2013 EICMA: 2014 BMW S 1000 R — Official Specs Reveal 160 HP

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2014 BMW S 1000 R

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That sound you here? It’s the collective disappointment of motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere learning that this 2014 BMW S 1000 R makes only 160 bhp, a full 33 bhp less than the S 1000 RR superbike it’s based on.

Sure, 160 bhp (at 11,000 rpm) is more than anyone needs in a naked motorcycle. But in light of the 180 bhp, 1,301 cc KTM 1290 Super Duke R, it just seems…a little inadequate. Even the Aprilia Tuono V4R makes 180 bhp these days.

Can a naked BMW make up for its detuning anywhere else on its spec sheet? Well, its 83 lb.-ft. torque figure is identical to the superbike’s, but that peak arrives at 500 rpm earlier, at 9,250 rpm. In its defense, BMW says the torque curve has been shifted down the rev range, besting the superbike’s by a full 7 lb.-ft. all the way up to 7,500 rpm.

BMW S 1000 R power & torque curve
The BMW S 1000 R’s power and torque curves (left) vs the S 1000 RR’s (right).

BMW has re-tuned the S 1000 R’s engine by redesigning the cylinder head ducts, modifying the cam profiles and altering the ECU programming.

All-up weight, with a full tank full of fuel actually grows over the superbike by 5 lbs to 456 lbs, even though fuel capacity remains the same.

BMW S 1000 R
2014 BMW S 1000 R

The electronic rider aids — an S 1000 RR hallmark — have also been dumbed down. Where the RR features four switchable riding modes which alter parameters ranging from ABS intervention to outright power, the single-R is equipped with only two — road and rain.

Thankfully, the single-R’s suspension and brakes remain of equal quality and adjustability to the RR’s, even if the forks do get raked out a little bit in the pursuit of stability. The standard steering damper is also retained.

The single-R is U.S.-bound, but no price has yet been announced.

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  • grindz145

    But look at how wide the torque band is…

    • grindz145

      After a second look, the graphs are deceiving, the axes are completely different on each.

    • Lama glama

      I meant to, but couldn’t get past the headlight. BMW actually paid someone to design this thing. And among dozens of engineers translating doodle to plastic, not one tried to reason with management? NUTS!

    • stevie_z

      Took a second to digitize and combine the torque curves. ~10 Nm throughout the range seems worth the peak power trade off for the street. (This is a road (R) to race (RR) comparison, the undisclosed pro mapping could potentially boost torque further.)

      • grindz145

        You’re the man! Thank you! The R is clearly more street-able. Although the RR’s curve is so darn linear, I half wonder if they would have been better off keeping the RR profile.

  • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

    It is pretty lame that BMW tuned this one down so much. And how did they get a naked bike that is based so much on the sport bike version to weigh 5lbs more? I think if they price it around $11,995 or $12,995 it will be alright, but any more then that will be asking too much. $14,995 with the DDC and DTC fitted would make it good competition for the RSV4 Tuono.

    • Justin McClintock

      It makes more power than the RR everywhere below 9K RPM. If you’re spending much time above that, you’re at a track…and you’ll want fairings.

      • Ben W

        Which is to say – just slightly more plastic than you see here.

      • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

        More power, but also it weighs more (for some reason).

        • Zanpa

          I’m not sure those 5 lbs will make a world of difference.

          • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

            Depending on where it is in the bike, I’m sure you’ll feel it. Still trying to figure out how they made the Naked bike weigh that much more.

    • Jack McLovin

      They didn’t tune it down, look at the graph. At any point in time it makes as much or more bhp and torque as the RR. It just doesn’t rev as high hence the PEAK power deficit. Do you think the RR has 193 bhp at 2000 rpm? As far as the rpm range you’ll actually be on the street it gives up nothing.
      And I’m glad they didn’t go crazy and make a 200 bhp naked so that the situation gets out of control with some horsepower war. What’s the point of a 200 bhp naked that’s restricted in most gears coz that’s too much power?
      Too bad it’s ugly though LOL

      • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

        I’m sorry, they didn’t tune it down, the ‘re-tuned it for midrange power’ just like all the Japanese bikes. If it’s priced right then that power is a fine figure, but if they want V4 Tuono money for a bike that has less power, no traction control standard, and two ride modes, then it will be over priced. If the competition is going to have bonkers levels of power, the BMW might as well have bonkers levels of power too. I’ve ridden an S1000RR and thought that the motor had great torque for a inline 4 so I would have rather seen the superbikes levels of power in this naked bike.

        • Justin McClintock

          People love to ride a spec sheet. Given the S1000RR engine or the S1000R engine for real world use and not told anything about the numbers, I’ll bet 10 people out of 10 would take the R engine over the RR engine. Power means nothing if you have to spin the bike to the moon to get it. Might as well be riding a 600 at that point.

          • http://garrett-nelson.tumblr.com/ Garrett Nelson

            Right. My post isn’t just about the power though. It’s all going to depend on the price. It weighs more, has less power, doesn’t come with the goodies that it should compared to it’s competition. I’m saying as a whole, if they price it in the $14,995+ range it’s not a great deal. If it’s $11,995 or $12,995 then it will be fine.

  • MotoBell

    now why did this take so long to make? good or bad, the effort into styling is very minimal and detuning the engine shouldn’t have taken this long… making good looking super nakeds is hard except if your Ducati – Yes, I was never a target market (I am happy with Streetfighter S) but this is disappointing for S1k fans

    • MotoBell

      and yes suddenly the ugly but awesome Tuono seems masterfully styled next to this

      • Jonathan Berndt

        … no it does not, more like they are both in the same league!

      • Ben W

        Certainly comparable. I’m guessing this will have fewer poorly-applied sticker decals than the Tuono features.

      • enzomedici

        Tuonos have reliability issues and good luck waiting on parts.

    • kentaro

      There is no incentive for manufacturers to make new models available as soon as they are developed. Now that 3 years -a reasonable amount of time for people who want a BMW sportbike to buy a BMW sportbike – has passed, they have put out a detuned “naked” to target buyers who did not buy a RR because of too much power, ergonomics, etc.

      Either way, I agree that this is a disappointment. Will make a good demo bike… oh wait, that’s what the fugly f800r is for after no one buys them ever.

      • Daniel

        Almost bought an F800r(for the abs)but instead kept my F800s after hearing a naked S1000 was announced…looks like I wait for next year :-(
        Sometimes function trumps “fugly”…at least no one will steal it!

      • Jim Lahey

        F800r is a good bike; it’s plenty fast and light to light , and in the twisties, it’ll give litre bikes a go.

        You seem to have a hate on for beemers; what’s wrong – can’t afford one?

  • Malandro

    Writing the word “only” before 160BHP is hilarious.

    • Faysal Itani


  • Justin McClintock

    I don’t see the issue with the tuning. Look at the dyno numbers again. This thing makes more power than the RR everywhere below 9000 RPM. If you wanna spend much time above 9000 RPM, you’re probably on a track….and not on a naked bike.

  • Reid

    I am gravely disappointed. Not that I was ever in the market for something like this.

  • ben kester

    Why are we calling this a naked bike?

    • Ben W

      Agreed. This is really stretching the term “naked.” It’s also apparently trying to trump the ’14 Z1000 for absurd looks.

      • Justin McClintock

        Geez man, that’s harsh. I mean, it may be true, but that’s like a rhino calling a hippo fat.

  • Daniel

    Hmmm…elsewhere I read…. “ASC (Automatic Stability Control), Race ABS and dual riding modes are standard, with the Dynamic suspensions being optional. The 2014 BMW S1000R offer Rain and Road modes, with the Pro mode and its Dynamic and Dynamic Pro mappings available optionally.”

    1. I don’t think ASC is BMW’s version of Bosch’s new MSC that KTM already announced.
    2. I’m wondering if DDC is adding the extra weight.

    I’m hopeful they will price it correctly…however if fully loaded with all options puts it too close to a fully loaded S1000rr…they have a problem.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      “Stability Control” appears to be a meaningless marketing term with no substance. We try and avoid reprinting those.

      • Zanpa

        I would like to learn more about this. Do you have a link to an article or something that can explain why?

  • Dolphin Henry Overton IV

    I don’t think it’s as successful of a design as the K1200r, but it’s certainly not as bad as the comments would suggest. It’s nowhere near as vulgar as the new KTM either.(barf) Just like the Tuono and Speed Triple, you won’t care what it looks like anyway when it’s pointed at the sky and you’re giggling your face off.

  • Sid Widmer

    BMW really embraces the heterochromia community. Bowie approves.


    • SteveNextDoor

      Scud the Disposable Assassin also approves. And wants his bike back.

    • HeDidn’tWeDid

      ….or this?

  • metric_G

    I wish they would just use the left side on both sides of the headlight assembly, but then it would look like a Triumph 675 or n R1.

  • Sebastian Koch

    the front end looks much better then the new Z1000…and 160hp with a wide torque curve should be more than most can handle anyways. I like it

  • Justin McClintock

    The curious part about most folks complaining about it having “only” 160 hp…..the vast majority of people who ever ride this will NEVER use all 160 hp. You’ve got to be at 11000 RPM and at full throttle to get that. At that point, you’re either on a drag strip, a race track, or trying to kill yourself. Even at 70 mph, that would send the front wheel to the sky in a freakin’ heartbeat.

  • Stephen Mears

    Ist es nicht schön?

    • Andy Yun

      No, not at all. I was hoping to buy this one, but it may be the Aprilia after all. Geez.

      • Stephen Mears

        By 1814 however, Beethoven was almost totally deaf, and when a group of visitors saw him play a loud arpeggio of thundering bass notes at his piano remarking, “Ist es nicht schön?” (Is it not beautiful?), they felt deep sympathy considering his courage and sense of humor (he lost the ability to hear higher frequencies first).

  • Daniel

    Let’s wait and see what the “Standard” and “Premium” package lists for before losing all hope.

    The “Standard” package adds Ride Modes Pro (Rain, Road + Dynamic,
    Dynamic Pro), gear shift assist, DTC (dynamic traction control) and
    cruise control. The “Premium” package includes all equipment in the
    “Standard” package plus DDC (dynamic damping control semi-active
    suspension), heated grips and engine spoiler.

    Then there’s the difference in dealer support for the Aprilia…one will have to ask if the extra horsepower is worth the trouble.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    At least the Aprilia Touno will have a sibling along side with the 1290 duke

  • Mark Vizcarra

    At least the Aprilia Touno will have a sibling along side with the 1290 duke

  • DucMan

    Epic Fail.

    KTM wins.

  • Sentinel

    Has BMW addressed the issue that some owners have had with these Engines/Transmissions “hand-grenading” yet?

  • enzomedici

    Because I would take BMW reliability over Aprilia any day. Aprilia might win on the track, but BMW wins on the street where I would be riding this.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Looks better in rd, and from the side.
    It looks like it’s been shot in the face from the front.

  • Mugget

    Good grief… Why did they even bother?

    The S1000RR was not a beautiful bike to begin with… some bikes just shouldn’t lose the fairing. Not that it did lose the fairing – it looks like they just chopped off some sections.

    Who are they trying to fool with this half-naked??!

  • Shawn McDermott

    Glad I didnt wait for this and boughta Tuono

  • Kamenashi

    Would be nice if they lowered the pegs just a few more inches.

  • Marc

    Available rear wheel torque is what actually accelerates a motorcycle. Street riders will be pretty much universally faster on the R than the RR, especially when combined with the handlebars and riding position. But manufacturers MUST at this point recognize that the sport market is filled with spec sheet racers that only understand peak HP (doesn’t help when magazines universally use the term “de-tuned” to describe what could also be called “vastly more powerful low and midrange”), and with an engine like the S1kRR’s it’s not like it’s lacking in midrange to begin with. Just give the public what they (think they) want, and keep the stock RR engine. Saves on R&D effort as well. It’ll still be face-ripping fast and quite rideable.

  • Andy Scott

    Like I said in the other post, I am hoping for a RA review of this bike. The spec sheet doesn’t define a bike’s character. I wonder how it will perform in the real world vs the KTM 1290, which btw I fell in love with at first sight!

  • Geert Willem van der Horst

    The blue colour on the RR please.

  • Stef

    Why is thuis a naked, look at all the plastic!

  • juliansr

    i care a lot less about useless horsepower (more torques, please) than weight.

    how do you strip a bike naked and gain weight?

    the only concession i can make is that a lot of superbikes get ridden hard and thrashed while nakeds tend to be in it for the long haul. Might be built to last instead of to wow us on a spec sheet. in the real world a decent sprocket change and you’re faster everywhere but 150+ mph where it wont matter since you’re naked and everyone is staring.