Leaked: EBR 1190RX – See Photos Prior to AIMExpo Unveil

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The AIMExpo begins in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday and we’re excited about many of the new bikes we will see and cover on RideApart in the coming days. The first we are going to cover seems to be the new EBR 1190RX, because a user of the Buellxb.com forum has leaked smartphone shots which appear to have been taken from the floor of the AIMExpo where booths are being assembled today.

The EBR 1190RX should be the two-seat, more affordable version of the uber-boutique EBR 1190RS (at 40K each, they’ve only sold 16.) We don’t know what the pricing or specs will look like yet for the 1190RX, but RideApart staffer, Wes Siler just landed in Orlando and will be posting coverage beginning on Wednesday morning. Look for all the official details on the EBR 1190RX to be online soon.

Back to the images at hand… The leaked photos here look like they are definitely from the floor of AIMExpo where the booths are being assembled, so someone has taken a few covert and blurry snaps from behind closed doors and anonymously sent them in to BuellXb. We’ll keep digging for more, but what do you think so far?

UPDATE: Another user posted this video, with what looks like an 1190RX sans body work. What a beautiful roar!

  • Stephen Mears

    Where did you get the number 16 from?
    Also, the running bike is definitely an RS.

    • worker88

      I agree, citation needed.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      It’s a number I was told, and I need to keep the source anonymous. EBR is a tiny, tiny, tiny company based in a small facility. We’re huge fans and expect to see bigger numbers very soon.

      • Stephen Mears

        Roger. Over at badweb, some people mentioned them making more RS’, so I assume more sold.

      • Blu E Milew

        From what I was told when I interviewed there, they are growing very rapidly as they do the R&D for Hero bikes. Hopefully that partnership grows and EBR can finally get that ADV and enduro bike out there. Also we may be seeing the Hero brand sold stateside? You guys hear anything about this?

  • usediv

    Beull? WTF? Buell, maybe?

  • Bobby Vachon

    The front end side profile of the rx looks really similar to that of a tl1000

  • Corey Cook

    I’m sure it is a brilliant machine, but I had assumed that as a nation and as culture we had already moved past the emphatically awful eyesore that is the yellow motorcycle…

    Please leave that territory to Suzuki and it’s customer base.

    • Stephen Mears

      Well, there is a red one right behind it!

    • Mitchel Durnell

      Aw, c’mon – it reminds me of my dad’s ’95 SeaDoo XP. Just needs a splash of pink!

    • Piglet2010

      I have been considering having my Honda Deauville repainted to match my Hi-Viz yellow Roadcrafter.

  • John

    I hope it gets them the sales they need to move on to an adventure tourer or standard bike.

    • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

      Based on the Ulysses, I hope they wait a long time before building an adventure bike

      • Stephen Mears

        How do you mean?

      • contender

        Yeah, what do you mean? Aside from its appetite for stators I love mine more than any bike I have ever had.

        • Piglet2010

          For me the Ulysses would not be considered (if still made) due to its antique engine. Now if it had the Helicon instead…

          • contender

            It isn’t still made. But I am guessing you haven’t ridden one. It came stock with 103 horsepower despite its relatively archaic mill. It doesn’t feel a bit less powerful than my more modern TL1000S.

            All that said I am super excited for EBR to make an updated ADV bike. Not that I’d ever buy anything new.

            • Piglet2010

              I am fully aware that the Ulysses is no longer made, as should be clear from the context.

              Did Erik Buell find a way to get rid of the lumpy idle, obnoxious exhaust note, and low-revving nature of the H-D lump? No, these deficits are inherent in the engine architecture, which may suit the retro cruiser market, but for some of us are a non-starter on a touring bike

  • RWerksman

    The big question is… will anyone buy them? What compelling reason does someone have to purchase one of these over, say, an S1000RR? I guess time will tell…

    I do hope the rear suspension has plenty of sag – that tail looks uber high. :(

    • Gary

      What compelling reason does anyone have to buy any motorcycle? I think motorcycles are highly emotional. Why would anyone buy an S1000RR when they could buy an R1? Why would anyone buy a Panigale when they could buy a GSXR? People would have a hard time defining exactly why they buy what they buy, but the EBR will offer something truly unique. The first American superbike, design and technology unlike any other bike, and the newest, rarest brand available. It may not be for everyone, but I don’t think they’ll have any trouble finding buyers for the relatively small numbers they’ll produce.

  • devillock

    Ugliest bikes ever. Pretty crappy too in the handling/performance department. That 1125R rode like a fat pig and had rocks bouncing around in the engine. Why anyone would spend money on this junk is beyond me.

    • Tyler McCool

      Poor handling? I’m sorry sir, but you are mistaken.. May have been a poor suspension and particular bike setup, as the chassis on the Buells are quite competitive..

      • Tyler McCool

        The performance bikes at least.. especially the 1190/1125..

      • devillock

        Doesn’t suspension attribute to handling? Whatever the case, my experience on one was not enjoyable. This particular one most likely had a bad setup as well.

    • Stephen Mears

      Tell that to the guys and gals I blazed at the track yesterday. The 1125R is fine, and with 20k on the odometer mine still pulls stumps.

      • devillock

        Maybe it’s fine, but in my opinion, it is not great. Maybe it was the particular bike setup that I disliked, but I really did not enjoy riding that thing.

      • http://paulthepcphysician.com Paul M Edwards

        Mine has over 62,000 miles.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    Why didnt this jackass take front shots?

  • Sentinel

    Eric Buell is an awesome guy and an amazing innovator. I have no doubts these bikes will be amazing, and I hope he does very well with them! I’m very excited to learn more as info becomes available!

  • Frick

    Those blinkers and graphix….

    • Jeff

      1990′s called…


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  • Ryan Deckard

    These shots were leaked initially on twistedthrottle’s facebook page. Then posted to badweb and buellxb.

  • Kevin Riedl

    Former XB9R owner here. I strongly dislike the fan clearly displayed in the side and also disappointed they couldn’t get the exhaust under the bike. Patiently waiting for a comfy one with locking hard bags at a decent price point.

    • Jeff

      You’re seriously complaining about small cosmetic details on a bike that was built for performance. If you’re looking for all that fluff at the expense of GO, you’re looking for a Honda or a Harley.

  • Gary

    There is no such thing as a ‘Buell’ 1190RX or a ‘Buell’ 1190RS. Buell is a trade-name owned by Harley. These are EBR’s. Lay-people make that mistake frequently, but you should know better.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      I apologize. I’m trAvelling at the moment (actually in Orlando to see this bike) and wasn’t in front of a computer last night when this story broke. Like many members of the public, Sean was confused by the name change and was focussing on pushing out the article quickly. He now understands the error and it won’t be made again in the future.

      RideApart has covered EBR more thoroughly (even accurately sometimes) than any other publication. You’ll find that coverage at http://RideApart.com/tagged/Erik-Buell-Racing

      I, personally, am a huge fan of both EBR and Erik.

      • Gary

        Thanks very much for your simple, honest reply and continued great coverage!

  • AlexKnolly

    +1 on them selling all of their bikes. When I visited their factory last year they were still building them but said every single one was spoken for. Of course this was before they had to start making more, so I don’t know if the second production run is sold, but they definitely sold out all of the first 100.

  • Jeff

    Funny that they sold everything they made b/c I still have #21 sitting here on the showroom floor! So, they may have DISTRIBUTED them all to dealers, but not sold.

    Harley held Buell back. Now Buell the man is back and making waves in the motorcycle industry. He doesn’t have the weight of Harley, but he also doesn’t have the ad dollars of Barely-Ableson. But he is making a machine for the elite that WILL find the best machine to go on. Now that is available for those who don’t have 44 large sitting in their pockets. It’s going to make waves is all I can say.

  • Scott Holbrooks

    The cast magnesium subframe is a work of art.