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Yamaha introduced the new 2014 Yamaha Tricity scooter at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan, Italy today.

The Tricity is a three-wheeled scooter, featuring a 125 cc engine and an automatic transmission. Full specs haven’t been released but Yamaha is aiming the Tricity at new riders, claiming that its low weight, compact dimensions, and the addition of the third wheel will help make the Tricity less intimidating.

2014 Yamaha Tricity Scooter
2014 Yamaha Tricity Scooter

The Tricity is similar to the Piaggio’s MP3 – which is actually a nice ride – and, should the new 2014 Yamaha Tricity Scooter be lighter and easier to maneuver, it could be a competitive option for people who are new to the scooter market that who want something a little more stable.

At this time, the 2014 Yamaha Tricity scooter is only slated for release in Europe. They seem to have all the fun…

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  • Khali

    Another Mp3 clone aiming for its piece of the cake hehe
    I still would prefer to see that “Tesseract” concept made a real production model. Would buy one instantly (call me weird)

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      you’re weird.

    • Afonso Mata

      I just don’t get the 125cc engine.
      The Mp3 has higher cc engines, and at least here in Portugal, since it’s 3 wheeled you can ride it with a driver’s licence, no displacement restriction.

      • Khali

        Only the “LT” Long Thread version, which is wider, has stupid blinkers and is quite more expensive.

        125cc is the most sold category, due to convalidated drivers, but i also think there should be higher displacement versions.

  • 200 Fathoms

    Seems like an awfully small engine…

  • Jonathan Berndt

    ooooh… aw, who am i kidding, i cant find anything nice to say.

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    That engine is way too small. On the bright side, this thing will be a blast to ride. On of the shops in town had an mp3 as a demo/errand bike. They put a set of average sport tires on it and that thing would grab pavement like a champ. Seriously fun little ride.

  • michaelmatos

    I came to gawk, but watching that thing in the corners got me stoked. That thing looks fun.

  • eddi

    I don’t think the 3 wheel concept is going to attract anybody who’s not already at least interested in trying motorcycling. Someone who’s curious about high tech, high concept machines would be the target. And they tend to pick one model or class of machine and consider all else inferior. The Tricity will be splitting off a share of an already small subset of motorcycle riders. And that is a recipe for gone next year.

    Better to go with a 125 in an old-school double downtube frame and fixings. Accessory and after-market could go nuts if it’s designed right.

  • kiran patare

    when this product come to india (mumbai)Yamaha Tricity Scooter