Best Halloween Motorcycle Movies

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You love motorcycles. You love Halloween. For those of you who are staying in, instead of using your motorcycle gear to make a Halloween costume, here are the best Halloween motorcycle movies for your viewing pleasure.

Werewolves on Wheels – 1971
Satan-worshipping monks, evil monasteries, and a bike gang that turns into werewolves. The recipe for perfection. You can find a better version of the trailer here.

I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle – 1990
Don’t you just hate it when your motorcycle attacks your girlfriend?

Biker Zombies From Detroit – 2001
This looks like a film school project, which makes it that much more amazing. The movie poster is a huge over-sell on its quality. You may need to open a bottle of whiskey to really appreciate this one.

Chopper Chicks in Zombietown – 1989
I wasn’t going to include this one until I noticed it was starring Billy Bob Thornton! Hey, we all make mistakes, but watching this isn’t as big a mistake as starring in it.

The Violent Kind – 2010
Outlaw bikers go to a party and their friends turn into zombies. Not a lot of bike action, unless you count using your biker-badassness to kill things.

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  • Brian

    there has to be a reason that Robert Rodriguez hasn’t combined these things for one of his epic films.

  • the antagonist

    You forgot “Dear God No!”:

  • the antagonist

    And maybe an honorable mention for “Knight Riders” ( Not a horror movie, but they are wearing costumes and it was directed by George Romero.

    • Jesse

      I own this on VHS. I’m not proud of the fact that I find it as entertaining as I do.

  • Larry
  • motoguru.

    The Manwolfs vid will never get old.

    • sean macdonald


      • motoguru.

        I have the shoes.

        • sean macdonald

          i almost ordered those last night!

          • motoguru.

            Where did you find them!? I can’t seem to find them left anywhere.

            • sean macdonald

              their site. I actually didn’t click add to cart so I didn’t see they were sold out.

              • motoguru.

                I didn’t even know they had a site until after I posted that comment. I bought mine from a mailorder skate shop back in 2011 for like $70. I see they’ve reached “hip” status now and are selling for $150.

    • Jesse

      I dont know what I just watched, but hell yes.

  • Blixa

    You guys need to check out Wild Zero. It’s a Japanese flick about a crazy-ass punk rock band (real life band Guitar Wolf) that travels around on bikes, destroying zombies and aliens. It’s hilarious, disgusting and unforgettable.