently-arrested-in-mass#ixzz2ggz8dzyV

    Read the rest. It gets better.

  • Mack Bonham

    If people had the abilty to see into the future and know exactly how a situation is going to turn out your point might have some merit. Lacking that ability we have to respond to situations as they happen. Me personally? If I’m being assaulted by a group that outnumbers me in excess of 10 to 1 I’m not going to ride it out hoping that I get off with a few stitches… I’m going to draw my legally carried handgun and even the odds. That goes double if I have vulnerable family members with me.
    And just FYI, people who do the kind of crap these bikers did are almost never legally armed. The sort of person who’s going to join a mob and attack somebody is usually not someone who can pass a background check. Statistically CCW holders are extraordinarily law abiding… don’t take my word for it, go look up the stats.

    • Piglet2010

      Most of the were not legally licensed to be riding a motorcycle, so why would they also not buy guns on the black market?

      • Mack Bonham

        An excellent point. Thank you for pointing out that making it illegal to carry a concealed weapon does nothing to stop criminals from doing so. Given that that’s the case what is there to be gained from stopping the law-abiding from doing so?

  • gridlock2

    The group coordinated to perform a rolling roadblock, in an attempt to stop the Range Rover, when the first bike was hit. This is an extremely aggressive and dangerous thing to do. The reaction of the Range Rover driver was predictable and appropriate.

  • Bill Snider

    In Texas, it is best to assume there is a gun in every car, because there probably is. If this happened in Texas some bikers would be dead.

    • ridesdressage

      Red White and Texas. Amen Brother Amen.

    • Jonathan Keller

      And likely so would everyone in the SUV

      • tdperk

        Except it never happens that way.

        That’s because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Jonathan Keller

          Oh, so you’re going to tell me that one guy, with 1 gun, is going to shoot some people, and they won’t shoot back? Since everyone’s already decided they are a gang, what makes you think they won’t?

          I am not even against guns. I am against stupidity, and a gun in this situation would have made it worse.

  • bcostin

    So, to summarize, if you’re assaulted by a gang of biker thugs who terrorize your family, you should do nothing to defend yourself. Because you’re outnumbered and they’re probably criminals with illegal firearms who might get upset.

    If you simply let them drag you from your vehicle and slash you with their knives for a bit there’s still a chance they might not kill you. And, if they’re in a good mood and it’s a nice day, they might even decide not to slash or kill or rape or shoot your wife or your baby. You’ve just gotta have faith in human nature.

    Whereas, of course, if you attempt to avoid being murdered/raped/slashed with knives by carrying a gun, the bikers may be forced to set aside their fundamental sense of justice and fair-play. And then someone might get hurt.

    • Jonathan Keller

      They never touched the wife or kid. They could have. They didnt. I rather not live in a paranoid society.

      That said, those people are not bikers. They’re d-bags.

  • esoxlucius

    I ride and have since I was in 4th grade. The bikers were idiots and if I had a conceal carry I would have shot the guy breaking the driver side window dead. Also, has anyone noticed the lack of traffic other than the bikes and the Range Rover? I bet $100 that the bikers were running a rolling road block to keep the cars behind them. The RR was “captured” by the bikers and the bike that slowed down did so to tuck him in back of the bikes so the rally could proceed with miles of empty highway in front of them.

    Seriously people, there was more idiocy than has been identified going on here. These idiot bikers wanted a New York City highway all to themselves.

  • gastorgrab

    If they shouted “FIRE!” in a movie house, and someone got trampled, there would be no question that the bikers were at fault.

  • Leônidas Amorim

    Um absurdo isso! o cara só estava dirigindo com sua familía. Ai vem esses motoqueiros fazendo graça e não respeitando os outros motoristas. Isso que acontece. Os motoqueiros são culpados

  • blue quasar

    I don’t ride a bike but this behavior seems pretty unusual. I’ve never seen a biker behave so stupidly. Most bikers I’ve seen are out for a fun ride and not in a rush to get anywhere. They obey the rules of the road and even though I’ve seen a few instances when a car came close to them (by accident) they did not fly into a rage and respond in kind. Perhaps most bikers don’t like hospitals as much as these seem to.

    • Piglet2010

      Even most squids leave other people alone.

  • kevin carr

    Friends don’t let friends drive Japanese bikes. And these twits are the most unskilled riders I’ve ever seen.

  • HarrySchell

    Well, an excellent reason to carry a concealed firearm. Certainly, the first option in such a situation is to run, dialing 911 as possible while retaining good control of the vehicle. Some clever little man who wants to punch his helmet through the driver’s window, gets to look at a firearm, as he approaches the vehicle. If he is stupid enough to swing the helmet, all he gets (I hope) is a hospital visit and a scar, but maybe a ticket to oblivion.

  • wgraves

    Threaten a parent with a child in tow and you are placing your life in deadly danger, always. Those fools are lucky the guy didn’t reverse course and see how many of them he could take out. 4400 Lbs. vs. 300, guess who wins? Nobody studies physics anymore (sigh) ?

    • Piglet2010

      That is what the driver should have done when he got stopped by traffic.

  • Deserttrek

    these are not bikers. first no real biker rides a crotch rocket. second no real biker harasses the innocent.
    third real bikers only mess with other bikers. fourth , real bikers don’t wear that type of vest or stupid looking helmets.

    • Piglet2010

      Even 1% MC members almost never mess with people who are just riding/driving/bicycling/walking along.

    • LS650

      No “real biker” uses the idiotic phrase “crotch rocket”; that’s strictly a cager thing.

      • Diggsc

        It’s a rice burner.

    • Jonathan Keller

      Yeah, I guess the racers that are better than all of us here, whipping around tracks at 200 miles an hour are not real bikers.

      • Deserttrek

        that’s right they are not. they are racers, biker is a lifestyle in the USA.

        • Jonathan Keller

          Whatever you say guy. I’ve owned and ridden both. Most of the guys I know with sport bikes and cafe racers are more skilled and more pleasant than the Harley and Harley clone riders I know. But I guess they’re not bikers to you.

          Most of the cruiser riders I know are suffering from mid-life crises.

  • LouGots

    Pennsylvanians know how to deal with this sort of thing. Shall-Issue, plus Stand-Your-Ground, equals think twice before assaulting and harassing us. It’s double tap in the ten-ring and one between the running lights on the way down. We all don’t carry, but enough of us do. The poor folks in the P.R.N.Y. are at the mercy of the thugs and goons.

  • gizmo118

    This might have ended very differently if the family man had had a gun.

  • Mastro63

    Thugs need to realize that acting like tough guys and scaring people makes self defense a whole lot easier to sell.

    I really doubt this father went out with his family thinking “Hmm- I will mess with some bikers with my kid in the back seat”

    On the other hand- I really think that some bikers enjoy buzzing cars and scaring people-

  • ridesdressage

    An armed society is a polite society. Problem solved.

  • Eric Ashley

    Years back, supposedly, a guy was driving with his family, and some biker thugs (the kind that would have spat these twits out as punks) decided to harass him. He reaches over, and pulls out of the glove compartment a .357 magnum, and just shows it to the thugs. They rapidly go away. Everyone lived, no one got hurt.

    Now, for those with hoplophobia, I’ll agree that those who are five years old, or have the maturity level of five year olds should not have guns. And if you find yourself panting in fear at the sight of a gun, then yes, you should not have one.

  • Diggsc

    I’ve owned and ridden all sorts of motorcycles for 45 years now, starting with a Honda CT70, through a series of rice burners, to the Harley I own and drive now. I used to drive the GW parkway from DC to Baltimore, and I saw a lot of groups of moron riders like this. Pulling wheelies and even endos in traffic going along at 70 mph. If one of these guys pulled in front of me and jammed on his brakes, I’d run him over without a second thought. Then I’d stop, like the law says, call 911, and make sure the other dirtbags had a good look at my Glock.

  • Anthony Harmon

    Oh I agree completely. These riders were begging for trouble. I mean, not everyone has nerves of steel. That poor Asian guy must have been terrified.

  • Lucas Austin

    Charles Darwin’s theory left one of these useful idiots still in hospital with life threatening injuries..

  • teapartydoc

    If that had been me the bikers that got away would have to consider themselves very lucky.

  • Heather McCoy

    What? Some people who ride motorcycles are assholes? Who knew…
    Isn’t there some insanely popular TV show about a bunch of criminals on motorcycles?
    C’mon. How Pollyanna are we here, anyway?

  • Yam

    I’m a French biker. This kind of stupid violence can happen everywhere. Some people are completely fool, stupid. Have you seen what occured in Madagascar. Same stupidity. No thinking, just behaving like animals.

  • Piglet2010

    If open face helmets are so good, why do I have to wear a full-face lid at a track-day? Land on your face with a 3/4-lid, and you will look like Darkman afterwards. I have also ridden 600+ mile days in below freezing weather – no way in h3ll that is going to work without a full face lid and balaclava. Oh, I take my lid off when going in a building, etc, unless it is a short time and I have my modular lid (with the chin-bar open).

    Maybe your grandfather was just lucky – should we also go back to wearing denim jackets with no pads and jeans as “protective gear”, crappy bias ply tires, flexible frames, wobbly forks, and front drum brakes too?

    • curmudgeoninchief

      So put a fairing on your bike if you’re that paranoid. And make sure your bike has a visible license plate. Sheesh, that’s what the CHP does. You don’t, don’t, don’t have the right to ride a bike without a license plate and you shouldn’t be able to conceal your identity with a full-face helmet, if, as we know, jerk-thug-criminal bikers use that to get away with their crimes.

      • Piglet2010

        Dude, I ride a motorcycle with a full windshield (Honda Deauville with the screen fully raised) and there is no way in H3ll that I could ride 600 miles in 20-30° F weather without something covering my face without getting frostbite.

        Fortunately, very few other people will buy into your unfair and ridiculous suggestion.

        And when you do take a rock or something else to the face, or scrape half your face off when you crash and do not have a chin-bar for protection, we do not want hear about it.

  • Piglet2010

    I watched the video and did not notice what skin color the riders were until re-watching it after someone brought it up in the comments.

  • LS650

    “My grandfather was a CHP motorcycle officer, and they did all right with their open-face helmets.”

    No, they didn’t. Go take a serious look at helmet safety; I recommend you start with the Hurt Report.

  • Russ J

    Completely agree. As a bike rider, I watched the video many times before I made any decisions as to what I felt was right or wrong. Something else to add to your tally.

    Watch and time the white lines from start of original posted vid (6:27 length) to before the initial brake check (engine braking). The bikes catch up to the Range rover (RR). They start cutting him off. The SUV continually slows down until the brake check. The RR sits for more than an extended period of time to create a controlled environment, but you can see bikers surround the vehicle to form the uncontrolled environment.

    There is the arguement about Mieses being uninvolved in the violent acts. This may be true, but regardless, was illegally operating a vehicle while performing illegal actions. Some bikers argue that the situations are controlled and people should just yield and let them get ahead to goof off.

    I used to be a professional courier, and this included urgent hospital deliveries. Everything from X-rays to medications for emergencies. 5 minutes can be critical! They feel that showing off and riding is more important than a medical emergency? Come on guys….

    And group rides. You know, they are not hard to organize if presented right. Last month we had one with over 650 people going through downtown of our city. Guess what? We did it making sure we used only one lane, and this year the police even worked with us to close off intersections and get it approved and promoted as a parade!!!

  • Bryan Woody Wood


    “No link between right-to-carry laws and changes in crime is apparent in
    the raw data, even in the initial sample; it is only once numerous
    covariates are included that the negative results in the early data

  • bezerkus

    This is actually an amazing story of the overall the differences in humans put in extreme circumstances, rather than a shear get pissed off story for some sport bikers ruining it for the rest of us The real story is the courage of one man.

    The SUV driver would’ve been killed and the wife would have been pulled out and assaulted too (see in depth eyewitness reports) if not for the one guy who stopped the attempted murder with a non confrontation “enough!” Of all the people on that busy street only one or two risked their own safety and came to the aid with 2 cops not even intervening.
    That is the guy I look up to and I wish there would’ve been more people come to the aid of the family quicker.
    That’s the real story.