First Official Photos and Specs: 2014 BMW R nineT

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The 2014 BMW R nineT in standard configuration.

Solo-rider configuration with aluminum tail hump and LED turn indicators.

Super stub seat – really hoping this is an aftermarket option and not custom.

Carbon front-wheel cover, tank bag, custom seat, Akropovic sport silencer, rear softbag.

High Akropovic sport silencer.

Carbon front-wheel cover.

The 2014 BMW R nineT

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  • Guzzto

    Wow this looks great. Striking the balance between the beautiful concept 90 that Roland’s sands did and a bike they can actually sell. Smart move on the removable subframe ( one of the things I love about my r80 I can swap out my solo set for two up touring in five minutes).Sounds like there’s lots of room for owner mods. Reminds me a little of the griso in its stance ( not a bad thing in my books) great to see a new bike that has some retro appeal but some decent figures. I,d be blacking out that funny boomerang shaped piece where the tank and seat meet.

  • Clint Keener

    WOW! I suddenly want to sell my Streetfighter 848.

    • Bret Prins

      It really would be the perfect complement next to the SF848 :)

    • NOCHnoch

      I’ll take it off your hands

  • Dennis Hightower

    Looks nice…BMW’s Speed Triple…

  • MichaelEhrgott

    Yep, this is my next bike. I’ve never ridden a shaft drive bike. Hopefully its not crazy expensive or heavy.

    • Sohl

      Once you go shaft…

  • Justin McClintock

    This might be the first time I’ve really longed for a BMW. Wow. Just wow. That bike is GORGEOUS!

    • Gregory Green

      She is ridiculous fast as well.

  • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

    BMW Absolutely nailed it! What a beauty.

  • Conrad

    It’s a nice bike, but not “wow” nice, i.m.o. Pulling up the Griso’s numbers, the only difference is the additional 8lb of torque this BMW makes. I’ll say “wow” if BMW prices it competitively against the Griso (MSRP 12,690.00 per M.G. website)

    • Sohl

      I’d hope it would come in somewhere around (or below, say below!) the Griso, but I’m not holding my breath. The 2013 R 1200 R comes in at just under $14k, and while the NineT doesn’t have the telelever suspension, the bikes are otherwise pret-ty darn similar. This makes me sad though because if it is somewhere up around 12-14, it’ll be pretty well out of reach for the younger cafe-oriented crowd they’re playing to.

      • runnermatt

        I agree, looking at the specs and pictures and comparing them to the R1200R on the BMW Motorrad website It appears there is a lot of cross over. To me the R90T looks like a R1200R where BMW threw out the Telelever front suspension (replacing it will the fork from the S1000RR as stated) and then removed the fuel tank, seat, rear subframe and exhaust and replaced those parts with ones that are unique to this bike. That said I like the way the R90T looks over the R1200R.

    • Justin

      The german griso? Not exactly a complete rip-off but shamelessly close:

      • Conrad

        Definitely. Hence me not understanding these “WOW” reactions.

        • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

          Because the lines and details on the BMW are beautiful. Although the griso is eerily similar, MG completely missed the mark aesthetically, IMO. Ironic that the Germans got the styling aspect right.

          • Justin

            I like the styling of both, but as the griso is the senior statesman in this argument, I must go with that, and nothing beats a sexy italian.

            Judging from your name (danish?) you may be naturally inclined towards the sharper bmw teutonic design ;)

            As you said above, “different strokes for different folks.”

          • Sohl

            The Griso is pretty… as long as you don’t look at the engine…

            • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

              Or the tank/bodywork lines, rear subframe, mirrors/guages. Also that picture above is one of the better colour/chrome(or lack of) variations:

  • Rameses the 2nd

    This looks so freaking awesome and badass. I don’t feel like riding my Scrambler anymore.

  • Rameses the 2nd


    • Loping Camshaft

      I absolutly love it. But as said in the classic movie Used Cars:

    • Jen Degtjarewsky

      Pricing has not been announced by BMW yet. Will bring it to you as soon as we know.

    • Sebastian Koch

      14,500€, I assume from the other offerings it will be a bit more in US$

  • Versys Jake

    I can’t afford a new bike right now… but you know what I’ll figure out a way to get this beauty :)

  • Sohl

    Re: the stub seat, it’s not even aftermarket. According to BMW, you can just remove the pillion and frame piece altogether no matter which stock tail configuration you go with.

    • TP

      Where does the tail light go though?

      • Mr.Paynter

        Who runs tail-lights?

      • Sohl

        Great point! I would guess it has something to do with this, from BMW: “The end section of the rear frame can be removed for solo riding. The wiring harness is designed separately for vehicle and engine functions. In this way you can install alternative electrical components without affecting the engine. The proven upside-down telefork offers a number of Customizing options. The rear axle housing provides three mounting points, e.g. for a stylish number plate frame [or an alternative tail light]. There is so much room between silencer and rear swing that even a 6 inch 200 mm wheel can be fitted.”

  • Corey Cook

    The guzzi Griso’s equally large but less attractive German sister. Probably the bike that most pseudo ADV bmw GSers should be riding.

    Just don’t confuse the fact that this is a very LARGE motorcycle, and nothing your average naked bike.

    • contender

      Far less attractive. BMW makes a standard and calls it cafe? I really don’t get all the praise.

      • Kenneth

        Who cares what they call it?
        This is a standard-type, air-oil cooled, shaft-driven bike that will weigh considerably-less than the Guzzi Griso (which I also like).

    • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

      I for one love this and find the Griso ugly as sin. Different strokes and all that.

    • Pund1t

      I’m hoping it’s large. The vast majoritiy of these motorcycles are sized for sub-6 foot, 150 lb folks. There’s very little that doesn’t make me look like a Gorilla on a Tricycle…big guys gots needs too.

  • jonoabq

    I’m underwhelmed. Unless it comes in really cheap, and it won’t, it will remain an overpriced BMW version of a Griso/Monster, both of which have more appeal.

    • Jason 1199

      Agreed. Premium price for a Ho-hum bike

  • Larry

    Is this meant to replace the R1200R?

    • runnermatt

      Good question. Both still show up on the BMW Motorrad website.

  • Justin Henry

    I like this a lot.

  • fletchty

    Really like this. Hope they have an option for an r90s-like fairing.

    too bad i couldnt actually afford one of these ever.

  • Chanson

    It seems pretty apparent that the ‘stub’ seat is just the stock setup with all accoutrements removed, as you can see the two bolt holes where the single or dual subframe goes.

  • ben

    Everyone ooohs and ahhhs every time any company makes a classic looking motorcycle with modern components. Which always makes me wonder why they don’t make more bikes that look like this?

    Also, why are all of these bikes always liter bikes?!

    • runnermatt

      It’s not a liter bike, it’s a 1.2 liter bike.

    • Mr.Paynter


      If they can make a light, narrow twin like the ER-6n (Ninja 650) that makes 100MPH *EASILY* then why go bigger, Add some lightness already.

      • Joe

        I know this is quite the controversial argument, but you simply cannot compensate for displacement. I rode an ER-6n for a year. Nearly made me want to give up riding. It just ‘felt’ so small and insignificant. Could it do 100mph? Sure. But I could nap while it got there. My current Sv1000s makes me smile every time I grab the throttle. It does 100mph effortlessly, even though I’ve only taken it there twice. But the ‘feel’ of a 1000cc Vtwin is something that I cannot describe with words. It simply IS the reason I love to ride.

        • Mr.Paynter

          It deinitely takes all types to fill up the world!

          I’m a smaller guy and love smaller bikes, the ER being the biggest bike I have owned (althought I’ve ridden much larger) and I pushed it as hard as I could over the almost 3 years I rode it and enkjoyed it. I like the lighht and flickable nature of smaller bikes, being able th throw them around as opposed to muscle them around if that makes sense.

          A “classic” with the same lightness would be my ideal.

          • Joe

            You are correct… To each their own.
            I do understand the lightness idea. Sometimes I miss my old CB360. I think I just need a stable of bikes.

            • Ken Lindsay

              All riders need 3 bikes minimum. Daily rider, hobby bike (track, off-road, touring, etc.) and a bike in progress! At least, this is what I’m trying to convince the wife of!

    • Chris Davis

      My observation is that most “naked” bikes (aka standards) don’t begin as such, particularly from mainstream manufacturers. They design their uber-sports bike with little regard for the aesthetics of hard parts, plumbing, or wiring because the stylists are going to wrap that stuff under bodywork that’s based on a deep-seeded Lego-based childhood polygon nightmare. They decide to make a standard out of it by sacrificing 20 top end hp for 2 low end lb-ft fighting valiantly against the engine’s basic large bore/short stroke architecture. Then lo-and-behold it looks terrible because there’s crap hanging out all over that nobody was ever supposed to see. Time to call in the junior stylists to add slightly smaller, slightly angrier wedges of plastic, of which 30% must be painted to look like metal. To everyone’s surprise it fails to sell. “See, we told you there was no market for this.”

      • ben

        Yeah, someone up top said it best: “simplicity is key”. Give me the best parts you can give me, and then Keep It Simple, Stupid. Whoever started the trend with the flat front headlight should be banned from motorcycle design.

  • Joe

    I’ve never wanted something so badly in my life. This bike is beyond words…
    FYI– more photos and info on the BMW website. No price though.

    • Witty

      This is my reaction exactly. Glad somebody else gets it.

  • Eduardo

    BMW is doing well, offering the best sportbike (S1000RR), the best adventure bike (R1200GS), the best touring (K1600GT), and now possibly the best roadster? I’m no fanboy, but one must admit they are hard to beat! This will probably cost $18k though.. but shaft is nice!

  • Eric R. Shelton

    I absolutely love my camhead R1200R Classic, but there are certain aspects of it where the anachronism is jarring and the “Classic” motif is off-putting. I love the changes they’ve made (frame color, air intake, oil cooler location, etc.) on this NineT and for the first time am seriously considering trading mine for something else. Love it, love it, love it.

  • Sentinel

    Looks like it may be a great bike, but obviously the clashing and hideous addition of “sore thumb sticking out” gold colored forks is a huge stylistic mistake, all too common on bikes these days, but especially disturbing to see them on a “retro” styled bike.

    • Witty

      Once the pipes bronze from heat, I think the forks will blend better.

  • UrbanMoto

    Why wasn’t Wes invited to the party?

    Anyone know where was this shot?

    • JohnnyWaffles

      Looks like photos from their press release

    • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

      Most certainly south-central Spain, somewhere close to the portuguese border.

    • spikey

      Wes was likely still too drunk on ducati kool-aid to attend this BMW party.

  • Nate Terrill

    I think it looks great with the aluminum seat cowl with the BMW roundel in it. This bike may not be everyone’s idea of a café racer, but I am absolutely 110 percent sure that the huge aftermarket for this thing will take care of your needs.

    I also noticed that their pipe options include both a low mount and a “scrambler style” high mount. It makes me wonder if this will be the basis for a BMW modern classic line based on one bike similar to Triumph’s Bonneville, T100, Scrambler and Thruxton.
    So, BMW wants to sell me a café or scrambler style flat twin with Street Triple performance? YES SIR!! If the price is decent, I am sold.

    • jonoabq

      I don’t think you will see Street Triple performance… 222kg fueled, 110hp, and shaft drive just doesn’t lead me to believe that will happen. And as for decent pricing I think it will come in $5k higher than the Street, and thats before the custom options (again, at BMW pricing) begin. This is a boutique naked/standard.

      • Nate Terrill

        Your right, of course. But, I am still loving that HP figure on a bike with those looks. I can’t handle the move from the double round headlights on the new Striple. This on the other hand, has some performance and just looks…. right.

        That being said, the new Commando will probably be in the same price range, so I wonder how they will stack up.

        • jonoabq

          This is looking like it will not only perform better, but be more reliable, have a far superior dealer network, and be significantly cheaper (I hope). If you had to live with a naked/standard on a daily basis (I already do) this would make the list, the Norton would not.

          • Nate Terrill

            I guess we will see what happens when both bikes can be compared head to head. I think Norton is going to make the effort it needs to in order to get a good dealer network in place. This just crossed my mind though; 90 percent of Triumph dealers are terrible, yet they manage to sell bikes left and right.

            I ride a Bonnie every day, so I can’t really go wrong with either of these two bikes.

            • jonoabq

              Speed Triple here, funny you mention Triumph dealers…spot on comment, the one here in Albuquerque is unfortunately one of the 90% and seems to have zero interest in changing. I hear nothing but good about the BMW dealership though.

  • runnermatt

    I hope the Cirque du Soleil ads are paying RideApart very good money. Why because I like RideApart alot. My Satellite internet provider not so much. They limit us to 250 Mb per day of download/upload, once that is reached they cut our speed back to pretty much non-functional. Why put up with it you ask. For internet at my house it is Satellite or dial-up, nothing else is available.

    So I hope Cirque du Soleil is paying RideApart very good money so that RideApart can continue providing great coverage because Cirque du Soleil’s automatically loading video ads are killing our download allowance.

    RideApart, keep up the great coverage and all is forgiven.

  • Jimii

    Reminds me of my bike a lot. I really hope it has a real aluminum tank. Other than that, I’d get clip ons, a smaller brake light, and replacing the plastic pieces with clear coated carbon. I’ll defiantly be buying one, if I can afford it.

    • Mr.Paynter

      “modern cb350-4″

      Yes. An abundance of yes.

  • BillW

    Wie sagt man auf Deutsch, “Ducati SportClassic”?

  • Seamus Mullan

    Only reason the Beemer is beautiful is they fixed the headlight!

  • Bill J

    Oohhhh, I’d trade my Harley for this…

  • 480272

    Nice bike, lovely photos, embarrassing video……

  • erall

    I can’t get the Diavel taste out of my mouth

  • Scott Sweeney

    This, chicas and gents, is how you capture a new demographic. Would my hi-vis Aerostich still be considered acceptable attire?

  • Sebastian Koch

    I just have to work out a way to fund it…and it’s made just around the corner which makes it even more desirable. First time I saw it this morning I thought that is exactly the way I always dreamed a motorcycle should be.

  • AHA

    They should sell loads (even at the likely crazy price) and yet…I recall the R1200C cruiser they did about 10 years ago was a commercial failure, by their standards, and was dropped. Not a great precedent but they’ve had plenty of successes since. I’m expecting pricing close to the Diavel. Let’s see…

  • The Real Kyle

    That S1000 front end needs an S1000 rear end.

  • maull

    and i thought monster clan is “the one” not that monsters is bad

  • Reid

    This is simply fantastic. Why is it so hard for most manufacturers to just put a single round headlight on a naked bike and call it a day? Simplicity is the ideal.

  • DerekB

    I guess i differ with most posters, damn that thing is HIDEOUS. I was expecting elegant and simple… this is incredibly over styled, to the point of being distracting.

  • LS650

    IMHO ugly.

  • Joseph42s

    You guys really think this is better looking then the new Norton’s?

  • Spurdog1

    I really like this BMW. Can’t wait to see what Triumph come up with for their new ‘sporty/street tracker’ Bonneville.

  • dimidi

    I see the target group like 40 something( maybe more) wanna be
    hard-boiled bikers that they can afford to buy some cafe racer credibility
    without the trouble involved… or so they think.

    This is a poser’s bike, period.

    check the promotional video, full of bullshit:

    • Justin

      Why must you be so judgmental?
      It’s a good looking, well engineered machine that I’m sure will please lots of people.
      As far as the accompanying video, almost all contemporary marketing material is one giant, lumpy ****.

      • dimidi

        You’re right I’m being judgemental but once again I see a big brand capitalizing on a biker philosophy that has nothing to do with their offering. It’s true I got carried away by their commercial and forgot the bike… in my case that is called bad marketing.
        It is good looking, It’s kind of early to talk about the engineering but I guess it won’t be bad and they are gonna be definitely many people happy with this machine. However I’ve ridden shaft driven BMWs and I find them boring.

  • CJ Wilson

    after seeing this bike in person recently would just like to add: not only is the aluminum tank hand painted- it has been very carefully welded so you can take the paint off and just run it with a brushed aluminum look. Very precise. Also the bike is seen as a template for custom mods and additions, and dealers will have various options to suit. In person it is more of a Diavel and less of a Monster if that makes sense.

  • grindz145

    Am I the only one that thinks the R1200R is actually a little nicer looking?

  • Joseph42s

    I was wrong. This bike looks awesome!

  • Rossi Valentino

    here you fin all about motorcycles news :

  • Nate Terrill

    I got one and I love it. I am not sure where the “huge bike” comments are coming from. It’s about the size of my Bonnie. Pictures do not do it justice, except the ugly tail piece.