7 Lightest Motorcycle Helmets Available

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LaZer Monaco Carbon – “1515 grams for size large”
• Type: Modular – Road
• Shell: Carbon Fiber
• Vents: 4 Front, 3 Extractors Rear
• Liner: Dry-Lex with sanitized treatment, removable and washable.
• Certification: DOT
• Price: $529

Schuberth SR1 – “1550 grams for the medium/large”
• Type: Full-Face – Road/Race
• Shell: 3 Sizes – S.T.R.O.N.G. Fiber and Carbon
• Vents: 5 Front, 1 Extractor Rear
• Liner: Antiallergenic/antimicrobial, Coolmax liner is removable and washable
• Certification: Dot / ECE 22.05
• Price: $899

What do you think? Does a few extra grams really matter? Which of these lightweight helmets is your next purchase?

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  • Unkept Uncaged

    Nice list, but you are missing a few…

    I own an Akuma Phantom II. It’s still for sale even if it isn’t “mainstream” ;)

    1367 grams. That would be lighter than a couple on your list.

    WebBikeWorld has a good list as well.


    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      Webbikeworld has a great list, but we’ve seen a lot of numbers that conflict with theirs and I didn’t feel comfortable referencing their info for the article. They, too, are missing a lot of information.

      It’s an imperfect system. We’re working on it.

      • Unkept Uncaged

        I agree that it’s imperfect, it’s the world we live in!

        Speaking of imperfect, I tried to replace my Akuma with a Nexx XR1R Carbon. I received two and each one had cracks in the plastic venting. The carbon was great, the plastic was cheap! I also loved the Akuma’s quick release visor, versus the screw on visor for the Nexx. The Transitions visor is great on the Akuma as well, but I think Bell took the rights away as they are now making Transitions visors and Akuma has “transitioned” their visors to electronic tint on demand.

        I’d send you my Akuma to weigh yourself, so you could add it to the list. ;) It’s so light the shipping can’t cost too much! :D

        • AML

          +1 Akuma Phantom and the excellent photochromic shield. I replaced it with the Nexx carbon as I can’t find a new liner for it. The Nexx feels lighter.

          • Unkept Uncaged

            A new liner? Honestly Akuma would likely send you a new liner for free…

            I crashed in my Akuma a few years back now, and when I told them about the crash they offered to sell me a replacement shell for 50% off with shipping included. They had great customer service. :)

  • Taco

    Damn, that AGV Pista is almost a dollar a gram.

    • nick2ny

      So was a McLaren F1.

  • Jordan K

    No X-Lite X-802R? I believe a medium is 1420 grams, but I could be wrong…

  • David Moon

    You guys forgot Joe Rocket speed master carbon helmet (also known as Xpeed XCF 3000 carbonfiber helmet). A snell 2010 certified medium full face helmet that comes in at 1380 grams!! I got one for $278 shipped on eBay.

    • http://instagram.com/real_jason_ip Jason Ip

      sweet, a cheap full carbon helmet… might have to open the wallet

  • Cristobal Hernandez

    Why is any of them SNELL certified?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      I had to lay her down!

  • Eduardo

    I think you actually forgot the best of them all, that is to say not
    budget wise, but in terms of weight and quality it is a far better
    product than all those you listed: the BMW Enduro Carbon

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  • John

    What about the X-lite X802?

  • Tessier

    I will say I do like my Airoh Aviator but you can certainly tell how they got it so dam light when it comes to the liner. It just feels cheap, it works great but it doesn’t feel plush like my Arai does. I do notice a huge weight difference riding and would buy it all over again!

  • http://gifsforum.com/images/gif/troll%20face/grand/v4vcG.gif Noobsauce

    That Nexx helmet is really great value.