2013 EICMA: 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 and Street 500 — First Official Photos

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2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750

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These are the first official photos of the 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 500. The first all-new models from The Motor Company in 13 years are also two of its most important ever. Made in India, these bikes are designed to take Harley into the global market.

Update: Harley tells us the Streets are “made” in Kansas City. A dealer tells us they’re being assembled there from India-sourced parts. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

“These new bikes are leaner, yet still have a mean streak – they’re the real deal, made of real steel,” states Mark-Hans Richer, Harley’s Chief Marketing Officer. “They’re designed to handle the abuses of urban environments and provide authentic opportunities to customize.”

Being revealed in Milan, Italy as we speak, specifications remain elusive. Harley says both bikes are powered by the new “Revolution X” engine, which we can clearly see is a water-cooled V-twin. It describes their performance as providing, “instant throttle response.”

2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750
2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500.

“Both the Street 750 and Street 500 were designed with thousands of hours of input from young adults in cities around the world,” explains Harley COO Matt Levatich. “This input guided both the attitude and capabilities of these motorcycles. They are proof that being customer-led continues to be a core driver of our product development process.”

Check back later today for more photos, specs and additional information.

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  • roma258

    Water cooled twin 750 from Harley? That’s actually kind of interesting.

  • deuce_sluice

    There’s no way Harley sells a Made-In-India Harley here in the USA, is there?

    • CruisingTroll

      Actually, they’ll probably just reverse how they handle their larger Hogs in the Indian market. Ship complete part sets across the ocean and assemble locally. That way they’re “Made In USA” (of foreign and domestic (likely tires) components).

      4 Containers go over there carrying part sets for 200 big Hogs, 4 containers come back carrying part sets for 300 Piglets.

      • CruisingTroll

        BTW, you read it here first, I coined the phrase.

        The Street 750 and 500 will hereafter be referred to as “Piglets”.

        • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler


        • Ross Elliott

          More like the “wee-rod”

        • Scott Sweeney


          • NOCHnoch


        • Larry

          Japanese-Harley Harley?

        • Jonathan Berndt

          i like ‘Piglet”!! its catchy…

        • Reid

          lolololol /thread

      • 949FXDF

        It does look very HD. The indicators are a little off, but apart from the radiator it looks like pre-shrunk Street Bob. Gotta figure they will fit pretty small, if they are smaller than Sportsters.

        • lennard schuurmans

          They are going to make two versions. They start with the made in India
          for the European and Asian market and a made in the USA for the American
          market. two factories. one in India one in the USA

      • BigRooster69

        I read someplace else that the version sold in the US will be made in Kansas City.

    • luxlamf

      Website states Available Here in 2014.

    • Jerry


  • CruisingTroll

    Spaghetti noodle forks. Bad move.

  • Ben W

    Gotta hand it to HD for finally doing something noteworthy.

  • luxlamf

    Being an owner of a 2002 VRSCA I wonder if thats a Mini Revolution motor in there?

  • Mark D
    • UrbanMoto

      I thought the same thing; the styling cue of the little cowl is obviously reminiscent of the XLCR and so are the wheels. I will say, having ridden an XLCR a couple months with RetroTours, that I hope it handles a little more nimbly, to say the least.

      I called it butt-ugly in the comments for the leaked photos article. I take it back. I really like the way this little bike looks. Water cooling is a great choice for a bike targeted for some very hot, traffic filled places. I really can’t wait ’til the Ride Apart guys get their hands on it and report back on how it rides. I love how hot and competitive this smaller to mid-size range is getting. As long as it rides decently I think HD may have a hit on their hands.

  • Corey Cook

    Very slickly executed, they are the best at what they do so I would expect nothing less. That liquid cooled 750 V could potentially be a LOT of fun.

    • luxlamf

      And a great base to build off of for your one project. Great stuff

  • grindz145

    30.5119 Cubic Inches of FLAMES AND FURY. (robble robble)

  • McMike

    All the 883 owners just sighed in unison, as if 50 years of ridicule has just been taking off their shoulders.

    • 949FXDF

      I don’t know if making a “kid’s bike” is going to somehow turn the Sporty into something other than a “chick bike,” which I say as a former Sporty owner.

      • McMike

        LOL ,we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

        At least the Sportster guys can reply with “At least it’s not a 500!” whenever one of the big twin guys tease them.

        • 949FXDF

          A real question will be how under-tuned they have to make the bike so it’s not faster than a Sporty. Man, that would be some brand cannibalism…

          • Corey Cook

            That’s a really good question. A liquid cooled 750 “should” EASILY outperform the sad little 883.

            • Justin McClintock

              Yup, I was thinking the same thing. A not just a liquid cooled 750…an OHC, 4 valve per cylinder 750. That should easily be capable of eating the 883′s lunch, and maybe even the 1200′s.

              • 949FXDF

                The 1200 is pretty quick, but factor in the weight difference and you’re probably right.

              • jaystevens

                Yep. An LC 750 should be able to run away and hide from a Sportster. It just depends on whether HD is willing to cannibalize Sportster sales.

                • Jerry

                  There were those that thought the V-Rod would that too………..

              • Jerry

                Justine without modifications it want ever pull a 1200 maybe a few 883′s for sure

                • Justin McClintock

                  Sure, not without mods. But that’s simply because they SEVERELY understressed the engine. Its’ a LC, OHC, 4V/cylinder 750. It should be able to put down SV650 kinds of power without being stressed…which is FAR more than 883 and quite a bit more than a stock 1200. But Harley’s trying to make sure that doesn’t happen by purposely making it the weakest engine of that basic design type that we’ve seen in maybe the last 40 years.

  • http://www.thecushdrive.com/ Aakash

    I’m Indian. I’ve been to India 6 times, the latest trip being over the summer. This being my first time in Mumbai as an observing motorcyclist, I was astounded at the levels of skill and brazenness displayed by Indian motorbike riders. You’ve not seen filtering until you’ve been stuck in Mumbai during rush-hour.

    That being said, major cities in India, especially Mumbai, still have areas where the roads are horrendously bad. This fact coupled with the yearly torrential monsoons means that any motorbike that is too heavy with too little rear suspension travel is going to be uncomfortable at best and downright dangerous at worst. Most of the motorbikes I saw in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat were lightweight bikes (think sub 350lbs) with small engines (less than 300cc). This is why the 390 Duke is going to be a huge deal for the yuppy class in India.

    Sure, I can see Harley entering the market as an aspirational brand. But the bikes had better be sub-400lbs and improve the rear suspension travel by another couple inches.

    • luxlamf

      Most people on here Don’t live in a Filtering friendly state so they just talk as if they know anything about actually riding a bike for Transportation and instead dress up funny with their friends when their wives let them go. Here in SoCal riding everyday on a HD and a Triumph I understand what is needed for using a bike as a real vehicle, the rest just talk

      • NOCHnoch

        Many people lane split all over the US…we just pay a ticket every once in a while and move on with our lives

      • Lee Scuppers

        Gibberish. Riding every dsy only counts as riding on weekends if you don’t split lanes? That doesn’t even begin to make sense.

        No, you guys in SoCal are just playing pretend rider, because you don’t have weather. You wouldn’t like real riding for transportation in a real climate.

        When was the last time you rode to work below 30° F?

        • http://www.twitter.com/seanmacdonald sean macdonald

          Interesting that you come to a site to read the opinions of pretend riders.

        • Jerry

          Last Week Mr. Gibberish , we don’t often have weather here in TX. Also everything is bigger here too…………………

  • di0genes

    Wonderful, imitation is the sincerest form or flattery :-)


    • JLKasper

      I thought this was a home run when introduced; then I saw the tragic front end with its rectangular headlight, and the miniscule gas tank sealed its fate.

      • NOCHnoch

        The 80′s sure loved them some right angles

      • ThinkingInImages

        I had one and it was an excellent motorcycle. Honda was going after a flat-track look. I agree about the rectangular headlights. It was easy enough to put on a round one. This was a very compact motorcycle. After about 100 miles, pulling over to top up the tank wasn’t a bad thing to do. Generally, I pulled about 100 miles before reserve.

        To put this into perspective: my (ex) Shadow RS was much less motorcycle than this. My CBR250R feels about the same.

        Apparently Honda has one team design the back of a motorcycle, and another for the front, and yet another for the middle. Neither see each others work.

  • Jonathan Berndt

    well done Harley!

  • VagrantCoyote

    Need to remember to not click on HD articles right after I eat.

  • Justin McClintock

    Harley built a Suzuki. Holy crap.

    • Justin McClintock

      I take that back. You know what this is? It’s Harley’s Hyosung Avitar. That’s the closest thing I can think of to this bike.

  • jon

    Looks good to me. Now, sell it in the US and maybe I’ll by my third Harley. The 500 would do me fine. Started riding at 8 and just turned 60. Don’t ride two up any more and don’t need major power to ride on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    • Ken Lindsay

      Even though people still think they need a liter bike in HI… I found a 250 enduro was all you need!

      • jon

        Yep. A 250 dual sport would be a fine ride here.

        • NOCHnoch

          I’d like a little more power for Big Island riding…lots of ground to cover esp north of Kona

          • Ken Lindsay

            I had a 650 and still have my 450 from Maui. My friends little KLX250 could always keep up. I could out accelerate, but the speed limit is the speed limit… That little 250 did 90 into the wind.

  • Jay

    That’s gotta be the worst looking radiator I’ve ever seen.

  • stever


  • Dan DeChiaro


  • Dave Black

    Well. !!! Made in India. mmmmm NOT for me. i will stick with my Dyna TWIN CAM 1450. CHEERS
    Dave B

    • lennard schuurmans

      They are going to make two versions. They start with the made in India for the European and Asian market and a made in the USA for the American market. So this bike is also for you :)

  • dennis

    terrible, please Uncle Harley: make it more a chopper!!!!!!

    • dennis

      and two cilinders with a little pop pop pop pop etc.

  • ElRonbo

    Since this is Harley we’re talking about, I’m going to assume the engineering is pretty bad and the build quality mediocre. Yes, these could be interesting bikes if executed well, but apart from the V-rod (thanks to outside engineering expertise being brought in) when has Harley ever managed to do that?

  • DJGoldie

    They want to give a REAL TEST??? Give me one of those… With a 130 mile commute through Boston traffic every day we’ll see just how good these REALLY ARE!!!!

  • TheRoadKing

    Not a bad little bike… specs look promising for a little around town bike and give some competition to the Star Bolt market… http://www.hdstreetforum.com/general-hd-street-discussion/harley-davidson-street-specs/ Check those specs out!

  • Fred Barnes

    These seem to be a mini me version of the V-Rod. The motors should be rather quick for their size. Nice to see H-D getting with the times and finally offering something to the folks that are not big bike people. Prices are still a little steep for newcomers but……it is a Harley. Hope it works out for the company.

  • Jerry

    The only reason for Brand Cannibalism is simple, it is the difference between all the weekend fair weather riders who think the bike makes the rider…………..when in reality any true rider knows it has always been the rider that makes the bike. There will always be those that have to have the BIG V-Twins, just as there will always be the Men and Women who prefer the Sportster. Let’s face it, the only time I hear mine is a chick bike is when I am getting gas, or I stop at an ice house, and as I said earlier it is when some weekend rider who can’t turn his own wrench, and feels the need to be impressive or just flap his gums(usually they stop flapping when I tell them to pull up or shut up) ……………LOL I like the 110′s it is funny though I have never seen one from behind unless my Little V-twin is passing it. By the way every bike I have owned I transformed not with accessories, but with miles 24/7/365 whether it was 110 degrees or 17 degrees, RAIN OR SHINE! Just for the record I will be getting my daughter one of these. So she will stop bugging me for mine, because that isn’t happening………….”Talk less, Drink less, Ride More” or as Harley Davidson says ” SHUT UP and RIDE”