Leaked Online: 2014 BMW S 1000 R — First Photos and Video Of New Naked

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BMW S 1000 R

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Sneaking into the EICMA show floor before it opens tomorrow morning, Oliepeil.nl has capture these first photos and video of the 2014 BMW S 1000 R, the naked version of the S 1000 RR superbike.

While the big question remains, “How much horsepower?” We do see here that this bike is literally a naked S 1000 RR — Same frame, same tank, same tail, same gills, same swingarm, same exhaust, same suspension, same brakes — just with a ridiculously hideous headlight cowl and flat bars.

The large, single “R” on the plastics seems to give away the name — S 1000 R. Yeah, there’s going to be some confusion when you tell people what you ride.

Released in 2009, the BMW S 1000 RR turned the superbike world on its head with a then-unprecedented 193 bhp and the first effective use of rider-aid electronics in the form of Traction Control and ABS. The S 1000 R will be competing with bikes like the 180 bhp 2014 KTM 1290 Super Duke R and Aprilia Tuono V4R.

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  • http://www.thecushdrive.com/ Aakash

    +1 on the ugly headlight cowl.

    • grindz145

      The beauty of BMW designs is that I don’t feel like they have been designed by a bunch of marketing surveys. The drawback is that I don’t feel like that have been designed by a bunch of marketing surveys. :)

      • Aaron

        Or humans with eyes :)

  • msay

    The asymmetry that I loved on the RR doesn’t really do it for me here on the R. Too bad since I’m sure it’ll be a great bike anyway.

  • kentaro

    Looks like an ugly mother. A+ would ride without any long term commitments.

  • Kodiak

    Dear BMW, stop it. You’re a teutonic motorcycle manufacturer. Focus on what you’re good at. Leave the naked sport bikes and faux-retro stuff to the Italians and the British.

  • Guy

    I would ride it… the headlight design is a massive miss though.

  • Stephen Mears

    That Z1000 looking a lot better now isn’t it?

  • Dan

    The butterface of bikes. But with a body like that, do you really care?

  • http://www.thecushdrive.com/ Aakash

    BMW can make absolute stunners (R1200S):

  • Corey Cook

    Please stop calling it a Naked bike. Take one look at it, and it’s plain for all to see that this machine is nowhere near naked. It’s like an S1000RR that smashed into the back of a truck and was re-cobbled together with some stuff from a recycling bin…

  • Sid Widmer
  • Sid Widmer

    I like it?

  • Mugget

    I’m not seeing the appeal… I mean it might suit people who don’t like building/customising their bikes. But I would prefer to buy an S1000RR and build my own ‘fighter.

    Maybe they’re just putting it out there as a concept to gauge interest?

  • kevin

    Love that we’re seeing more an more ‘hyper-nakeds’ or whatever you want to call them. The Tuono V4R was sort of all alone in that category for awhile. Hooligans everywhere rejoice!

  • http://www.RideApart.com/ Jen Degtjarewsky

    Anybody else notice that in the video you can see the reflection of the guy holding the camera for a brief second in the instrument panel?

  • Aaron

    Max RPM on the tach is 11,000 versus the S1000rr which is 14,000rpm; seems as though some major engine changes were made in order to drop the revs by 3,000 rpm!

  • Rowan

    OHHHH NOOOOOooooooooo! Bugger. That looks awful.

  • Stephen Mears

    From the side the headlight/gauge pod looks like a Snork.

  • jonoabq

    Not really nekkid. More like the also partially clothed Aprillia, but uglier. I mean wow, this this is one hideous face, and the gills? Ugh.

  • JP

    Don’t understand why we are seeing so many “naked” bikes with 60% of the fairings. If you are going to make a naked version of a bike, then take the f*%king fairing off completely and show the engine. Otherwise give me a screen and a full fairing.

  • Justin

    Love everything about it. The Bavarians have answered my super-naked prayers. I know I may be in the minority but I like the “hit in the face a few times” look of it

    Now just to cobble together $14000…

  • http://twwhlspls.com/ Anders

    What a messy design. The fairing and headlights looks like a cheap copy of a BMW.