Ducati 1199 Panigale TerraCorsa — Off-Road Superbike Exclusive

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The guys at Portland area Ducati dealer MotoCorsa are building and riding some pretty unique bikes. Like this 2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale S, modified to go off-road. They just got back from a three-day, off-road trip and here’s exclusive photos, video and details of what they’re calling the Ducati 1199 Panigale TerraCorsa.

Photos and Video: Taylor Ramsauer

“We do an annual off-road trip with a few friends, down in Southeastern Oregon, out in the middle of nowhere,” MotoCorsa’s general manage and Nair customer of the month Arun Sharma told us. “I was planning on taking my Multistrada, but happened to have my track Panigale on the lift next to it.”

“I had a set of Continental TKC80s to put on it, when one of my friends comes in and says,’You know what you should do? Put those TKCs on the Panigale!’”

“It was one of those spontaneous moments that just turned into, ‘Game on,’ he told us over the phone.

When early photos appeared on MotoCorsa’s website, reaction was…controversial. “The funny thing is, everyone seems to think we wasted all this money making it. And, actually, it was really, really easy and really, really inexpensive. One minute, a set of tires was lying next to the bike and, the next, we had a crazy off-road Panigale.”

Ducati 1199 Panigale TerraCorsa

“It looks mostly cosmetic and, frankly, it largely is. We painted the bodywork that Desert Storm color then, depending on your perspective, raised or lowered the suspension. We dropped the forks as low as we could in the triple and raised the shock’s ride height as much as possible; the idea being to max out the ground clearance. it probably only got us a half inch or so, but that’s something. Then, we went through the suspension settings and made everything as soft as possible so we could mimic an off-road bike’s travel.”

“As you know, with a Panigale S it’s all electronic, so we just went into the dash and altered the programming.”

“Then, we put the TKCs on there and, because we didn’t want to ruin nice Panigale wheels and rotors, we bolted on a set of 1098 wheels. We had to shim and space them to make them fit, but we just had them knocking around, so it was worth it.”

Ducati 1199 Panigale TerraCorsa

“I didn’t want to trash my nice Termignonis, so we took a stock 1199 exhaust and cut and welded a formed crash guard. The whole bottom of the bike is now this really cool formed metal skid plate that protects the exhaust, it’s pretty rad.”

“So far, even just with a few pics on our website, it’s gotten way, way more reaction than I thought it would. Manigale is blowing up too, I never would have thought AOL would pick that up. I never would have thought this would have become some viral thing. But with both, there’s haters. There’s all these guys saying, ‘that’s so stupid’ or “why would you ruin a good bike like that?’ Well, why not just have some fun and be silly?”

“And, the thing is, it works!”

Ducati 1199 Panigale TerraCorsa

“The ride ended up being five people. One Multistrada, one TerraCorsa and three GS’s. We went and did a 1,200 mile ride over three days in all kinds of conditions. Rain, mud, gravel, grass, street. I’d like to think we did as much of an adventure ride as anyone normal person would, be it on a GS, a Super Tenere or a KTM. We were in the middle of nowhere with no excuses, there’s nowhere we went that the Panigale didn’t just go right along with us. It was super impressive.”

“Here’s the thing with the Panigale: it’s a surprisingly comfortable bike to ride. Yeah, you have to have equal parts confidence and ability to ride it in a lot of the situations where you’d want to have high bars and stand up, but it just works.”

Ducati 1199 Panigale TerraCorsa

“It’s amazing what a huge difference just tires make. The Panigale was the only bike that had TKCs and, there were some places where it was the only bike that could get through. We had this one stretch of really, really hard mud and the Panigale with TKCs was the only bike that made it. Those are incredible tires. We had a couple stretches where we were going really, really fast and were like, ‘these are bias plys, we shouldn’t be doing 120 mph!’ We had this horrible revelation where we realized how dangerous this could be if we really let loose.”

Ducati 1199 Panigale TerraCorsa

“Look, we didn’t single track it. We didn’t go off into the mountains with the intention of going somewhere no one else had ever been. But, we went to the normal places you’d go on a relatively decent adventure ride: dirt roads, fire roads, open fields and a couple of tighter places and some tame single track. The Panigale handled all of it.”

“Next, we want to do a video where the bike is being used like crazy off-road, then rides into the shop and we do a time-lapse where we convert it from dirt to track and take it to a track day. Now, we’re just going to put the bike back into track form and I’ll be a track day on it down at Thunderhill next month.”

“This wasn’t even planned. It was a stupid adventure, and one that just worked.”

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  • Jonathan Berndt

    at first i was highly indignant… but ya know, in the scheme of things, why not? i even kinda like the paint!
    i would like to see a pair of aluminium side cases.

  • Kemal Kautsar

    damn, that’s like doing Downhill on a crosscountry mountain bikes with 80mm fork! gnarly

  • Conrad


  • Chris McAlevy

    What’s the netting on the tail in the last couple of pictures?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      Just camo netting for the photos.

  • grb

    “why not just have some fun and be silly?” thats what it is, silly. and its fun because its not my bike and Im not the one riding it through a whole trip. its entertaining

  • thepierced

    Ok, that was the coolest parking job I’ve ever seen. And on the Panigale nonetheless! Maybe that’s a real thing with other dirt bikes, but I just think that was cool.

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    I actually really like the paint job, I’v been thinking about painting my bike that color for almost a year now. It’s nice to actually see it done.

  • Brian

    put an upright top triple/handlebar kit from like Speigler/LSL on it and rock it out!!!

  • roma258

    Moto Corsa is alright by me. These dudes really seem to be enjoying life, more power to them!

  • Rameses the 2nd

    I am not a big fan of sports bike, but man, Panigale is a beautiful bike.

  • charlie

    Kinda reminds me of the motorcycles in the “Megaforce” movie

  • modus

    This seems absurd unless, of course, you’ve seen this modified Monster from a fella named Dock Rock here in NYC:

    The key difference being that the Monster is actually rideable through fire cuts and single tracks, whereas the Panigale probably can’t get through anything. Not a bad paint job, though.

    • Brian

      reminds me of the Terra Mostro 695 kit bikes….

    • TP

      I reeeaaaally like that Monster

    • Curtis Caulfield

      Did you READ the article?

  • grindz145

    Knobbies make anything better.

    • Dustin Kimble

      Yes Grindz, yes they do….

  • Reid

    This is incredibly cool. My hat’s off to these fine gentlemen.

  • MichaelEhrgott

    I love it when people defy expectations and take their “unsuitable” bikes off-road. There is nothing that pisses me off more than people who refuse to ride their bikes on a plain old dirt road. It’s not hot lava people.

    • Ryan Chambers

      Right? Knobbies make it easier, but it is surprising what you can get away with on street tires along with a bit of confidence. I can personally attest to conquering dirt, gravel, light mud, and just general fire road conditions on an Sv650. Just gotta be keenly aware of your ground clearance.

  • Guilherme Bernard de Paula

    Fuck. It looks awesome !

  • Heather McCoy

    Now, having seen my ol’ man boldly go where no man has gone before on a 999 and a 748 (dirt, rocks, rivers, mud…it’s ugly), I realize these bikes are capable of far more than most riders have the skill to challenge. Since he grew up in the Portland-area, too (MotoCorsa, Icon Motosports), it’s clear to me they grow ‘em crazy up there. Must be in the water.

  • Ryan Chelberg

    I like it… I certainly wouldn’t do it to my panigale if I had one… But hey what’s the point of owning your own motorcycle if you can’t do what you want with it

  • http://www.waynestokes.com/ Wayne Stokes

    1,200 in 3 days through the rain, mud, gravel, grass and street – is that right?

  • Rowtag

    just when I thought the panigale couldn’t look cooler

  • perlhaqr

    Someone here at the university I work for has an SV with knobbies on it. It’s pretty sweet looking.

  • stephen

    they should really do this for a hypermotard! that would be amazing


    This is my local shop – well one of them anyway. I’ve met Arun and much of the crew and they’ve got a great thing going. They put on a very well run track day as well – first time I dragged a knee was at one of their events. They’re far more marketing savvy than your average motorcycle related business and thus things like this and the Manigale calendar – for all the laughs and hate – has given them a much bigger profile than your typical motorcycle dealership could ever hope for.

    We’ve also got EDR around here which is cranking out some seriously respectable SBK, AMA, club level etc bikes. Crazy power and they’re getting a lot of interest from out of state and even overseas.

  • Randy S

    Love it. Sounds like a great shop.

  • max

    There’s no 1920×1080 for any of the wallpapers? :(

  • devillock

    Silly. That’s like equipping a Lamborghini to go off road with. Enjoy your stupid off road Lamo, good job now it sucks at road too. I’ll take a Toyota Land Cruiser, n’ c ya later….

    • Dustin Kimble

      Yea it’s called a Lamborghini Parcour. Pretty much the same just in car form. I like the Lambo way better though. It’s AWD.

      • devillock

        lol, I had no idea the Lambo idea already existed. No hope for humanity. People with excessive amounts of money really have nothing better to do. I’d still take the land cruiser.

        • Dustin Kimble

          If you had the money to spare you would still take the land cruiser? Yea I can think of several ways to spend money offroading but land cruiser is below jeep (with land rover being on top) on my list of offroadies.

          • devillock

            If I had the money I’d spend it on neither. I’d waste it on more team orange bikes and track days. Beer and hookers too of course.

  • Mugget

    Haha cool stuff.

    I’d be lying if I said that I don’t want to hop on that bike and take off full throttle rear spinning down a dirt road.

    But then again it sounds like I’ve taken my Gixxer with road tyres down pretty much the same type of roads they went on. Rutted, potholed, rocky fire trail – in the rain. Killed my brake pads and sent the fork seals to the big garage in the sky. But it’s an interesting experience. Haha. And aren’t new, different & challenging experiences what it’s all about?

  • Dustin

    @ScottPargett, remind you of an adventure we did into Sequoia? Speed Triple and VTR1000 off road. Twisties + Dirt = Amazing Weekend

  • luxlamf

    What a great article!! Love it!!

  • Harold Olaf Cecil

    Thanks for riding Giant Loop

  • Facebook User

    Nice one, my RC8 is getting the same treatment very soon. Not the paint job though, just the tyres and jacking up the suspension.

    I’ve just dropped an image and a link back to here on my Tumblr race blog. Hope you don’t mind.


  • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

    I approve of (other people) doing this with ~$25k supersport bikes.

  • Michael Hayes

    Needs crash bars. I’d imagine it’d be pretty easy to drop that thing and ruin the nice matte paint.

  • Al Woods

    Saw some pretty scalding opinions of the Terracorsa on the autoblog site. Baffles me how some can’t see how cool and fun this project turned out. The fact that it’s remotely functional is icing on the cake.

    This is so refreshing compared to usual scrambler/cafe racer/street fighter projects.

    Bravo MotoCorsa! Put a bigger tank on it and sell that beast! I’ll be in line. You have my number already. :)

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      It’s best not to read comments elsewhere.

  • STRfreak

    Well, whats the point of having a motorcycle dealership if you don’t do fun crazy things like this once in a while