Weekend Round-Up: 5 Amazing Adventure Videos

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It’s Saturday. You’re supposed to be out riding. Instead, you’re home with some lame excuse and surfing the internet. Since you stopped by, we want to give you something to look at. Here are 5 awesome adventure videos of guys showing you how it’s done. See if you make it past the first one before beginning to plan your next trip, we didn’t.

A man, his Kawasaki KLR650 (or two), an amazing route, and a sense of humor. I didn’t know there were places on Earth that looked like the ones he visited, but now I want to see them too.

If you can make it past the horrendous intro (hint: 45 seconds), you’ll be treated to the best off-road adventure videos I’ve ever seen. These guys absolutely rip, and their use of the quadcopter highlights it beautifully.

I was hooked as soon as I saw them trace the route on the map. Opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s awesome to see some great riding right in our own backyard…and by backyard I mean country.

This guy basically invented the whole Adventure thing and gives us a nice reminder that you don’t need to have all the fancy gear for adventure; just the ability to find gas, food, and beer.

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  • Rameses the 2nd

    The second video is amazing. One of the best I have seen online.

    • michaelse

      Yes, that video was incredible, makes me want to see more. Best use of the Temper Trap I’ve seen in a video, as well. The scenes of them riding with the pyramids in the background gave me chills.

      • Rameses the 2nd

        I went to Egypt in 2009. Giza Pyramids are absolutely stunning. It should be on everyone’s “must visit before I die” places list.

  • runnermatt

    The reason I’m not riding… it is 34 degrees outside and my gear is nowhere near warm enough for that.

    • Rameses the 2nd

      Same here. These types of YouTube videos are my riding substitute for the next 5 months. :(

    • Lee Scuppers

      Rode at 29 F this morning.

      Turns out you’re a lot smarter than I am!

      • runnermatt

        Maybe we should get some of these. Winter base layer shirt and pants.


        • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

          Just came across those yesterday, gonna see about getting some in for review.

          Check out Schampa. Best warm base layers i’ve worn so far.

      • Chris

        27*F this morning. Just get heated gear.

  • LiberalNightmare

    You can watch long way around, and long way down (the first is better) on hulu

    • Thomas Høj Jørgensen

      Long way round has nothing on the travels above though. Those guys are the real deal, no support trucks.

  • FrVentura

    KTM video is awesome, what a great adv.

  • Larry

    The Motonomad one is astonishing, although I’m still struggling to understand how they got some of those shots with no crew, even with the copter. Also, who’s manning the controls of the copter when they’re both riding? It must have an auto pilot setting. But yeah. That intro. Something about a monotone Aussie (Kiwi??) accent that just doesn’t go with earnestly over-wrought pseudo profundity. But then they bust out some formation salt-flat wheelies and they probably shagged that belly dancer, so we’ll let that slide.

  • Fresh Mint

    This damn article has me about to quit my job and just GO.

    Man.. I feel like i have not lived now.

    • shaun

      my life for the past 5 years on advrider.com

  • http://instagram.com/real_jason_ip Jason Ip

    The KTM one (from London to Sydney), I’m curious, how did they handle the handlebar vibration for that long? I have a 690 and there’s no way I could ride it for that long at highway speeds with the vibration…

    • Chris


  • Bret Prins

    Love the end of that second video. “99% of the people in the world are good people”

  • http://www.matthewfritz.com/ Matthew Fritz

    These are some great videos. Inspiring, motivational and all round brilliant. Makes me want to quit my day job!

  • Thatmanstu

    THE ACTUAL ORIGINAL A.D.V. rider……http://www.amazon.com/One-Caravan-Incredible-Journeys-Books/dp/1884313051

    also would add that the Long Way Round boys did what they did in a little over three months and came away with a wonderful documentary series…….quite a feat and not diminished in the least by the fact that they needed an advance team to do it so quickly and make such a great piece of entertainment out of it….