Leaked Online: 2014 Ducati Scrambler Spy Photo

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A photo of a heavily disguised motorcycle that appears to be the 2014 Ducati Scrambler has appeared on fan site IAmABiker. Classic proportions and modern details subvert the retro archetype.

Its logical that this is a photo of the Scrambler simply because that’s clearly an air-cooled Ducati V-twin. Probably the same used in the Ducati Monster 796. Also in keeping with standard Ducati practice, there appears to be a steel trellis frame. But, typical Ducati ends there.

A 1970s-style seat and tank hold true to the retro theme, but the rest is decidedly contemporary. USD forks hold radial Brembos and a spoked front wheel. At that back, there’s an aluminum “banana” swingarm and a side-mounted shock that bolts directly to said swingarm, sans linkage. That arrangement is very reminiscent of the Aprilia Shiver. We’d hazard a guess that the aluminum rear wheel is just a stand in and the final production bike will be equipped with spokes and tubes.

Then there’s that headlight. Looking like something pulled off Miguel Galluzzi‘s Cagiva V-Raptor, it could either be a piece of the bike’s disguise or a daring design risk by Ducati. We’d hazard a guess at the former; following the firm’s Terblanche days Ducati’s styling hasn’t taken risks.

Expect to see the Scrambler unveiled at the EICMA show next month. Stay tuned to RideApart for full coverage.

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  • Corey Cook

    It looks like they’re actually attempting to build a functional “scrambler” instead of another retro throwback. Oh the vintage-ish (read hipsters) crowd sure are going to be upset…

    • Rameses the 2nd

      I have a 2013 Scrambler that I totally love. If it doesn’t look like a transformer character, performs better and is lighter than my Triumph, I will seriously consider trading mine for this one.

      • Corey Cook

        Oh it’s definitely going to be a lot lighter (+-100lbs.) and an all together better motorcycle than your scrambler, but it’s transformer like characteristics are yet to be determined… haha.

    • stever

      why will they be upset

  • John

    Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. The problem will be only the Ducati price and the Ducati engine. This is what Honda needs to do the the CB500 engine.

    • michael

      I agree – that would be awesome.

  • TP

    Looks like a single disc in the front.

  • Richard Gozinya

    That is one dinky tank. The mirrors look to be leftovers from the GT1000, something they should bring back, instead of bringing a scrambler to market.

  • Von

    Oh man, a retro looking ‘scrambler’ with modern USD and monoshock? This might beat out my lust for the Moto Guzzi V7 Stone if it’s beautiful, practical, handles as well as the suspension looks, and is under $10K. Can’t wait to see finished product.

  • Scottie Ray Smith

    Test rider is, what, maybe 150lbs…do they ever test these motorcycles with guys built like me, which his 5’11″ and 230lbs. Not a rant, just curious. I know the smaller riders make the bike look better in the ‘spy’ photos.

    • Clint Keener

      230lb Italians don’t exist.

      • Scottie Ray Smith

        Not in Italy anyways.

      • Reid

        I beg to differ: there are plenty of fat Italian people. Go to Rome and hang out at Termini station for a while and I guarantee you will change your mind.

  • Reid

    I think I’d rather just have a Monster unless this Scrambler is something like 330 pounds fueled up. Otherwise, it would have to be a good deal cheaper than the 796, and if that’s the case wouldn’t it cut into Monster sales? I’m confused by this bike.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    The only way this would be somewhat off road worthy is if the swingarm is mounted to the frame.

  • appliance5000

    looks like an odd combo of upright position and sport bike leg ergos.

  • Hnasty

    Speaking as the owner of a GT1000 I would love to see new sportclassics made, except with the new 11 degree engine :D

  • Aakash

    See the look on that rider’s face? It’s that “oh s***, where’s the nearest gas station?” look.

    Looks like a 3 gallon tank. I sure hope it’s not.