Best Halloween Motorcycle Movies

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The following movies are not exactly horror movies, but still involve Halloween or Halloween characters and motorcycles…just in case the first five movies were too scary for you.

The Karate Kid – 1984
I couldn’t talk about Halloween movies and leave out The Karate Kid, even if only for the initial bike chase scene.

Ghost Rider – 2007
Yes, I know it sucked, but it has motorcycles. Watching Nicholas Cage act counts as terrifying, right?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon – 2009
I know, and I’m sorry for including it. Sweet slide, bro. Remember kids: no sex before marriage or your baby will eat you from the inside out.

You say commercial, I say my favorite combination of werewolves and motorcycles.

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  • Brian

    there has to be a reason that Robert Rodriguez hasn’t combined these things for one of his epic films.

  • the antagonist

    You forgot “Dear God No!”:

  • the antagonist

    And maybe an honorable mention for “Knight Riders” ( Not a horror movie, but they are wearing costumes and it was directed by George Romero.

    • Jesse

      I own this on VHS. I’m not proud of the fact that I find it as entertaining as I do.

  • Larry
  • motoguru.

    The Manwolfs vid will never get old.

    • sean macdonald


      • motoguru.

        I have the shoes.

        • sean macdonald

          i almost ordered those last night!

          • motoguru.

            Where did you find them!? I can’t seem to find them left anywhere.

            • sean macdonald

              their site. I actually didn’t click add to cart so I didn’t see they were sold out.

              • motoguru.

                I didn’t even know they had a site until after I posted that comment. I bought mine from a mailorder skate shop back in 2011 for like $70. I see they’ve reached “hip” status now and are selling for $150.

    • Jesse

      I dont know what I just watched, but hell yes.

  • Blixa

    You guys need to check out Wild Zero. It’s a Japanese flick about a crazy-ass punk rock band (real life band Guitar Wolf) that travels around on bikes, destroying zombies and aliens. It’s hilarious, disgusting and unforgettable.