First Photos and Specs: 2014 EBR 1190RX — AimExpo 2013

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America’s new superbike is going to be lighter, torquier and more fuel efficient than any of its competition. Not only that, but the 2014 EBR 1190RX is going to race in World Superbike next year. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and prepared to be wowed by the full details.

“This thing’s got gobs of torque,” remarked EBR’s head of engineering shortly after its wraps were pulled off today at the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida. 102 lb.-ft. of torque is more than any other superbike makes but, more impressive is the bike’s full torque curve. From 4,000 rpm up, it never dips below 80 lb.-ft. To put that in perspective, a Japanese liter bike like the Honda CBR1000RR peaks at 82 lb.-ft. and 8,500 rpm.

2014 EBR 1190RX

Max power from the 1190cc “ET-V2″ is 185 bhp at 10,600rpm. Redline is 11,500 rpm. It can reliably pull such high revs (for a V-twin) thanks to forged pistons and connecting rods and extremely low internal friction, a factor which also boosts EPA-certified highway fuel economy to 52 mpg. That’s better than a Toyota Prius. Combined city/highway mpg is 40.

2014 EBR 1190RX

It’s cheaper than a Prius, too. The 1190RX will retail for $18,995 when it hits dealers later this year. EBR says it hopes to start with 50 or so dealers, possibly going as high as 100 by the end of next year.

The 419 lbs curb weight is also extremely impressive. That’s measured ready-to-ride, with with its 4.5-gal tank empty. In comparison, the “frameless” Ducati 1199 Panigale is said to be 425 lbs, complete with fuel. The EBR achieves that low weight with the aid of a frame/fuel cell designed by the same engineer who did those parts for the ill-fated Team Kenny Roberts MotoGP bike. It must be a coincidence then, that the frame/fuel cell on both bikes weighs the same — 23 lbs. The die-cast magnesium rear subframe weighs on 2 lbs. That’s right, two.

2014 EBR 1190RX

Like the Ducati, the EBR is fitted with a full color, Thin Film Transistor display and advanced electronic rider aids. While it does without wheelie control or ABS, the 1190RX does have a 21-mode traction control system. It can be switched off.

Announcing the 1190RX’s 2.8-sec 0-60 mph time, an EBR representative went on to state that the agreed top speed for motorcycles in Europe is 186 mph. He stated that with a big smile on his face.

2014 EBR 1190RX

Fully adjustable suspension is by Showa. Forks are that firm’s popular “Big Piston” design. The 1190RX’s continues to use Erik Buell’s innovative “Zero Torsional Load” brake design, which fits a single, large disc to the perimeter of the front rim. Because the wheels spokes are freed from the need to bear torsional brake loads, they can be made lighter. The system lowers both parts count and unsprung weight.

2014 EBR 1190RX

Headlights are another area where EBR is innovating. It’s not the first to go full-LED, but it is the first to max-out the Federal government’s maximum brightness regulation. It reaches the 2,000 lumen limit by using high-tech Cree LEDs, the same you’ll find in high-end flashlights from company’s like Fenix or Four Sevens.

2014 EBR 1190RX

Perhaps the best indication of how seriously EBR is coming at the sport bike market are its 2014 race plans. It will campaign a factory team in World Superbike next year, going up against bikes like the Aprilia RSV4 and Ducati 1199 on the world stage.

  • Ryan Deckard

    This is incredible. Lots of innovation here, tons of torque.

    On that note, anyone want to buy an 05xb12r or a 2008 Husqvarna SM610? lol.

    • Randy Hosier

      How much for the XB12r??

      • Ryan Deckard

        ~4500$ lol

  • Richard Gozinya

    Spiffy. Everything but the exhaust, and the yellow.

    • nick

      Agreed with the yellow, but honestly, I don’t know many people with sport-bikes that keep factory pipes anyway.

      • Ryan Deckard

        Yellow is likely a big EFF YOU to HD since they cancled the Baraccuda project, which was yellow.

        The exhaust, the secondary one you see, its on with 2 clamps ;) Race exhaust is free lol

    • Jay Hartley

      But is any stock exhaust “spiffy” these days?

      • nick

        my point exactly, however with a few exceptions, panigale is a prime example of a beautifully executed piece. Stock pipes are restrictive and noise “muffling” by design.

        • Richard Gozinya

          Doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. Ducati pulled it off, borrowing a page out of Erik Buell’s playbook. That’s part of what makes it stand out so much to me.

          • nick

            Maybe. I haven’t ridden either bike, but I would like to see an overlay of the torque curves. The 1199 has been criticized by the ‘Ducatisti’ for it’s lack of the typical Ducati low and mid range. If the 1190 make more torque than the 1199, maybe it’s a worth it? I agree though, it is a little ‘odd’ on one of Buell’s bikes.

            Some more information on the bike:

    • JKG

      The protruding pipes and exhaust are simply for sound reduction. Underneath the chassis, in true Buell fashion, is the full exhaust. The ugly can may be removed in minutes with hand tools.
      Also comes in red and black ;)

  • roma258

    Awesome news about EBR racing WSBK! Wonder who their rider will be….

    • JKG

      Guuuuhhh… If only they could get Danny Eslick again. That guy can ride the wheels off this thing.

      • roma258

        Would be cool, but I’ve heard mixed things about his commitment to the craft, fwiw. Alot of people seem to like the guy though and rate his speed quite highly.

      • Stephen Mears

        Danny is great, but doesn’t seem world class.

  • Lee Scuppers

    It’s definitely been a toss up between this and the Prius, but if it’s cheaper, I gotta say that tips the scales.

    • Rameses the 2nd

      Prius is more expansive becuase it comes standard with ABS.

      • Jai S.

        When I bought my bike my wife drove the Prius back home. Turns out she couldn’t back it up into the garage, and I looked like an idiot parking a Prius garage in full gear.

    • Racetrack Style

      “fuckn’Prius.” comes to mind every time I see one.

      • Piglet2010

        I do not sit and rev my engine way up at red lights – unless there is a Prius next to me.

      • runnermatt

        I saw a Prius with a bumper sticker that said something along the lines of “My Prius beats your MPG”. I was on my CBR250R. I really wanted to pull up next to them and ask what their gas mileage was and then say, “Yeah, well I get 67 to 74 and I’ve gotten as high as 84 mpg.” I really want to get a personalized plate that says “77MPG” I hate the Prius.

  • Jonathan Berndt

    interesting to see how this compares with the 1290 super duke 416lbs dry, 106ft lbs torque. no fairing of course but still…

    • EH

      The KTM’s displacement prevents it from racing anywhere, so your statement only applies to street bikes. Keep in mind that what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday…….

      • Jonathan Berndt

        im just talking about performance. as for winning on Sunday… sportbike sales are kind of dead in the water these days.

      • Axel

        Ask Aprilia about that win/sale thingy. Or BMW; the S1000 is known to make average people feel like winning.

        • Jonathan Berndt

          you need to do a bit of research. the dealer here that carried Aprillia stopped dealing with them, 2 of our local Honda dealers arent moving sportbikes, and most magazines have talked about declines in sales nationally. Race reps are always going to be hardcore fans but they just arent moving in the same numbers that they have in the past.

          • Axel

            Exactly my point. Aprilia won SBK, but sold only a handful of bikes. Although nobody loves to buy bikes at a scooter dealer.
            BMW, on the other hand, build ignoring all their sacred traditions, did not perform in SBK for several years and sold the bikes like sliced bread.

      • devillock

        Good riders win, regardless of what they are on. Also, numbers on paper don’t mean that much. It’s how the power is delivered that counts.

        • runnermatt

          There are limits to your “regardless of what they are on” statement. Granted a pro-racer can take a average bike and beat the crap out of an average rider, regardless of what the average rider is riding. But if you are talking good pro-racer vs. good pro-racer then the tune, limits, and problems of a bike can make a significant difference.

          • devillock

            Absolutely. However, they do market these bikes to the masses and people get horny with numbers on paper, always wanting more but don’t have the skills to ride the bike properly and would probably fair better and go faster with a smaller displacement engine. My comment was geared more towards the typical rider as the pros are looking to save ounces of weight, etc…

      • Bruce Steever

        Not anymore. The direct connection between racing and sales is all but dead in this day and age.

    • Ares4991

      There’s no comparison. There would be if EBR made a fairingless ET-V2, with a displacement upped to 1290(which is exactly what KTM did: take superbike, remove fairings, add power), which, if styled properly, would be amazing.

      • Jonathan Berndt

        theres always a comparison!

      • Bruce Steever

        EBR will have both a naked and an ADV version next year (or two)

  • Marc Fenigstein

    19 grand for this thing is just amazing. Huge congrats to Erik and the EBR team. They have had to work SO so hard to get here… incredible perseverance. So awesome to see performance motorcycles coming out of American outfits again.

  • Jeremy

    Erik has always been a wonderfully stubborn engineer, but never a visionary designer.

    I really hope this bike is a winner. This market needs more non-inline-4 options.

  • Michael Love

    What are those wind tunnels on the brake calliper about?

    • AlexKnolly

      It directs air onto the pads and disc to cool it at high speeds. The same piece on the 1190RS was even cooler since it was a massive carbon fiber piece.

  • uberbox

    This is officially my new favorite Dream Bike! It is so exciting to see an American company (yes I know there’s foreign $$ behind this) not only make a true sport bike, but one with a superb spec sheet. No doubt the ride will live up to the spec.

  • Aakash

    The 1199 is heaps more pretty, but I’d still take an EBR for all the geeky innovative doodads.

  • AlexKnolly



  • Bobby Vachon

    Looks awesome and specs are quite impressive to say the least, but 21 mode tc and no abs or wheelie control? Seems a bit odd. But I am excited nonetheless!!! Finally an American superbike!

  • rumblestrip

    I’ll wait till Cathcart or Oxley do a road test of the bike. Anything from the U.S. will look like a bj from an Eliott Spitzer level call girl

    • Stephen Mears

      That will be Wes giving that BJ. He does have nice girly hair.

  • Rocket Punch

    “The 419 lbs curb weight is also extremely impressive. ”

    AFAIK, there is a difference between “wet” weight and “curb” weight. “curb weight” usually implies the the vehicle is fully fueled, but wet weight does not.

    As stated on EBR’s site and the article, 419lbs is without fuel, hence “wet weight”.

    • Max Chen

      My understanding is that “wet weight” includes all liquids, including fuel. The 419 pounds I would think would be the “dry weight”, although it could count brake fluid, engine oil, etc. which would put it somewhere in between “dry” and “wet” weight. I always thought that “wet weight” and “curb weight” were synonymous.

      • Piglet2010

        “Dry weight” is a really stupid measurement – when was the last time you rode your bike without a battery, fuel, oil and (on liquid cooled bikes) coolant?

        • Max Chen

          Completely agree.

        • Jesse

          I’m guessing the answer would be “not for very long.”

      • Bruce Steever

        In this case, no. EBR has fudged the number a bit. Claimed 419 weight is sans fuel. Actual curb weight will be around 450.

  • Stephen Mears

    Wow. Better numbers than I expected, and it looks fantastic. That is a very stout motor! Too rich for my blood, but maybe EBR will be selling the wheels from their race shop.
    Almost 4 years to the day that HD shut down the old shop!

  • Stacey

    I’m curious to see how this compares with that Panigale 1199R. Buell…I mean EBR has a winner with this bike!

    • runnermatt

      I know horsepower on the 1190RX (185 hp) is less than on Panigale 1199 (195 hp). I’m not sure how the torque compares, but the wide torque spread on the 1190RX is always welcome. Looks like fully fueled the Panigale 1199 will be about 5-10 lbs. lighter. Another question might be how it compares to the Mission RS.

      • Stacey

        Can’t really see them as comparable since one is far heavier than than the other. Then there’s the electric vs gas issue. It’s nice to see some legit American bikes being made though!

  • webbiker

    I’m very impressed. My initial reaction after the spy pics was “just another Buell with new plastics”, but it seems EBR really is not Buell. It’s something much more.

  • Garrett Nelson

    This seems like a really cool bike for the money. Looks great in red and black. I’d love to see how big the opening is in the head stock. They’ll get so much air into that air box through that front fairing. Can’t wait to hear more about their racing plans.

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    They forgot to add “fairings from the 90s” to the spec list. That front fairing is horrible.

  • Corey Cook

    I really really like everything about this new EBR, but going racing in WSBK seems like biting off waaaaay more than they can (currently) chew. The EBR 1190 has never even won anything race in AMA, which honestly is like Amateur hour compared to the international scene. Throwing away money and getting embarrassed can’t possibly be good for their business plan. All the best to Mr. Buell, but just saying…

    • Ange Bishop

      If you actually payed attention, AMA heavily penalized twins with their rules making you add weight to your bike (ever wonder why no body runs a Duc in AMA superbike?) This past season, they finally equalized the weight but changed the tire formula to take away cornering speeds where the EBR bikes shine. EBR had to “de-exotic” their bike to even comply with the rules in AMA as their bike and mindset as a company was world exposure via WSBK all along. AMA was simply to create a buzz and nail down reliability. Comparing Geoff Mays Laguna times with that of WSBK you would see that he would be mid pack on on AMA spec bike.

      • Corey Cook

        That is all true but if you’ve noticed, the twins are also heavily handicapped in WSBK as well! Hello, are you still out there Ducati? It’s a 4 cylinder game in racing these days.
        Note: I’ve owned a few twins and loved them all, so I’m not just bashing here.

        • Ange Bishop

          That is true as well in WSBK. But, the 1190RS has been beating the Panigale in club racing stateside. So if at least being the worlds fastest twin on a world stage means anything, they’ll have some buyers.

  • akaaccount

    My lord I can’t wait for the SX

  • kentaro

    The American superbike we have all been waiting for. Freakin’ gorgeous and amazed that someone finally had the balls to put a real headlight on a motorcycle. I have to admit though, I’m very sad it does not have ABS.

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    Love what these guys are doing, but please hire someone else to give your presentations. That guy holding the mic in the dyno slide photo doesn’t exactly make me want to go out and buy a motorcycle. Put that dude in some better fitting clothes and teach him better posture… maybe get a hot girl in a cocktail dress.

    • james

      They are not selling you the bike, rideapart are, they are selling the bike to rideapart who then improve the pr significantly and the result is what most call motorcycling (and automotive) journalism.

      • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

        Just imagine apple giving a key note using a dude that looks like that.

  • Piglet2010

    Are those horsepower and torque figures at the crank or rear wheel?

    • Buelligan Jimi

      Irrelevant. You’d never feel the difference anyway,. But I’d wager it’s at the rear wheel.

      • Piglet2010

        Do you normally compare apples to oranges?

    • Wes Siler

      Any time you see “bhp” it’s crank horsepower. We distinguish rear wheel hp with “rwhp”.

      Torque is always quoted at the crank.

  • Dirtymopwater

    mmm… so much toque…

  • protomech

    Can anyone explain to me why it matters how much peak torque the motor produces (vs power and the shape of the power curve)?

    For example, suppose you have two motors with completely flat torque “curves” – think an idealized electric motor. Motor A produces 50% more torque than Motor B, Motor B spins 50% higher than Motor A. Both have the same peak power.

    If Motor A is geared 50% taller than Motor B then the wheel power vs wheel rpm curve should be identical.

    Are there real-world implications for a high peak torque output, or is it just a dick-measuring contest without also discussing gearing?

  • juliansr

    Those front brake ducts….those are incredible. Something i never knew i wanted until just now, and now i must have them.

  • jng1226

    Die hard Bueller, can’t wait for a test ride. Was at the AIMExpo for the unveling, bike looks better in person. Here’s a few shots. The LED headlights are indeed trick.

    • jng1226

      Another of the dash and BPF Fork Tops (note the Vortex clip-ons):

  • beefstuinit

    Finally. An American bike worth buying.

  • beefstuinit

    If you have the gears to keep the bike in that 90 ftlbs range that bike is going to be much faster.

  • junk

    This socks… I just bought an RSV4.Ths is a few thousand more but I really want an American super sport. If only this had been around a few months ago…

  • kArno

    This is freaking AWESOME!

  • thegoodshot

    Serious question, why even bother putting a pillion on this guy? Maybe it’s ignorant to ask because why not get the added functionality, but personally I think it would benefit this bikes intended purpose and design not having it.

  • Kr Tong

    Jesus look at the bicycle spokes on the front wheel.

    Those specs are, i think, exactly what the majority of american literbike riders want.
    If this bike doesn’t do well then motorcycling is indeed doomed in america.

  • Norris Fox

    Tough crowd. I think it’s brilliant.

  • charlie

    I will never understand why there aren’t more Erik Buells in the USA. Plenty of people here who’d like an American-made non-cruiser.

  • Shaun Young

    Awesome bike, good to see Erik back in the game….just wish it was a bit prettier.

  • Grant A Crandall

    The best arrival on the RX YET, WELL DONE.