2014 Motus MST Sportbike— First Action Video

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Powered by a 1,650cc V4 “baby block” based on the Corvette’s V8, the 2014 Motus MST is seen here in action for the very first time.  Watch the video below and then tell us if you’d ever be willing to pay $37,000 for this “comfortable sportbike.”

2014 Motus MST Video:

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  • Richard Gozinya

    It’s a pretty nifty bike, no doubt. But not $37k nifty. The engine’s pretty impressive, putting out that kind of power while returning over 50mpg. The engineers at Katech and Pratt & Miller did a great job on the engine and chassis.

    • Damo Von Vinland

      Yeah for $37k you could get a Hyperstrada for touring and an 899 for sport duties…and cover a several years of insurance…and get a new helmet.

  • Larry

    I keep fantasizing about Motus and Buell pooling resources and merging under the Buell banner (c’mon, Motus is a ridiculous name). This fantasy also involves decamping from both Wisconsin and Alabama to Southern California, the proper spiritual home for an American Sport/Sport Touring marque. It would bring costs down and bring together two American companies trying to build a different kind of American motorcycle. Someone get on that already.

    • BigRooster69

      How could Southern California possibly be less expensive than Wisconsin or Alabama? All else – nice fantasy.

      • Larry

        The cost savings would come from merging the 2 companies…synergies or whatever the fuck they call it now…sharing basic components, etc. The fantasy California move isn’t about saving money on rent, it’s about the inspiration the environment would provide…that is, great weather and beautiful canyon roads. California is the closest thing the US has to Italy. It’s not an accident that the greatest motorcycles…and cars for that matter…come from places with great tight twisty roads, Italy the UK and Japan. The flat, straight endless roads of the midwest inspire Harleys from Milwaukee and Buick Roadmasters from Detroit. The Amalfi coast produces small nimble Alfas and light, lithe Panigales.

        • BigHank53

          I’m guessing you haven’t been to northern Alabama. The tail end of the Appalachian mountains are there, and the roads are mighty fine.

          • Richard Gozinya

            That’s just Northern Alabama though, California is like that from Mexico to Oregon, pretty much.

            • the antagonist

              Just Northern Alabama? Last I checked the Appalachian Trail ran all the way up to Maine passing through 14 states with awesome back roads all the way up.

        • IRS4

          And something like 25% of all motos registered in the US are in CA.

    • Richard Gozinya

      Or, if you really want a California motorcycle company that has a known name, go and revive Crocker, just don’t try to replicate what they used to make, and make a modern equivalent of what they made. Sport bikes.

    • blackcayman

      CA? – Really? Great Roads, I admit, probably the best in the country. NOBODY is looking to open or move a manufacturing company to CA. You need to put down the cannabis. The tax rate is the highest in the country and the state legislature has shown a willingness to limit personal freedom to ridiculous levels. Also Motus & Buell…they are both American but what else would lead you to believe that the two companies should become one? These two companies are run by entrepreneurs that think what they are doing is the “right” thing. They will succeed or fail based on how the market acceps their vision/product. Thinking they should join forces is like expecting Bill Gates & Steve Jobs to work together.

  • juliansr

    Neat, but i don’t see the need for a 1600cc VFR. However It is far lovelier than a Goldwing and they did right by the more narrow profile overall.

  • Rameses the 2nd

    Just $37K? I will take two.

  • Aaron

    Won’t a Ninja 1000 get you most of the way there?

    • roma258

      They really, really blew it on the styling. For that kind of money it has to look special, Bimota special. This thing looks like a bloated 5th gen VFR.

      • IRS4

        I get whiffs of a K75 from the profile

  • Guzzto

    Great camera work, shame the awful guitar shredding drowned out what sounds like a beautiful exhaust note.

  • Frick

    for $37K they should but that motor in a stripped miata knockoff!

    • Richard Gozinya

      They’ll be selling it as a crate engine, so you could do that yourself, if you really wanted to.

    • Beju

      For that much I’d want a whole LS in a Miata.

      However, that engine in a Lotus 7 replica? Now we’re talking.

  • http://ericrshelton.com/ Eric R. Shelton

    It sounds great and looks okay, but I’m not the guy to afford helping moths recoup R&D costs when I can buy more bike for $10k+ less in a K1600. It’s a shame it costs what it does though, because I desperately want to see America produce a full range of bikes and not just cruiser after cruiser. :/

    • http://ericrshelton.com/ Eric R. Shelton

      *Motus auto-corrected as “moths”. Apologies.

  • MrDefo

    While it is pricey, everyone who says that they want an American-made (insert whatever isn’t a cruiser) needs to put their money where their mouth is. When you have a small volume of production, it’s going to have to be pricier to make up for the lack of volume.

    • http://ericrshelton.com/ Eric R. Shelton

      And while what you say is true, it could still be significantly less expensive if they’d used a motor from Rotax or something in order to spend less on R&D.

      • MrDefo

        Oh I agree that there could have been corners cut. I was commenting more on the general complaint people have, not leveled solely at Motus.
        The Motus bike is probably not for me. I wish them success because I want to see more American bikes I can be proud of, so if I did want the bike I think I’d be willing to pay more for it.

  • Paul Elliot

    That area is in and around Capitol Reef National Park in Utah, great roads indeed.

  • Eduardo

    For $37,000 you can have that thing alone or 1 K1600GT + 1 S1000RR + a few accessories.

    thing is atrocious, on the side it looks like a 1985 BMW K100 and it
    has the headlight of a Versys. The tail light also looks like a
    Kawasaki. This bike is a commercial failure waiting to happen, when will
    it release?

  • John

    Nice video. $37K is pocket change for some people. Not for me, but I’m glad millionaires can have something with which they can differentiate themselves, because lord knows they have so little in that regard.

  • michaelse

    I understand that the sport touring category is kind of resistant to across-the-board aesthetic changes, but to me, this looks a bit generic and just slightly dated. If I caught a glimpse of it rolling down the road, I might think “Oh, that’s a cool 5 year old BMW tourer/Sprint GT.” But it sounds wonderful and I’m sure it’s exhilarating to ride (any chance for a review, RideApart?).

    Motus have already proven their engineering ability with the engine, and have proven that they have some design prowess with the gorgeous trellis frame, now it’s time to extend that design to the fairings to make a few proverbial waves. I feel that hard, angular lines, while perhaps a trend, could benefit this bike in the looks department while making it more attractive to superbike riders looking to transition.

    • Richard Gozinya

      Actually all the engineering was outsourced, engine, transmission, frame and fairing were all engineered by Katech and Pratt & Miller. So no, Motus really hasn’t proven their engineering ability, just their ability to hire other companies that already have proven it.

      • michaelse

        Interesting, thanks for the info.

  • dinoSnake

    The answer to your question, ‘Would you spend $37k on it?’

    I have been paying attention to Motus’ development and look forward to seeing this motorcycle on the market. The shame is that I, as well as many other riders, simply do not wish to spend / have $37k to spend on a motorcycle. Therefore, Motus will be missing out on a huge part of their prospective market simply due to missing the mainline price target.

    And that’s a terrible shame. Polaris understood thay, to make a successful product, you have to actually SELL them and, to do that, you must make affordable to enough people to sustain your needed production numbers. At $37k Motus will not move a large volume of these, especially in today’s recovering market, so I fear for their commercial survival.

    $24k to $27k would only be a small jump from.the major players, the Multistrada and the BMW, so it would offer a valid option. But at $34k most people will say ‘Too much $$$’ and lose many sale opportunities.

    I wish it were an option for me but I’m in that camp: “$37k? Sorry, no thanks.”

  • runnermatt

    It sounds like a cross between a Harley and a Corvette. A very “American” sound that I like. However, I doubt I will ever have $37,000 to spend on a bike.

  • Scott Otte

    Why is it so ugly?

  • Chris Cope

    I have and will pay extra for US products; I LOVE that this bike’s “home” is in Alabama, which is a part of the country that gets so little love it’s depressing; and I actually like the look of the bike, too. I want want want this machine to be successful, but yikes. $37K. It’s just $10,000 too much for a product that effectively already exists, that product coming from proven manufacturers.

    My hope is that once journos are able to test ride there will be some super amazeballs incredible aspect of the bike that will make it worth the price, and thereafter there will some wealthy folks willing to pay for it. Best of luck to Motus, though I’ll likely never buy any of their bikes.

  • roma258

    Is Fischer still a thing?

  • roma258

    Well at least the landscape/cinematography was was handsome…

  • Aakash

    Homie looks like he’s really trying to get that thing to lean.

    • Jimboecv

      Some Homies make it look easy.

      That said, ugly bike. They’ll sell some but, even here in Norcal where we love our odd bikes, I bet they sit.
      One day, my kids will look at my tool box, point to a sticker and say, “Dad, what was a Motus?”

  • bossross

    looks like an 80′s bike. you couldn’t give me that motorcycle.