Real Rides: Marie’s MV Agusta Brutale 675

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You might recognize Marie from that episode where we taught average riders advanced motorcycle skills. In it, she was pretty green, but since, she’s been working hard to get better. The reward for all that hard work? A brand new MV Agusta Brutale 675. Not bad for a college student.

Marie on her CM200.

The Rider
Marie was first introduced to motorcycles when her older brother brought home a 1978 Honda CB550 “that he got ripped off on by some pro skateboard videographer. I took one look at the smokey old thing and promised myself I’d learn to ride it.”

“I followed and passed all the CA safety and licensing prerequisites, like the good nerdy girl I am, to get my M1. Then I spent a dumb amount of [college] money on the cutest little 200cc cafe racer I could find off of Craigslist. I pretty much felt like a wannabe badass Lisbeth Salander when I brought it home. That feeling didn’t last very long because, the next morning, the bike wouldn’t start and it had leaked a funny smelling liquid all over the garage floor. I hadn’t the slightest idea how to fix it myself and felt intimidated at the thought of trying and ending up making things worse. The only other person I knew who rode was my brother and, like me, he was clueless and lazy about DIY mechanics. A local bike shop sorted things eventually and then I was able to scoot around the mean streets of LA.”

“Too soon (or finally), I mustered up the courage to ride my brother’s CB550 to and from LA to Santa Monica for school. I didn’t even ask if he was cool with it. It was big deal moving around those 450 pounds of metal. Not to mention I learned the fine art of balancing on one foot — I’m five-feet tall and that thing weighs four or five times my weight. I kept that up until the bike was sold and puttered around some more on the 200. Soon, I would have a somewhat serious accident and that shook me up physically and mentally. It turns out that wearing a 3/4 helmet, jeans, Timberlands and a flimsy leather jacket from Zara whilst being side swept by off-road tires on a Dodge Ram is a big no-no.”

She eventually upgraded from the Honda CM200, “I was fed up with all the time and money put into working on it. There was no point to continue so I sold it. It’s a good thing the Craigslist market for cafe racers in LA is at a premium these days.” She learned from a track day with RideApart how to become a safer and better rider, “I knew afterwards I had to get a different, modern bike with actual technology (i.e. brakes), not to mention modern brakes would’ve probably saved me from the previously mentioned accident.”

She ended up purchasing a brand new MV.

The Bike
In 2012, MV Agusta introduced the Brutale 675, a three-cylinder naked sports bike based on the fully-faired F3. Its a lightweight street fighter that’s also a powerhouse. It makes 110 bhp, 48 lb.-ft. of torque and weighs just 368.2 lbs (dry). Despite the eight-level traction control, that’s a ton of bike for a new rider, especially one as small as Marie.

mv agusta brutale 675Marie regularly takes the Brutale up Angeles Crest.

Why She Rides It
“First things first, I wanted a real motorcycle. I wanted something new and exclusive, something aesthetically designed and innovative that would excite me with a seriously sporty edge — all the while having a manageable weight and seat height for my size.

“I narrowed my search down to streetfighters — essentially the modern day cafe racer. The smart choice would’ve been the new Honda CB500F, but it wouldn’t have excited me one bit.

However, the MV Agusta F3 got me worked up — even as a fully-faired bike. When the sales guy at my local dealer mentioned a naked version coming soon, nothing else mattered and I knew instantaneously that was going to be the bike.

I waited 16 bike-less weeks since that day for the Brutale 675. It was insane and nobody really understand why I would do that to myself. One of the reasons it took so damn long was because the bikes were put on hold awaiting US homologation and on top of that an extra CA emissions approval.

It was a relief on June 26 when I finally rode away on a piece of motorcycle art. Leaving the dealer, I fumbled with the ride-by-wire throttle, trusting the foreign steering and ergonomics of this serious machine. When I got on the freeway, I thought I was ‘casually’ accelerating to merge with traffic, when I looked down to see I was doing some serious speed at 88 mph.

In the beginning, I set myself up with a couple limits and practiced basic MSF skills so as to reduce my risk of idiot moments and dangerous situations. I started hitting up local canyons ASAP. I was astounded by how smooth and quick the Brutale turns into corners. My bouts of grinning and squealing come along whenever the revs begin to climb and let me tell you things get bananas after 7,000 rpm. This motorcycle is a rev happy and mean canyon shredder. Did I mention the quick shifter is a hell of a lot of fun to use? I can’t wait to take it to the track to see what it’s really capable of.

“The initial purchase euphoria has yet to wear off. I’m willing to admit I check out my bike every time as I walk away from parking it. I ride it everyday, everywhere, for everything. I recently did my first moto road trip — by myself too — riding the ‘Laguna Seca Pilgrimage’ route to watch the MotoGP. On the road there were varying bits of lane splitting, sweeping canyons, suffocating straight-line desert, windy farmland, and foggy mist by the sea cliffs. Not once did the Brutale slip. I knew all along I made the happiest personal acquisition in motorcycles. 

I’ve noticed a few knick knacks about the Italian inline-three’s characteristics. Torque is there with only a twitch of the wrist and the front end doesn’t mind lifting up. At least, my accidental wheelies turned into silly power wheelies. The brakes have a strong feel but they aren’t too grabby so it’s plenty for the street.

I’ve just started to mess around with different engine map settings and traction control levels. I have custom maps set for commuting and another for canyons. I never use sport mode because the ride-by-wire throttle is unpredictable. Therefore, the low-rpm fueling can be a bit choppy and spontaneous. This especially grinds my gears when I’m maneuvering in slow, tight situations. 
My OCD kicks in when the gear indicator flashing in between numbers on the dash.

“Beside those two flimsy bits MV needs to fix, I love every part of my motorcycle.”

If you look closely you can see frame sliders.

“Before my bike even arrived at the dealer I ordered Evotech frame sliders, plus front and rear axle sliders — because RideApart editor Wes Siler told me to, and a tail tidy kit. I very badly want to do more mods but I just dropped a load of money on track school, a one-piece suit, and riding boots. I have to take it easy. I do want add a steering damper, dial in the suspension for my weight and riding style, and get the fancy Zero exhaust system. Look that one up on YouTube.”

Bixby Bridge on Highway 1.

But, you’re a girl!
“As a young woman, riding motorcycles is as fun as it gets for me. Riding them fast and skillfully is even more exhilarating. There are a bunch of us out there and we’re growing in numbers. I know first hand that it’s difficult and scary to learn but there is no greater reward than accomplishing something you thought you couldn’t do. I think the motorcycle industry is finally taking notice and tailoring bikes and gear for us more readily. There has never been a better time to start riding.”

  • owen

    Super cool! If this movement (young female riders) takes off it will be an awesome addition to the US motorcycle enviroment.

  • kevin

    Only about a finger’s width of chicken strip on that back tire! Glad to see she really rides it.

  • Rowtag

    dream girl much? lol

    • Joe Bielski

      Dude, Girl, bike and look at those Docs!!!! I would totally ask to ride pillion with her!!!

      • Marie Delgado

        Haha the Docs – I still get crap for them. I need to find a less infamous stylish, safe, city riding boot that at least gives me 2″ heel height.

        • Joe Bielski

          I’m also a bit vertically challenged so I’ll take anything with a bit of a heel (except those Tom Cruise lifts….yikes!!!). I still rock my ratty ole’ docs like it’s 1990-something something..

          • VagrantRenaissance

            Check out the Daytona M-Star / Ladystar. Adds about 2.3″ without looking like a height prosthetic.

            • Marie Delgado

              I’ve heard about those, would love them for long day rides and touring. Sounds worth the investment maybe later down the road. It’s too bad there’s nothing more fashionable that I can wear on/off the bike in town unless I sacrifice protection. Thanks for the tip though!

  • Emmet

    I’m guilty of the cafe racer fad as well, but walking crooked for days after a long ride is just stupid. I trashed the seat and jumped on a proper bike after that.

  • LS650

    Where does a 20-year old college student get the money for a new MV Agusta??

    • Nate Gnau

      Who cares?? She’s riding, and that’s all that matters.

    • cameron

      im 21 i brought a brand new ninja 250 when i was 16 then a almost brand new gsxr600 when i was 18 and just a couple of months ago brought a brand new r1 its not that hard to do you just need the motivation to do it. its awesome to see more girls getting on bikes

    • Ayabe

      Daddy funded obviously, but not really important to the story.

      • Guzzto

        That’s a really crappy assumption to make about someone you don’t know. perhaps she works hard for what she’s got, Bitter much ?

        • Ayabe

          I was just responding to a troll with another troll, he just didn’t have the guts to say what he was thinking.

          Truth is I don’t care and neither should anyone else, but for those of us that supported ourselves 100% throughout school and had to work to pay rent, tuition, and the rest of our bills know for a fact that we couldn’t have afforded that bike under those circumstances.

          So she’s not doing it all on her own – and that’s fine, it’s an inconvenient fact for some.

          Lastly, I’d have to flip that bitter comment right back at you, you sound a little defensive, did Daddy help you too?

          See how easy that is?

      • Joe Bielski

        Dude, if you have a part time job, put away some coin instead of hitting the bars you can totally afford a new bike. I looked at some options here and COULD get a V7 for like $160.00 a month for a looong time. I just like the bars too much so I’ll stick to my horrificly beat up Ninja 500 :P

        • Ayabe

          As someone who worked 30 hours per week or more for my entire college career I’m pretty well versed on being a poor college student.

          Even at a lofty(heh) $12/hr back in the day I would struggle pretty hard to cover that kind of payment with my other bills(even with roommates) – it would be financial misery in any case.

          But none of this has any bearing on the post, which I enjoyed reading. This ancillary stuff isn’t our business really.

          • ARiZONA

            Work food service in college – insane money to be had at some places ($30-50/hr).

      • Clint Keener

        If she bought a $14k used car, people wouldn’t say a word.

        • LS650

          When I was a 20-year old college student, I could barely afford basics like rent or tuition. If I had gone out and spent $14,000 on a car, you had better believe my friends and family would had plenty to say about it!

          • Piglet2010

            When I was in college, I stayed in and did homework on Friday nights because I could not afford to go out. My motorized transportation was a $30/semester bus pass.

    • Blake Harrison

      Either way I want to ride with her. :-D

      Not a suggestive comment.

    • roma258

      You know that thought crossed my mind too, but let’s just all admit how fortunate we are to be able to ride the bikes that we ride and do the stuff that we do. Sure we work for it, but a rice paddy farmer if Thailand doesn’t work any less hard than I do, probably quite a bit harder.

      /Yes, that indeed was a starving kids in Africa rant.

    • Mary

      LoL, I know! I couldn’t get into motorcycles until my late 20s because I couldn’t afford what was essentially a recreation vehicle during college. In fact I didn’t even get a car until I graduated and got a job (working through college while getting a STEM degree was just not possible for me). Of course I’m speaking from envy that she was able to start a lot earlier than I could!

      • akaaccount

        Same here. Wanted a bike really badly when I was working on my engineering degree, but it wasn’t happening. And I’m talking about a used SV, not some new exotic bike. Somebody’s gotta buy new so I can buy used, so good for her.

    • Pablo Perez

      What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Hater.

      • LS650

        Hate? Nah. Jealous? Maybe a little.

      • LS650

        Hate? Naw.
        Jealous? Mmm, maybe a little.

  • Corey Cook

    Damn I don’t even get a photo credit for the cover shot…? Ouch. haha

    • Marie Delgado

      Hah, you made my Laguna Seca roadtrip possible. Thanks Corey!

  • Bobby Vachon

    You’re 20 and have an MV….wowsers, can I get your number? lol

  • jefflev

    May I add that last weekend this little girl was ripping a BMW S1000RR around Streets of Willow?

    • Piglet2010

      CSS class?

      • Marie Delgado

        You bet! I can’t wait to go back next month for level II.

  • Justin

    love the brutale, but what’s your honest opinion about the low-speed fueling issues?

    • Marie Delgado

      You know, I’m waiting on a new engine mapping that is set to fix the issue. Last weekend I rode a BMW S1000RR at a track school and feel in love with it. Specifically, the smooth and linear throttle response. The next day I rode my Brutale around the twisties I was surprised by how annoyed I was with the low-rpm fueling, especially with corner-exiting throttle response.

      • roma258

        Cali Superbike? Great investment…

  • Phillip Hornung

    Pretty Awesome Marie!!!

  • DavidyArica Freire

    There is nothing better than a girl riding motorcycles.

    • Peitro Petrelli

      unless theyre riding…you

  • Peitro Petrelli

    Am I the only one that gets really surprised when people think 48 ft# is alot. try riding with 120 ft#…

    Not sayin its a bad motor, but hp doesnt excite, its torque that moves you.

    • Corey Cook

      It’s not a lot, this engine uses a very over square piston design. There really isn’t much torque at all, it’s all top end horse power. Very much like a tradition inline 4.

      • Piglet2010

        If I were in the market for such a bike, I would spend $12.5K for the Brutale 800 instead of $11.5K for the 675, since with the same listed weight it has a much more useful street riding power-band (25% more torque, peaking at 8600 instead of 12000 rpm). Since no one is going to choose the Brutale over the F3 for super-sport class racing, it seems odd that MV is still importing the 675 now that they have the larger engine in production.

        • Corey Cook

          Careful with that Msrp price, just the basic 675 is $14K out the door, and well over $15K for the 800… As far as California goes anyway, the “advertised price” is not what it seems.

          • Piglet2010

            “*Price, if shown, does
            not include government fees, taxes, dealer vehicle freight/preparation,
            dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if
            applicable). Final actual sales price will vary depending on options or
            accessories selected.”

            The big one here is freight, which on most European brands will be in the $500-800 range (in Chicagoland).

    • devillock

      Numers on there own don’t mean anything. It’s all in the delivery. More torque means bigger bike, more weight, slower handling. There is always some sort of trade off.

      • Richard Gozinya

        Depends on the motor. The air-cooled Ducatis all have plenty of torque, and aren’t exactly heavy bikes. The Brutale 675 though isn’t built to be a high torque bike. Big torque or high revs, it’s all fun.

    • Richard Gozinya

      So you’re saying a Heritage Softail is more exciting to ride than an R6?

      • Peitro Petrelli


        but have you ever ridden an MT-01?

      • Piglet2010

        Torque at the crank matters not in and of itself – what matters is torque at the rear wheel. A super-sport with a 15K redline can use a much lower gear than a H-D big twin with a 5K redline, so the 48 lb-ft at the crank becomes more torque at the rear wheel than the 100 lb-ft at the crank from the H-D tractor.

        By the way, all the published rear-wheel dynamometer curves one sees are actually torque at the rear wheel normalized to the gear reduction.

        • akaaccount

          Listen to this man.

    • Stuki

      What moves you is torque at the rear wheel, but power at the crank. At least on bikes equipped with them newfangled thingys called transmissions…..

  • Dustin

    20 year old woman, not a girl. Girls don’t ride, women do – more so a MV Brutale.

    • Stuki

      She’s in LA. Even 50yo females are answer to girl there.

    • Lee Scuppers

      Thank you. I’m proud that somebody had the courage to stand up and protect her.

  • Nate Gnau

    I was literally just watching that episode! And then I thought, “Hmmm. I’ll venture over to RideApart for a bit and see what’s up.” BAM, There’s Marie on a freaking Brutale…

    Hell yeah!

  • grindz145

    I missed these “real rides” features. Thanks for bringing them back.

  • carbon

    I could watch small, beautiful women in tight black leathers ride motorcycles All. Day. Long.

  • E Brown

    What I long for is the day where something like this isn’t noteworthy, because lots more women ride. I am seeing a bit more interest via the Salander Effect, which is why I know she rode a CB350 with Scrambler pipes, club bars, and cafe seat.

    • Stuki

      College kids on Brutales are going to be noteworthy regardless of women riders. When I rode in college, between the ten or so of us combined, our bikes cost about half of what hers cost alone……

      Which school does she go to?

      • Piglet2010

        I sold my then 9-year old CB400T (the parallel twin, not to be confused with the I-4 CB400) my first year of college to pay for basic expenses. When I needed to go somewhere too far to walk, I took a bus.

        • E Brown

          I wouldn’t confuse the CB400T for the CB400 – I own one! :)


          But yeah, I know lots of people think you mean the supersport even with the T. I too rode one thru college, but sold it after when I moved to Chicago, where I discovered that a bike makes more sense than a car in lots of ways. The Hawk GT is a good city bike, but I eventually got sentimental and added a Hawk II again.

          • Piglet2010

            If I find a ’80 or 81′ orange/black CB400T that is in decent condition, I might buy it out of nostalgia. :)

            • E Brown

              I heartily recommend it! I ride mine a LOT more than I thought I would – it’s a different sort of fun than my CBR600RR, but still fun.

  • Jesse

    That’s a serious step up. Good on you for strapping a bag on the rear and going places with it. Propper.

  • CP

    Nice bike :)

  • Daniel

    Guess I’ll stick to my boring CB500F…

  • Guy

    I ride a Street Triple R and I’ve always wanted this bike. They haven’t updated the maps yet huh? I’m almost convinced that this bike is so pretty that I’d rather be grumbling about the throttle than keep my Triumph.
    Also, my girlfriend says, “That girl is probably my girlfriend soulmate. Get me her number ASAP.” Like you she’s a little vertically challenged, takes track lessons, got her bike with Uni money, and rides all over the place.

    • Piglet2010

      What kind of college hands out enough financial aid to buy a MV on the side? There is a reason that students that pay for their own bikes are riding cheap scooters or 30-year old Honda CM450′s.

      • PaddingtonPoohBear

        Tell me about it, though now I feel a little less guilty about buying a bicycle with some of my tuition money. =)

        Sweet bike though! Be safe!

    • Marie Delgado

      Your girlfriend is awesome. No doubt we’d be super friends. Cheers on working a little bit more as a shorty, riding everywhere and doing track days!
      Guess what?! I stopped by the local MV dealer to ask about the mapping update and they were able to fit the bike in for a quick install. The low-rpm throttle issues are totally gone! Even Sport Mode is smooth enough for commuting and a short twisties run proved it was running perfectly. It’s like a whole new bike, again. The Street Triple R was another close competitor for me. I’d say test ride a Brutale, you may fall in love like I did.

    • Piglet2010

      MV Agusta has just released new maps for their triples – free update at a dealer.

  • Kr Tong

    Thats my favorite bike in the world right now. Ive never seen one in person. God i want one. In that color too.

  • Blixa

    That’s a hot bike. Nice choice, Marie.

  • plutonites

    i don’t get this article. sounds like a high school essay assignment.

    it’s basically about some chick who is bragging about her ride. isn’t that what douchebags do? am i supposed to be interested because she’s some super special chick that is so unique and badass because she rides a motorcycle? because she rides a “real” motorcycle? can i save you the suspense? you’re not special.

    get over yourself. get over all of this ego crap. it’s nonsense like this that clogs up motorcycling culture. if there ever was one. we aren’t happy with having an opinion. now we need to express it every chance we get. god i miss Kevin Ash.

    • Justin

      Wow, about some “chick” – your misogyny is certainly not welcome, and the article is about a new rider getting used to her motorcycle and enjoying every minute, so she got an MV – more power to her, jealous much?

      Chill out man. It’s serious big time BS like your little rant that ‘clogs up motorcycle culture, you big f’ing baby.

      • plutonites

        i’m not a misogynist. i have no hatred toward women.

        what i do dislike is general toolbaggery and overall worthlessness.

        if this article was about some dude it wouldn’t get half the responses. and it wouldn’t be like omg leather babe hawt! or “ur liek teh perfeckt mamasita dur” this article is typical pandering. cliche ridden filth.

        you bought a motorcycle. and now you are riding it. that doesn’t make you special. it doesn’t make your words worth anything. the fact that you are 20 years old. or a woman. doesn’t change any of that either. so we don’t really need to hear your life story.

        the exigence of the entire article is the assumption that it is so cool to hear a woman talk about motorcycling because that’s like totally what normal women would liek totsally never do liek ever. kind of like females playing videogames. and the response here as well as the comments in general is what you should really be directing your attention to. as that is indicative of typical sexist stupidity.

        in the end. this article wasn’t about the motorcycle. the motorcycle was used as a way to talk about oneself. and that’s what clogs motorcycling culture. all these posers just use a motorcycle as an ornament around their neck. like a gaudy necklace.

        you don’t see jamie flaunting his talents. or using any excuse available to talk himself up. likewise with kevin ash. and those guys have talents that are definitely worth flaunting. that’s why i respect them and enjoy their opinions. these other twitterverse instagram hipsters. pretend racers like adey. they are all clowns.

        • tobykeller

          “Exegesis” meby u mean?

        • Scott Otte

          They’ve done these rider profiles before,but now that it’s about a woman you’re up in arms… sounds misogynistic to me.

          • plutonites

            i haven’t seen the rest. if it is anything like this article my response would be the same.

            would you like me to post negative comments in those articles as well?

        • appliance5000

          You really have a problem. How many forums are entirely dedicated to exhaust pipes and new decals – the men talking tubes – what’s new?

          How many times have I read -” I gave up abs because the bike color wasn’t right” – manly men all.

          She’s got more balls than I do and is riding a bike I want to hear about.

          Short version: STFU.

          • plutonites

            and this is no different than that crap.

            it’s why i hate this crap. it’s why i hate that crap.

            having balls is being honorable in combat. having balls is being a devoted husband and father.

            buying a motorcycle and riding it isn’t “having balls.” and i pity you for thinking that is. it makes you look embarrassingly pathetic.

            i ride 15-20k a year on my moto. i have ridden in a hurricane warning. i have ridden in tornado warnings. i have ridden in snow. when it’s 15 degrees. and when it’s 105 degrees. none of this means i have “balls.” it just means i like to ride my motorcycle.

            in the end most of the motorcycle community is filled with morons like you and the majority of people that pollute these sites. you are in the majority that’s for sure. the whole industry is marketed with the notions this website purveys (not always) and what you guys gobble up. so i laugh when you make fun of the harley-davidson thing. you’re all the same.

            • appliance5000

              I’m not sure what you’re responding to but: sure, great, go for the gold.

  • plutonites

    you do realize deleting my comments only proves me right and you wrong?

    what a sensitive bunch of people we have here.

    • Lee Scuppers

      You and King Canute. Good luck with that.

  • plutonites

    thanks ls.

    i know women who ride. i know men who don’t ride. nothing really exciting or revolutionary in any of those truths.

  • Brian D

    Congratulations on the beautiful bike.

    As someone in the “yet to go down” group of motorcyclists, do you think that having already had an off helps contribute to your confidence in riding what seems like a pretty wild bike? Is the wild aura this bike gives off more bark than bite?

    • Marie Delgado

      Thank you very much! It wasn’t easy but a ton of hard work and patience paid off.

      Yeah you know, having gone down already has made my confidence stronger in riding. I love motorcycles way too much to not even consider quitting riding them. I also want to continue improving my skills and ride for sport. Knowing what it’s like to go down and knowing it can happen again anytime makes it easier for me to accept and continue on. Of course, taking as many precautionary measures as possible.
      The Brutale is no doubt a seriously wild machine and incredibly exhilarating on any road – I’m always giggling and shouting in my helmet. I can’t compare it to many bikes but I’m glad I went with my choice.
      Cheers Brian!

  • MotoEnthusiast

    Could you guys do a follow up article/video on how installing a power commander would solve her fueling issue?

    • Marie Delgado

      A couple of riders have mentioned that is another optional fix. However, the fueling issue is solved with the latest mapping update I got on Tuesday. It runs like a whole new bike! I’ve even left the bike in sport mode since. Fun as ever to ride and what a relief!

      • red baron

        As a fellow MV owner, I find their “after sale” level of service much higher than other brands.

  • Chadd Lackey

    Great article. The bike is sick, plus its great to see a woman riding it. Obviously, she is buying first class equipment (note: high-end Bell helmet) and a serious bike. Thanks for sharing her story.

  • Matt Helps

    Sweetness. Ride safe!

  • runnermatt

    Marie after reading this article a couple days ago you made me want to say screw practical and reasonable for my next bike and made me want to get something passionate or adventurous.

  • Jase

    “The smart choice would’ve been the new Honda CB500F, but it wouldn’t have excited me one bit.”

    Not that you actually rode it to find out.

    Anyway, good luck with your ridiculous new bike.

    • Marie Delgado

      I did demo the CB500F. Very simple and easy to ride but the looks killed me. Watch out on making assumptions.

      Anyway, thank you it’s a rad bike.

      • Jase

        Not an assumption, but a conclusion based upon the wording of your article. According to your report, you didn’t or you would’ve written “but it didn’t excite me one bit”.