Leaked: 2014 Ducati Scrambler Photo — Our Best Look Yet

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2014 Ducati Scrambler

This latest photo of the 2014 Ducati Scrambler, captured by Insella.it, is the clearest yet taken of the new bike. Expected to debut at EICMA next week, it promises a mix of modern performance and classic style. But what’s with that crazy headlight?

According to Insella.it, while this is clearly one of Ducati’s air-cooled Monster engines, it’s not clear whether it’s the 86 bhp 796 or 100 bhp 1,100 version. Front suspension also appears to be a Monster carryover, but the similarities end there. The steel trellis frame is all-new, as is the banana swingarm. Despite appearing here in unfinished form, the exhaust will also clearly be arranged differently from the Monster. Perhaps the most controversial change, however? A single front brake disc, albeit one gripped by a radial Brembo caliper.

2014 Ducati Scrambler
This previously-captured spy photo of the 2014 Ducati Scrambler shows offset shock, radial caliper and provides a better view of that headlight.

Also still in use is this very angular, almost Streetfighter-like headlight. Will that carry through to production or will Ducati opt for a more traditional, round item?

Overall, the bike (in its current form) is a confusing mix of retro, contemporary and futuristic details. That chrome handlebar is deep and wide in a shape we haven’t seen on a Ducati in decades, and is adorned by giant chrome mirrors. But the cast aluminum swingarm is all-new and pursues a high tech route. The wheels? It’s likely that the Scrambler will adapt the spoked item seen at the front, not the tubeless arrangement seen at the rear.

As for the price? The original SportClassic range suffered with too-high pricing, which blunted sales in comparison to Triumph’s evergreen Bonneville range, which starts at just $7,899. Ducati needs to get the Scrambler under $10,000 for it to be a sales success.

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  • Rameses the 2nd

    A leaked pic taken with a proper camera…. The end is near. I hope the final version will look better. This doesn’t look appealing.

    • Kyle Dugan

      If Triumph upped the performance on their Scrambler, I would already own one. Maybe this will help sway them to update it a bit.

      • CruisingTroll

        “upped the performance”? Yeah, but HOW they do that is what’s important. Triumph’s Scrambler doesn’t need more power. It needs a LOT less weight and about 2 inches more of suspension travel front and rear. I’m not asking for a motocrosser, simply a lighter bike that one can go poking around on anywhere there’s a road, paved or not.

        Right now, the leading contender for the title of “best Scrambler” is the Honda CB500X, even if the styling is bleh. Hopefully, Mother Honda will recognize the efforts of their Thai employees/affiliates who are adventurizing the thing for real and racing it, and apply some of the lessons to make it a REAL adventure bike, rather than just very good bike in a faux adventure suit.

  • kevin

    I’d guess that the single front brake would indicate the 796 engine, I can’t imagine Ducati making a 100hp bike without twin disks… Also really hope the final production version has a more conventional headlight. That weird angled one doesn’t do the style of this bike justice at all.

  • Clint Keener

    I can’t wait! Please look amazing, and have a low price.

  • Jay

    Round headlight please. Other than that, I like the looks of this.

  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    So far, that’s a bucket of ugly. I’m sure it’s because they are testing things like engine tune and suspension and brakes, and certainly not anything remotely related to cohesive design. Two different wheel types, stolen headlight… at least the tank and seat almost look okay.

    (Says the guy tempted by the Hyperstrada.)

  • Mugget

    Trying to ignore the camo on the tank and fender, which make up very little of the bike anyway, and even imagining the bike without the mirrors – it still just seems like all kinds of weird. At first I was like “weird is good!” Now I’m thinking that this brand of weird is not so good…

    Maybe they are trying to use reverse psychology on all of us? Hoping that people will be shouting praise that the actual bikes doesn’t look like this one?

    • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

      “Yay, thank the gods that the new Ducati Scrambler wasn’t as double-bag ugly as the leaked prototypes!”

      I think that could be a legit marketing announcement.

  • Aaron

    I hope they keep the spoke front wheel and alloy rear…looks sweet.

  • Lourens Smak

    Overall it looks like a small & light “city” bike to me, maybe even something for A2-license people overhere in Europe… a 47hp 496 maybe? Then you could maybe also get 150 miles from the little tank.

    For years the 53hp monster M600 was the most-sold Ducati overhere. If you have $20k to spend there’s something from Ducati for everyone’s taste, but they need some more action at the lower end of their range. That’s what this things is for, I think.

  • Dan

    Isn’t that the headlight from the Streetfighter 848 without the plastic shrouding? I think it’s just a grab from the parts bin while they test the chassis.

    • Dan

      Headlight pic:

  • Aakash

    Ducati, if you are listening, please make the tank at least 4.5 gallons in volume.