2013 EICMA: 2014 Honda CB650F and CBR650F – First Look

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Two Europe and Asia-only models will round out Honda’s practical mid-range. Both the 2014 Honda CB650F and 2014 Honda CBR650F are equipped with a new, 650 cc inline-four and sporty styling.

The CB650F is the naked that appears in the photo above. It features a brand new, 649cc in-line four cylinder engine making 87 bhp at 11,000 rpm and 46 lb.-ft. of torque at 8,000 rpm. It also features an all-new twin-spar steel frame and new aluminum swingarm. It’s rear shock is adjustable for preload, while the front 41 mm forks are non-adjustable, and it comes with ABS stock.

2014 Honda CB650F
2014 Honda CBR650F

The CBR650F will share the same engine and frame, but will come with a full fairing and clip-ons and will also allow for rebound damping adjustment.

2014 CBR650F
2014 Honda CBR650F

Both the CB650F and the CBR650F are not slated for U.S. release at this time.

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  • David Magallon

    First thing I think: “Yes! I hope these are coming to North America”

    First thing I read: “Europe and Asia-only”
    Second thing I think: “FUCK!”

    • grindz145

      Hopefully we’ll end up with a ton of new riders due to the influx of awesome smaller bikes, and demand will grow strong enough for these in the states.

      • David Magallon

        Much easier to pack my bags and move across the Atlantic, no?

        • grindz145

          indeed and quicker.

    • enzomedici

      They ARE coming to the US. Check the Honda website. It was just announced.

  • http://www.thecushdrive.com/ Aakash

    Super excited>*click*>super bummed

  • brittonx

    WTF Honda??? I sure hope you have some nicer surprises for us here in the U.S.

    • TLars

      Still hoping that we some how get the Cross Cub…

  • Justin

    “Both the CB650F and the CBR650F are not slated for U.S. release at this time.”

    Sad…very, very sad

  • Stephen Mears

    How can you paint a bike red white and blue and not sell it in the US? C’mon Honda!

    • grb

      Youre joking right?

      • Justin

        He’s completely serious, as any educated person knows, ‘Merica is the first and only country to ever have the good ol red white and blue and to say otherwise is treason.

        • grb

          I know, me too, but be careful man, youll piss them off, they dont know there are other countries in America and that “the whole world” extends beyond the US, they might lynch you

          • stever

            you guys get that america is particularly, idiotically patriotic in a way that no other country in the world is, right?

          • runnermatt

            Yeah, just like Alaska is an island off the coast of california and Hawaii is South of Texas and New Mexico. (I’m not sure where they think Mexico is, may Hawaii is an island in the sky?)

            • pdad13

              You do realize how stupid you all sound right now, right?
              This site is about motorcycles not about your elitist stereotypes. It’s also based in the U.S.

              Matt, I didn’t notice you discriminating when you were looking for advice.

              Clearly xenophobia isn’t exclusive to any one country.

              • grb

                Mate, we are just having fun, even though the truth is the US really needs a bit more world culture, and it would be good and positive for them to acknowledge it. Sometimes it can be funny, but there is no hate. We all come here because of the motorcycles and great content, and all this started because of the colours of this particular bike. Respect

                • Thatmanstu

                  The thing that many do not understand about the U.S. is that there is no one thing that “Americans” are or do. Just about anything that exists in the world, be it a philosophy,activity or belief system there are 20,50,100 or 200 million Americans who do it(not invented it,or discovered it). Which also means there are a couple-three hundred million who do not. I live in France,which has some 55 million people in it. Which means more people in the US drink wine than in France…etc. etc. etc……

                • pdad13

                  Understood. But please understand that the U.S., maybe more so than any country, is difficult to paint with a broad brush. There are plenty of people and places that are quite culturaly aware, and some in places you wouldn’t expect. Some of the smartest, most pragmatic people I’ve met were from rural areas and the heartland.

                  We’re also very tired of hearing this kind of stuff. Let’s not forget that we’ve been a very strong friend to Europe and many other countries and regions, and particularly the UK, which many of us consider a cousin.

                  No one is more embarrassed than us about some of the blind stupidity we hear being spouted from some of our own. But people are people, and be assured that some of the attitudes and opinions that come from other parts of the world have us, quite deservingly, scratching our heads, too.

                  As far as the colors of the the bike go, did you guys ever consider that the poster was just pointing out that the color scheme is simply appropriate for the U.S. market but not at the exclusion of all the other countries who share the same colors on their flags? Also remember that Honda has very strong roots here and many, many U.S. employees.

                  Anyway, I’ve gone on too far. We’re all friends. It’s all good. Let’s ride.

              • runnermatt

                I’m in the US, so yes I am making fun of my fellow citizens who don’t know how to actually read a map. I don’t necessarily blame them, but the failure of our schools and their parents to make sure they were properly educated. Also, my Mom works at a library and one day had a woman tell her that the Globe was wrong. My mom thought the lady was referring to a country’s name change or something and asked the woman what she meant and the woman told her the globe was wrong because it was round. I’m not kidding either because I don’t think my mom would think about it enough to make something like that up.

                Oh, and I spent 5 years in the USMC working on aircraft radios and electronics. On my first deployment to Japan one of Marines I was deployed with (from powerplants division) said that we should just Nuke japan off of the face of the world. He wasn’t talking about at the end of WWII, he was talking about right then in 2004.

                So yes I’ve seen stupid and I realize it can be funny or it can be dangerous.

        • Vernon Hampton Jr

          …and yet England’s flag was red, white and blue for about a hundred years prior to the 13 colonies becoming a country. You may have passed your motorcycling exam, but you apparently failed U.S. history…..

      • Joe Bielski

        America, F@ck Yeah!
        Comin’ again to save the motherf@ckin’ day, Yeah

    • Von

      It’s for the French, lol

      • Stephen Mears


      • james

        And the aussies, brits, kiwi’s, every polynesian island, dutch, cubans, norwegians, nepalese, north koreans and so on.

        Anyway, these look great for us aussies, i would think they will be here in restricted and unrestricted form to meet our learner regs, 659cc and 150kw/t power limit. Both bikes look great, i just wish honda would wack some USD forks on them. I know that USD does not mean better, but they are nice to have. I guess they need to seperate it from the CBR600RR, but i dont need show BPF just USD.

  • Daniel


  • pdad13

    Finally Honda releases two good looking bikes. The CB looks really good and the CBR looks fantastic, at least from these shots. Both seem like really nice real-world bikes.

    Figures we won’t be seeing them here.

  • MrMagoo

    May I have a CB500f in this paint scheme, please?

  • Von

    Yes! Noooooo!

  • Flying Couch

    “Europe and Asia only”

    Honda, y u do dis

    Also, does the CBR650F remind anyone else of the FZ6R? Mainly in the headlight.

  • Scott Sweeney

    THAT EXHAUST HEADER! CB400f anyone?

    • http://metabomber.com/ Jesse

      I know, right? Dead sexy.

    • Eric Shay

      Right!? and why would they put the same ones on the CBR and cover then up?

  • Yellowjacket

    Ooooh dem headders

  • Jimmy Rowland

    Well off to the UK

  • Jessica Arch Edwards

    Not available in the US….Well that sucks.. Lucky I like the 500!

  • Hooligan

    America did not understand or “get” the Honda Hornet (the 599) which was a huge seller in the rest of the world. That is why you do not get these.

    • appliance5000

      cb500f is doing very well.

      • Hooligan

        CB500f different bike entirely. I do like the comparisons between the
        Hornet and the Street Triple. In my mind the Street Triple is what a new
        Hornet should have been. I have had two Hornets since 1999 – still got one. I also
        have a Street Triple R. People always complained about the Hornets
        soggy suspension. But that was easily and cheaply fixed with aftermarket
        shocks and fork springs. But you could really hustle it along in real world road riding.

  • Afonso Mata

    Those are pretty much the update on 2 of the Honda’s best sellers here in Portugal. I have no hard data on this, but the Hornet and the CBR600F are two of the most popular bikes you see here.
    Sad you guys don’t get these in the US :(

  • Kenneth

    Americans commenting here are SO upset Honda isn’t bringing the 650 here, but if Honda did, we would immediately be reading derisive comments about “but the bikes should have this and this, weigh less, have more power, and cost less, so no deal!!”

    • Ayabe

      Yep and sales would be nil.

      But don’t stop them, they’re on a roll.

      They’re cousins to the people clamoring for diesel powered, manny tranny wagons here.

      Those dogs don’t hunt son.

  • Reid

    Dang that’s a classy looking bike. I love the color combination and those gold wheels yeahhhhhhh.

  • Cody

    When Honda reintroduced the 600 a couple years ago I thought my F4i was going to divorce me for looking at another bike. I think my bike made a few calls and that’s why it’s not hitting the US. Sorry.

  • Sentinel

    No VFR800F, No CBR650F, No CB650F for the US; this is rediculous!!! >:(

  • 80-watt Hamster

    599 was available in the U.S. in ’04 and ’06; Street Triple didn’t show up until ’07 or ’08. The explanation I kept hearing was that, in addition to slow sales, the exchange rate hit due to the bike being manufactured in Italy made it hard to sell at a profit.

    • pdad13

      Yes, that’s exactly the explanation that was given. The 599 was a complete sales dud here, although it was a very nice bike. It was priced something like $1000-1500 more than the competition at the time. Although the current version wasn’t sold here, it always appeared in group tests, even in some U.S. publications, and while a solid second most times, it always lost to the Street Triple. If I recall correctly, Honda did consider bringing it here, but decided against it because they were burned on the 599. It just wouldn’t have been competitive enough in the segment that Triumph was dominating.

  • Lourens Smak

    the CBR600F was the great do-it-all bike years ago in the 1990′s, economical, practical, fun, and even quite fast. Nowadays that great affordable all-round bike seems to be the V-strom 650 (swap “quite fast” for “adventurous”, can’t have everything, i suppose…) I think it mostly has to do with the increased average age of the motorcyclist; that what we want has changed…

    Btw: a big seller of the range overhere, seems to be the CBF600S, which has a half fairing and is a bit more tour-oriented. (actually it looks like a 4-cylinder V-strom, without the offroad pretentions…)

  • Dominic Michaud

    Man, seriously, what is wrong with the NA market? We want these bikes!

  • Scott Campbell

    Imagine if this was a V-Twin! It could have been great for the track where they have light twins classes for ER-6 and SV650′s.