2013 EICMA: Three New Triumphs Unveiled — Thunderbird Commander and LC, Tiger 800 XC Special Edition

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2014 Triumph Thunderbird Commander

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Believe it or not, but “Thunderbird Commander” isn’t the name of a cartoon puppet, it’s a macho, muscle cruiser. It was just unveiled at EICMA, along with its sidekicks, the bookish 2014 Triumph Thunderbird LC and the Action Jackson 2014 Triumph Tiger 800 XC SE.

The 2014 Triumph Thunderbird Commander starts with the firm’s 1,600 cc, parallel-twin cruiser, adding dual front headlamps, plunger-type forks (I think this is what they’re called, if you’re wearing chaps while reading this and know better, please correct me), forward foot controls and lower exhaust pipes. Triumph states these modifications were designed to boost its macho-ness by approximately 42 percent. Riding one while wearing a mustache will boost that a further 5.2 percent. Each new Commander purchase will be accompanied by a matching set of Union Jack y-fronts, one size fits all.

Triumph Thunderbird LC
2014 Triumph Thunderbird LC

In contrast, the Thunderbird LC adds actual functionality in the form a large, touring windscreen, leather panniers and a pillion backrest, along with Harley-style triple headlamps. Each LC will come with a pack of 500 convenient business card-size handouts explaining that no, your bike isn’t a Harley and detailing the many interesting reasons why you decided to buy something that isn’t. Each handout is printed with a Union Jack flag and carries the licensed signature of Steve McQueen(TM).

 Triumph Tiger 800 XC SE
2014 Triumph Tiger 800 XC SE

Like other recent special edition Triumphs, the 2014 Triumph Tiger 800 XC SE wears a red frame and black paint. No other upgrades are evident. Pip, pip, cheerio.

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  • Michael Hamlin

    Meh. Was hoping for some Speed Triple news.

    • Bruce Steever

      They just refreshed it, it’ll be a few years…

  • Matthew Graham

    Any word on why the Commander doens’t have the 1700 engine? Is the 2014 Storm unchanged?

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      Honestly, it might. There’s no press release or info and I forgot they even made a larger version of that janky thing.

      • Hugo

        Why janky? Details, just curious…

      • Matthew Graham

        Easy…I ride the 2010 1600 model of that janky thing. Handles superbly.

        • Hugo

          Um I’m confused, here in NJ janky means bad, I guess your sarcastically standing up for it. My dad has a thunderbird and I’m a fan, and I’m pretty comfortable with my penis size.

          • Matthew Graham

            Don’t be confused. Janky is a negative here in Texas, too. I was telling the writer of the article to go easy…cause I love my bike… Get it?

            • Hugo

              I get it. I love the noise it make too, Thunderbird was an appropraite name. Ride on my friend.

    • Brett Lewis

      Visor Down is saying yes it’s the 1700 (1699) and it’s the biggest parallel twin in the world

      • Piglet2010

        The John Deere Model R had a 412 c.i. (6.75L) parallel-twin engine.

        • Brett Lewis

          My buddy likes his agricultural Rocket III because the motor resembles that on his Grampa’s Allis-Chalmers.

  • mikki sixx

    A macho, muscle cruiser huh? Finally!
    My chaps were getting all bunched up waiting for this.

    Also, macho, muscles, & British. lulz…

  • Deeds

    A whole lot of nothing. Was kinda hoping for a ST oriented 800.

    • Guy

      Me too.

      • Piglet2010

        The problem with AT bikes is that they are almost as ugly as a cruiser – I would want a middle-weight touring bike from Triumph to look similar to Trophy 1200 from a decade ago or the Sprint ST from the late 1990′s.

    • Kevin

      The middleweight sport tourer market has been mostly subsumed by the adventure bike trend. Aside from the F800GT, the Ninja 1000 and the new MV Tourismo, what else is there? I didn’t even see a hard luggage option on the new VFR.

      • 80-watt Hamster

        So true. I had been hoping the MV Turismo Veloce would be a VFR800-alike, but it ended up chasing the Multistrada instead, it seems.

      • Piglet2010

        Honda Deauville, which was dropped from the US market after only 17 people bought one.

  • contender

    Wonder how much a mustache will help on less macho bikes.

  • HammSammich

    Yawn…New paint and bags doesn’t make it a new model…
    I really would like to replace my Bonnie with another Triumph, and while a Street Triple R is still in the running, I’ve been straying towards a Griso or that new bimmer. I’d really love to see Triumph work out a “Modern Classic” bike w/ a 95-105HP Triple…

  • Brett Lewis

    For about the same money you could get a Rocket III and the full beard.

  • William Connor

    If a bike works why does it always have to change just for the sake of change?

  • kentaro

    Damn, that Tiger looks GOOD! I want to lick all that red.

  • Faysal Itani

    Have to admit, that Tiger looks awesome.

  • James Monroe

    The Commander’s fenders look FatBoy-Esque…Seat looks comfy, lol.

  • Hammertime

    Ride Apart’s graphic design is getting worse and worse. 5 Union Jacks? If you can recognise an ugly bike, you’d recognise that your site is slowly turning into a teen girls Myspace circa 2005.

    • http://RideApart.com/ Wes Siler

      It’s a joke dude, calm down.

      • Hammertime

        Hey Wes,

        Unfortunately this kind of standard of design is slowly creeping to the rest of your site. Even laying out basic text, you still need an artistic eye for it. HFL was one of my favourite moto sites as it was beautifully designed and had excellent articles.

        Please don’t skimp on hiring a decent graphic designer. Otherwise your articles won’t have the context to match the content.

  • Mr. White

    Well at least I don’t have any buyer’s remorse for purchasing a 2013 Tiger 800XC. The red accents are nice, but if that’s the only difference between 2013 and 2014, I’m good with that!

  • markbvt

    I’m curious if the Thunderbird Commander name is intended to be a play on the Rocket Captain designation many Rocket III riders have adopted for themselves and their kind.

  • luxlamf

    Not being a “Follower” of any “Brand” of motorbike (I own a HD and a Triumph and none of the outfits that go along with them) but I have to say Co’s that build bikes to Compete with what is usually considered the HD market really do make horrible bikes. Although these offerings from Triumph are not as Horrible as what Star (Yamaha trying to distance itself from their own creations as does Suzuki with its BLVD’s i never understood) they are horribly “Big” and mundane and when I see them at the dealership next to the other Triumph offerings they really stand out for just how big and dopey they truly are. Is the mindset “We need to be Big and Chrome everywhere with ill fitting touring parts and giant backrests etc…”? Look at the M109 next to a Vrod and you will see what I mean, like HD or not they have this down to science, I can walk by a Fatboy or a Dyna and even the Sportsters and they don’t jump out at you as being huge and awful for no reason like these guys do. 1st of all they All put these Huge fuel tanks on them where as HD puts tanks on that fit the style and size of the bike. it’s weird.

  • Pablo Perez

    Re: Plunger forks – I’m not wearing chaps right now… but if those are like the H-D units, they’re tins over standard tubes in a wide-ass triple tree.