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Don’t have any pockets and need a place to store you phone, wallet, and keys? The Kriega R3 Waistpack has you covered.

The Gear:
The Kriega R3 Waistpack is a 3-liter waistpack (read: fanny pack you wear on your back). It’s constructed from 1000D Dupont Cordura, Hypalon for abrasion resistance, and 420D ripstop nylon.

It contains three compartments: the 3-liter main waterproof body, a pocket in the front of the body with a waterproof zipper, and a coated-mesh zip pocket in the cover.

The R3 connects via the same quick release buckle that the backpack harnesses connect with, made from a special plastic designed not to crack or expand under duress or varied temperatures.

Size adjustment comes from a single CNC alloy buckle.

Front straps allow for the addition of the Kriega Kube Pocket, sold separately.

The Kriega R3 Waistpack retails for $89.

The Kriega R3 Waispack opened up.

The Good:
The Kriega R3 Waistpack is perfect if you’re looking to carry as little as possible, but still need a place for your phone, wallet, and keys. We’ve used the R3 for both canyon riding while wearing leathers and trail riding on dual sports to make up for a lack of pockets.

The main compartment uses a roll-top design that is guaranteed to keep your items dry. The front pouch uses a waterproof zipper and, when covered by top flap of the waistpack, will keep the items in it dry in most situations.

The fitment system is fantastic. When fitted correctly, it’s unnoticeable.

Construction, as with all Kriega products, is flawless. The R3 also receives Kriega’s 10-year warranty, though we doubt you’ll ever need to use it.

The Bad:
The roll-top design used to secure the main pocket, while ensuring the pack is completely waterproof, is kind of a hassle to access. We found ourselves often grabbing the Hydro-3 hydration pack when riding in dry conditions simply because it was easier to access.

The Kriega R3 Waistpack front view.

The Verdict:
The Kriega R3 Waistpack is a fantastic product, aimed at those of you who wear riding gear without pockets and need a place to keep a few small belongings. The construction and fit are fantastic, making this pack ready for even the most intense of adventures. We’d love to see Kriega come out with a non-waterproof version to make the pockets easier and faster to access. Until then, it’s our go-to accessory for a day of dual sport riding, especially when it involves water crossings.

Additional Information: Kriega R3 Waistpack

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  • kentaro

    The only $89 fanny pack I’d consider buying.

    • Mark Vizcarra

      I was about to say that they are call fanny packs not waistpacks.

      • scottstwrt

        Kriega are a UK company and fanny means something entirely different here. ;)

        • stephen

          In Australia they are called bumbags….

          • Aakash

            For you white boys without an anything going on back there, perhaps a bumbag can help even out your physical profile? ;)

        • Bruce Steever

          I was just going to say that…

  • Aakash

    I haven’t used or tested a R3 waistpack yet, but I do have a R8 waistpack and I love it. It’s a smart piece of gear. I really dig the tool roll compartment (w/ said tool roll included) and the dry bag. It especially comes into its own when it’s paired with an R15 rucksack.

    Check out my review of the R8 waistpack here:

    I picked up mine for $45 brand new; it was one of those ebay steals. Still, at $130 new, it’s worth it if you’ve got the coin.

    • Randy Singer

      $89 for a fanny pack seems excessive. A Google search turns up lots of nice looking fanny packs for less than half that price.

      But even if it’s the best fanny pack in the world, wearing a fanny pack or a backpack on a motorcycle, especially if you put something hard in it, isn’t a good idea. When one falls off their motorcycle, they are extremely likely to fall on their back. If there is something hard between your back and the pavement when you hit, you are going to sustain what physicians call “a big owee.” Maybe a permanent owee.

      It might be a better idea to get a tank bag or tail bag.

      • Aakash

        See the “related links” above? Click on the Kriega Back Protector insert one.

        While I don’t totally disagree with you, some of us don’t like carrying too much weight on the tail or have a tank bag get in our way.

        Finally, it’s up to you what you pack in your waitpack or backpack. You can pack softer gear in those two pieces and reserve the hard stuff for the tailpack. You can even pack both the waitpack and the backpack such that they may even work as additonal armor!

  • 480272

    I can fit my Alpinestars waterproofs in one of these.

  • Justin McClintock

    I’m pretty sure my grandmother is rockin’ something pretty similar.

    • Aakash

      Just for you, I’m gonna take a few pictures today in full ATGATT with a R8 waistpack and R15 rucksack strapped on. Doesn’t look like granny gear at all.

    • engageit


  • Speedo007

    I love Kriega and have a US-10, US-20 and R35 backpack, top notch, high end products. But one thing I’m paranoid about is having something just in my lower back…in case of a crash, this can be a back breaker depending what you put in it…

  • Chris

    The first pic makes it look like a hand warmer that a football player might use.

    I’d rather use a small tank or tail bag.

  • engageit

    Please don’t ever mount the add on pouch as displayed in the last picture. Water will pool in the zipper garage, as its waterproof, and then sit right over the ONE place where you are guaranteed the waterproof zipper isn’t done up – at the end inside the garage. I can’t believe they have a picture of it like that, lol.

    And for anyone considering it, the add on pouch will NOT fit a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.