2013 EICMA: 2014 Honda VFR800F – First Photos and Specs

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2014 VFR800
2014 Honda VFR800


VFR 800
2014 Honda VFR800F Display
2014 Honda VFR
2014 Honda VFR800 rear suspension


Honda VFR800
2014 Honda VFR800

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2014 Honda VFR800F

  • Jay

    Well, 22lbs is a start for a bike that is at least 50lbs too heavy. They’ve restored some of the good looks of the older generations. Now bring back the gear-driven cams.

    • JR

      I’m thinking it is 22 pounds lighter than the last VFR 800, not the current VFR 1200 monstrosity.

      • the antagonist

        The last VFR 800 was at least 50lbs too heavy.

        • JR

          Have you ever ridden the last VFR?

          • Τριαν Κ.

            Please, share your experiences with us… :)
            (this will hopefully be my first VFR, and I was thinking that the previous one was a bit too heavy)

            • NOCHnoch

              Buy a 5th gen!

          • Ben Barbeau

            The last VFR was entirely too heavy, loved the size of the tank, 200 mile + range. Hated trying to move it around the garage and low speed maneuvers.

          • the antagonist

            I was merely explaining the comment above. He was talking about the VFR800. No one, NO ONE, thought the weight drop was compared to the 1200.

            And yes, the last gen VFR is TOO HEAVY. It’s over 40 lbs heavier than the 5th Gen it replaced and nearly 100 pounds heavier than the beloved 80′s and 90′s VFRs. It’s still a great bike, one of the best do-it-all rides available, with an all-around great engine and typically high honda build quality, but it’s heavier than it should be. It was heavy for 2002; It’s certainly too heavy for 2013.

            • Glenn Frost

              I ride my 2002 almost every day and I dont give weight a second thought. Its comfortable, goes well, 100% reliable and has the best sound of any bike on the road thanks to Leo Vince…! (and in my opinion looks better than the 2014, with underseat pipes etc)

    • jaystevens

      Probably will not happen. Gear driven cams are more expensive to manufacture than chain driven cams.

  • Daniel

    No USA release, no care

  • brittonx

    Argh! Why no U.S. version?? I would love something like this.

  • John

    Yes, YES, YESSSSSSS!!!!!

    “The 2014 Honda VFR800F is not slated for a U.S. release.”


    • Kay

      I had to wait 3 years to buy my CB1000R. How long are they gonna make us wait for the VFR800F?

    • Fernando


  • Lourens Smak

    Perfection! would love to ride the Alps with this… Too bad for you in the U.S., and you probably also don’t get the new CBR650F… or will that one be available to you?

    • Piglet2010

      No – we just get more stupid cruisers.

  • Michael Love

    How come they don’t bring over any of the good bikes?

  • Ben W

    Still over 500 lbs and still no USD forks? On an interceptor – the once flagship line? Yikes. Hope the price is pretty dang aggressive.

    • brittonx

      Its supposed to be 479 lbs. Still heavy, but lighter than before.

      • Ben W

        The curb weight I’m finding on the older model is around 535lbs (470 dry). If this is 22 lbs lighter, then that’d be a bit over 500 still.

  • http://www.thecushdrive.com/ Aakash

    Honda is giving us the cold shoulder.

  • Stephen Mears

    Not in the states? How is that possible? Everyone loves the VFR!

    • Fernando

      here across the atlantic, is almost upon us dealers

  • Thomas Whitener

    Looks a lot like my 5th gen VFR800i (1998). With all the mechanical problems that thing has been having, this might be an upgrade to look forward to.

    • NOCHnoch

      What issues are you having? I’ve got a 98 as well…

      • Thomas Whitener

        Clutch was fried when I got it, battery is basically dead, had no reserve coolant, vacuum buildup problems in the tank meant that it crumpled the steel a bit causing the paint to come off at the corners. I think that is some gas (or other fluid) in the EVAP chamber, which I have since cleared. Chain came to me with a bit of rust, but nothing to write home about. Mostly, this could have been fixed with a proper test ride before purchase, but this one was purchased for me as a gift, so I didn’t have that luxury, and I can’t really complain.

        • NOCHnoch

          Not a bad gift! Ride it in good health

  • Τριαν Κ.

    Ya know, there’s people from the other side of the pond reading this site too… (and we get to have it :D )

  • taba


  • Justin McClintock

    “The 2014 Honda VFR800F is not slated for a U.S. release.”

    So we can trudge along with that pig of a bike that is the VFR1200? Yippie. Freakin’. Skippie.

  • Bruce Steever

    After owning three VFR800s, i’m all over this. Everything that the 6th gen (2002) bike should’ve had!

    Downside: still has Vtec, still has side-mounted rads. Still, could be great…

    • NOCHnoch

      Swap Vtec for gear driven cams and I’m in

      • Glenn Frost

        BS x 2, radiators are now at the front making it narrower and my 2002 Vtec is simply a cracker (love the Vtec).

  • keith

    Has it got the v tec ???

    • Chris Optional Freeman


  • DucMan

    Fine. Can we get the freakin’ VFR1200 “T” they teased several years ago?

  • Sentinel

    No VFR800F, No CBR650F, No CB650F for the US! >:(

  • Jaime Hellcat

    I have an anniversary VFR, I LOVEIT!! I’ve owned somewhere around 15 bikes, yzf750, cbr’s, tlr, Eliminator 900, GS750… Out of them all, the VFR has to be my all time favorite! …can’t wait for the new one!

  • brianjedwards

    Like all VFRs, porky and slow. Europe can have it.

  • Stuki

    Still, just looking at the pics of the new VFR800, it’s hard to get around just what a plain beautiful motorcycle that thing is. Nothing silly and over the top, but still not at all boring. Screw Tamburini and Terreblanche, this is what a timeless classic of a bike should look like

  • edvf1000r@aol.com Stewart

    Still too expensive, too heavy, underpowered compared to the competition. VTEC still serves no purpose other than to make valve adjustments far too expensive. No upside down forks, in 2014? No gear driven cams? Only 120 advertised HP? Come on, Honda, get with it.

    • NilsPT

      Compared to what?