The 10 Best Concept Bikes Of EICMA Past

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Aprilia FV2

Husqvarna E-Go
Husqvarna E-Go

Husqvarna E-Go
Another stillborn concept from the formerly-BMW-owned brand. An honest little electric urban runabout that benefited from some clean, simple design. Alas.

BMW Concept 6
BMW Concept 6

BMW Concept 6
The six-cylinder motor in the K1600GT/L is epic, but is housed in a trad tourer, not an exciting performance bike. The Concept 6 was a proposal to fix that, stripping the big bike of most of its bodywork and giving it sporting ergonomics. Despite their immense weight, the 1600s are amazing handlers, so such a bike might actually make sense sometime in the near future.

Aprilia FV2
Aprilia FV2

Aprilia FV2
Launched in 2007, a year before the release of the RSV4, the Galluzzi-designed FV2 previewed that superbike’s styling direction. Its seat unit and tank are virtually identical to the production model’s.

Husqvarna Mille 3
Husqvarna Mille 3

Husqvarna Mille 3
Man, Husky got zany there for a little bit, huh? By gluing three of its single-cylinder dirt bike motors together, this 930cc monstrosity was supposed to be some sort of drag bike/flat track hybrid. Because that makes sense. I think the whole idea was really just to get us used to the exciting future of big Husqvarna street bikes, which obviously never happened.

Aprilia Mana X
Aprilia Mana X

Aprilia Mana X
Another Galluzzi masterpiece, the Mana X shows how sweet a Mana could look if it was stripped of its dumpy bodywork. The 850 V-twin, CVT transmission and steel trellis frame hold much promise — you’d ride this bike around town, wouldn’t you?

What motorcycle concepts do you hope to see at EICMA 2013, next week?

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  • TheSeaward

    Why’d you have to bring up the Baja? So young and so pretty.

  • kentaro

    I need dem orange and white wheels. On everything.

  • Dan

    Nice of Terblanche and Galluzzi to make an HFL-tribute bike like that :)

  • Austin Tan

    What about Yamaha’s concept XTW250 Utility Motorcycle?

    • Wes Siler

      That was shown in Tokyo first.

  • Justin McClintock

    Man, lots of really cool stuff in there. Wish more of them would have made it to the real world.

  • Speedo007

    Ill have a Moto Guzzi V12 please.

  • roma258

    For a brief moment in time, Husky and Aprilia were really on top of their game design-wise. Now Husky is dead and Aprilia is stuck in Piaggio doldrums.

    /Pours out an Aperol Spritz in remembrance.

  • SteveNextDoor

    Lucius Fox: …and they call it the ‘Super Duke’.
    Bruce Wayne: Does it come in black?
    Lucius Fox: It’s none of my business, sir, but why are you interested in such a powerful motorcycle?
    Bruce Wayne: I wanna borrow it… for some canyon carving.
    Lucius Fox: Uh huh.

  • Afonso Mata

    On the Aprilia Mana X subject: “you’d ride this bike around town, wouldn’t you?”
    Boy I’d ride this baby EVERYWHERE! :D
    (Since I’m mostly a scooter guy, I’m a big fan of the Mana. I wish I could afford one, even if I’ve never ridden one and have no clue if it’s any good)

  • John

    1. Honda R1300 V4 Naked Roadster
    2 Honda CB500x Dakar
    3. Honda VF800F Sabre sport tourer
    4. Honda NC750x w/shaft drive
    5. Triumph 530 Tiger Cub XC
    6. Triumph 350 Tiger Trail scramble/DP single
    7. Moto Guzzi V7 Mini Norge
    8. Yamaha 850 Tenere
    9. Honda CRF350L
    10. VW 800TDI turbo diesel Adv bike.

    • Mykola

      I like the way you think