2013 Holiday Shopping Guide – For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

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This is the ultimate, one-stop shop for every motorcycle-loving guy or gal on your holiday shopping list. From apparel and tech gear, to bike accessories and more, we’ve got you covered. We’ve included only the coolest items across a wide range of price points and each are guaranteed to be a slam dunk, home run, and touchdown rolled into one. Welcome to our motorcycle gift guide.

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Gifts for Men Who Ride
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  • kevin

    Can someone please confirm whether Deth Killers stuff is still available? I’d really like a pair of the jeans, and the shirts are dope too, but their website says “store is closed” at the top, and their NSFW homepage doesn’t allow you to click the store link.

    • http://www.RideApart.com/ Jen Degtjarewsky

      We will look into that.

      • HellomynameisAG

        Yeah it’s not – he is restructuring or something… Been out for a while I guess.
        His old partners have killer T’s from Chicago – inner city raiders- I think they are called. (Not affiliated with either -just like the stuff)

        • Strafer

          yea been closed for a while now as far as I know, pricey but i kinda liked their stuff

    • NOCHnoch

      Greg closed up shop over a year ago…what size are you? I have the last pairs of jeans he made…unfortunately the unworn pair is size 38 and black (doesn’t fit me) but you’re welcome to buy them and get them tailored.

      • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

        sounds like we may have a little more info than you. sit tight.

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      i can confirm that, yes. they still have stuff in their warehouse they’re moving and there’s a chance we’re privy to a little info that isn’t public…yet.

      • HellomynameisAG

        Or to many nights at Pearls!!

      • Aaron

        Yes! My everyday and for everything jeans are getting a little ratty!

  • JamesM

    Great list! As much as I would love the Battery pack though, adding one of these to my bike has make it useless: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0082CXEI8/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pd_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=CN98L2XNB6WX&coliid=I803AK9QNQCR4

    • TP

      That’s pretty sick, I think I need one now

    • Miles Prower

      +1 to JamesM’s recommendation to go with onboard USB.

      And if you’d rather do a handlebar mount versus the panel mount that JamesM has, this one is worth considering:


      That’s the one I use on my bikes. It comes with everything you need for installation. And it’s CAN-Bus compatible.

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      That’s pretty hard to use in your tent at night, with your camera or ipad, or on the couch in the evening when your phone is dead and you only have one last level of fruit ninja.

      onboard USB’s are great, but I use my mophie powerpack 4-5 days a week, both when I’m on and off the bike.

      • JamesM

        Touché. I keep my phone docked and charging during the day (bluetooth overnight), so I never really thought about tenting. Forwarded list to wife and crossing my fingers for that Sony Nex 3.

    • Stephen Burns

      We now have the handlebar mount or panel mount version. http://www.burnsmoto.com/dual-usb-charger-weatherproof-bar-clamp-mount-motorcycle.php

  • Lee Scuppers

    What kind of ui does that 4sevens quark flashlight have? That’s a staggering number of different modes to cycle through, if they use the usual one-button/many-clicks kind of deal. But if they’ve thought of something better, that’d be cool.

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      if you spin the lens, it has two different settings, each having it’s own modes you can scroll through. it actually works well. I believe fully tightened it’s off/full/full strobe and then loosened it toggles through the mid settings.

      i’m a big believer in having the right UI or it will ruin the product all together, and I think they did a good job.

      • Martin

        Those who want to geek out on flashlights, check out the HexBright. All modes are programmable via your computer and a USB connection. Best mid-sized light I’ve ever owned.

        • Lee Scuppers

          Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  • Jason 1199

    This is 6 pages of awesome. Copied, pasted, texted to the gf.

  • Blixa

    Hopefully my Ducati-riding bf doesn’t read this. Thanks for making Xmas easy!

  • Von

    $50 for a Tshirt? That’s some ignorant Bullshit

    • Rameses the 2nd


      Here. Buy a Shirt from Jamie for $20. He makes plenty of good videos and $20 is much more reasonable.

      • Jason

        Already bought mine, Rameses! Good lookin’ shirts, they are!

    • Michael Howard

      Those T’s cost more than most of my riding gear! ;)

    • sospeedy

      Thrift Shopping??? ;)

    • Richard Gozinya

      I remember Kanye West selling plain white T-Shirst for over $100 each. I’m sure there were people dumb enough to buy them.

    • Pablo Perez

      Yeah, the Deth Killer shirts are $65, boy did they show you! For the record, that middle shirt is in extremely poor taste, and might get you relieved of your shirt. The wings, diamond, and “supporter” blatantly copy the imagery of support gear for a 1% MC – but it’s a brand. Hey Deth Killer, you’re trying way too hard to sell tacky gear to posers, try keeping it authentic – your brand will get more respect.

  • Jack Meoph

    Deth Killers?? Should be Deth Killas, why stop at just one word to show you can’t spell? All in, or GTFO! And they’re ugly. Ugly and stupid, aren’t those the girls/guys that you hook up with at very end of the evening when you’re to drunk to care anymore? Oh yeah, redundant. Did I mention that Deth Killers is redundant? I should have mentioned that. I’ve have yet to understand the idea of wearing someones corporate logo on your back or front for that matter. What real association do you get out of the deal. You give them an obscene amount of $$$$, and then you become a walking billboard for them. WTF is wrong with people?

    • Piglet2010

      My local farm supply store has 3-packs of black T-shirts for $13.

  • Kr Tong

    That Mophie Battery pack is only good for .6 Ah. You can find ones better than that for a lot cheaper I have this one. 1.3 Ah for half the cost. Has a bright led on it too.

  • Kr Tong

    For $12 you can also get someone a set of rok straps. Ride Apart doesn’t really cover things with wonky distribution but the maker of rok straps came out to the bike show in San Mateo a while back. Really nice guy with a really nice product. Unless you have a buell, who thought of designing their bikes with something like this included, these straps are great at tying down any bag to any subframe without damaging plastics.

    You can get the thinner ones if you’re just using it to tie down 90% of loads. If you’re taking firewood to a campsite i’d go with the $20 ones which are an inch thick.

    A link to the thinner ones.


    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      great addition

    • Khali

      I use load straps, like those used to tie your bike to a truck, but in miniature. They hold up to 65kg each. Im not a big fan of plastic clips.

      • Kr Tong

        Yeah you’re not going to strap more than 30 lbs on the tail of a sport bike or dirt bike without a rack and other equip. I like these because you can loop them to grab bars on your dual sport, or if you have a modern sport bike you can loop them on your subframe, then pull them out from under your pillion when you have a bag.

  • Piglet2010

    Why was the Mr. Happy hand puppet omitted from the list?


  • Rameses the 2nd

    Where is the article on Black Friday deals for motorcycle enthusiasts?

  • Aaron

    This will be forwarded to everyone who says they love me.

    • Michael Howard

      No one loves me enough to pay most of those prices. ;)

      • Aaron

        Oh no!

  • Stuki

    If you have your wind and rain proffness taken care of, I prefer down insulators over Primalofts. They puff up and fill every nook and cranny under riding suits better, while compressing even smaller. The Western Mountaineering ones weigh essentially nothing, feel like they could be compressed into the size of a wallet, while still giving lots of wamth. Fragile though, so be careful.

  • Khali

    Those are awesome gift ideas, but many are too expensive…do you guys have more ideas on the cheap side? Will start with my own:

    Airman 12v motorcycle tire inflator.

    This thing will plug to standard or bmw lighter connector, and inflate your tire in seconds. Comes with a small manometer so you can check presure. And it is really small. I always carry it under my seat with a small flat tire repair kit, some tools, a kit of lightbulbs, and a xena disc lock.

    Not bad at all for 30$


  • sharper86

    SOG knives are great. I take my Flash II (almost) everywhere I go.

  • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

    I’m not a fan of AO (assisted-opening) knives; I find them clumsy, a tad gimmicky, and unnecessary if the knife has flipper opening geometry or a thumb-hole.

    For those shopping for alternatives to the SOG Aegis, check out Spyderco knives like the Delica 4 FFG, the Sage 1 (currently my favorite folding knife), Chapparal and the Manix 2 lightweight.

    After having dozens and dozens of high-end knives pass through my hands from SOG, Kershaw, Benchmade, Camillus, and Buck, I’ve become a fan of the Spyderco design philosophy and primarily carry their knives.

    • Lee Scuppers

      My AO CRKT Ignitor is great; it’s got a pin in the locking liner that locks it closed; you disengage it with the thumb stud. It’s not remotely clumsy, and it can’t open when you drop it, which some AO knives do. Can’t see any other problem with having a spring in there.

      I’ve handled Spyderco knives and can’t open them easily one-handed. I know they work great for a lot of people, though. You can’t buy a knife without playing with it first.

      • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

        Too each there own knife, I suppose.

        Not sure which Spyderco knives you’ve used, but It’s hard to imagine not being able to open them one-handed; the entire philosophy behind the thumb hole design is for easy one-handed opening, even with a set of thick winter gloves on. However, Spyderco does make and has made literally hundreds of different designs and some are very small and thus hard for those with large hands to use.

        Another thing to consider is that with a similarly priced Spyderco knife, you’ll get better blade-steel. The SOG Aegis has an AUS-8 blade and is priced at around $40-50. AUS-8 steel is not bad, but compared to similarly priced Spyderco Delica 4 with VG-10, you’ll get better edge-retention, cutting performance and durability from the Spyderco blade. Your CRKT Ignitor has a 8Cr14MoV blade, a Chinese steel; again, not bad, but not as high-performing as Spyderco’s base VG-10 Japanese steel. Additionally, by spending a $40-50 more, you can pick up a knife like the Sage 1 which, after having literally dozens of $100-600 knives in my collection, is the one I settled with as my everyday carry knife.

        Whether you need high-performing steel or not is up to you. While I do enjoy hand-sharpening and stropping, I don’t want to be doing it after every instance of hard-use on the blade.

        I’ll stop at that, I don’t work for Spyderco and I never have. I just have some experience with folding knives and my preferences have solidified over time. If you want to spend less than $40 for a folder, however, I’d recommend the Kershaw Skyline. They’ve gone up in price since I bought mine for about $25, but they are still a steal (no pun intended) for the materials you get in a “Made in USA” knife.

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    **RA staff or suunto users**

    I have an older Suunto Core, and I love it overall. However, turbulent air while riding causes the barometer to take innacurate readings. It’s a shame that one of the most useful features for riding is rendered useless.

    So please respond if you ride with one of these. Have they fixed this on the newer model? I’d like to know if I need to upgrade. Thanks!

  • LS650

    $50+ for a T-shirt is just stupid.

    $50+ for a Leatherman multi-tool, on the other hand, is a smart investment. I was given one in the late 1990s that I still carry with me whenever I go for a ride. It is an extremely useful and high quality item.

  • Reid

    Yeah…I need that silk scarf.

    • Michael Howard

      I have one and love it. Keeps your neck warm when it’s cold and keeps it cool when it’s hot (especially if you soak it in water). Nice barrier between your jacket collar and neck when doing frequent head-checks. Makes you look like a WWI pilot, too.

      • Reid

        Indeed! That’s the idea :)

      • Mark D

        Seconded. They look great, and feel great, hot or cold.

        • Reid

          I only wish it came in red.

        • roma258

          Yeah, I love mine.

  • SoCalMarv

    There are some really cool and neat stuff on that list, but seriously…WTF is up with t-shirt prices. I don’t hate on anyone who buys them but rich or poor, money can be spent much better in life.

  • james

    Eh why buy a charger, there are many plans on the net to build a usb charger based off two AA batteries that can rejuice a phone/ipod/tablet etc. And all you need is more double A’s. Much nicer to build something yourself.

  • charlie

    Just curious – does anybody know if the wifi only iPads show your location when you’re not connected or do you need the SIM card capability?

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      My nexus 7 (gift) does. My iPhone does too when I don’t have service.

    • Chris Gillham

      no only the sim ipads have gps capability

  • Dave

    Why stop at the undershirt? If you’re wearing riding-specific underwear MotoDRacing’s one-piece under*suits* are amazing, and really well priced. http://www.motodracing.com/motorcycle-undersuit.html

    Also, how about a gear guide for women? I have presents to buy, and the girls are always complaining that they can’t find gear that fits anyone without a supermodel body.

  • Phil Mills

    I’ll second somebody else’s suggestion of Rok Straps and I’ll up the ante with a Battery Tender (or off-brand variant thereof).

    Besides keeping your battery charged up, the SAE pigtail connector most of them come with makes for a much easier connection for booster cables than having to spend 20 minutes tearing plastic off of your bike to get to the battery terminals (ahem: Yamaha FJR).

  • Phil Mills

    How ’bout a very small headlamp such as this one:

    It’s one of the first things that goes into my backpack or tank bag if I’m taking a trip.

    I have a different version of that Petzl (wider elastic band) that’s lasted for quite a long time (5 years) on the original batteries with occasional use. Mine packs down (with strap) to a little plastic, water-proof box the size of a couple of small match boxes – the one linked looks to be even smaller.

  • red baron

    $1k for a novelty helmet???