Motorcycle Gear That Doubles As A Halloween Costume

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Universal Designs Replicas license the costume design of popular action hero characters directly from the film studios to create fully functioning motorcycle suits in their likeness. Suits include Batman, Superman, Star Wars, TRON, and G.I. JOE.

Death Spray Customs partner with different gear brands to create their wildly-designed products. These aren’t necessarily intended for Halloween, but they might as well be.

Russian company NLO make a street legal Predator helmet you can buy for $780. They even offer a wide variety of options for customization, including a laser-controlled aimer, at additional cost.

If you just want people to think you’re both really fast and really crazy, this AGV GP-Tech has Rossi’s wide-eyed face on top, positioned perfectly for when riding in full tuck. Or, you can send them your own picture instead.

Out of ideas? Just do an image search for “costume motorcycle helmets.” If all else fails, you can always be Daft Punk.

Do you know of any other DOT costume motorcycle helmets? Share them in the comments section below.

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  • disqus_hhbJTMPHZ7

    Regarding the predator helmet, this guy shows how shoddily made and sketchy it is.

    • eddi

      That Predator helmet is not by any stretch legal or safe no matter how it’s advertised. It’s an empty fiberglass shell. Now I have watched the video; it’s even worse than I thought.

    • Aakash

      The only thing more surprising than the quality of that helmet is that someone would pay $780 to buy one. That’s near custom new Roadcrafter price territory.

  • eddi

    Any pants to go with the Thor Impact Rig?

    • sean macdonald

      MX bottoms usually just entail some padded shorts and knee braces. I’m sure any pair of black pants will work fine for your outfit.

  • Aakash

    Wearing armor off the bike is uncomfortable enough as it is; having to walk around in it while socializing with peeps and drinking orange-colored punch doesn’t sound super bueno.

  • M. Dubé

    You should maybe check out UD REPLICAS ( if your in for a “real” full armored officially licensed movie replica motorcycle suit. I’m not geek enough to spend 1713$ (canadian dollars) but these suits looks very amazing

    • Brice Farrell

      It looks great – I have the UD StormTrooper armor, but as riding gear there are several problems with it:
      1) The stitching is poor. The velcro is ripping off all over the place, and several seams have come undone. After only a dozen hours in it I had to break out the needle and thread to resew the entire crotch and reattach the straps that hold the outer pads to the jacket.
      2) The leather is easily damaged. Just kneeling on pavement is enough to scratch through the colored surface, turning that part of the armor permanently grey.
      3) They don’t really understand motorcycle armor. They have kneepads and elbowpads in the right locations, but that’s it as far designed protection. There aren’t any shin/forearm/spine protectors. The gloves and boots definitely aren’t up to snuff. The boots are loose slip-ons (and aren’t CE like advertised) and the gloves are just simple leather things with no additional protection. Years ago, I fractured a bone in my foot in an accident, so as soon as I saw what they had shipped for boots I ordered a set of white A-stars and ride with them instead.

      That said, it is amazing to roll down the road and see how many people wave/snap pics, but for the top-tier price you’d expect build quality at least up to the off-brand armor manufacturers. Or some semblance of customer service, instead of an angry guy who insists he didn’t break the law and can’t be held responsible since you got what you ordered.

      So if you want to get it, go for it! Just skip the excessively overpriced gloves/boots, know that you will have to wait 4 months, and be prepared to patch up the seams once you break it in.

      • M. Dubé

        Brice, don’t you have a picture to share with us? Curious to see the outfit in real life environment.

        • Brice Farrell

          I’ll keep looking, I feel like I should have a picture of me on the bike somewhere…

          • M. Dubé

            As you were telling, we can see a scary knee armor there. But it looks amazing.
            I did not expect it “in car” but thanks anyway. ;)