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The ICON Compound Mesh Jacket is a 50% textile, 50% leather-hybrid that’s 100% awesome. Could this be your next warm weather jacket?

The Jacket
The ICON Compound Mesh Jacket is a hybrid, with textile forming the structure and 1.2-1.4 mm cowhide leather covering the high impact areas on both the arms and shoulders. “Fighter Mesh” panels found on the chest, stomach, and back, in addition to perforated leather panels in the armpits, provide airflow.

In typical ICON fashion, additional plastic plates have been added to give an additional layer of protection. Hard rubber accents are also used throughout the jacket to add to the desired aesthetic while also giving structure.

The Compound features stretch panels throughout, as well as ratchet adjustments at the waist, to provide what ICON calls its “Sport Fit.” Crash protection comes in the form of ICON’s CE-rated field armor in the elbows and shoulders and ICON’s dual density foam back pad. It retails for $200.00.

Icon Compound Mesh Jacket

The Good
While most medium-sized jackets are too short in either torso or sleeve length, the Compound Mesh Jacket fit just about right. Their “Sport Fit” has forward articulated arms and a slightly longer back, covering your lower back when riding in a tucked position and both add to the comfort of wearing the Compound on a bike.

The mesh panels are good too. I expected this jacket to flow less air than my Dainese mesh jackets, but it turns out you really only need air coming in the chest and armpits to stay cool. The first time I got on the freeway, I was blown away by how much air the Compound passed (get it?).

The leather used on the arms and shoulders feels high quality. It’s nicer looking than the leather on my Dainese R-Twin jacket, which is saying a lot. With that leather comes a huge safety increase over most mesh jackets because, if I fall, it will most likely be onto my arm and shoulder.

The Bad
The zippers and other hardware on the jacket don’t feel as durable as we’d like, though it’s hard to expect too much more from an average priced jacket.

If you’re as skinny as I am, stick to jackets with ICON’s “attack fit,” which provides the same length in an ever more slender cut.

Icon Compound Mesh Jacket

As much as I wish the ICON Compound Mesh Jacket was missing one or two of its logo’s and looked a little mellower, it’s been the only thing I’ve worn since the day it arrived. It’s a solid blend of textile and leather that will keep you safe and cool when you ride.

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  • Carter

    I own the compound jacket and pants. (And a variant helmet!) They’re a good combo together, but I wish the zipper to connect the pants and jacket was a bit more heavy duty, and would zip most of the way around instead of just across the rear. The pants themselves are very easy to take on and off, with full length, heavy duty zippers down the sides. At 6′ tall, I also found that the knee armor in the pants doesn’t exactly line up where I would like it without making adjustments once on the bike, but it’s not that bad once I get it adjusted.

    The jacket is great, and does flow quite a bit of air, except in the lower sleeves where it is all leather. This area tends to get a little warmer, but the idea is to have leather where additional protection is needed (elbows and arms) and mesh where the air will flow (torso). There are two, often overlooked vents in front on the shoulders underneath the plastic accents that act as an “air scoop”. These two vents really let in a lot of additional air. The bikes I usually wear this gear with are both Buells, so they’re known for being a bit warm and the icon gear helps. The sport fit of the jacket is subtle, but makes the jacket a bad choice for bikes with taller handlebars. I have 16″ apehangers on my Harley, and I don’t use this jacket with that bike due to the fit.

    I would recommend this gear to anyone who is looking for a cooler jacket that still offers protection where it’s critical. Icon tends to get a bad name due to the large number of squids who wear the gear, but the bottom line is that they make some very good, very affordable street riding gear. They also have very responsive customer service, and take rider feedback seriously.

  • grb

    Great, but it would be better if you include your own pictures of the stuff you review, and not the pictures from their website, its good to look at things in another light or with someone wearing them, plus it makes your review seem more complete. Thanks

  • TheUst

    Sweet, I am in the market for a new jacket after loosing 30 lbs. I definitely will be looking into this one. Thanks for the review!

  • Andrew Karmy

    if only it didn’t have ICON plastered all over it… *sigh

    • sdyank

      Plastered all over it?? Did you take a look at the above pics? There is a small Icon badge over the left breast and another small badge on the “tail” of the jacket on the back. With the black on black, it basically disappears. With the other color combinations it’s noticeable but certainly nowhere near “plastered all over it”. Two small logos: one on the front and one on the back = “plastered all over it”?? *sigh

  • futurarst

    Hey I love this site but it’s really so obviously bankrolled by Icon gear which let’s face is pretty mediocre gear

    • Wes Siler

      I give you my personal assurance that that couldn’t be further from the case.

      We’re firm believers in transparency, we’re very upfront about who pays us and how.

      • futurarst

        thanks for the response. That’s good enough for me.

    • sean macdonald

      Hahahahaha. I’ve ridden to Yosemite from la the past two weekends. I have tons of gear, yet I’ve chosen this jacket both times, instead of gear far more expensive. Zero bullshit (and I was paid zero to do it).

  • michaelse

    Would you recommend this jacket for riding in hot (110+ degrees) weather? Looks cooler than a 100% leather jacket, perforated or not. Also, does it come in standard sizes like small, medium, or chest sizes like 42, 44.. Also, does it have an interior breast pocket? Sorry for all the questions, I’m at work and for some reason Revzilla is blocked :[
    This might be my next jacket though.. the light weight of a mesh with the protection of leather, good, non-obnoxious looks, and a decent price? Sign me up.

    • sean macdonald

      Comes in S/M/L etc (mine’s a medium) and yes on the breast pocket.

      Riding in 110 degree temps sucks no matter what. Don’t hold me accountable for finding gear to make it bearable :)

    • Carter

      You’re going to be warm. I’ve worn this on 100 degree days, and unless you’re constantly moving, it heats up a bit. Especially in the arms. There are probably lighter weight jackets that will be cooler – but the compound was really meant to be a compromise between cooling and good protection.

      Mine is a large – I’m 6′ tall, about 185 lbs. It fits well, and still has enough room to put a sweatshirt on underneath when it gets cool in the evening.

  • John Goddard

    I bought the Icon Compound Textile(same as above just no mesh) for a 3 season jacket in New England. I only have two complaints. One is that you can’t close the rubber vents on the chest and arms. The other is that the rubber on the shoulders digs into me when i’m just wearing a t-shirt without the liner. Other than those two digs it’s a pretty decent jacket, was on sale for $200 at my local dealer.