Lazareth Wazuma V8F Quad – Engine By Ferrari

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Lazareth Wazuma V8F

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else come along that makes you scratch your head and ask yourself why? French custom car and motorcycle manufacturer Lazareth is currently offering for sale a quad bike powered by a Ferrari V8 engine for a cool $260,000.

The Wazuma V8F quad weighs in at 1,433 lbs and its engine, taken from a 1970s Ferrari 308, develops 250 bhp. This gives the Wazuma a power-to-weight ratio of 384 bhp per ton, the same as a current Ferrari 458 Spider, and a potential top speed of more than 150 mph.

Lazareth, based in Annecy, France, is no stranger to odd motorcycle and quad conversions. Previously it built the Wazuma R1 quad using a Yamaha R1 engine and built the FZR Turbo bike for the film “Babylon AD” and an impressive supercharged Buell XB12S in 2007.

Lazareth Wazuma V8F

This latest Ferrari-engined version, the V8F, is offered in black, has electric power steering, modified 18-inch Momo rims and slick tires, and Brembo brake calipers with 324mm discs. The 3.0-liter Ferrari engine has been retrofitted with fuel-injection controlled by a Sybelle system.

There are eight fuel intakes, four exhaust outlets and a massive radiator for cooling. You can also alter the engine’s performance by re-programming the onboard computer. Power is delivered to the rear wheels by a BMW M3 six-speed transmission.

The red version of the Wazuma in the video is the company’s own test and development vehicle and was sold in advance to a collector. However, Lazareth has just announced an all-black version and, for the same amount of money, it will build a Wazuma V8F to your exact specification.

Lazareth Wazuma V8F

However, before you part with your hard earned cash, it may be a good idea to check with your local DMV office to make sure the Wazuma V8F is legal to ride on the roads where you live.

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  • jefflev

    I was just saying to myself that i wanted to buy a Can-Am Spyder, but it just wasn’t expensive enough! And now, voila! you find exactly what I, and probably everyone else in America is looking for! I hope by posting this comment I didn’t waste valuable time and move waaaaayyyyy down the wait list for one of these.

  • Mark D

    How…how does it turn without throwing you off?!

    • Tim Watson

      That’s a very good point… Lazareth doesn’t make that clear!

    • Justin McClintock

      Same way you do with a Can Am Spyder….slowly.

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    A 308 engine? Really? Around 2010 those (complete cars) were going for mid $30k. Don’t know if they’re still that cheap. Having driven a few, I can pick apart a lot of that car’s attributes, but the engine was without doubt the biggest dissapointment. The only reason I could see someone using that engine is just because they can have a title with it that says “Ferrari”. Lazareth is likely getting these engines out of cars that customers are having engine swaps performed on.

  • Honyock Undersquare

    That must be a whole 6 foot diameter mower blade under there! I could do my yard in less than HALF the time it takes me now!

  • Michael Howard

    Would have been nice in the vid to see it do more than idle down the track. Couldn’t they find anyone with enough balls to give the throttle a real twist?

  • Afonso Mata

    If it had a Chevy LS Crate engine, I’d like: “Oh boy… ‘Merica!”. Since it’s got a 70′s Ferrari engine, I’m like: “Facepalm”.

  • Mugget

    Does anyone know a place where this would be road legal???