2013 EICMA: 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 — First Official Photos and Specs

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2014 Ducati Monster 1200

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A naked Panigale? Not quite, but these all-new monsters do adapt its “frameless” chassis concept, transforming the archetypal steel trellis into a front subframe, only using it to attach the forks to the cylinder heads. A new, liquid-cooled, 1198 cc V-twin produces 135 bhp in the 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 and 145 bhp in the 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 S.

These all-new models are much more than just a big engine in a naked bike that defined previous high performance Monsters like the S4R. There’s the new chassis arrangement, which shifts the trellis into a front subframe, bolting the rear subframe to the rear cylinder only and attaching the swingarm directly to the engine. A new version of the “Testastretta 11″ motor which increases service intervals to 18,000 miles and even new styling, featuring a larger, more muscular fuel tank and smaller headlamp.

Ducati has targeted comfort and ride-ability over meaningless peak power figures, an approach which is reflected throughout the bike. The seat adjusts from 31.8 inches all the way down to 29.3 using a simple “block and pin” adjuster.

Ducati Monster 1200
2014 Ducati Monster 1200, note the Panigale-style wheels and silver forks.

Ducati says, despite its new attachment method, that the steel trellis frame “has effectively doubled its torsional stiffness,” thanks to wider-section tubes and a more optimized design. Compared to previous models, the wheelbase also grows by 2.3 inches in order to improve stability and make the bikes more suitable for carrying a passenger. In pursuit of that passenger carrying ability, standard grab rails are neatly integrated into the tail. Improving rider comfort and control, the handlebars are also 1.5 inches taller and 1.5 inches closer to the rider.

Ducati Monster 1200
2014 Ducati Monster 1200 S, note the Y-spoke rear wheel and gold forks.

The standard Monster 1200 and S differ in both engine and suspension. Where the standard model develops 135 bhp at 8,750 rpm and 87 lb.-ft. at 7,250 rpm, the S makes 145 bhp at 8,750 rpm and 92 lb.-ft. of torque at 7,250 rpm. The S also replaces the standard Monster’s Kayaba forks / Sachs shock with fully-adjustable Ohlins units.

Further heightening the Panigale resemblance, the standard Monster rolls on identical-look wheels, while the S gains a new “Y-spoke” design.

Ducati Monster 1200
The 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 S should be equally at home on track or street.

The standard bike is available in red, with a red frame and black wheels. The S comes in either red with a red frame and black wheels, or in white with a bronze frame and black wheels.

Both models are equipped with comprehensive rider-aid electronics, including traction control, ABS and switchable power delivery modes. All that is controlled through a Panigale-like, full-color Thin Film Transistor screen.

Pricing is extremely competitive, the standard Ducati Monster 1200 is $13,495, while the Ducati Monster 1200 S comes in at $15,995.

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  • http://www.thecushdrive.com/ Aakash

    Adjustable seat height: a feature that should have been designed into bikes decades ago. Kudos to Ducati for being practical and accommodating on the ergonomics front.

    • Faysal Itani


    • aergern

      Yep. If more did it then it would probably kill the tail tidy market entirely. Folks on cruisers have been able to do a side mount for years … this on a naked is just to cool.

  • ookla_the_mok

    That pricing is indeed surprisingly competitive.
    Has an interesting ‘organic’ look to it – like a two-tentacled sea monster barely kept caged by that trellis frame.

  • Lee Scuppers

    I’m pretty excited about everybody suddenly putting the number plate on a radial thing off the swingarm instead of dingleberrying it off the subframe. Much cleaner look.

    • the antagonist

      By negating the need for a tail-chop, it also keeps your back and pillion at lot cleaner when riding in the rain and muck.

      • Lee Scuppers

        I thought keeping road s#!t off my back is what the pillion’s for?

        • DucMan

          ..and adding unsprung weight. :(

    • kentaro

      Just be careful when you’re doing wheelies.

  • Clint Keener

    Steel tank?!?

    • Justin McClintock

      I see a tank seem, so yeah, probably. I think Ducati is probably a little leery of plastic tanks at this point. A steel tank is just a more quality piece than some rotomolded plastic. I know I’d prefer a steel tank.

    • Ben W

      I hope so.

    • Ben W

      Quick confirmation: http://www.ducatiusa.com/bikes/monster/monster_1200/concept/monster_design/index.do

      “All the elements that created the Monster legend are evident at a
      glance: a powerful “Monster-fly-line”, round headlight flanked by the
      forks, solid and sculptural metal fuel tank…”

  • Blu E Milew

    So when do we get the monsterstrada?

  • Rameses the 2nd

    So If I have a $16,000 budget for a bike, why would I take this over a Duke 1290R, or a BMW RNineT or many other similar cool bikes in that price range? I don’t understand which market segment Ducati is trying to attract here.

    • Richard Gozinya

      Ducatisti of course.

    • TP

      Isn’t the Duke 1290R hella expensive? Like close to $20k?

    • Ben W

      The prices on those bikes haven’t been announced yet, so it’s tough to make a comparison.

    • Mugget

      Those bikes are all very different, one ride on each and you’d have that question answered very quickly…

      But the way I see it –
      KTM: people who want more of an “edgy” bike they can hoon around on (even though all reports say it’s very rider-friendly and not quite as much of a beast as the pre-release hype would have us believe).
      Ducati: people who want more of a classic/traditionally good-looking bike, or who just want to have a little piece of Italian prestige to call their own.
      BMW: people who just like boxer twins. Maybe older folks, or younger people who want to look mature and sensible.

      • Reid

        Mind if I eleborate?
        KTM: for death-seekers opposed to shooting themself and actual Honest-to-God superheroes.
        Ducati: for very conservative, yet very image conscious people.
        BMW: for well-heeled hipsters who don’t know they’re being played.

        • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald


          • Reid
            • Reid

              The heavens call! The earth cries out! The crowds roar! All
              calling on me to strike back against evil. Now listen to me, you villains! I am
              the soldier of justice, Kamen Rider Stronger!

          • Jonathan Berndt

            … then either parachute from the stratosphere, or buy a KTM.

            • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

              those really are the only two options.

        • Mugget

          Hahaha! Yeah I was just trying to be more tactful… haha.

    • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

      The Hypermotard SP.

      • Me

        Someone with some sense!

    • Ben W

      I like classic style and modern performance – I loved my old 599 and never clicked with my current Z1000 for that reason. I’ve always wanted a twin or a V4.

      - Duke/Tuono/Z1000: I don’t want another Transformers bike.

      - RNineT: Not enough details yet. Tube tires. Lower performance – likely higher weight.

      - Griso SE: I don’t like the “Black Devil” color. Lower performance and higher weight.

      The Monster is the only one that doesn’t have a glaring issue that I can see at this early point. I love how it looks, it offers excellent performance, and has great features.

    • enzomedici

      In the US, I wouldn’t buy a Duke because KTM sucks for getting parts. BMW is a good choice.
      The Tuono is a nice bike, but Aprilia reliability isn’t that great and also weak dealer support. Z1000 is great performance wise, has good reliability and dealer support, but looks like a Transformer bike. I will probably get the Monster 1200 or maybe even a Triumph Street Triple R. I ride my motorcycle everyday and don’t have a car so reliability and dealer support are critical to me.

  • Richard Gozinya

    I like its looks a lot better than the current air-cooled offerings. Those things are just off-putting, compared to how good the previous generation Monsters looked, such as the S2R and further back.

    • worship_mud

      that’s why my s2r 1000 is a keeper…

  • Jay

    Do the smaller engined monsters get any of these updates?

    • Justin McClintock

      I doubt they’d get most of them….this thing is built around that engine that was designed to be frameless. Unless Ducati makes a small Monster off the 899 Panigale…that one would. But the more traditional, air cooled models you can’t do some of that with.

      • Bruce Steever

        Figure on seeing the 821cc unit from the Hypermotard in a Monster next year.

        • Jay

          makes sense

  • sharper86

    So does this mean the end for the Streetfighter?

    • Justin McClintock

      One would think so. This bike would seem to make that one redundant.

    • Ben W

      I think they’ll keep the Streetfighter 848 for awhile, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Monster replace that, too, in a year or two.

      • sharper86

        I could also see them refreshing the Streetfighter with the Panigale 1199 engine. They would have a high-output naked to compete with the 1290 Suder Duke and S1000 S

        • Ben W

          I like your thinking!

        • engageit

          S 1000 R, as it is to be confusingly known…not the S1000 S

  • Ryan Deckard

    Did I miss a weight in there somewhere?

    • Ben W

      This looks fantastic. The weight jumped up to 461 lbs, per Ducati’s site. It is a big jump, but so are those power figures. Still 20 lbs less than my Z1000. I’m very interested.

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    Love this bike, sadly I still can’t afford it.

  • Jay

    The trellis is such a signature, it’s too bad it gets increasingly minimized with each successive generation. Still one of the best looking naked bikes.

    • Ben W

      Easily one of the best. I feel spoiled with all of the naked/standard announcements coming up. This one, however, seems to be the only one that doesn’t have a compromise.

  • Sid Widmer

    Will this mean the end for the Streetfighter? I always thought the monsters felt too low and is one of the reasons I bought a SF. The adjustable ergos is smart indeed.

  • Jesse Friedman

    Is it just me or does it look really crappy where the seat and tank meet?

    • Justin McClintock

      It’s a little funky right there, but I think that’s an accommodation to allow for the adjustable seat height. And given the ability to adjust it through a roughly 2.5″ range, it’s better than almost any other adjustable height seat out there.

  • BlueArcherX

    Like the under seat exhaust better on a monster. Just looks like a gaping hole now

    • Scott Otte

      I like how it more closely resembles the original 900.

  • kevin

    WANT. This is the bike I’m most excited for the possibility of actually owning out of everything I’ve seen out of the EICMA previews so far

  • Mugget


    Just when you’re wondering if spin doctors were becoming a thing of the past!

    So Ducati has targeted comfort and ride-ability over meaningless peak power figures… reminds me of that time the new model GSX-R1000 gained weight and they called it a feature to increase comfort… or that time when the new model R1 had lower power and they said that was for increased ride-ability…

    I wouldn’t call peak power “meaningless”. Yeah it’s not so useful to have 50% of the power only available from 90-100% throttle, but that’s not how it works and inevitably a bike with higher peak power will also have more power throughout the entire rev range. Twins especially so?

    I mean honestly, what is the purpose of a larger engine if not more power (including torque)? Isn’t that the whole point?


  • jonoabq

    A naked that is actually naked, and not a partially clothed abomination. Two thumbs way up.

  • pedro

    it’s pretty, it’s a monster, but is it better looking than the previous 1200…humm

  • Reid

    Mean-looking exhaust. It’s a Monster, so it’s always going to have a tough yet classy design sensibility. Probably good to ride.

    However….the 1290 Super Duke exists.

  • DucMan

    I’ll keep mine.

  • ryd

    HELP. I am in love.

  • Ayabe

    New Monster has me excited, just can’t do the Streetfighter.

  • http://teejaw.com/ TeeJaw

    I have the air cooled 2011 1100S, with pipes under the seat. I like that look better, but everything else about this new 1200S “water monster” beckons me.

  • Paul Gillard

    Damn, I just bought the 796 and added all the extras at a cost of around $1500 now I’m going to have to sell it at a considerable loss to get one of these monster. There was never any point in going the 1100 but one of these YES THERE IS.