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The ICON 1000 Truant Boots blend style and substance seamlessly, pairing a steel shank in the sole and full grain leather chassis with beautifully understated aesthetics. Want to keep your feet safe and look cool? The Truants are for you.

The Boot
The ICON 1000 Truant Boots, along with the Elsinore and El Bajo, make up ICON’s 1000 line; an understated, high quality collection designed for people who aren’t ICON’s typical buyer.

The sneaker-style Truant Boots are composed of a 100% full-grain leather upper and slip-resistant rubber sole. They are secured by a semi-covered lacing system and adjustable leather stabilization strap.

Protection comes in the form of a reinforced toe box and steel shank running the length of the rubber sole, and hard, internal inserts at the top of the ankle.

A pair of Truant Boots retail for $200 and are available in “Johnny Black” and “Oiled Brown.”

The Good
Truant Boots are comfortable from the moment you first put them on. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks during errands around town and even had them on for 800 miles of road to Yosemite and back, and not once have my feet been uncomfortable. The fit is true to size and a 10 fit me spot on.

They’re also nice looking. ICON’s branding is understated and the leather feels very high quality. The only thing that really tips them off as motorcycle-specific are the ribbed pieces over the toe box, which aid in traction against the shift lever.

They offer a lot of protection for a riding sneaker due to the steel shank in the sole, the heavy leather and the stabilization strap all designed to keep your foot safe and inside the boot should you crash. The toe box is rigid, but still offers some flex.

These full leather uppers are also perforated, allowing for some air-flow. The Truant’s don’t flow as much air as the Dainese Technical Sneakers while riding, but they also don’t turn into foot sweaters like the Technical Sneakers when off the bike.

The Bad
They’re larger than normal sneakers and look clunky under jeans, which is exacerbated even further if you wear skinny jeans.

Real motorcycle boots are always going to out-perform any sneaker-style boot because they will offer maximum protection.

The Verdict
The ICON 1000 Truant Boots surprised me with their high quality feel, comfortable fit, and thoughtful safety features. These are the best we’ve seen so far in the “riding sneaker” category and could really only be improved upon if ICON found a way to slim them down without losing their ability to keep your feet safe.

Additional Product Information: Closeup: ICON 1000 Truant Boots

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  • Daniel

    Grade X/10?

    • sean macdonald

      It’s really hard to give something a definitive grade when it’s in such a new category of product. We also haven’t had enough of an opportunity to try out enough of the offerings in this market and the market hasn’t had enough time to do R&D and see what they can really provide. I like them better than the Dainese Technical Sneaker (I think they’re safer) and I like them better than the Cortech Vice WP Boots (I think they look a lot nicer). Stay tuned for more reviews in this category.

  • Cody Kitaura

    How tall are these? I always wonder how much ankle protection shoes like this offer.

    • Kingsix87

      In my opinion they can offer only impact protection on the ankle. You have greater chance of twisting it than in proper boots but they are much better than regular sneakers.

      • sean macdonald

        You have good opinions

  • E Brown

    I love the look of these, and plan to grab some if/when my X-streets need replacing. I wouldn’t say they’re much clunkier than full-on baseketball shoes or my hiking boots, but as I wear a size 13/14 there’s not a lot that’s going to look svelte.

  • ben

    I own these and a pair of the TCX-X street, and I think I’d have to go with the Xstreets for some of the reasons you mention. The X streets are slimmed down a little, work under my skinny jeans, provide a similar level of protection (toe box, ankle supports, stiffened sole(though, no steel shank)) and have all day comfort. My friends are always shocked to hear that they are motorcycle foot wear… they are literally one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own, period.

    I’m curious about the Converse Deus Ex customs though, you guys should review a pair of those. I’m curious to hear whether they are a serious option at all.

    • sean macdonald

      I emailed TCX two days ago. They just came out with a new pair I think could be really cool. I’ll check out the others ones, but the names Converse and Deus aren’t really synonymous with safety.

      • ben

        Sweet! I think the TCXs can definitely benefit from a few safety upgrades… I’m curious to see what they did.

        • sean macdonald
          • disqus_hhbJTMPHZ7

            Hey Sean, will you guys be getting/reviewing this shoe? It looks promising.

          • ben

            those do look sweet… Anecdotally, I read that the safety hasn’t been upgraded at all over the TCX street. I’d be curious to hear what you guys think.

          • Rameses the 2nd

            This is the boot I have been looking for.

    • Vincent T.

      I would hesitate to call the toe box on the X-Street protective, not to the level of the Truant, anyway. Also, without a shank, you can’t really call it motorcycle footwear…at least in my opinion. Can’t argue with your skinny jeans comment though!

  • Brian D

    Do you have any pictures of you wearing these?

    I am curious how they look with skinny and normal jeans.

    • contender

      This would be very helpful.

  • Strafer

    I have these, only worn them a few times so far –
    look is pretty good, a little overcomplicated though – the rest of my clothes are very minimalistic so doesn’t match so well
    They felt very warm compared to my timberland earthkeepers. With my Timberlands I can wear them in the summer and in the winter i wear 2 pairs of socks.
    With these icon Truant shoes I wouldn’t wear them in the summer and I think one pair of socks will be enough for the winter -
    i didn’t feel air flow but didn’t get to try them on the highway

  • runnermatt

    Has RideApart gotten a chance to check out the Piloti Moto 800 riding shoes. I imagine not since there website has been down for some time and the site that pulls up with a google search says Piloti is back in business and under new ownership and management and that the website will be back up in November.

    I have a set of Piloti driving shoes and they are honestly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

    • sean macdonald

      Not yet, but I’ll take a look. Thanks for the tip.

  • Tommy Erst

    Might I suggest pics of them paired with jeans. Seems like a no brainer when reviewng this kind of product.

    • carmouflagger

      Justin Beiber

    • Mugget

      People who have become so accustomed to wearing race boots that they feel uncomfortable and awkward in anything that doesn’t at least cover the ankle?

    • Jono

      Haha Hey man, I’m sure there are plenty out there like me who grew up in converse high tops and think these things are cool!

  • james

    I reckon the dianese cafe boot is way less obivous and probably more protective, big buckles on mens shoes? what are you a child? no mans shoe has buckles besides some fake ones on loafers and velco school shoes for kids. Trust me you will get weird looks. The cafe boot just makes you look like a bit of a hipster douch espc if you team it with a nice vintage/plain style leather jacket. Perfect on bike safety (obv wear jeans, kevlars if you care, and gloves) and perfect off bike look if you can handle looking a bit hipster. But hipster is cool these days itl probably get you more chicks than a textile jacket and those shoes.

    • sean macdonald

      A) yes, some would say I am a child
      B) most of my motorcycles boots have buckles because they’re better at keeping your foot secure than laces
      C) I do not trust you, since I have not gotten weird looks (at least to my knowledge, but that’s really all that matters).
      D) I look like a hipster douche no matter what I wear on my feet
      E) it’s awesome that you have your own opinions, and that your opinion happens to be that these suck. I’m totally fine with and actually like that. but maybe keep your opinions to yourself until they’re well informed and you’ve, you know, worn or at least seen both options in real life.

  • Jeremy Alvarado

    i have a pair of these and they are great. I wear them all day riding and while at work. the only i don’t like is the tongue does not have a rain gutter type thing on the sides. and also the leather is picking up some of the metallic paint where it comes in contact with the side of my bike.

  • grb

    They remind me of my Shift Kicker shoes (from Fox Racing), I think those might be the originals

  • Mugget

    The only thing I wonder when spending this kind of money on a boot with a rubber sole like this is whether or not the sole will just wear through too quickly…

    I have a pair of Shift street boots similar to these, super comfy and I wore them all day 5 days a week. The sole was wearing through and starting to get a couple of holes from all the walking. But then I guess it depends on how often you wear them and what else you do in them besides riding.

  • _dc

    I wear a pair of these in brown almost every day to work, rotating in another pair of non riding yet heavy duty boots for variety (and so the boots have time to dry out fully at night).

    In the three months I have had them, they seem quite durable, and are now very comfortable. At first, the reinforced toe box was too narrow and was rubbing my outer toes. After a proper break in period, they no longer have that issue.

    They work great for my causal office where everyone wears jeans, looking a lot like a dressier pair of skate shoes. One stylistic change I’d appreciate is the color of the soles on the brown version – they are too light and yellow tinted. If the color were more of a brown or tan to match the rest of the leather tones, it would look better overall.