First Look: 2014 Honda RCV1000R — Production MotoGP Racer

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Honda RCV1000R

The Honda RCV1000R has been designed for MotoGP’s new 2014 rules that will allow non-factory teams to run bikes to slightly different specification than the works teams.

Under the open class rules entrants have access to 12 engines (rather than five) for the season, but they must all run the same Magneti Marelli electronics and have a larger 6.3-gallon fuel tank.

Unlike the factory Honda RC213V, this “production” version Honda does not have a seamless shift gearbox or pneumatically operated valves. It’s thought the engine will produce 235 bhp. The bike will run Ohlins suspension and Nissin brakes.

There is no official confirmation from Honda on the exact price of RCV1000R, but experts have been estimating you’re going to need at least $1.6 million to get yourself on one for the 2014 MotoGP season.

Honda RCV1000R
It may not quite be up to “Factory” standards, but the Honda RCV1000R is still covered in trick parts.

So far, four have been sold with Scott Redding and the Gresini Honda team running this Honda production racer in 2014, along with Karel Abraham and Cardion AB. The Power Electronics Aspar team has also confirmed it will be running a pair of RCV1000Rs in 2014, one for Nick Hayden and a second for Hiroshi Aoyama.

Following the last round of the 2013 MotoGP season at the Valencia circuit, in Spain, both Hayden and Aoyama got to experience their first test session on their new RCV1000Rs.

The American rider managed to get more than 70 laps of testing in with a best time of 1m 32.576s, which was more than two seconds off the pace set in practice by current MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez.

Honda RCV1000R
If it’s metal, on the Honda RCV1000R, it’s aluminum. If it’s not, it’s carbon fiber.

However, it is still early days for the new Honda production racer and Hayden said after the test session: “This is a new project and there is a long road ahead, but that’s what makes it so interesting. I really enjoyed my first contact with the bike. There is a lot to learn and I need to build a relationship with the mechanics, but I am really happy with today for a first shakedown.”

“The team has helped me a lot and I had a lot of engineers around me all day. We can see how much work there is to do, but the base is solid. We couldn’t have had better conditions to ride in today. It would have been nice to finish with some stronger lap times but overall we’re happy.”

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  • michaelse

    What is that metal cylinder thing on the tail? A camera mount?

    • RyanO

      Correct. It is the mount for the forward facing rear camera, the one that stares straight up Valentino Rossi’s bunghole or in this case the bungholes of Redding, Abrahah, Hayden, and Auyoma respectively.

      • Kemal Kautsar

        but on Yamaha we can see Rossi’s bunghole level with the ground even when cornering (AKA Gyroscopic Bunghole Cam)

  • RyanO

    Damn, if only I had 1.8 million…plus a race team to take care of it. It makes a Desmo seem like a steal.

  • Archie

    If only they offered this thing up to the general public as a track-specific bike. None of the extra “season” goodies, no extra engines, just the bike itself and everything on it, same as any normal bike. Sure, it’d still be absurdly expensive but just the idea of seeing one of these being ridden by a local racer with a big wallet tickles me in ways I shouldn’t describe on here.

    • Brian

      you mean like all the Desmosedici’s that are being raced?

      • Archie

        Yeah, pretty much. The two guys in my area with Desmos aren’t pros by any means, but they definitely give it a good crack at our local race circuit. Shame one of them binned it a few months back, that was a VERY expensive crash.

  • Stacey

    Sup with the exhaust configuration? I see one pipe on the tail, and another one by the swingarm?

    • RyanO

      That’s just how Honda does it. All of the Honda MotoGP bikes have the two pipe setup.

    • Brian

      the exit pipe by the swingarm is for the 2 forward cylinders and the one in the tail is for the rearward 2 cylinders. Seeing the exhaust without the bodywork, you will realize what a work of welding art that system really and truly is.

    • Kemal Kautsar

      MotoGP Space Magic

    • engageit

      The 2 exhausts need to be the same length and have similar numbers of bends etc. to keep back pressure the same, so on a Honda MotoGP bike running a v4 engine, 2 cylinders exhaust to the front of the bike, under the engine, then up by the swingarm. The 2 rear cylinders exhaust out the back of the engine to under the seat.

  • HD19146

    Where is the Anti-Marquez traction control sensor guard? o.0

  • HellomynameisAG

    style is great. somebody please copy this simple yet strong style and make a street bike that actually looks this awesome please.

  • Coulis Nosaj

    The fact remains MC racing is 90% mental ability, just looking at the testing laps at the end of the year, Crutchlow did better than Hayden on the Ducati and Hayden was on one of these. It just goes to show you, it’s not all about what’s between the knees, but what’s between the ears is where it counts.

  • Jack Meoph

    I’m hoping this gives Hayden a re-boost (reset) and he can start climbing into the top 5.

    • Kr Tong

      I’m just happy to see him on another RC.

  • Eric Shay

    I’ve got about 600 bucks if y’all want to start chipping in on one.