2014 Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS – AIMExpo 2013

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Suzuki announced they’re bringing the Burgman 200 global with the 2014 Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS at AIMExpo today in Orlando, Florida. This 200cc scooter is capable of riding the highway and as it has ABS stock, it could be a winner.

Suzuki has packed in 41 liters of storage under the seat, 5.5 liters more under a front dash resembling that of a car (with phone charger!) and all for what we hope to be a fairly entry-level price.

Here’s What We Know:
- Fuel injected and liquid cooled 200c engine producing 18 hp and 12.5 lbs.-ft. of torque and returning 70 mpg
- CVT transmission
- Telescopic front forks
- Rear twin shock absorbers with spring preload adjustment
- 28.9 in. seat height (lowest in class)
- Ergonomically designed seat and floorboards designed to make the reach to the ground easier
- 13 in. cast aluminum wheels
- Wind tunnel tested windscreen
- Disc brakes both front and rear with ABS
- 41 liters of storage under seat holds two full face helmets and comes with interior illumination
- 5.5 liters of storage in the dash with a 12V DC power outlet
- Multi-function display (eco drive indicator, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, avg fuel consumption, oil change indicator)
- Multiple accessories offered initially (top case, passenger back rest, heated grips, rear rack)

What We Don’t Know:
- Price
- When we’ll see them in dealers

The Burgman 200 has already been a success in Europe, and by the looks of this 2014 ABS, they should have a winner Stateside, though pricing will tell the tale. What do you think?

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  • MrDefo

    I’ve been wrestling with the idea of getting a little scooter for commuting. I’m impressed if the Bergman can maintain highway speeds as you’ve suggested. It looks really comfortable!
    Anyone ride the previous Burgmen, any thoughts on the quality of those scooters?

    • Luke Applegate

      I have a 2008 Burgman 400. I would suggest reading about them on http://www.burgmanusa.com. That is a great community and is what convinced me to buy one. As for picking a size: 650 = Goldwing style touring; 400 = easy to handle, adequate HP for 2-up riding at 65mph, nice for two lane highway and twisty roads; 200 = (guessing here) mostly around town with the occasional short highway run. The 200 will hit 65mph, but it will need to be cranked wide open.

      For comfort, its hard to beat, especially for the price. The wind protection is also very good.

      For reliability, the 650s have their quirks that come with their fancy CVT, but Suzuki has gotten them pretty well squared away. The 400s are a more simple machine and come with the reliability boost to go with. Personally, I have not had a single issue.

      One thing that gets people is the clutch engagement, it isn’t perfectly smooth and is at a higher RPM than you would expect (3500ish). Too much hesitation in launching because of these factors leaves the clutch slipping longer, creating more heat, causing the clutch shoes to glaze, resulting in a squealy clutch and rougher engagement (I’m sure you can see how this can cause a downward spiral). The key is to just twist it up to 4000 RPM and hold it there until you feel it lock up, then vary it from there. Once its locked up, it will stay that way down to 2700ish RPM.

      This is all information that can be found at BurgmanUSA, but if you decide to go test ride or something, its good to know.

      • Mykola

        Funny you talk about the Suzuki 400′s clutch engagement that way; In my own experience the Yamaha Majesty has a similar loose-feeling, excessively slipping clutch engagement. My own Honda Reflex had a definite *grab* to it when you grabbed a handful of throttle from idle. I prefer the positive-grabbing clutch setup and hope Honda’s Forza 300 carries that over.

  • Mark D

    Love the practicality, but they just look soooooo nerdy. The big 650 ones are interesting, but
    this 200 doesn’t look physically any smaller.

  • Piglet2010

    I would be interested if the price was around $4K (since the Honda PCX150 and Forza 300i are $3,449 and $5,599 respectively).