How To Pose Next To A Motorcycle

How To -



The Don’ts

A picture of you wearing your non-safety safety gear makes you look stupid, not tough.


Just because you can’t keep yourself from making cruiser face while riding doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself from making it while posing.


The whole “gazing off into the distance” thing doesn’t make you look as pensive or interesting as you think. If you really want to take a shot of the bike and it’s surroundings, we don’t need to see your back.


Congrats, you can do a burnout. We’re all really, really impressed.


Don’t pose as if you are riding if you aren’t. We can see you are not actually moving.


Don’t pretend you’re working on or moving your bike just so you don’t have to feel awkward while standing next to it. We can tell it’s a set-up and that awkwardness is the price you should have to pay.


What is the all-time worst “bike pose” photo you’ve ever seen? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Maverick Moto Media

    The “Gangsta” pose has got to be the worst, we don’t care if you say that the bad boy pose is cool, that takes it too far.

    • sean macdonald

      band boy and bad boy are two very different things…

  • Theodore P Smart

    Go for a Harley Davidson demo-ride…. they teach poses.

    • Rameses the 2nd

      Man, HD hate is strong on this site.

  • Eduardo

    Don’t pose, ride.

  • Dustin

    what about the photo of working on the bike?

    • sean macdonald

      I’ll allow it.

    • Mark D

      Are you welding or grinding in flip-flops? I can’t tell if this is stupid or badass. I guess both.

      • Dustin

        Grinding. No real threat grinding in flip flops if it’s tiny metal pieces. That’s what happens when your shop is your warehouse loft, now ex-warehouse loft.

      • Richard Gozinya

        As far as the flip flops go, no biggie, I’ve had pieces of molten metal slip right into a shoe, as well as a boot. In those instances, flip flops would have been a dramatic improvement. Didn’t burn its way through the shoe, just sorta found its way in. It tends to get a little uncomfortable, having that super hot little piece of metal stuck in your shoe. On the plus side, it’s a more effective wake up than coffee.

      • Swooning

        I can’t tell, I’m too busy staring at those forearms.

    • SacredKaw

      Yeah, that’s always a cool shot, but this photo loses on the cool factor because fo the flip flops.

      • Dustin

        I can always crop it for you brotha. :)

    • TheBoatDude

      Oh you really need a faceshield for that, my man…

    • Jay Stevens

      Sparks are good.

  • Stephen Mears

    This is how you pose with a bike:

    • sean macdonald


      • HammSammich

        I couldn’t help it, I just started chanting along…

    • PrimerFender

      I want that jacket…

      • augustdaysong

        my local craigslist has one for sale. it’s been up for months now

    • Joe Bielski

      OMFG!!! The best!!!

    • Mitchel Durnell

      You can practically hear the wailing guitars in the background.

    • LS650

      There can be only one.

      • sean macdonald

        sidenotes: a) i was named after sean connery and b) the castle/townm where the clan MacLeod actually belongs to the MacDonalds…they just didn’t like my last name.

    • Chris Cope

      If this picture isn’t from the Upper Midwest, I will be shocked. I went to high school/college with several dudes who had those jackets.

    • Jeffrey Behiels

      Oh dude :’) The sword killed me (pun intended)

  • Loping Camshaft

    I’ll disagree with the burnout picture example. This is one of the most badass moto pics I’ve ever seen (taken from this badass article ):

    • TP

      That… that is pretty fuckin badass

      • Brian Benthin

        The v-neck cancels out the badass. ;)

        • jp182

          is that a cast on his wrist? sorry that cancels out v-neck back into badass territory :-D

          • Loping Camshaft

            Yeah, he had dumped a Ural in the middle of the desert and broke his wrist. Hence the Aprilia Mana 850 GT with the CVT (no clutch).

            • Craig Freger

              Sorry, being on an Aprilia Mana cancels out the badass.

    • grindz145

      This picture is originally what brought me to HFL from Wired.

    • Drek

      Awesome photo. Hilarious the vitriol that Wes faced in Wired though… Those are some angry, humourless folks over there.

      • Jeffw

        If i were to indulge in stereotyping my expectations for the Wired readership, a bunch of cage maggots making cracks about how much safer they would feel when ‘getting in’ an accident would have been a central feature, so no surprises there.

  • Joe Thrower

    The second to last picture on page 1 is at the green energy charging station in front of the 5 dining hall at LSU. I saw his bike parked today on campus as I was riding through!

  • Eduardo

    or you can pose while riding, Chris McNeil style!

    • sean macdonald

      sweet Jesus

    • KeithB

      Learning some of those skills would make the next trip to Alaska MUCH more fun!

    • Mitchel Durnell

      F800 just jumped up a dozen places in my book

    • Dustin

      Can this guy be showcased for the “real rides” segment?

    • David Kent

      Aw, c’mon…Stoppies like that are a piece of cake when your bags are filled with helium….

    • Stephen Mears


    • Ded

      Got to see him do this at my local dealer in MD just after this bike was released. It was pretty crazy watching him stunt on it in that small parking lot.

  • Guest

    How’s this?

    • BikeyPikey

      sorry for 2 shots – can’t edit

      • Rameses the 2nd

        I thought you were playing spot the difference.

    • Patico

      Helmet missing…

  • BikeyPikey

    How”s this?

  • Jason 1199

    Lmfao was Wes making a cruiser face, shitting himself or both??

  • Piglet2010

    How about taking a picture of you with your bike when it is lying on its side on the ground?

    • LS650


    • squirrely

      You mean like this?

      • Piglet2010

        Wheels should be off the ground, and the ugly underside exposed.

      • CruisingTroll

        Sheesh, get a room already!

    • BMW_rider

      What? Kinda like this pic that I snapped after wrecking on the Italian superstrada at 130kph? I should’ve gotten a selfie, eh?

  • Larry

    At the end of every big trip I take a selfie thusly and send it to my dad to make him jealous. The latest:

    • victorz21

      SV650 or V-Strom? :-)

      • squirrely

        Definitely not an SV650.

    • Piglet2010

      I took a picture of my scooter dash on Halloween a couple of years ago.

  • LS650

    The band boy photo doesn’t actually work. That first one? Just terrible.

  • Kr Tong

    Vice presents HellforLeather. I like it.

  • juliansr

    ATGATT need not apply. My brother on his 78 GS.

  • bbradsby

    my fave…

    • Michael Howard

      Too bad the sparks are going the wrong direction.

  • charlie

    lol, poor Wes

  • Rob

    I have a question about the 3rd picture down. (

    Specifically, the second rider to the right, what riding pants are those? Seem to be simple, and what I am looking for.

    Thanks anyone who can help. Looks a hair like the Dainese Pony.