2013 EICMA: 2014 Brough Superior SS100 — Legendary Brand Returns With All-New Bike

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2014 Brough Superior SS100

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Ninety years after the debut of the first SS100, the brand is returning with an all-new motorcycle modeled after it. The 2014 Brough Superior SS100 isn’t just retro styling though, its performance is thoroughly modern. And it should be, because the company hopes to get close to $100,000 for each one it sells.

1925 Brough Superior SS100
The 1925 Brough Superior SS100

Advertised as, “The Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles,” the original SS100 was famous for its performance guarantee. Each model left the factory having been ridden at over 100 mph by George Brough himself, hence the name. T.E. Lawrence famously rode an SS100. In fact, that’s what he was riding during his fatal crash in 1935.

The most obvious styling cue adapted from old to new is the cylindrical fuel tank. But obvious inspiration is also seen in the V-twin motor and its exhaust layout, as well as in the girder front suspension.

Brough Superior SS100
2014 Brough Superior SS100

That’s not to say that the SS100 is a throwback. The 88-degree, liquid-cooled, 997cc V-twin serves as a stressed member in the steel and titanium trellis backbone frame and uses a horizontal-seal, semi-dry crankcase. It can be tuned to deliver anywhere between 100 and 140 bhp depending on customer specification, with the former presumably sacrificing outright power for greater flexibility. Making 92 lb.-ft. of torque, that flexibility should be generous.

Brough says that stressing the engine has helped keep weight down to a relatively light 395 lbs (dry).

Front and rear suspension is Ohlins monoshocks. The front girder is designed to separate braking and steering forces and is constructed from titanium triangles with aluminum-magnesium alloy legs. The swingarm is made from the same alloy.

2014 Brough Superior SS100
2014 Brough Superior SS100 stripped naked.

The brakes were spec’d because they somewhat resemble old timey drums, but are in fact dual-discs clamped by radial calipers. The Beringer system uses a static central brake pad, with calipers pushing in from the outside. In addition to looking fancy, the arrangement is said to help reduce unsprung weight.

That’s good, because Brough has curiously chosen to use 18-inch rims. Doing so not only carries a weight penalty, but reduces tire choice.

Brough Superior SS100
2014 Brough Superior SS100

Brough Superior hopes to make 20 motorcycles a year, with deliveries starting in 2014. Considerably fewer than the 69 bikes George Brough rode to 100 mph in 1925.

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  • DucMan


  • michaelmatos

    Momma Mia! Price puts it firmly in the realm of fantasy. But a boy can dream.

  • Speedo007

    Why not get a Confederate Hellcat for half the price and twice the looks :)

    • Davidabl2

      You mean “half the price, HALF the looks”-if you’re a traditionalist.
      Although I’d commission a bike from Shinya Kimura for half the price myself.
      Or Richard “Mule” Pollock for one quarter the price
      Although I can’t imagine WHAT he’d say if I told him i wanted the bike to be a ’20′s replica :-)

      • Speedo007

        No I meant half the price, twice the looks and twice the performance :) That said even with 50000$, I’d probably just contact Classified Moto and ask them a one in a kind custom build…

        • Diego Martinez

          And if you wanna ride something entirely different, you can get a Bimota 3D or Vyrus 986 M2 too. Though honestly, if you buy this bike, you are and should be losing $100,000.

  • Jorn Bjorn Jorvi

    I’d get a confederate over this hands down, but that obtuse twin is really sexy.

  • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

    Utterly gorgeous.

  • Davidabl2

    I hope it has some brass accents? And that the shiny stuff is stainless and nickel plated instead of chrome?
    I can’t tell from the B&W pics…

  • kentaro

    Someone sell a kit to turn a bonneville into something like this and you can has all my monies.

    • Richard Gozinya

      Probably not too hard, considering that they’re not using much in the way of exotic materials, aside from the carbon fiber airbox. Don’t see any metal work that’s all that difficult on this bike, really not sure why they’re charging so much, other than trying to turn it into a luxury item. For what they’re charging though, could get an NCR M4 One Shot, and a Walt Siegl Leggero.

      • Boo

        For what theyr’e charging I’m sure you could get an actual Brough-Superior!

    • http://www.motopraxis.com/ Aakash

      A kit to drop a v-twin into the Bonneville’s frame? It’s gonna be bookoo monies

  • Bruce Steever


  • Corey Cook

    Beautiful Machine, beautiful engineering, and price tag to match. My favorite part? Not one single piece of awful plastic to be found anywhere on this entire motorcycle! Just like a Confederate, you could sit and stare at this all day long and not get bored. This is what high end bespoke motorcycles are all about. Super impressive first effort.

    • Diego Martinez

      But Confederate are actually using new ideas, this is just someone cashing out.

      • Corey Cook

        Perhaps look a little closer, there are no “new ideas” in the Confederate design that are not also present in this design.
        Infact, This Brough is actually sporting a DOHC liquid cooled L-twin. While the Confederate is still using an aircooled pushrod v-twin, albeit a massive one.

        100 year old new ideas right…?

        • Diego Martinez

          I easn’t reffering to the engine. Engines are extremely expensive to develop. I was making reference to the suspension, and the variety of configurations for the fueland oil tank for example.

          • Corey Cook

            If you’d like to get into the suspension, again they are both the same. A Girder fork on the confederate and a Girder fork on the Brough. The only difference being that the Brough actually uses a newer and more advanced progressive linkage rear suspension. While the Confederate uses an older style fixed mount monoshock, well I’ll be damned…

            Oh and that Fuel in the frame gas tank on the Conferate? Also been around for a hundred years or so. Most recently used by Eric Buell…

            My point being, there are NO new ideas in motorcycle design. Only refinements and design conceptuality.

            • Diego Martinez

              The ideas are not new, the execution is, for example, a carbon fiber girder fork. This bike is entirely derivative, hence my earlier accusation of cashing out. Confederate uses a single sided swingarm on the R135, so it’s a draw in that case. And actually, Buell was the first bike to come out with fuel in the frame. You might want to check your sources there chief…

            • Hugo

              Actually Wes made an error by stating it is a Girder front fork, is’s a double wishbone Fior system (Fior funny front ends were used in motorcycle racing) with titanium a-arms and an aluminium-magnesium front fork to reduce (unsprung) weight so it’s an interesting system for such a “classic” looking bike. Dry weight is 395 lbs with power between 100 and 140hp so it looks like it is as much fun as the original Brough was.
              The frame is trick and it looks a little like they used a similar set-up using the engine as a structural member like the Ducati Panigale making the frame very small in width.
              Is it worth the price? Developing an engine from scratch is expensive (parts, tooling, homologation, etc.) so partially yes, will we interesting to see a ride review by Wes :)

              • Boo

                It’s a girder fork by the definition I’ve always understood. A fancy one but still a girder fork.
                Ridiculous to be using in the 21st century. Leading link forks (’50s NSU / Honda style) give similar geometry but far less unsprung weight.

  • James Monroe

    It’s ugly and beautiful at the same time.

  • John

    They’re on F’ing drugs.

    • grindz145

      They’re NOT on drugs, all they wanted was a Pepsi.

      • contender

        Just one Pepsi. But they wouldn’t give it to them.

        • Lee Scuppers

          I’M not crazy.

          • John

            Crazy people are rarely good judges of that.

          • mho

            Don’t tell me that; They’re on DRUGS. And Brough was all
            like, “no, we’re just thinking!”

        • Moto Tommy


  • LS650

    I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it.
    At $100 grand, I’ll never own one either way.

  • Mr.Paynter

    *Buys lotto ticket

  • Michael Howard

    Changing the V-angle of the cylinders so much kills any resemblence to the original.

    • Bryan Woody Wood

      Obviously they had to spread them out because the motor would be way too tall otherwise. I agree with you totally.

  • Harve Mil

    Looks like someone sat in the middle of a medieval bugle, with wheels.

  • http://www.racetrackstyle.com/ Racetrack Style

    Cool show this year, huh?

    I like this bike. It doesn’t have the overdone, sky high, slanted tail; instead it has a cool horizontal aesthetic, front to back.

    The 18 inch wheels are unfortunate. Paul Smart-style spoked rims would look killer and a 180 rear would be perfect with that motor.

    Lower the rear cylinder header & add a cool set of bags that are inspired by the original ones.

  • Robert Horn

    Seems it would look better with 60 degree cylinders, but then it would look Britten gone retro.

    • Guest

      It would also look like a Brough Superior. ;)

      • http://www.racetrackstyle.com/ Racetrack Style

        60 degrees would raise the stance which it looks like a low stance was one of the design goals (based in part on the front end choice)

  • JT

    Honey! I’m taking out the Brough!

  • Sean Tempère

    I’m pretty sure this thing is going to do more than the ton.
    Shouldn’t it be called the SS130 (maybe even 150)?

    If this works and they can do a commoner’s version with one less 0 on the tag i’m all for it, regardless of the name.

  • pdad13

    Um, eh. Hmm…Harumph. Ah, hmm…I don’t know. Think I have to sleep on this one.

  • Chris Cope

    Don’t suppose it matters but this thing wouldn’t be road-legal in the United States. Assuming it has a horn, it is only barely road legal in the UK — so barely that it would almost certainly get you stopped. For $100,000 I would expect to at least be able to ride my bike. But perhaps people with that much money also have private tracks.

    • Stuki

      I doubt many $100K bikes are bought to be ridden much. Doing so would be a lot like buying a million dollar stamp use it to send mail out.

  • Brian

    it looks like something Shinya Kimura would build.

  • FiveG

    I am in love. And will remain so from a six figure distance.

  • Julian

    Get the F*** out ! For half the price i would get a Godet-Vincent.


    It is a beautiful machine but come on !

  • HoldenL

    Heeey, Brough!

    I like the radial-spoke look of the wheels.

    But it’s sad that a group of people works hard to design and manufacture a motorcycle that isn’t intended to be ridden. This Brough is for display. Jay Leno might buy one and ride it 100 miles a year, displaying it in his garage the rest of the time. The Brough exemplifies the market distortions created by the wealthy 1%.

    • Boo

      Radial spokes are very weak in rotational forces so they’re the worst thing you can fit to a motorcycle. These seem to be cast alloy so they’ll work ok, but still not a strong-looking design.

  • Tyler McAvoy

    for 100k these bikes will never be ridden. They’ll be nice living room accent pieces.

  • Reid

    “Certainly it’s expensive.”
    “Well what’s the trick then?!”
    “The trick, RideApart Gang, is not minding that it’s expensive.”

    • David

      Ok, now get Peter O’Toole to say it

      • Reid

        I’ve got him on voice dial – right next to Richard Harris and Richard Burton. The Kings of Ham 1, 2 and 3, I call them.

        • Diego Martinez

          I laughed heartily at this response. Touche!

  • Justin McClintock

    Not really feeling the goofy front brakes. Or the price. Otherwise, it’s pretty cool.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    Cool Story Brough

    • Chris Cope

      Disappointingly, the correct pronunciation is “Bruff”

      • Stuki

        Wept all the wannabe Gixxer Broughs……..

  • John

    I hope someone is bogarting some really freaking cool models because I’m a little disappointed thus far, short of a few models that are made of unobtanium.

  • Guest

    The angle of the cylinders and their height seems a bit off…

  • Murat Oğuz Kanpak

    The height and the angle of the cylinders seem a bit excessive…

  • Ben Barbeau

    Again, dead brands that just needed to stay dead.

  • Julian

    An ugly looking dog, only to be ridden on dark nights!

  • krabathor

    88 degrees?? that’s an L-twin (if ever there was one). and not a V-twin.

    • Boo

      L twins are V twins, just a very specific angle of V-twin.
      The term L-twin wasn’t even coined until recently.

  • John Tiedjens

    It tries so hard to be cool it totally fails. Then there is the whole factory production collectable issue…. things are collectable because they are not because some one tells you so.

  • Don Fraser

    what did those circus folks say? ass for every seat

  • rennie61

    It’s incredible, the way it links the past with the present. Beautiful and the specs
    suggest it’s no slouch either. A lean mean machine

  • Dwight Nevins

    Good Stuff , a new Brufff ! Love it , , is Steampunk still kind of a thing ? Whatever, she looks FABULOUS , Only Criticism :
    I would have liked to have seen the old Vertical Fishtail / Toaster Mufflers back again though …