2014 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Teased Ahead Of EICMA Debut

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2014 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce

Debuting at EICMA next week, tantalizing details of the 2014 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce are revealed in this teaser video. A sport tourer that looks as good as an MV Agusta F3? Yes Please.

“Turismo Veloce” translates to “Fast Touring,” an apt description of a sport touring class motorcycle. In the F3 800, the 798cc, three-cylinder motor develops 148 bhp and 65 lb.-ft. of torque. We’d expect the Turismo to add a few lbs to the F3′s 381 lbs (dry) figure, making up for it with a much more humane riding position and, as spotted in the video, even hard luggage.

We’ll be bringing you complete EICMA coverage starting Monday.

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  • Aakash


  • Mark D

    Do want. I’ve always thought my ideal bike would be a 4/5 sized Triumph Sprint with a street triple engine. This seems pretty damn close.

    • Lama glama

      Or a 4/5 sized Sprint with the Tiger 800 engine. I can’t believe it’s taken Triumph this long.

  • Heather McCoy

    MV Agusta with a launch at Ermenegildo Zegna in Milan…how is it I’m missing this gig?

  • JC Maldonado


  • skeelo221

    Looking forward to this release!

  • Sentinel

    This looks very promising! But can they get the fueling right?

    • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

      Saw a review of the new Rivale and it sounds like they’ve gotten it sorted. Also sounds like MV is planning to update owners of the F3 and B3 with the new software to get their fueling right.

      • Sentinel

        Yeah, I just saw that one by Tor, and that’s great news; thanks!

  • MotoBell

    What a three cyclone attempt at a VFR800. I am dissapointed no one builds a proper sport tourer – there is not a single one in this segment that represents what is possible with modern tech.

    Easy to see how heavy and under powered this is? Unfortunate my ten year old FJR still is pretty good and the only solid all rounders are stupid tall rounders

  • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

    This looks like a really cool motorcycle. Semi active suspension, plenty of power and great looks. I’m interested in the dash, or rather some of the info on it. Looks like it has cellular data. I wonder if it works like the Mission R’s and you’ll be able to share ride data and get navigation right from the dash? Those are really cool features I’d love to see on more high end motorcycles.

  • AHA

    Sure it’ll look sexy but the cynic in me is expecting a Rivale with soft luggage & a deflector screen. I’d love it if it was a more credible all rounder than the farkle fest that is the Hyperstrada.

    • AHA

      I’m wrong, I’m wrong! Praise be. Just checking out the photos appearing around the web & it looks like the bike of my dreams (= so beautiful you don’t mind just how unreliable & unpractical it is.)

  • Clint Keener

    Small pic from the video. As long as it looks better than the last abomination, it should be fine.

    • Axel

      Maybe it’s just a professional deformation … but I don’t like to look at pixels when I’m out on my bike. Very much prefer the white Veglia stuff.

      Now, if I only know how to replace the cockpit on my Hyper …

  • Tony Prior

    Love everything, except the mirrors.