2013 EICMA: 2014 Honda CTX1300 — First Photos and Specs

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2014 Honda CTX1300

Prior to its official international unveiling this week at EICMA, American Honda revealed details of the 2014 Honda CTX1300 – its forthcoming muscle tourer that goes on sale in the U.S in March 2014.

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RideApart featured exclusive spy shots of this new addition to the Honda line-up two weeks ago, but Honda has now officially confirmed that there will be two versions, Standard and Deluxe, of what it describes as a, “new style bagger” which will carry an entry level price tag of around $17,000.

2014 Honda CTX1300
The 2014 Honda CTX1300 uses the V4′s exposed headers to great effect.

Both CTX1300 models use the proven, longitudinally mounted, liquid-cooled, 90-degree, V4 engine as used in the current Honda ST1300, but the CTX will have different pistons, gearing and exhaust. There are no official figures for horsepower or torque yet, but we expect the CTX’s 1,261 cc V4 to be on a similar level of performance as the ST1300 it’s pulled from. A Honda representative explained that, while the CTX will make a little less power than the ST, lower gearing should mean it actually accelerates faster. As anticipated though, the CTX will have a five-speed transmission and shaft drive.

Brakes are 310 mm twin discs up front and a single 315 mm rear with cast aluminum wheels – 18-in. front and a 17-in. rear with a wide 200-section tire.

A new double cradle frame has been designed specifically for the new bike and its conventional suspension set-up consists of 45 mm inverted front forks and twin rear shocks with spring preload and an aluminum swingarm. Honda has yet to announce details of how much suspension travel there is.

2014 Honda CTX1300
Along with the heavier F6B, the 2014 Honda CTX1300 should out-handle most other cruisers.

The Standard CTX will tip the scales at 724.2 lbs curb weight and the Deluxe, because of the extra equipment it carries, comes in at 731.4 lbs. Both will have an accessible seat height of 29.1 in.

For the U.S. market at launch, there will be two versions only – the Standard CTX1300 and the CTX1300 Deluxe and three color options – metallic black, gray-blue metallic and candy red. Both models will feature an under seat 5.1-gallon fuel tank designed to help lower the bike’s center of gravity.

2014 Honda CTX1300
The 2014 Honda CTX1300′s infotainment system connects to your phone via Bluetooth and its riding position provides a refreshing level of leverage, comfort and control.

There’s also LED headlights, taillights, turn signals and accent lighting as standard on both bikes. However the Deluxe version gets Honda’s latest ABS system, traction control and self canceling turn signals and is also equipped with an audio package as standard, which includes Bluetooth connectivity — Honda’s first use of the technology.

Definitive pricing and performance figures for Honda’s new CTX1300 will be available once we get to test the bike in early 2014.

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  • Peitro Petrelli

    Still waiting for the Honda FN-1….. this is a teensy weensy bit off….

    • eviladrian

      Just looked that up, hard to believe they built it in 1997!

  • William Connor

    I just do not like this motorcycle. I dig the V4, but the rest is too……Gold Wing.

  • orangelion03

    It does remind me a bit of their scooter-like bikes.

  • Charles Quinn

    Hopefully this and the F6B will sell by the truckload and encourage the other Japanese makers to give up making Road King and Street Glide copies.

  • CruisingTroll

    Let’s see….

    Less windshield.

    Less weather protection.

    Less fuel capacity.

    No tipover wings.

    No rear rack.



  • 200 Fathoms

    Are those gauges from an Accord? Freaky.

  • ThinkingInImages

    The CTX and NC series are some of the most aesthetically awkward (over) designs I’ve seen in quite a long time. The F6B looks “correct”, almost elegant. The CTX1300 is a strange looking thing.

    • Tim Watson

      I agree with you – in the pictures it looks sort of awkward. I got to see it in the metal last week at Honda’s R&D center and it looks a lot better. Definitely a bike to see in person.

      • ThinkingInImages

        Maybe. I’ll have to see one at the motorcycle expo. I get the idea of making a more approachable motorcycle, even a new category. It’s just that sometimes Honda tries too hard to get styling “right”. You get lines and seams going in all sorts of directions and it’s all goes from sleek, to over-styled, to over the top.

        The design language works on the F6B. Form follows function and there’s an elegant simplicity to it. It’s an excessive motorcycle that doesn’t look excessive. On this CTX it looks pieced together. It looks like a “design by committee”.

  • Eric Shay

    Why does Honda do this? This thing is weird.

  • james

    Im a sucker for V4, if i could, every bike i own would be V4. It is the best engine layout, not much argument there, yeah its heavy but its worth it. Anyway, the front is a bit weird but the rest is nice honestly. If this thing is sold as a cheaper option to the F6B i would most certainly buy this. Dont forget, this bike is likely to have much better ground clearance than and F6B and with the USD forks it probably will be a great long distance fun bike, if they can keep it cheap in my country i would buy one.

    I wonder if you could just trip all the plastic off and make some kind of street fighter diaval cruiser bike.

  • freeflyer

    This is a step down from the st1300 . Good luck selling at 17k. Cruisingtroll summed it up. Underseat fuel filler is a bad idea.

  • cb750k

    why streatch it… I want a shorter wheelbase.

  • sleepngbear

    Love this bike. Pricing could make it a bit prohibitive, but that doesn’t always stop me if I’m in just the right mood when I happen to be in the showroom. I’ve been itching for a cruiser-like layout with the ST’s drivetrain since I traded my ST1300 in for a VTX. This is basically the bike I’ve been wanting for over 10 years, and could be the one that brings me back to Honda.